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Searching the past, to rally America

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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 05:15 PM
Since there is no hope in todays criminal politicians.

I've decided we should search our very rich past for some true
inspiration, from true leaders. I was four years old and remember well
the drums and horses marching at JFKs funeral. As we watch Lyndon
Johnson here in this truly inspiring Kennedy speech.
Against namely number one, tyranny.

I'd simply hope that all of you who read, will bring some inspiring past greatness
to bare here. As I see it, we need the hope, if our country is going to survive
the present dismantling we see happening. Now more than ever.
So please post something anything inspiring. Without going into detail.
If we don't do something soon?
We're done for.

This will not be a thread of likes and dislikes. Hope and inspiration only please.
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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by randyvs

I can't watch the video where I'm at presently. but, I'd say my Dad. Served his country, Worked his butt off to provide for us kids, Never complained about jack squat (wouldn't take any from anybody either)

In the end, he faced his own mortality with dignity.


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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Well at least my hearts in the right place I guess.

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