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Plane Crashed Into FD-HQ At Caracas International Airport

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 05:40 PM
A plane crashed into the Caracas International Airport Fire department HQ during "heavy rain". There are very few details from the scene and no other news-agency have reported it yet. No mention of type of plane or how many passengers there were on the plane. Two dead, 19 seriously injured in air crash at Caracas international airport

First reports from the scene say a plane belonging to the airline Rutas Aereas Venezolanas (RAVSA) registration YV1083C crashed into the airport fire department HQ at 1:20 p.m. Air terminal director David Cabello Rondon says that 2 have died and 19 were injured ... none of the ground-based airport firefighters were injured ... Cabello Rondon says that an investigation will determine the cause of the crash.

A number of the victims have been taken to hospital with serious injuries and a blaze which broke out on impact was quickly extinguished by on-duty firemen, two of whom have been taken to hospital with serious injuries ... Major Juan Carlos Rodriguez commanding the Vargas State Fire Department says the aircraft was arriving at Caracas international from El Vigia in southwestern Merida State.

The injured were rushed to the Naval Hospital and the Pariata hospital ... the pilot and his co-pilot have reportedly survived the crash which occurred during heavy fall of rain over the approach runway. Marine firefighters, Red Cross personnel and Civil Defense units also attended the emergency and flight operations were suspended until the runway has been cleared of wreckage and debris.

[Edited on 2004/11/18 by Hellmutt]


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