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Broken Chains [Dec2013]

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posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 09:15 AM
The clear liquid burns my throat as it goes down, i am not used to the taste of alcohol but i am trying to blend in with the fourth sector miners. Fourth is a dangerous place for a person like me, the miners don't like outsiders but they have a particular distaste for the prime sector which has been my home for the last twenty years and who can blame them? For five centuries the families of the prime sector have ruled over the city with an iron fist and the miners of Fourth have bore the brunt of the savagery inflicted by prime, a savagery that i recently discovered impacts my life greatly. I have another drink trying not to cough as i feel the burn, it's not so bad this time around i think to myself as my face starts to tingle. A serious looking man with a Tribe Tat on his neck walks towards me... I feel my eyes get very heavy... i grasp for the table as I try to steady myself...Then darkness...

I wake up in total darkness, i am lying on my back with my hands chained together, as i try to stand i realize my feet are bound to the hand chains and i fall face first into the dirt. Someone laughs in the darkness and then Light! the brightest most painful light i have ever experienced shining directly in my eyes, The light dims and my eyes adjust to my surroundings. I'm chained to the wall of a small room with a dirt floor, a man with an eye patch sits on a chair at the far wall staring at me. "What are you doing here? Primer?" he speaks with such venom i feel anger stir inside me. " I was really hoping you could tell me, being drugged and brought here against my will i didn't have much opportunity to keep track." i try to sound calm but my captor isn't buying it, he stands up and walks towards me, without speaking a word he kicks me in the jaw... again... and again. I try to scream stop but all i manage to do is laugh and i keep laughing like a maniac! the blood gushes from my nose and mouth as i spit one of my teeth into the dirt, i stop laughing before looking directly into his eyes "I want to speak with Mica Kaverin, Now!" He doesn't reply he just stares at me defiantly before storming through the door, i hear him lock it from the outside.

I hear a Key turning in the lock and the quiet buzzing sound that precedes the lights coming on. A man enters with a large flask and a bowl of soup, he places the food and flask on the floor in front of me before unlocking my chains. Without a word he sits on the chair " I am Mica Kaverin, i understand you wish to speak with me." I look at him for a moment, he is five or six years older than i am with jet black hair and piercing green eyes that sparkle like the emeralds from the southern territory mines, he taps his left foot impatiently "Hurry up Kid! i don't have all day, what do you want from me?" I take a moment to gather my thoughts before i respond.
"I don't want anything from you! I have some information about your father." Mica eyes me suspiciously, weighing his words "You have my attention." is all he says
"Twenty years ago during a ceremony to reopen the eastern shaft you father was killed along with one hundred other miners, I'm sure you know that the explosion was no accident as the prime council claimed but you may not know why they had him killed." before i could finish Micha interrupted angrily.
"i Know why they killed him, he was the head of the miners union, he practically ran the fourth sector, the other sectors and even the majority of Sector security held him in admiration. The council feared him because he had something they never will, Unforced loyalty!"
"Maybe that's true but it's not the whole story. "I Pause and wait for him to ask the question but he doesn't speak so i continue ... "before he was killed your father was gaining popularity as a leader, he even had a number of political allies within Prime and the council knew it, They decided that all steps should be taken to prevent a lowly miner from fourth gaining political power. They planned to set off a bomb killing dozens of civilians and blame it on your father however the plan changed when one of the leading members of the council discovered your father was having an illicit love affair with his younger sister, it was decided then that your father would not be allowed to live as a fugitive. Sasha Kaverin died the following day and nine months later my mother gave birth to me."
"Where is your mother now kid? it's important i speak with her." he speaks with such haste i forget for a moment and then i remember "She's dead! The day after she told me the truth her medical shuttle had engine failure, it went down in the mountains of the southern territory, no survivors." Mica stares at me for a few moments before standing "follow me." is all he says as he leads the way out of my cell.

It's been six months since my mothers shuttle crashed and every night i still have the same nightmare. I am in the shuttle with her, the alarms start sounding , I am thrown from left to right and then i am weightless. Floating in the shuttle and then darkness... I can't see but i can hear the screams as the acrid smell of burning flesh catches in my lungs.. i am burning alive.. i can neither move nor call out... all i can do is burn and listen to my mothers screams as she is cooked alive beside me.

I wake from the nightmare covered in sweat, it takes me a few moments to get my bearings and i realize that i am not alone. " Hey Luca" a voice calls from the corner, Nell sits in the corner of the room with a book called Twenty thousand leagues under the sea i have no idea what leagues are but i know the sea is at the north pole, my mother told me that men used to explore the lands and sea to the north but they never do anymore because nobody ever came back. Dead most likely, my mother used to say that all great advancements must be paid for in blood. I leave Nell to her reading and head down to the training yard to find Mica.

Mica stands in the center of the training yard, a dozen recruits stand before him. " You are all here because you have chosen to break free from the chains that enslave you, the chains that have enslaved your parents and grand parents and every single one of your ancestors for the last five hundred years. the chains that you bear are not made from steel nor iron, your bonds are crafted with the water supply, the food supply, the medical care, the fuel to heat your homes and the credits and data on your citizen chip. These are all links in the chain of the bonds that keep you locked in servitude. Before you can truly be free you must take your freedom from those that have enslaved you, soon the prime council will be a distant memory and all our choices will be our own, until then we must fight to take what is ours. Now! a demonstration, Luca get over here and show me what the last six months has taught you."

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 09:15 AM
The control room is the only room in Mica's compound other than my old cell that has an electricity supply. Mica stands at the far wall with Jack, I have hated jack and his ridiculous eye patch since he repeatedly kicked me in the jaw and i can tell he hates me and would like nothing more than to kick me a few more times. Mya sits at the desk surrounded by computer screens, she is a tech genius and Mica's wife although that is a closely gauaded secret since being the wife of a Rebel fugitive makes it difficult to move around freely, even in the outer sectors. "Listen Up!" Mica yells above the muttered conversations. " Tonight is the Colonial independence ceremony as i'm sure most of you know. Twenty thousand citizens from the sectors will be piling into the Prime for the celebrations. During the celebrations almost ten thousand of our loyal supporters are going to draw lots of attention and cause a great deal of damage allowing a small group of us to infiltrate Prime headquarters to carry out our mission, those of you directly involved know the plan and know exactly what your duties are. those of you who are being made aware of this now are not taking part, you will remain in the compound with the recruits so that if the worst should happen and we are all killed in the attempt, some of us will still be around to continue the fight. All of you know where you need to be so let's get to it and good luck to everybody. we are going to need it."

Mica, Mya and I wait patiently outside prime headquarters for the pre-arranged distraction, for a moment i think our plan has failed and then i hear it. Screams but not like screams i have ever heard before these were screams of total joy, apparently tearing the prime to pieces is a great deal of fun to the citizens of the outer sectors. the cheering and screaming gets louder and louder. security is diverted from headquarters to the ceremony. This is our chance

I stand in the hallway outside my uncles office, i breath, raise my pistol and enter. My uncle sits on a high backed chair smoking a cigar when he turns to see me his face is a mixture of bewilderment and terror. He runs for the door. I fire my weapon...

My uncle looks weak and pathetic writhing on the floor, crying out in pain, begging me not to kill him. my bullets have destroyed his kneecaps, he will never walk again. I pick him up and sit him in his chair just as Mya enters the room and sits at his desk "What's your password?" she ask politely with a smile. I can tell my despicable uncle is considering non compliance so i push the barrel of my pistol hard into his neck but before i can threaten him Mya has already broken through. "Never mind" she says with a disgusted tone "seriously! who sets their password as password?" i try and fail to stifle a laugh. My uncles eyes fall on the doorway as Mica enters the room, i stand up " Mica! i would like to introduce you to my honorable uncle, Prime councilor Marcus Lux." i Turn to Marcus and say "Uncle Marcus it is my distinct Pleasure to introduce to you My brother, the terrorist rebel, Micah Kaverin." I look at my uncle, his eyes wide with panic. My eyes fall on my brother and we both smile.

Mica looms over Marcus as he begs for his life. " You want mercy!" Mica screams at him "where was your mercy when you murdered a hundred people to get to my father? where was your mercy when you had your own sisters shuttle sabotaged? The only mercy i can give you is a quick death and even that is more than you deserve, you murdered my father because you were afraid of the loyalty he was given and because he had the audacity to fall in love with your sister!" Mica's face is red and tears stream for his eyes, this is the moment ha has waited for his entire life. "That's not why we had him killed." Marcus speaks so softly i almost don't hear him. I know he is speaking the truth the man has no fight left in him."what are you talking about?" i ask as i grab him by the throat " give me the truth and i promise i will give you a quick death." He considers his options but i see the resignation in his eyes, he would rather die quickly than be a prisoner for the rest of his life.

Marcus breathes heavily before he begins to speak. " Your father didn't die because of who he loved or who was loyal to him, he died because he discovered a secret. A very old secret and he wouldn't keep it a secret so he had to be silenced."
"What secret?" I scream at him as he begins to sob
"The Vessel, he found it!" Mica's eyes open wide, he knows what it is.
"what's the vessel?" i ask Mica but he doesn't speak, it's Marcus who answers
"the vessel is the ship that brought us here two thousand years ago, your father found it."
Mica lifts Marcus up by the throat and looks deep into his eyes."Your Lying, it's a myth"
"that's what i thought until i saw it for myself, you father was going to go public and tell everybody that the stories were true, i couldn't allow that." he whimpers
Mica tightens his grip on his throat "Where is it?" he asks
"The mountains in the southern territory, theres a file on the computer The file name is Ark." Marcus speaks without hesitation. Mica turns to Mya "Got it" she says. Mica puts his pistol in my uncles mouth and pulls the trigger. I stand paralyzed for a moment, trying to comprehend my new reality. "What now?" i ask.
" Now little brother, we find the vessel and ride it home" he says with a wink.

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posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by Ph03n1x

Hey man. That was a good read. I enjoyed it.
Good luck!!!


posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Ph03n1x

Yes agreed. A good read indeed. Good luck in the competition

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by TheDoctor46

Thanks Doc, i appreciate that..

and Nat as usual you drop into my thread with your sunny disposition and i instantly feel less self conscious because you are so kind... Thanks for being awesome buddy

posted on Dec, 21 2013 @ 03:02 PM
enjoyable ditty

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 12:20 PM
i meant to continue this story but never had time last month..

hopefully i will get round to it soon

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