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Gorgonize (Dec 2013)

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posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 07:25 PM
Redneck Heaven
6:30 pm
Lewisville Texas

A sound of a loud Harley pulls out of the parking lot. Going straight out, the rider jumps the access rode directly onto 35 E. As traffic was flowing, the bike lands in front of a semi-truck.

"God no," The waitress falls to her knees. "He just was upset."

Standing there in shock, "It worked." Evilly The red headed man looks to the waitress, "Ashley.. I'll need that Ice tea to go."

"My boy friend..." Ashley pauses an goes real bubbly in her voice, "Yes Mr. Gaines.." Happily she stands back up and goes back inside to get the red headed man his drink..

"I cant believe that guy just drove into traffic. Red.. I thought he was going to kill you.."

"Bart.. I," The red headed man looks to his friend.. "All these damn years and it was that simple. Synch with the."

"Red.. What," Bart looks to Gaines?

"Nothing," Reds green eyes seem to glow. "Lets just say it took about ten damn years."

"That remote influence BullS$%^ again," Bart shakes his head. "Dude he was just.." Bart seems to lose his thought as he shakes his head from cobwebs, "Lets just go back in. "

"After you good sir.. This bachelor party has just got started." Grinning from ear to ear, "After we eat. Lets hit the clubs."

"Will you drop that crap. My fiance does not want me to go to a strip club," Bart opens the door. "Before you get me in any trouble Red.. Back inside."


Las Vegas, Nevada
12:32 AM Next Day

".. does rocks Red," Bart was clearly intoxicated.

Red smiles as he looks at his cards. Looking through the shades, "Go fish.." Gaines laughs as he tosses in seven hundred dollars.

"With that crap," Bart drunkenly speaks. "That's the last of our money."

Looking at Gaines, the man in a ball cap pushes the amount of chips forward to match.

As his green eyes seems to sparkle Gaines, reaches into his pocket. "I would like to put all three of our return flight tickets into the pot. The keys to my car." Gaines reaches over to Bart and takes his keys," His keys too." He motions for Ashley to toss her keys to the pile.. "Hers too."

"Keys sir.. You are an armature.." The man in the ball cap shakes his head..

"Whats wrong Mr. Luets? The cars are worth about three and a half grand apiece.. I call and raise," Gaines looks at the man. "I thought you were a high roller."

"I'm in," Mr. Luets readjust his ball cap. He talks to the pit boss watching the game, "I need to be covered real quick I have the cash I did not grab the chips."

"I will wait," Gaines grins. "


300 AM
Las Vegas Hotel Room

Gaines looked out balcony, "Only in America."

"You want to come back in here," Ashley poses in the negligee she got from the concierge. "How much money did you win that the Casino comped you a penthouse room."

Looking back in Gaines the other door. Red see's Bart on the phone, "Let me guess his future wife is on the phone."

"God she is complaining," Ashley shakes her head.

"Well the wedding is at Four thirty today," Gaines shakes his head. "He will be there. If we are sober. You know what distance test," Gaines walks into the main room.

"Honey Gaines won close to Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars," Bart tries to tell his fiance.

Gaines walk over taking the phone, "Phyllis."

Phyllis's voice carries, "You took him to Vegas!"

Grinning as he closes his eyes..

"You got strippers after I.. I.." Phyllis pauses, "I am so ."

"Tell you what. My treat, tell all the guest to get on the plane. I will charter one. We will have the wedding in Vegas. Then we gamble," Gaines does not open his eyes..

"But the wedding is planned.. We have caterers," Phyllis pauses.

"I will cover everything.. Besides I have a poker tournament to enter," Gaines opens his eyes as they seem to glow. "You will make a beautiful bride and I am paying for the honeymoon."

"It is not what I planned," Phyllis tries to argue. "A real honeymoon.."

Gaines tosses the phone back to Bart.


Post Wedding

"How much money is on the table," Phyllis is nervous.

"Millions of dollars," Bart is shocked as are most of the wedding guest.

They talk among themselves as the last of the river is dealt.

Gaines looks at his two cards and puts them down. As several rounds of raises and bets take place. Turning Red looks at the two men playing. After a moment, "All in."

Phyllis Eye's go wide, "He just bet .."

"Close enough to four million," Bart takes a deep breath.

They watch as both of the other players go all in..

"That's close to twelve million dollars," Ashley looks at the money on the table.

The other wedding guest are holding their breath.

As the Dealer flips the cards..

Gaines has three twos, versus a pair of kings and a pair of Aces. Standing up he shakes the men's hands, "Gentlemen.."

The other two high rollers shake hands with Gaines each staying a few minutes to chat.

After a few minutes one of the members of hotel management walk up, "Mr. Gaines we are happy to comp your room and the bride and grooms honeymoon suite. That's was one of the more intense games of Poker I have seen played in a long time. Were would you like your winnings deposited."

'Red' Gaines pulls out a blue Chase card, "All but a hundred grand in cash. So me and," Gaines turns towards Ashley. "What is your last name?"

Ashley hits him, "I am not that type of girl."

"Mrs.Smith will do," The hotel manager smiles. "You want the cash delivered to your room?"

"Of course, with a bottle of Champagne.. No, I am not changing.. A bottle of Jack and a Bottle of Captain Morgan, "Gaines grins as he looks at Ashley. "With OJ and Coke. Give the wedding guest five thousand apiece to gamble with."

"Yes sir. Thats seventy four guest each given five grand.. A grand total of three hundred and seventy thousand dollars," The hotel Manager grins as he turns to his people, "You heard Mister Gaines.. Five Grand for the wedding guest to gamble with."

"I assume we have the same room as earlier," Mr. Gaines eyed the hotel manager.

"Of course Mr. Gaines," The hotel Manager has something else on his mind. "If you would like to ride your Streak we have another game later tonight.."

"I would love to." Gaines gropes Ashley rear, "I have other plans for sin city tonight."


Four Days later
First Class
flight back

"Three high roller games," Ashley rested her head on Gaines. Ashley's face was apprehensive to a small degree.

"Red, thank you for the trip and an excellent honeymoon," Phyllis sat on the isle seat across From Red. "Your rich. What are you gonna do."

"42 million dollars is just a small take," Gaines looked at the Gentleman in the seat in front of him.

The Gentleman takes out his card, "John L. Highlist.. I manage a hedge fund.. You won 42 million in Vegas. I couldn't help but overhear. You and your girlfriend stop by my office in a few days. We can help you set up something."

"Mr. Highlist.. She is not my Girlfriend just an F-Buddy, " Gaines smiles.. "She is a little freaked out. We moved to fast for her comfort. I am going to send her to college."

"Your not upset if I have other friends," Ashley was in tears.

"My dear at my age I do not care. " Gaines smiles as gets his hands squeezed, "Pick a college. I was going to surprise you. "

"So If I want to re-enroll back into UT at Dallas," Ashley has a hopeful look on her face.

"Mr.Gaines was it," Highlist smiles evilly. "Oddly enough I sit on the Admissions Board at UT."

"Who would have guessed," Gaines smiles.[
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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 06:58 AM
Allen Texas
Expensive HOA
Two days Later

"This house list for 2.2 mil," The real Estate Agent was not completely happy. Her face showed her Chechen heritage, "Mr. Gaines, I always run into this with new clients. Why did you choose me?"

"You looked the best in your photo," Gaines looks her up and down, "Ilene Olivie, the houses are overpriced. Do not feed me the crap over value," 'Red' Gaines looks out over the area. "I intend to stay here at least three years. With the HOA dues sitting at two thousand two hundred dollars a month, it comes to roughly seventy nine thousand two hundred over the three years. Then associated cost.."

Ilene is exasperated as she feels the sale slipping away, "Associated cost?"

"First I have to gut most of the house to redo modern security measures and wiring. Next, I have to get a new car to fit in this neighborhood. Third," Gaines senses her mind drifting. Closing his eyes, "Low ball them at eight fifty."

Ilene gets a look on her face, "They will never agree to.."

"Relax, I am making sure you get the commission at the estimated maybe with a bonus, " Red opens his green eyes to focus on Ilene.

Her faces changes as she looks into Gaines eyes, "Eight Fifty is a good offer. They would be fools not to take it."

Gaines reaches up and touches the side of Ilene's face.

Memories she had never had come to her minds forefront," I am married now Red.." Ilene bites her bottom lip, "Please dont, he is a good man."

"Ilene go make the offer and think about this moment," Gaines smiles evilly. "We could christen the house properly."

"..have to pick my children from practice at ," Ilene takes a deep breath. Shaking she pushes back weakly, "I.. "

Kissing her back, "Come back with my deed and the reward will be great. If need be, I will go with you. Besides, You know Joan will cover for you."

Ilene takes a deep breath as her mind is racing. A small paradox forms between the memories in her mind. Looking into Gaines's eyes a mild euphoria passes over Ilene.

"You really do love him," Gaines takes a deep breath. "Tell you what go make the offer and.." He pauses as something crosses Ilene's mind, "Really."


Next Day
Highlist Office

"Mr. Gaines," John Highlist shakes 'Red' Gaines hand. "I want to take a moment."

"Mr. Highlist, I am Lou Ritter. Licensed CPA in the state of Texas. I represent Gaines investment," The small town CPA smiles..

Gaines looks at Highlist, "He is a backwater rube. I will give you that, however no one survives as an independent CPA in a small country area with no skills. To put it mildly, I have faith that Mr. Ritter will see my investments safely invested."

"I do not think," Mr. Highlist pauses more in shock..

"Drop the BS. I can tell just by the way you move that most of this crap is a ponzi scheme," Gaines looks the immaculate and expensive office over. "Mr. Ritter will verify my instincts. If he does, I will be investing a small amount so that I appear to be a victim of an unwitting scheme."

"My client has a unique position here. He has a few things he wants Mr. Highlist. Among them first call on your assets when you do get caught. Good Faith collateral so to speak," Mr. Ritter sits calmly in the very nice leather Lazy Boy.

A feeling of utter hopelessness comes over John Highlist.

"Be glad. I decided to invest in your business," Gaines's green eyes pierce John's attention.


Plano Police station
off of 75
parking lot
two days later

""..something to do with his death," The police officer had placed Ashley in cuffs.

Red walked up, "Good sir. The man club has rules against cock blocking."

"I know we are just friends with benefits. I called you because no one else would answer," Ashley's voice carrying fear is interrupted.

"You were one of the witnesses at my brother's death," Glaring at Gaines. "You're the guy she went to Vegas with. I will see to it you go down with her."

The officer moves to put his hands on Gaines.

A dark cloud seems to settle on the parking lot as Red's face seems to contort with anger.. The officer tries to move his hand back. Gaines whispers something into the Officers ear.

"Officer Tilas," Gaines smiles. His green eyes open large, "Ashley is free to go."

"Yes," Tilas turns and heads back towards inside the police station.

A black driver walks around and opens the door, "Yes sir Mr Gaines."

Confused Ashley hopes in the car with the hand cuffs on. "Ok. Tilas's brother is a prick. I could handle my self Red."

The driver quickly shuts the door after Gaines gets into the car. Rolling down the divider after he hopes in, "Ashley. Officer Tilas is not a good cop."

Gaines is staring out the rolled up window.

The Driver stops the car.

"Jamal. Why did you stop the car," Ashley looks out the rolled up window?

Sounds of gun fire come from inside the Police station. People try to come running out to only be hit by a set of bullets from inside.

Gaines sits more comfortably and signals for Jamal to drive. Ashley is shaken by the situation till she see's the smile on Gaines's face.

"I thought we could keep the handcuffs," Red grins as he gently touches Ashley. "I have visitation."


Allen Texas
Gaines LLC House
Next Day

"Dad, why do I have to load the dishwasher?" The fourteen year old male is not to happy, "Carrie gets to sit and play the X-Box. I am doing the dishes."

"Yes you are Aurelius," Gaines walked over to the new kitchen cabinets. "You have not been doing your chores at home. Causing stupid issues when I taught you to CYA. Your going to get an education and if not, Well your going to need to be domesticated."

"Mom's main complaint was you did not help out around the house," Aurelius responds as he rinses off a dish.

"I am a hypocrite. With my own issues," Gaines smiles.

"Like the fact you are becoming a male whore," Carrie calls out as she kills things.

"I have to catch up with yall's mother's numbers," Gaines laughs at his own humor as he stuck his tongue out.

A woman comes down the stairs putting on her earrings," Mr. Gaines. That is an inappropriate statement towards the children."

"So is our CPS caseworker doing the walk of shame," Carrie never takes her eyes off of the big screen. "It does not take four hours to check upstairs."

"Carrie. Mrs. Paige is a guest in my house. Please pretend to show her respect," Gaines's green eyes looked at his ex-wife's daughter.

"Yes sir," Carrie paused the game. "My apologies Mrs. Paige for my bad manners. "

"Apology accepted," Mrs. Paige's phone rang. "It's my husband," She walks out to the Patio as she answers it.

Carrie shakes her head, "Mom found out you have a lot of money. She is pissed which caused her and Howard to get in a fight."

Gaines closes his eyes and gently reaches out, "Tell you what. " After a moment, "How about a bribe? I pay well."

Both kids turn around and look at Gaines, "Bribe?"

"Yes. I have to talk with Mrs. Paige, I think I can get the number of hours you two are at home reduced. An expensive private school," Gaines looks at Carrie.

"Which is way harder then public school," Carrie shakes her head.

"Hang on Carrie," Aurelius puts up his hand. "How big a bribe?"

"Let me see if I can con Mrs. Paige into coming with us. Y'all can blow about, say five grand a Piece. Tomorrow we go to several Private schools," Gaines's green eyes seem to shine to the two kids.

"I'm in," Aurelius grins.

"Make it seven," Carrie narrows her eyes.

"Done," Gaines smiles.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 05:09 AM

Aurelius and Carrie's mother's house
Next Day

Carrie unloaded the back of the Limo, ".. stuff I am allowed to bring here." She took an arm load of bags inside the house.

"Mrs. Paige this is wrong," Howard tried to speak. "Red is trying to buy there affection."

"Shut up Mr. Johns. You have no standing in this case," Mrs. Paige put her hand back on her Gucci bag.

"I got new shoes.. Three pairs, from Luke's Locker," Aurelius looked at Mrs. Paige's new bag. Smiling,"We looked at Private schools. The one in Las Colinas has a fencing team.."

"And horses," Carrie came back out for more bags. "I got two whole new wardrobes. The galleria."

Her mother was astonished at the number of the bags, "Carrie.. Red you cant just buy things for the kids like this. We cant maintain this lifestyle."

"Mrs. Cartwright," Mrs. Paige sounded cold. "Mr. Gaines has provided for your children. Even for the one that is not his. We are quite," She lets a smile escape her face. "Quite happy with his treatment of all parties involved."

Husband and Wife both catch the meaning in her words..

"Jamal.." Aurelius Catches his father's stare, "Mr. Oiler. Would you be so kind as to help me take in my computer and extra parts?"

Jamal raises an eyebrow at Aurelius.

"Sir," Young Mr. Gaines corrects himself.

"Yes young sir. I would be glad to help you carry those packages inside," Jamal Oiler professionally responds.

"Mama.. I got tons of new clothes that can fill three closets," Carrie sounds very happy. "Red's new house is so big. Five Bedrooms, Five and a half baths, Two car Garage, and a mother in law house."

Howard Cartwright looks at Red with anger slash Jealousy.

"Now.. Their will be no issues with you two will there," Mrs. Paige turns towards Gaines and raises her eyebrows?

Gaines Laughs real hard, "No mam. I promise to behave with my lessers."


Preston and Parker
later that week
Plano texas

"..on down. I really need to talk with you," Gaines was on his new phone.

A woman in a hat and a sun dress sat down, "Red.." She sat an Ice Tea down from McAlliastars, "We have to finish car hunting. I have to pick my kids up and well," Ilene gives an evil little smile. "If you want to do that thing again in a limo we need to go now."

"Call my CPA he will authorize the tickets. I Facebook'ed you the numbers. I have to go waste money buying a new car." Gaines makes a face at Ilene, "Woolman I need to talk with you over this in person.."

"Fine, but me and my wife are staying in at least a five star hotel," Woolman's voice comes over the phone. "This better be F$%^ing important. I gotta go pack."

As he hangs up the phone Gaines blinks several times and shakes his head..

Standing up he walks over to the counter, "Mam."

The older lady behind the counter walks over, "Can I help you sir?"

"I overheard the issue you were having," Gaines looks into her eyes. "Thirty eight years of marriage is hard, And to a Vietnam vet." He takes out a card and hands it to her, "Gaines LLC, talk to my CPA. I am looking for an executive assistant. It pays about fifty thousand a year. Full Benefits start day one. Medical, Company car, company cell phone,continuing ed training, and a small clothes allowance "

Tears fall down the older womans face.. "Why are you .."

"Here is two grand. It should stop the repossession," Gaines pulls out the cash from his coat. Several patrons are all looking at Gaines, "Dont thank me Margret. Thank you. A truly loyal military wife is so damn rare it is my honor to repay the favor for you years of silent service to this country. Besides," Gaines gets an evil smile for a second, "US Navy always has to come to Army's aid."

Margret comes from behind the counter and hugs Gaines, "I dont know what to say."

"Well first off your out of uniform. Me and my," He looks at Ilene. "My real Estate Agent are going car shopping. You might as well come with us."

"I thought," Ilene looks at Margret.

"Margret will sit in the front seat with Mr. Oiler as he debriefs her," Gaines smiles. "Margret we have to go get me and now apparently you a car."

"Right now," Margret looks shocked.

"The offer is good till I get to the Limo. I need someone to run interference for me." Gaines eyes seem to be a bright green.


700 am
Gaines house
Allen Texas

Ashley is half dressed pouring herself a glass of OJ, "So your the new executive assistant. Margret ?"

"I let my self in," Margret looks at the 20 year old woman. "Mrs. Simps will suffice. You must be Ashley Rouser." Margret Simps manipulated her new pads data function, "You have special registration today. In thirty minutes."

"Crap," Ashley starts to heads towards the stairs.

"Relax Ms. Rouser. I called Mr. Higlist and explained you were detained. He rescheduled for noon," Margret went to the fridge. "Please Let Mr. Gaines know I am here. The access code for me worked with the security."

Coming down the stair, "Mr. Simps.. Good morning."

"You have a busy day. I stopped by burger king and grabbed you a supreme croissant with the hash borwns. I also grabbed a breakfast burrito for Ms. Rouser and you bought me their verions of a big breakfast. I assumed first off we would be reviewing your schedule for the week." Readjusting her glasses, she sat out the food. "Also young man, Please put on some form of clothing for me."

"Ashley honey, would go grab our robes."

"Red I have to shower," Ashley takes the Burrito. Going upstairs munching the burrito, she takes tosses down the robe Gaines asked for.

"First off, "Margret shakes her head. "How many women are you involved with right now? I have to know to keep things straight." Seeing the look on Gaines' face, "Birthdays and other avoidable conflicts. Like anniversaries and armed husbands."

"That is right." Gaines closes his eyes and opens them to a brighter green, "Let me see Ashley is single. Mrs. Ilene Oilvie is a Soccer mom slash real estate agent."

"The one at star bucks," Margret sighs. "I have her listed as friend. Her name is on the Real Estate Transaction good."

"Then there is Tiffany Paige," Gaines smiles evilly.

"You are as bad as my Jack ever was," Margret smiles. " The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Agent assigned to your case." Margret shakes her head, "Two Jealous husbands.. One boyfriend, deceased. We are good. Now your brokerage Agent, John Highlist. "

"Call him and make sure he knows who you are. His EA can arrange contacts with you. Any hassle let me know," Red takes another big bite out of his food. "I also need another set of Condoms for the house and Limo."

"You friend Rolland Woolman and his wife are safely checked into the hotel. They have RSVP'ed for lunch at Three Forks," Margret puts information into the pad. "All right I added condoms to the list with Lysol."

Gaines laughed, "Yes mam."

Hearing the water turn on, "Ashley is a nice young woman." Margret Simps sees the look on her bosses face, "Well I am not going to start saying bad things about your choice of companions. It is your choice. We need to walk through a few things. Your kid's birthday, His sister's, your mother's, each of your companion's, and business partners. Phone numbers as well."

"I have to really do work," Gaines sighs.

"Yes Red. We work now so we do not have to later," Margret pops the cover off her breakfast. "I also will need the divorce date and courthouse it was in. Your new attorney will need all of this on tap."

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 12:13 AM

Allen Texas
Gaines's House
After Dinner time

".. on the security," A younger man limped. "Red, why are you bulls#$%ing me?"

"Woolman.. I needed to talk with you over something that is so important I cant talk over the phone here someone might be listening." Gaines walks over to a device pushing a button, "A white noise generator. Picked it up in Vegas at a convention in between. Well lets say it was fun to be there. It was in between tournaments of high rollers."

"Yeah I heard about the millions. You made the local news in Vegas," Woolman took out a pack of cigarettes. "I am smoking in here," Woolman takes out a cigarette and lights it.

Turning on the air fans, "I will take one. The maid is going to kill you. Just so you know."

Lighting his own, "So what is so damn important that you would pay for the hotel and two first class plane tickets."

"Woolman.. I got remote influence to work," Gaines lets his statement hang in the air.

After he smokes half his cigarette, "Ok bud.. I will go with you to your next VA.."

Gaines looks at his friend with his green eyes. Woolman freezes and cant move. Panic shows in his eyes..

Gaines shakes his head and lets go of his friend, "That was just direct control."

Woolman is on his knees, "That.. Your not s$%^&ing me." Gaines offer his friend a hand, "Red. I need more data." Woolman stands up and walks over to the keys, "Road trip. No private driver."

His green eyes look at Woolman, "Of course your wife can stay here. I'll have the conversation with her.." Gaines looks at Woolman, "Fine.. I will not mind control your wife. Bro Code understood."

"Thats just," Woolman pauses. "I still want independent testing. Let me tell her you have been drinking and your driver is off. We have to go meet a business associate of yours now."

"Tell her she can stay here and play with all the toys in the houses. I will just have to grant her access to the system," Gaines walks over to the laptop and starts typing things in.. "No, I am driving. "


Gas Station
Twenty minutes later
Four miles away

"..blind field test," Woolman grins as they sit in the car. "The rules are very simple to eliminate contamination. No throwing game. You're not allowed to talk to the test subject or physically interact until they preform said behavior."

"Really man," Gaines grimaces. He looks at his friend, "To eliminate any form of verbal interaction."

"I want a test subject to be randomly chosen. And one who would not sleep with you." Woolman closes his eyes, "I do not like it but it is necessary to establish that you are not polluting your results."

"I just stand at the drink counter facing away from whoever you choose. No interaction until they come up to me." Gaines takes a deep breath, "I will need a few seconds for prep. "

"Prep," Woolman ask?

"Yes. I explained the very small difference in how I viewed the interaction. It was very simple. The whole reason my earlier experiments were polluted was because of the lack of controls. I have found however with a very small change it works," Gaines Closes his eyes. "It is merely a matter of prepping.."

Taking a deep breath, "We need to make sure the process works. I need to see it outside our world. Then we go through outside classification of abilities. An infant doesn't think over how to crawl. I want to learn the mechanisms."

Two females walk by and into the gas station. Gaines opens his eyes and looks at his friend, "Show time.."

"Definitely. " Woolman smiles and opens his side, "Remember the target has to do the behavior I requested without you interacting with the subject."


Allen Texas
Gaines House
Next Morning

"Mrs.Simps, it is a pleasure to meet you." Mrs. Woolman greets the EA. "I made coffee."

Seeing her take a deep breath, "Margret is fine, Nemia. I take it by the police car in the driveway. Another mess?"

"I do not know," Nemia Woolman shakes her head.

A female police officer in a messed up uniform comes into the kitchen. She freezes when she sees the two ladies..

Reading her badge, "Good morning Officer Sanchez." Margret smiles at the female LEO,"Nemia would you make the young lady some coffee to go."

Nemia Woolman tries not to laugh as she grabs one of the thermoses, "Black.."

"I have to hurry. I need to get home and get ready for church," Officer Sanchez looks at the two ladies. "I have to get my children ready for mass."

"Relax Officer," Margret shakes her head. "I am Mr. Gaines personal assistant and Mrs. Woolman is married to the other trouble maker. If you do not mind me asking Officer, where is the mustang?"

Taking a moment, "I think it is still at the gas station. I brought my bad boy and his friend home." Officer Sanchez grins a little. She looks at the microwave clock," Crap.."

"Is your husband a police officer," Margret slips in the question?

"My husband is an ADA in Collin County," Officer Sanchez takes the coffee. "Thanks for the coffee," She hands Margret one of here cards. "If Mr.Gaines has anymore issues, tell him to give me a call."


Big Church
Plano Texas
Parking lot

"Single to," one of the married women looked into the building.

"Diane.. Shame on you," The other decked out in her Sunday best grinned. "Rumor is he is sleeping with several women. I heard one or two are married."

With a prudish look, "So the sinner came to our church. To help save his soul." Looking at the two ladies, "We must behave like ladies. My brother is the Preacher here and we are the woman's board."

"He is not much to look at Willma." Diane shakes his head, "He even brought his two children with him."

"Diane.. I will prey for you. Besides the boy is his, the girl is not. From what I heard from the clerk of the court it was a nasty divorce," Willma shakes her head. She walks over to the Limo as her two friends follow.

"I am Regina Greensberg," She smiles as she greets the children.

"I am pope," Aurelius freezes as the driver gives him a dirty look. "I am Aurelius Gaines. It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Greensberg."

"Ladies.. no offense my brother's father has better taste the Christian," Carrie stops when Jamal snap his fingers.

"What did I tell you two," Jamal looks at the ladies. "My Apologies to you good Christian ladies. they do have better manners then this."

"And you are good sir," Willma sticks out here hand to greet the driver.

"I am Jamal Oiler. Officially a butler status. Mr. Gaines is trying to make sure the children develop an .. An understanding of morals he feels he lacks. It is important to him they learn."

"I am Willma Stepford. You have met Regina. This other young lady is Diane Freson. " Willma shook her head, "I take it you attend a church."

"I normally do. However ladies, my church and wife understand. Mr. Gaines does need help with these two heathens," Jamal looks at the two children.

"Ladies," Red walks up with his EA. "Are the blessed children misbehaving again."

"No sir," Aurelius grins. "I just asked the Sunday school teacher if she knew Jesus was a sinner."

The three ladies from the church all looked a little shocked.

"He was born to a human woman, Mary. The bible says all men born of woman are born into sin." Aurelius grins evilly at his father with a knowing look, "It is why he had to be baptized. To wash away the only sin Jesus had."

"Jesus never sinned child," Willma Stepford looked at Aurelius.

Red had to turn away so the good christian ladies did not see his smile.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 07:55 PM
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Nice job! Imaginative. SnF

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 03:31 AM

Gaines House
Allen Texas
That night

"Have you ever considered how telepathy works," Gaines ask Woolman? "Let alone what would you do if you were able to have it in any form."

Woolman took a drink of scotch," No I haven't. "

"The process I have gone over again and again. The issue is two sided." Gaines takes a deep breath, "Think of two computers talking online."

"Ok. I am following so far." Woolman takes a puff of the Cuban cigar, "Your saying it is like information science.. Makes sense.. How did you cross the connection threshold.. Wifi so to speak."

"I just did it," Gaines puffs on the Cuban cigar. "What I do know is the remote viewing aspects was only the beginning. I learned more about applied information processing then I ever wanted to. The telepathy part does not work like the comics.. Well maybe after a time it becomes it. I had to do a lot of work. "

"May I go through your notes," Woolman sat up in the lazy. "The maid still going to kill me. I like the man cave.."

"Yeah.. She probably will," Gaines is laughing. "Business. For instance take Ilene."

"Your Real Estate Agent," Woolman takes a sip from his scotch.

"Yes. Her marriage has been dead for a few years. With her I put images in her mind that I had been her lover. I went in the back door," Red laughs.

"Please no bad puns," Woolman shakes his head.

"With Ashley is was more words and animal like urges. I ramped up her system, and she was ready to go. " Gaines puts up his hand as he takes a deep breath," I know trust me. Her ex was abusive so I brought up his feelings of worthlessness and emo teenage years."

"His brother that shot up the police station," Woolman coldly ask?

"More like I pushed a little and added voices," Gaines took a deep breath. "You do not want to know what that officer had done. It was more of a public service."

"All right I will take your word. Out of respect for me, no more deaths without some digging," Woolman has closed his eyes. "Now Vegas.."

"I simply linked like a lurker and saw there cards. That is the tricky part. That was very hard,"Red took a drink himself. "You have no idea how there brains looked. It is not really seeing the cards, more like impressions."

"Let me go through your notes. "Woolman blew air smoke, "You bypassed AOL."

"I actually used it to my favor. Remember how I told you I posted on ATS, but left out part of my research. Lets say it is still the same thing. There are rules to it. " Red sighs again, "The human animal has hardwire and softwired rules it operates on."

"The CPS agent. I mean she is a cutie but I thought you detested them," Woolman was looking in a note book.

"Paige.. You cant laugh to hard," Gaines took the cigar and puffed. "The only time I used telepathy was actually when we were already in the bedroom. She was willing because I had money. I just hit on her like when we were in San Diego."

Woolman laughs, "She cheated on her husband because she wanted to."

"The only one one I feel bad about was Officer Sanchez. Her husband is an Assistant District Attorney. From what I can tell he is over zealous, so my conscious is clean. " Gaines took another puff, "Oh.. Distance. Not relevant."

"Really," Woolman's eyes go wide.

"Phyllis from Vegas. I sold her on moving her wedding to Vegas last minute and put happy thoughts in her mind," Gaines smiled evilly.

"So what in hell are the limits," Woolman was a little worried.

"My personal Ethics and concentration," Gaines smiled. "So you know the Government does have three Remote Influencers in its employ. I have hid us in a very special way."

"There are others," Woolman was surprised.

"I felt them at Redneck heaven. I spiked on their radar. So I have hid from them," Gaines smiled. "I know one had a very bad accident this morning."

Woolman goes wide eyed," You killed them."

"No. Someone else did. " Gaines looks out the man caves windows, "They still have no clue I exist."


230 am
Front door
Gaines house

Nemia watches as Red holds Officer Sanchez, who now has a black eye and busted lips.

"I have no where to go," Sanchez cries. "I as put on suspension."

"Lina," Red softly speaks. "You can stay in the house. We will work out details later."

A police car shows up with its red and blue lights going.

"Take her inside," Woolman growls. "Red take care of her. The ADA apparently had her followed to find out where she would go."

"I could easily," Gaines is interrupted.

"Red, peace first. Then we fight," Woolman pauses. "Nemia call Margret. Have her wake Mr. Blackheart."

Sensing her husbands tone, "Yes honey."

Woolman shuts the door. "I want you to stay out of this Gaines. At least for long as possible." He walks over to the Living room TV, "I need to switch recording to the Remote site."

From upstairs with Lina, "Got you Woolman. "

"Cover from on high," Woolman waits.

A few seconds later a loud knock comes from the front door, "Police.. Open up. I wont tell you twice."


Next day
Gaines household

Munching on toast Officer Sanchez was subdued. She was in Jogging shorts and a T-shirt, "Thank you Nemia."

Gaines was pouring himself a glass of milk. Seeing the look on Nemia's face, "Yes all actions have consequences. " Gaines walks over and hugs Lina, "You can stay as long as you need to my dear. Just please do not be upset. I have other friends."

Lina Sanchez just held Gaines as she fought the tears.

Margret looked at her boss, "Mr. Blackheart put the fear of God into the ADA and police chief. He is a very damn good lawyer. I have never seen police officers apologizing to a lawyer."

"It helps that the judge lived next door," Woolman shook his head. "That, and the fact ADA yelled at the Judges wife after he ran over her flowers."

"Margret my dear, find some of Lady Byrd's roses. Have the stems sent to the Judges wife as an apology from me. I am not responsible but she did not deserve to have her flowers ran over by a corrupt ADA." Gaines held Lina as she cried.

A female voice announced, "Access granted to Ashley Howles."

Ashley walks into the kitchen and freezes. The look of Jealousy crosses her face as she see's Lina holding Gaines, "Red."

"Ashley." Gaines walks over to her, "I am so glad your here." Gaines gives her a kiss, "I need your help. I have to go take care of a few things. Lina needs a friend here to be with her."

"Who did that to her," Ashley looks at Lina?

"My.. My husband," Lina Sanchez was in tears. "I lost everything.. Red is letting me crash here. I am sorry if I.." Lina burst into tears.."My husband is The ADA in Collin County," Lina looks at Ashley.

Ashley looks at Gaines, " You owe me. This is getting into a relationship."

"It is merely a benefit. Besides you two can plot freely behind my back," Gaines smiles as he kisses Sanchez on the forehead. "Lina.. Ashley and Jamal will both be here. If you need anything let them know."

"Jamal, if there are any issues call me. "Margret looks at Ashley and Lina, "Same for you Ashley. Any issues you call me immediately.

Woolman grabs the keys, "I'm driving. Lets get down to the court house. " Woolman looks at Sanchez and tries not to be upset, "Lina we will deal with the punk on the power trip."

Margret, Woolman, and Gaines leave.

"So.. Lina," Ashley tries to be nice. " I think I am going to go spend a couple thousand of Red's money. You wanna go with me."

Jamal sips his coffee and laughs, "Chinese sign for trouble. Two women."

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Elm Street
that night

"You have another test in mind," Gaines grins as a punk looking woman walks by? "How about her?"

"Will you please," a party girl walks by in a very short dress. Woolman is distracted for half a second, "I see what your saying. I am not throwing away my marriage for."

The young lady in the short dress bends over to pick up something and she smiles at Woolman.

"Tell her your married," Gaines looks at the women walking by.

"You cant keep using the power for the darkside. I mean come on. We could change the world." Woolman takes a deep breath,"Damn."

Taking out his phone, Gaines dials a number. After it answers, "Hey Nemia."

"What are you up to," Nemia Woolman coldly answers. "If you bring home another woman. I will."

"Be jealous still." Gaines ask," Listen I know you want to talk with Woolman. What if he brought home someone?"

"Is he cheating on me," Nemia's first response comes quickly. "I will denut both of you. I am not one of your."

"Its me Red, Nemia. Ashley and Lina both ratted you out. They told me to leave you alone about it. You have been," Gaines was interrupted by Woolman.

"Red. My wife," Woolman pauses as the conversation dawns on him. "Exactly what did Ashley and Lina tell you?"

Red hands the phone to Woolman, "Ask her about what she really really wants. Then I help you."


Gaines household
Next Morning

"It's ok honey.. You keep looking at me like that I might let you make an honest god fearing man out of me," Gaines talked with the older lady cleaning his man cave.

"I am not a sinner, "the older lady shakes her head. "I am child of God. Even your sins I think would require more bleach then god has made."

Red props his feet up, "Francine. You have traveled the world in the name of god. Tell you what.. I want to talk with you."

Francine stopped cleaning and looked at Gaines, "You have a heavy heart. " Having raised children she sensed a moment.

"I know several of the places you have been. You have seen the best and the worst in people," Gaines leans back.

"Mr. Gaines for all your sins. The Parade of women who should know better, I have also seen your other side. Officer Sanchez for instance. Not a moments thought or hesitation, you gave her a place to stay. Your Ex-wifes daughter who is not yours, is getting spoiled and into one of the best private schools." Francine sits down. "I know how you got your money is a sin. I have seen how you use your skills with women. Let me tell you this. Please tell me you are going to stay in the vein of how you have helped the innocent people. You care. Do not lose that. I have spread the word in countries where people veiw everyone as prey. Those with power take what the want from everyone." Francine smiles, "Your one of the good souls. Even with all your sins."

"All I was going to ask, was if I need to get more cleaning supplies. So I have a soul worth saving.. What about making me an honest man," Gaines smiles.

"Do not tease an old lady to many times,"Francine shakes her head. "I will pray for you and Woolman. Also you two are to smoke outside."


Veterans Affairs
Lancaster Texas

"I hope I can count on your vote," The Senator greeted people.

"Dude.. Bro.." Woolman was trying to hold his friend back, "Remember we keep things under wraps."

Nemia looked at her husband a second, "Julie lets go to the Nex. I guess the boys want to talk."

Julie was still in her short dress from the day before say Gaines eyes shine green it seemed. After a second, "Thats fine we can make plans for later." She took Nemia's hand and they walked into the VA together.

Gaines grins as he walks up to the Senator, "Nice to meet you Senator.. You know I was thinking about entering politics."

The Senator shakes Gaines hands, "Well son local politics is where I cut my teeth."

Gaines goes through the secrets in the Senators mind, "You just.. My god.. Never mind Senator .. Have a nice day."

As he is walking away, "Well son God bless you to."

Woolman looks at Gaines and whispers, "What did you see?"

"Government Secrets. Among other things," Gaines has to take a deep breath. "This.. Damn. What would you say if I ran for office."

Woolman still had the glow from the night before on his face, "That.. That would cause issues."

Several vets in wheel chairs come out for a smoke. Gaines watches as family come out with their loved ones. He sees several other older patients coming out having to walk to the train. "What if we become lobbyist or start our own firm?"

"All the power none of the responsibility," Woolman smiles evilly. "With inside access."


That night
Gaines household

Tiffany has a partially unhappy look on her face, "No Honey we had an emergency placement. I will be home in a few hours. Maybe by breakfast."

Red Gaines looks at the CPS caseworker as she gets off the phone with her husband, "I enjoy being bad with you."

Tiffany Paige looks at Red, "Mr. Gaines."

"I want you to know something," Gaines looks at the CPS caseworker. "Normally I hate you people." Rubbing the side of her face, "No matter how the court case updates go. I want you to know you are very beautiful. I want us to keep having the fun we are. Unlike your husband, I appreciate the amount of work you put into your body."

A little scared, "What are you saying?"

"You know I am seeing other women. I am not settling down but not going out hunting for more either." Gaines looks at Mrs. Paige, " I want to give you some more time every week. You deserve a lot more happiness."

"I dont know if my schedule would allow that," Tiffany looks at Gaines. Fighting back a few tears, "Thank you. I.. I want you to know I am not using you for money. I was, But. your so kind. Do you want custody of both of them? I can make it happen for you."

"Right now the very best thing is to keep them in the status quo. Let them adapt to the new school and then me and you will have a meeting to discuss their futures." Red Gaines kisses the CPS caseworker," Like I said, no matter what. I want to keep reminding you that you are very special.. You deserve so much better then either of the men in life."


Breakfast Table
Next Morning

"You stay in one of the Bedrooms Officer Sanchez," Julie was in a bathrobe.

Eating part of her breakfast, "Again yes."

"You know Red has other girl friends right," Julie sits on the chair.

Nemia walks in and smiles, "Good morning." She kisses Julie, "Just bring it back to bed. He is still asleep."

"I dont want to know," Sanchez shakes her head. "My first day back after they lifted my suspension." She stands up with her thermos, "Can you grab that for me Nemia."

"Lina. Go. Hurry before one of the boys wake up and show their a#$," Nemia shoo's her out.

"So rich boy,"Julie is halfway through her statement.

"Good morning Nemia. Julie," Margret Sims smiles. "Lina."

"Do I want to ask," Nemia ask coolly?

"Mini me is showing his rear. I told his mother that she is in charge so deal with it," Margret shakes her head. "An incompetent mother." Looking at Julie, "You asked me yesterday if I could help with your job search." Julie takes out some papers, "Here are the top highest paying jobs available for your skillset."

"I was kinda hoping to go to work for Red," Julie innocently adds.

"No gonna happen," Margret responds coolly. "Looks bad. We can make a few well placed calls as references."

"I prefer talking directly with the boss," Julie retorts.

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