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posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 03:11 PM
The STRUGGLE of the Flesh and Soul STO & STS...

A physical (flesh/body) in a material driven EXISTENCE
CAN at times conflict with a Metaphysical Internal Energy - Spirit - Soul

The H.S. Internal Energy - Spirit - Soul may SEEK Service To Others (STO)
but the material world still maintains its Service To Self (STS) HOLD

Its seems no matter how BRIGHT the metaphysical
the physical Darkness's must be acknowledged

Like a student seeking to be an intelligent civilian of EA*RTH
but reminded of the price of college...

The STRUGGLE is it a battle? Only?
Between the metaphysical & physical YOU?

Or is it a proxy of something larger
which for the Spirit - Soul - Internal Energy is Constitute?

For the many situations that seem to possess no clear answers...
Is the physical sometimes at unbalance with the metaphysical,
in attempt to determine WHO is MASTER?

Q. Which side is more important/relevant? Or do they BOTH MATTER Equally the same?
and if equally both valid then... Can any imagine the pain? 1 can...

As a Spirit - Soul - Internal Energy tries to rise
in an attempt to perhaps assist others

It can be constantly grounded by a SUBJECTIVE reality
that is materially driven or governed

For the many situations that seem to possess no clear answers...
HOW? Is a Soul - Internal Energy - Spirit supposed to assist or Provide?
(STO) Service To Others w/out the material driven aspects governing the mind?

The Struggle...

Do you accept that STS as part of this understood subjective physical reality is as equally as important as the STO? Due to the way things are driven from how far up

(unknown) to the bottom (unknown)? Upper echelon to lower proxies

Or do you try to accept no matter how hard things are or get, metaphysically as well as physically STO is the best option to follow over STS even if it causes others

dependent on physical wants/expressions and or needs to suffer but metaphysically considering they grow stronger through those related struggles and experiences?

And so the Struggle shared in the OP is a struggle between Flesh materialism (which some is needed to survive, acknowledged) and Spirit - Soul - Internal Energy...
The metaphysical & physical balance.

Message from 1 NEVER give up...

ALL* thoughts welcome as it is something 1 also struggles with @ times.


posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 03:38 PM
The way I see it is that you need a balance between STO and STS.

I have met many in my life that are overly inclined towards service to others, which in itself is harmful. As these people put too much emphasis on others requiring attention before themselves. Therefore giving their power away and relying too heavily on others being grateful for their handling of them.

Just as in an emergency on an aircraft that requires you to place the mask on yourself, prior to placing it over your children's mouths.

The service to self component, is in that once you no longer ask for approval, praise, advise or reliance upon anothers actions then you can redistribute your energy and focus towards others, if you so choose.

Or just merely become love in all you do and say, and that in itself is a service to others function as each person you meet is a reflection of self. Everyone will be touched by your projection of that love.

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by iamea

Thank you iamea, your words of TRUTH are appreciated...

posted on Dec, 18 2013 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

To assist the struggle between the Metaphysical YOU and the physical YOU, it appears a need for recognition and acceptance must be made.

The recognition of who you really are from both the metaphysical and physical perspectives as well as your aware location(s) of existence. For example many are more aware (somewhat) of a physical reality and recognized that the flesh is attached to this physical worlds influences.

This awareness then must be accepted, even if based on subjective understanding of reality. An awareness is accepted that to exist here the physical body must be up kept with good health thru exercise and good eating habits as well as find shelter for itself or a family if one made in order to survive as well as uphold a social persona (even if not needed).

A certain acceptance is made then for the material WANTS and NEEDS that must be acquired in order to live healthy physically & mentally thru good food intake good shelter. Balance of the needs and wants must be made to better maneuver...

The wants and needs recognition and acceptance of them is where many struggle unknowingly for the Soul - Spirit - Internal energy may not require any of the physical wants or needs to continue existence. But may gain more consciousness & Soul integrity or lose some integrity of Soul overall as the activities of the flesh are experienced. Hence the conflict between a environment suit/body attempting to experience what is called physical life attached to a metaphysical Spirit/Internal Energy already experiencing EXISTENCE trying not to LOSE integrity or GAIN integrity thru Humble acts of Service to Others (STO) or Aggressive acts of Service to Self (STS) with the body...

Its like a tug of war between the Body & Soul. The body wants to thrive humbly but recognizes the un humble influences upon its (current) location and so is forced to accept and then adapt to the locations ways/behaviors. All while the Internal Energy tries to download positive guidance from its perspective, telling the body or alerting the body of damaging Soul integrity related acts, acts the body may feel are relevant to the physical area of current location.

1 shared this OP -for @ times it feels almost impossible to remain fully humble (in body) when assessing the current aware location(s) or worlds financial/social/oppressive influences- as a reminder that the consciousness from the H.S. depending on intent & or interest (benevolent/malevolent) may be trying to assist you, it just has to be accepted as existent and recognized to be just as important as the physical body in order to receive its transmissions... Otherwise some may remain blocked and fully attached ONLY to this subjectively understood physical existence

@ times 1 asks is Spiritual - Soul - Internal Energy advancement more important or physical material gains? Overall...

Thanks for your time for those who read and understand


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