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How to Achieve Ascension in 7 Years

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posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:24 AM
Namaste my Brothers and Sisters,

I AM here once again to discuss the Omega Aspect of Spirituality. If you would like to review or never read my previous thread concerning the Alpha Aspect, you can visit my previous thread to catch up. I highly recommend you read the first part, understand it with your intuition (not your intellect), practice the teachings there, and then proceed with this thread. Those who just started your training can read both threads together, and then come back to them later for reference is perfectly fine.

As previously talked about, the Omega Aspect is about the process of Ascension. I will go into detail within this thread. Ascension can be performed in any amount of time; but it may take many lifetimes to accomplish, or it could take as little as 7 years within a single lifetime. It all depends on how focused you are in walking the path of God. 7 years is the ideal time period, not everyone can achieve this. But I always hold an immaculate conception of an individual, which means I see each and everyone of you with the perfection of God and your True Potential. The Path of Ascension is a continuing process of Enlightenment—your merging with God. As always, True Salvation is within you. Do not depend on an outer savior nor any religious organization to save you. For the Kingdom of God is within your consciousness. Blessings and love always be with you, even until the end of the Age.

This thread will contain a total of 5 Chapters listed below for your convenience. I will release a PDF version of this thread soon so that you may print it out to read or share with others in the future.

I. Planetary Ascension

II. Manifesting Christ Consciousness

III. The Rays of God

IV. Mastering the Chakras

V. Ascending to Heaven

Please also notice as you continue your spiritual training, that both of my threads contain a total of 12 Chapters. The first thread has 7 Chapters, while this one has 5 Chapters. As you may also notice that Enlightenment in the previous thread mentioned “Enlightenment in 3 Years,” and in this one, I mentioned “Ascension in 7 Years.” This equals 10 years, which is the number of the Tree of Life or the Sephirot in the Spiritual study of Kabbalah.

I. Planetary Ascension

Let us begin by contemplating what this thread is all about. In the previous thread, I talked about how to Merge and become ONE with God, which is called Enlightenment. How do you know if you've reached Enlightenment? Below are some signs you should pay attention to if you have reached some form of Enlightenment.

1. You care less and less about Earthly things, such as material goods, relationships (family & friends), job and money, fear of life security, fear of death (for yourself and others), fear of losing (spouse, friends, things), fear of sickness, having fun (going out, drinking, partying), and everything that a human experiences on Physical Earth.

2. You desire things that are Godly and Spiritual, such as obtaining greater wisdom, finding out who you really are, always want to be God-centered, focusing on love and peace, would rather read books and meditate to increase your inner yearning for God, you find yourself talking about spiritual things no matter the subject at hand, and you just love to think and talk about Heavenly beings.

3. You feel like you have 10 to 100 times more energy. You are always at peace no matter the situation. Being angry seems to be a thing of the past and is fading away rapidly. You love people in all walks of life, and it is no longer exclusive to just your family and friends. You are more gentle when it comes to your daily activities, either it be cooking, washing, brushing your teeth, eating, talking, or trimming the hedges. You feel the Presence of God both within yourself and all around you. You are more focused and wise in all matters of life. You seem to manifest an abundant of “good luck” and blessings all the time and never have to struggle with life anymore, either it be financially or life circumstances.

4. Physically, your forehead tingles and feels like energy is vibrating and flowing throughout your head every single day. It is the light energy from God flowing through you with great abundance. Those who are more advanced in Enlightenment, you will feel energy flowing throughout your entire body, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. You encounter more and more wonderful and Heavenly dreams. You have out-of-body experiences in a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Your spiritual training is no longer exclusive to waking hours but also at night while you sleep. Your spiritual growth is expanding widely and reaching far into your mind, merging One with your Super Consciousness (Christ Self).

As you can see, Enlightenment has its many advantages. When you are becoming One with God, you are becoming a God-being on Earth. This is where this thread continues where the last one left off. In the last thread, it was about Personal Growth. In this one, we will talk about Being God. Another way to explain it is how to be the Co-Creator that God intended us to be. Since you have now planted your feet into your Higher Self or God at this point, you are ready to walk on Earth as God. Remember that Enlightenment is only the very first stage of merging with God. You have many, many levels until you merge with the various God selves as you ascend back to Full God Consciousness. I know this may be confusing at this point. But I hope that you will have a better picture as you continue reading this thread. The second stage of merging with God is called Planetary Ascension. This type of Ascension itself has a few levels. To define Planetary Ascension, it is a process of mastering your minds and bodies to go through higher Planes of Existence until you are 100% beyond the Material or Physical Earth. So let's review your Soul Bodies from the previous thread.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:24 AM
1. “Identity (Etheric, Buddhic) Body - The highest plane of existence contains much light. It is much less dense than the physical part of the Universe that we perceive each day. When Master Buddha Gautama almost reached his Full Enlightenment, he was able to use this body to Soul Travel to very high Planes of Existence, including this one. Buddha actually means the "Enlightened One." The Identity Body is also called the Buddhic. This is where Buddha got his title. If you are able to master all 4 bodies and minds of the Material Universe, you will reach Enlightenment and begin the process of Ascension. As usual, this Plane also has Lower, Middle, and Upper areas you can travel.

2. Mental (Causal) Body - Your thoughts enter this world. It is a bank so to speak of your mental thoughts. Some thoughts stay here forever, while others will leave the Mental Plane and head towards the next world, which is the Emotional Plane. But remember that it is not only your thoughts, but thoughts of EVERYONE throughout this Universe! This world is still much less dense than the Physical Plane, allowing your body to float around high into the atmosphere. If you have Mastered your Mind, you will come to this world after death. Don't worry, I will discuss more about Mastering Your Mind and all aspects of your Soul in the next chapter. This world has Lower, Middle, and Upper areas as well.

3. Emotional (Astral) Body - The Emotional or Astral Plane is where most people have the most trouble mastering. We call ourselves "Emotional" people. But yet, that is not who we really are. This is a case of mistaken identity. We are only "Emotional" because most people haven't mastered this body yet. I would say 90% of people in the world today are stuck here, including church goers. In fact, a large majority of humans will end up in this Plane when they die, including Souls that are lost, such as Ghosts and Demons. The Lost Souls are in the Lower Area, while people who haven't mastered this body yet will end up in the Middle part. The Higher area is for more spiritually developed folks.

4. Physical (Matter) Body - This is the body that everybody is familiar with. Some spiritual people believe that we must "hate" this body, since we are "stuck" here because of it. Well, without it, we wouldn't be able to experience dense, physical reality. If you read my posts about the 7 Spheres leading back to our Ultimate Creator, then you realize that this current Sphere we live in is the lowest of them all. It is the lowest in consciousness and therefore will have the most dense environment. I am here to say that you must take care of your physical body. We are in an awesome school of life. We are supposed to learn as much as we can while in the physical. If you don't take care of your body, then you will die quickly and lose that opportunity to Awaken yourself that leads to going back Home to Heaven. Sure, you will reincarnate again soon. But why wait until 47 lifetimes later when you can do it now? Procrastination is a trait of the Soul (Ego) not of the Spirit (God).”

These 4 Bodies also correspond to the 4 Planes of Existence in the Material Universe. The Earth is also present in all 4 planes. As explained elsewhere on ATS, depending on your spiritual level, most people will end up in one of these 4 Planes because they have not transcended their Souls just yet, since the Soul IS the 4 Planes. As you go beyond your Soul, you will merge your Soul with Spirit. And in the Spirit World, you have 3 Planes of Existence. Let's review them.

“Starting from the Highest to the Lowest:

1. Divine (Logoic) Body - This body and place is also called Planetary Ascension. Only when you are using this body in full, you will finally be beyond Earth altogether. The Monadic body is Heaven, but the Earth still exists as a much less dense body. It is only in the Logoic Level do you ascend past the Earth. It is the 7th Dimension. As you can see, Self-Expansion doesn't end when you reach Heaven. It is only the beginning. This is a level beyond Heaven itself.

2. Monadic (I AM Presence) Body - This is your Higher Self, God, Father Aspect of your Future Self, your Self perfected. It is the Monadic Realm, which is in a higher part of Heaven. When you are FULLY merged with God, this is where you will be. Some people call it Ascension or being in Heaven. In my second thread, I will discuss this aspect more in depth. This is the 6th Dimension. Here is a place where even if you want to become separate from God, you can't. Because in all of your being, you are ONE with God.

3. Spiritual (Christ) Body - I speak about this body quite a bit in my posts on ATS but never really explained it. I will talk more briefly about this body in a bit. When you begin to use and merge with this body, you have reached Enlightenment. You are The Christ. I have spoken it as the Mind of God. When people talk about being Spiritual or Spiritual Training, they are talking about becoming One with Christ, the Universal Mind. Enlightenment means that you are using the Mind of God or Christ Consciousness, the Mind that contains knowledge and wisdom of God, as well as the storehouse for the Divine Blueprint and Past Lives of your True Being. This is also the first Plane of Existence above the "Material Universe." This is the Spiritual Realm, i.e. 5th Dimension. This is the first part of Heaven, a place where everybody goes when they have transcended the Material Universe, Full Salvation, and Full Ascension. “

These 3 Bodies also correspond to the 3 Planes of Existence in the Spirit Realm. The Fullness of Planetary Ascension is when you end up in the Divine (Logoic) Plane or Body as mentioned above. However, you have 3 levels to reach before Planetary Ascension. Everybody on Earth today and in times past, the goal of Salvation or Ascension is to be in the Spiritual Realm (# 3 above), which is known as Heaven in your scriptures. This is also the first part of the 5th Dimension. The 4 Soul Bodies mentioned before were the 4th Dimension. Once you are there, the process of Ascension continues.

And so you ask, how do I go to Heaven? Well, if you have reached Enlightenment, then you are half way through. The next step will take a bit more time and focus than previously. This is an advance study, thereby requiring intense concentration and desire to BE God. In the following chapters, I will give you the tools and techniques straight from God how to reach and BE Heaven.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:27 AM
II. Manifesting Christ Consciousness

As you may know, human beings function everyday using what I call the Mind of Man or Ego. Explained in the previous thread, the Ego is part of your Soul. The Ego is also your subconscious; you tell it what to do, and then it goes and performs your daily activities. But the problem is that people become inclined to depend on the Ego and go through life on automatic pilot without any semblance of your Higher Mind—built right into your being. Let's briefly review your different selves from the previous thread.

“1. The Lower Self - Ego or Subconscious: As discussed earlier, the Ego was created by your Soul when you descended from Heaven or Spiritual Realm. The Ego itself is not evil. But it exists in order for you to properly function in the Physical Plane. It is like a computer. Society, your parents, your peers, your church, your school, your politicians, your every aspect of life teach the Ego what to do in whatever circumstance. For example, if you are hungry, the Ego or Subconscious tell you to go get food. Breathing, heart beats, blood pressure, kidney functions, and all bodily functions are controlled by the Subconscious, where the Ego is the subset of your programmed physical mind. If someone says something that contradicts what your Ego understands as "truth," then you will fight back with what you believe. Finally, let's say that you have cancer. If your Ego continues to believe that you have cancer and die, you will surely die.

So again, the Ego is the computer. You MUST tell it what to do or it will tell you what to do based on its programming from life on Earth. 99% of people in this world function on automatic pilot. They just drift from one day to another and let their Ego do the work. This is dangerous and that is why ignorance is not bliss but the cause of your own destruction.

2. The Middle Self - Conscious Self: This represents the you who came from Heaven discussed previously. This is the essence of who you are or the piece of mind that came from God's own Consciousness. This is the only part that can come back to Heaven. Only the Conscious Self can reprogram the Lower Self or Ego to BE the Kingdom of Heaven and NOT the Kingdom of Earth. That is why ONLY you can be the savior in this aspect of the study. You must tell the Ego to detach from ALL Earthly things, including your beliefs and thoughts. You must transcend your current paradigm. Keep transcending until you go back to Heaven. But I will discuss more about this transformation at another time.

3. The Christ Self - Holy Spirit, Super Consciousness: Right after we descended from Heaven, in order to combat the Ego, members of Heaven split up their consciousness like God did and put a piece of his or her mind into your Consciousness. So the Christ Self has always been with you since the beginning of birth on Earth. Its job is to remind you, in whatever way possible, that you are Divine. It will remind you all the way to your death bed. But for some reason you still chose to follow the Ego, then you must do it all over again in the next life or reincarnation. Don't get confused with the Christ Self as Jesus Christ. If you got confused, then you just let the Ego think for you. Get out of that Mental Box. The Christ Self is a teacher sent from Heaven to teach you things that are much higher in thinking than your Ego. It can also be called the Buddha Self or Krishna Self, depending on where you were raised.

4. The Higher Self - I AM Presence, Divine Consciousness: Ascension to Heaven can only be possible by merging with your Higher Self in FULL. You can merge with it before ascending, but not a full merge. You must become ONE with your Higher Self in order to be in Heaven or Spiritual Realm. Your Christ Self is your teacher initially, but after merging with your Teacher, you must transcend that by merging with your I AM Presence. And therefore, the Higher Self will be your teacher from then on. Now do you understand more about salvation?“

In trying to achieve Ascension, you must walk through life as God. Let me now quote from a Master so you would understand.

The time has come to become your own master and
stop chasing masters. Become your own reality,
stop chasing religion. Become your own God.
Stop chasing God, be You.

-- Yogi Bhajan

Basically, you must BE You, therefore you must BE God. Religious and some spiritual people tend to believe that the more you DO, the higher you will achieve when you go to Heaven. It is true that you must “lay treasures in Heaven.” It is fine to DO when you are trying to reach Enlightenment by Doing things, but this is only for Personal Growth. You will come to a point where Doing is still just a human activity. To become a Master, you must BE. How do you BE? You BE God in embodiment.

But how can I BE God if I don't know how to go beyond the Mind of Man, my Ego? Well, you must know how to access the Mind of God. And the only way to reach it is by manifesting Christ Consciousness. This Christ Consciousness is the direct link to God's Mind. The man whom people call Jesus Christ was one of the few in history who gave us the example of how to manifest it. Christos in Greek means “Anointed with Oil.” Within your human spine, you have an oil substance that comes up as your Kundalini Energy rises. When this Oil goes past your Spine and goes into your head, you have been anointed and therefore have become “The Christ.” This is also where the corporate brand, Crisco Oil came from. This is why Jesus was called The Christ. It is not unique to him, for anyone can become The Christ or a person who uses Christ Consciousness.

Do you remember the quote from the Bible when Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” He was actually speaking through the Christ Mind, not through the human called Jesus. The quote's actual meaning is that anybody who doesn't manifest the Christ Mind can not access God's Mind and can never become One with your Higher Self (God, Father). If you never become One with God, then it is impossible to BE in Heaven. There is NO other way to your Higher Self, The Father God Aspect. Religion seem to have it all wrong when they believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Using the Christ Mind is the Key to Salvation.

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posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:29 AM
The Christ Consciousness is a Universal Mind that is a library of great knowledge, wisdom, power, and all the past, present, and future memories of your previous lives and the lives of all known people incarnated, not only on Earth, but also in the numerous planets in the Universe. It also encompass ALL the wondrous beauty and technical aspects of creation, from this Universe to the other ones. With this Christ Mind, you can also access the Akasha Dimension, which is the vast Divine knowledge of your Higher Self (Divine Consciousness). The Akasha Records is only a part of this Dimension. As you can see, the Christ Mind is the Key or Mediator of sorts that you can unlock the doorway to the vastness of God.

When you become the Christ, you also are able to perform great miracles in the physical world. As I said before, you are God in the Flesh. Therefore, with the power of Christ Mind, you can manifest fantastic “Super Powers,” defying every law of physics. I will explain more about these things in the final chapter of this thread. But for now, I will introduce to you how to put on the Christ Mind in the following chapter.

III. The Rays of God

I would like to begin by talking briefly about where all of us came from. To understand the details of our origin as Great Cosmic Beings, then it is easier for us to grasp the Mind of God.

Before the creation of the known, Material Universe, before there was a single being or any star system, the only place that existed was the “World of Allness.” The World is outside of the “World of Form.” There is no form in the Allness. We have been reincarnating in a World made out of form for too long, so we don't understand nor recognize what it means to be without form. But anyways, in the “World of Allness,” there are beings known as The Presences or in some spiritual circles as The Unknown or The Ain Soph. And One of the Presences wanted to experience what it is like to have some kind of form and know what it means to be separate from Source. The Ain Soph created the First Beings of Existence from The World Form, which is Alpha and Omega (Father & Mother Forces). Next, The I AM was created, followed by The I AM that I AM. This I AM is many, many, many levels higher than your own Higher Self. Your Higher Self is a representation of the original I AM that I AM. Please don't worry about the terms I'm throwing at you. Just understand the big picture.

The Ain Soph Aur (later manifestation of the Presence) started the creation of the World of Form with a great Energy Source called the Great Central Sun. This Sun is the birthplace of all the known universes, and everything that is the consciousness of God, even an inanimate object like your TV or sofa has a conscious. Therefore, animals such as the ant or ladybug have God Consciousness as well. With the Great Central Sun, the Presence began the creation of the FIRST Universe. It all started with a Black Hole, and from its center of one moment of Singularity, it exploded outwards with the Power of the Father (Alpha) Aspect of God. But as it exploded outwards, there was the Mother (Omega) Aspect of God that went inwards, forming the Star Systems and Planets within you see today. This is the Big Bang Theory scientists talk about. Remember that this was the FIRST Universe. Our Universe is One of out of many Universes.

Bringing it closer to our understanding, the Great Central Sun I mentioned before was the Sun for the creation of all life. Our local Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, and even your own body has its own Central Sun. In fact, our body is just a mini-universe. But the Light within these Suns all connect back to the Great Central Sun. This is one way to view how we are all interconnected, we are ONE.

From this Sun, many beings were created from the Mind of God, which is now from Alpha and Omega. Thus, the First Sphere of Creation (out of 7 Spheres in existence today, we are living in the 7th). Please read from a post I made concerning the Spheres of Creation here: The 7 Spheres

As you may know, The Great Central Sun has many Rays of Light that expand from its core. And from these Rays come the Powers of God that not only give birth to all forms of creation within a Planet, but also the unlimited attributes and characteristics that you and I embody in each of our True Potential as Co-Creators. It is the representation of the Mind of God in its purest form while you are in the Material Universe. Each of us are born out of one of these Sun Rays. So our personality and Divine blueprint came from a Ray of the Great Central Sun. Each planet and the nations within the planets also come from these Rays.

Do you realize now why so many people, so many religions, and so many cultures worship the Sun? Do you know why a “fictional” character like Superman gets his strength from The Sun? Do you know why all forms of life on Earth gets its energy from The Sun? Do you know why Jesus was called the “Sun of God?” In the Bible, you read, “Son of God.” However, the Son of God, in its esoteric, symbolic meaning is the same as The Sun of God. Did you know that Buddha Gautama was also called “The Sun of God?” Do you know why you are called “The Sun of God” when you manifest Christ Consciousness? “The Sun” is a singular term to represent the fullness of Father and Mother aspects of God, thereby the Alpha and Omega. The Sun is also balance. It is the balance of Father and Mother. So you have the Father, Mother, and the Son.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:30 AM
Now, let's get to the good stuff. I will introduce to you the first 7 Rays of God. They are what I call the Foundational Rays. Because all other Rays from The Sun are just mixtures of the first 7. These Rays can be used to create your reality not only on Earth, but also of the higher realms. But you can use them to meditate and manifest Christ Consciousness, accessing the Mind of God in your daily life in the Physical and then later on in the Spiritual. Each of us were born (not the physical body, but the Spirit Body) from one of these Sun Rays. So if you focus on yourself, you can get a feeling of what Ray you came from. Your Spiritual Gifts also come from the particular Ray that you were born with.

The 7 Rays also have 7 Heavenly Masters, 7 Archangels, and 7 Elohim who have combined their consciousness with the Rays to regulate God's power throughout creations of the Universe. If you are not familiar with the Elohim, they are the Gods who created the Earth 3.5 billion years ago. In the Book of Genesis, translated from the Hebrew, it took 7 Elohim to create the Earth. It wasn't the Ultimate Creator who created this planet.

The 7 Heavenly Masters are actually called Chohan Masters. The Leader of the 7 Masters is the Maha Chohan. He governs the Office of the Holy Spirit. When you are born, he coordinates what Master will send a part of themselves into that baby as the Holy Spirit/Christ Self (please see my description of the Christ Self in this thread). He also gives you the first breath as you are born, as well as taking the last breath from you at physical death.

Each of the Rays has its own color due to splitting of the spectrum from God's Light. Let us now study the First 7 Rays brought to you by our very own Solar Logos, Helios. Notice that the first 3 Rays are Power, Wisdom, and Love. These are the Primary attributes of God, which is known by many thousands of years as the Tri-Flame of God. The Tri-Flame is the same as your Central Sun in the hidden chamber of your Heart Chakra. When you are first born here, you have a Spark of God within you. As you learn to grow spiritually, you will transform it into the Tri-Flame. Now, not everybody has a Spark of God within them (example, The Fallen Angels, Laggards, Fallen Watchers, etc.). But they can still obtain the Spark of God if they change their ways and want to be part of God again. This is the Law of the Universe.

1st Ray – Blue – Power of God, Strength, Obedience, Courage, Bravery, Might, Protection, Love of God's Laws

Chohan Master: El Morya
Archangel & Archeia: Michael & Faith
Elohim: Hercules & Amazonia

2nd Ray – Yellow – Wisdom, Knowledge, Open-mindedness, Christ Mind, Illumination, Tree of Life [not Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil], Mind of God

Chohan Master: Lord Lanto
Archangel & Archeia: Jophiel & Christine
Elohim: Apollo & Lumina

3rd Ray – Pink – Divine Love, Kindness, Compassion, Selflessness, Beauty, Grace, Harmony

Chohan Master: Paul the Venetian
Archangel & Archeia: Chamuel & Charity
Elohim: Heros & Amora

4th Ray – White – Peace, Purity, Self-Discipline, Hope, Geometry, Order, Perfection, Ascension

Chohan Master: Serapis Bey
Archangel & Archeia: Gabriel & Hope
Elohim: Astrea & Purity

5th Ray – Green – Healing, Health, Truth, Rejuvenation, Truth, Abundance

Chohan Master: Hilarion
Archangel & Archeia: Raphael & Mother Mary
Elohim: Cylopea & Virginia

6th Ray – Purple – Service to others, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Ministration, Desirelessness

Chohan Master: Nada
Archangel & Archeia: Uriel & Aurora
Elohim: Peace & Aloha

7th Ray – Violet – Transmutation, Justice, Freedom, Forgiveness, Liberty, Prophecy, Victory, Diplomacy, Government

Chohan Master: Quan Yin (Formerly St. Germain)
Archangel & Archeia: Zadkiel & Amethyst
Elohim: Arcturus & Victoria

You may use these Rays during meditation and in daily life. If you want to focus intently upon a Ray, ask for the accompanying Master, Archangel, or Elohim to help you anchor and use these Rays properly. When you need the Power of God to stop a Tornado from destroying your home, the 1st Ray is what you need. Or when you need to heal yourself or somebody, use the 5th Ray to restore health and balance. Or if you need to bring peace to a married couple that is broken up, use the 4th Ray. You can call upon these Rays simply by saying, “I call upon the 1st Ray to bring forth food on their tables.” You can also say, “I call upon the Blue Ray to bring rain today.” At first, try to visualize the Rays hitting an object that you want transmute or change into God's light. When a Ray hits an object, it transforms into a flame—holy fire that doesn't burn but transmutes. That is why we say that Archangel Michael is the embodiment of the Blue Flame (1st Ray). Do you remember the story in the Bible about Moses going up to Mount Sinai to retrieve the 10 Commandments? He saw a “burning bush” with flames that don't burn. God's Flames from the Great Central Sun is like that, fire that doesn't burn.

You also noticed that each of us are born with a gift and personality that resonates with us. For example, some of us are always yearning for freedom, justice, and liberty. Thus, you are born from the Violet Ray (7th). If you enjoy gaining wisdom and insight into all things, you are born from the Yellow Ray (2nd). If you are a healer and enjoy healing others, you are born from the Green Ray (5th). Therefore, whatever Ray that you are born in, you should focus on it even more during spiritual training. It is your talent so use it with passion and power. It is your special ability within the Christ Consciousness.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:31 AM
Speaking of the Christ Mind, when you are meditating, focus intently on the Yellow Ray (Wisdom), it will help you manifest The Christ within you. With that, I will now briefly introduce to you Rays 8 through 12 to give you more advanced ascension techniques. These Rays are still governed by the above Masters, Archangels, and Elohim. Remember that these are the mixtures of the Foundational Rays (The First 7).

8th Ray – Green/Violet – This is a mixture of the 4th, 5th, and 7th Rays. It is a Ray of cleaning. It helps clear your subconscious or Ego of the negative thought patterns. Try to clean not only your present life but also all your past lives. Do this everyday if possible. If you feel that there was something negative in your mind that day (try to write them down, this helps), use the 8th Ray to clean it. The 7th Ray can clear Karma, while the 8th can clear negative beliefs, thoughts, and dogma.

9th Ray – Green/Blue – This Ray allows you to merge with your Light Body. It is a combination of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Rays. The Light Body is the Ascended Body you will get when going to Heaven or Spiritual Realm. However, before you can use the Light Body, you must clean of the “debris” in your subconscious mind. So using the 8th Ray, followed by this one will definitely clear you even further. By using the 9th Ray constantly, your Light Body will be fully integrated with you one day. The Light Body is incredible. It is powerful, glowing, magnetic, golden white, and electrical body that illuminates anything nearby into the Purity of God. I will discuss a little bit of this body in the final chapter of this thread.

10th Ray – Pearlescent White – This is the Ray of Unity, allowing you to integrate the aspects of Father and Mother into your Light Body. It is a Ray that is directly linked to your Higher Self or Monadic Level (Father aspect, you are the Mother aspect). This one combines the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rays. This Ray encodes the merging of your Soul into Spirit, which forms the Light Body. It represents the Tree of Life or the Sephirot. You visit the Tree of Life in your OBE and Soul/Spirit Travels. By mastering the 10th Ray, you can fully accomplish the training there and achieve Ascension. If you desire to learn about the Tree of Life, please let me know and I can create a separate thread just on that subject.

11th Ray – Orange/Pink – This Ray will give you the power to move on to great love & wisdom of the New Age of Aquarius. This also gives you the uplifting ability to move up in Ascension, thereby to the next level. This raises your light energy within your Central Sun into a higher dimensional shift, such as the higher parts of the 4th Dimension and into the 5th. It combines the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Rays.

12th Ray – Gold (third-level purity) – This is what I call the Ascension Ray. It anchors the Christ Consciousness into your being and onto the Earth if you desire it to be. It embodies all the previous 11 Rays into one. This is why it is very powerful. When you have been ascended into the 5th Dimension, you are a Master of the Rays, and you will look like the color of this Ray. You become One with the Central Sun and therefore all life. Call upon this Ray often to enhance your connection to the Christ Mind.

There are even higher Rays than the 12 I just spoke of. However, I believe that knowing these 12 are all you need to ascend into the Spiritual Realm. These 12 Rays are known as the Planetary Rays. Above them are called the Cosmic Rays, which are all embodied by the Cosmic Masters. Some of these Masters you will meet during and after your Planetary Ascension, such as Sanat Kumara, Buddha Gautama (White Cosmic Ray), Helios (Copper-Gold), Melchior (Silver-Gold), Melchizedek (highest-level Gold), and going all the way to the Godhead Level [Source] (Translucent White).

In the following chapter, I will talk in detail concerning your Energy Points in your bodies. These are called Chakras. These Energy Points and how much God's light they contain are essential to your Ascension to Heaven.

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IV. Mastering the Chakras

Your Physical Body also contains the Emotional [Astral], Mental [Causal], and Identity [Etheric] bodies. This is why we are multi-dimensional beings. When you have achieved Ascension into the Spiritual Realm, your 4 bodies I just mentioned will merge into ONE Light Body. The 7 Chakras in your body will also merge into a single stream of light. So your job is to make your 7 Chakras or Energy Points vibrate and rotate bigger and bigger until they do merge. In order for your Chakras to receive more and more light from God, you must do what I talked about in my previous thread and in this one. The 7 Chakras are 3rd Dimensional. When I am speaking about Mastering your Chakras, this is what I'm talking about. The 12 Rays I talked about in the previous chapter can be used to expand your Energy Points. But first, let's talk about the Chakras.

In the following chart, you will find the Ray, Chakra's color, number of petals (because a Chakra is just like a blossoming flower) the Sanskrit (original, Hindu name of the Chakra), the Archangel, the Endocrine Gland, the positive (the attributes you should follow for ascension energy), the negative (the attributes you should not follow, descending energy), and the mantra for each particular Chakra to use while in meditation. You should chant the mantra as many as 33 times a day. The sound for each mantra will spark the corresponding Chakra and evolve it into more light from above. Whatever is your weakness, work on that Chakra everyday as much as you can, focusing on the positive aspects of it and the mantra for that particular one.

7th Chakra - Sahasrara - Crown chakra
2nd Ray – Yellow
Color: Violet
Number of Petals: 1,000 (this is why when the Crown Chakra opens, it is like a thousand Lotus Petals)
Archangel Jophiel
Endocrine Gland: Pineal gland (Epiphysis)
Positive characteristics: infinity, unity, freedom, great wisdom, Divine level of consciousness
Negative characteristics: none, if your Crown Chakra is open, you are manifesting Christ Consciousness. You will feel intense energy around your head and eventually around your body.
Mantra: AUM

6th chakra - Ajna - Third Eye
5th Ray – Green
Color: Purple
Number of Petals: 96
Archangel: Raphael
Endocrine Gland: Pituitary gland or Hypophysis
Positive characteristics: mental abilities, concentration, inner wisdom
Negative characteristics: pride, arrogance, suspicion
Mantra: OM

5th Chakra - Vishuddha - Throat Chakra
1st Ray – Blue
Color: Blue
Number of Petals: 16
Archangel: Michael
Endocrine Gland: Thyroid
Positive characteristics: peace, calm, emotional balance, joy, determination, will for action
Negative characteristics: jealousy, misuse of personal power
Mantra: HAM

4th Chakra - Anahata - Heart
3rd Ray – Pink
Color: Green
Number of Petals: 12
Archangel: Chamuel
Endocrine Gland: Thymus
Positive characteristics: love, gentleness, adoration, healing
Negative characteristics: lethargy, passivity, laziness
Mantra: YAM

3rd Chakra - Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra
6th Ray – Purple
Color: Yellow
Number of Petals: 10
Archangel: Uriel
Endocrine Gland: Pancreas
Positive characteristics: peace, service to God and all of creation
Negative characteristics: greed, obesity, fear,
Mantra: RAM

2nd Chakra - Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra
7th Ray – Violet
Color: Orange
Number of Petals: 6
Archangel: Zadkiel
Endocrine Gland: Gonads
Positive characteristics: rhythm, accuracy, the power of invocation
Negative characteristics: anger, menace, hatred, apathy
Mantra: VAM
second chakra stones

1st Chakra - Muladhara - Base or Root Chakra
4th Ray – White
Color: Red
Number of Petals: 4
Archangel: Gabriel
Endocrine Gland: Adrenaline glands
Positive characteristics: purity, resurrection, the needs of the physical body
Negative characteristics: passion, lust
Mantra: LAM

You can use the 7 Rays to increase the intensity of your Chakras, allowing them to rotate and flourish at higher levels each day, one step at a time. Combine this with Rays 8 through 12, you will be on your way to Ascension sooner than you think. Everything in your body will ascend and operate at its maximum potential as long as you are on the Spiritual Path. Each day, you are either ascending or descending. So focus your God-given abilities today and raise your consciousness to a Heavenly level.

Next, I will discuss the 4th Dimensional Chakras. Yes, your Central Sun can be raised beyond the 7th Chakra into the 4th Dimension (Sun Rising above your head). By mastering the 4th Dimensional Chakras (can be called the Spiritual Chakras), you will eventually merge all of the Energy Points into 5th Dimensional Ascension, which is Heaven. These Spiritual Chakras are high level Energy Points that don't have any negative thoughts and actions with them. They are not Ego-based and are Spiritual, hence the name. For thousands of years, the ancients only taught the first 7 Chakras. But now the energy waves coming from Heaven in our Age of Aquarius is allowing for understanding of higher Chakras so that it is easier for those who have already developed a Spiritual Path. There are no Sanskrit or ancient Hindu words for these Chakras, since they are only allowed for our development on Earth in the past 20 years. So consider yourself incredibly blessed for being born into the physical in this Age of Enlightenment. Let us begin.

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12th Chakra
Color: Magnificent Swirling Sun with Millions of Colors
Number of Petals: 777,777
If this Chakra is fully open (it may take years), you will experience the full merger with the Father aspect of God (Higher Self, The Monad). Therefore, you will reach Ascension to Heaven. This is the highest Chakra of the 4th Dimension. Once you have opened this Chakra, you will find yourself with absolutely incredible abilities, such as but not limited to Teleportation, Planet-wide Telepathy, Manifestation of Thought into reality in seconds, Bi-location (being at two different locations at once), full levitation off the ground with your physical body, and at more advanced opening of this Chakra, you can take flight even with the physical body. Your abilities can be manifested at will. Shortly after these skills being unlocked, you will experience the Art of Ascension—a metamorphosis into the Light Body. I will discuss this in the Final Chapter of the thread.

11th Chakra
Color: Great Spectrum of Vibrating Colors
Number of Petals: 50,000 – 100,000
During the 11th Chakra opening, you will experience the merging with the Mother aspect of God, which is what we call the Soul. You will start to experience and see your Higher Self in visions of Heaven. You will know your True Heavenly Name and also meet your multi-dimensional selves. You will get visions of your daily life in Heaven, and what you are known for there. You will be introduced to higher-level teachers, such the Lord of the World, Solar Logos, and Galactic Logos (Buddha Gautama, Helios, and Melchior, respectively). Each person's experiences at this level is different but are very similar. You will have out-of-body experiences very often and have vivid, fascinating journeys across the Universe.
At this point, I recommend you call upon the 12th Ray very often so that your Chakra is open wider and larger with great energy from God. The 12th Ray can open the pathway to True Christ Consciousness at a much deeper level, especially if your 11th Chakra is open.

10th Chakra
Color: Tornado of Rainbow Light
Number of Petals: 20,000 – 50,000
This Chakra is what I call Divine Creativity. When this Chakra is open, you seem to be able to do pretty much anything you touch. This is because all the abilities from all previous lives will come back into your memory. You will be very calm, and you will know what you know. There seems to be no questioning about life. It is though everything comes together as a giant puzzle. The big picture of the cosmos and where you function is so much easier to understand now. This Chakra is like the Command Center of the Spiritual Chakra System, or like the Heart Chakra from the 7, 3rd Dimensional Energy Points I talked about earlier. At this level, there is no longer fear of anything, and you can manifest the Christ Mind at will.

9th Chakra
Color: Depends on the person's skills and abilities
Number of Petals: 10,000 – 20,000
This Chakra contains the entire Divine, Soul Blueprint, which is the person's total skills and abilities from all his or her past lives. This is the library storehouse of all the experiences, knowledge, understanding, and skills learned from all the lives on the Physical Planet that you were embodied in. The Physical Planet can be Earth, but can also be any planet in the Universe.
When the 9th Chakra is open, you will realize who you were in the past lives. There are three main categories of Blueprints for your Soul. These are Creator, Healer, and Teacher. In some capacity, you served and worked with one of those Divine Blueprints. The Creator and Healer Blueprints are generally less intensive, and people don't reincarnate for too many lives to train and accomplish them. The Teacher Blueprint is more difficult and requires more intense focus to gain much wisdom and knowledge. But no matter what Blueprint you were assigned to, after opening this Chakra, you know exactly who you are and what you came here to do. So this will allow you transform all the experiences you learned into a focused job that you will perform when you reach the 5th Dimension. And believe me, there are unlimited number of jobs you can perform in Heaven!

8th Chakra
Color: Ultraviolet
Number of Petals: 6,000 to 10,000 (depends on how evolved is your Chakra)
When this Chakra is first opened, you will literally know who you are and where you came from. You will start to develop some skills as dream-recall ability, Healing gifts, Psychic vision, and Telepathy. You have some of these abilities in the previous two Chakras, but at the 8th Level, it is well-pronounced and can be done at will. However, it is still sketchy at this point. You may or may not be able to do them sometimes.
Some people may have trouble having a glimpse of so much Karma and negativity in their past lives, and they will have to deal with it when this Chakra opens. Using the Rays of God I talked about will help clear your Karma (especially the 7th Ray – Violet). But you can also use the 5th Ray – Green to heal this Chakra and envelope it with God's light.

There are further Chakras in the 5th Dimension. However, I believe you should focus on these Chakras for now. I feel it isn't necessary yet to focus on anything higher than the 12 Chakras at this point. Once you get to the Spiritual Realm, you will automatically learn them, since you are your best teacher. Did I not say your teacher is within? After all, your Higher Self is you. Remember that. Now, we will come to the end of this chapter and on to the final.

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V. Ascending to Heaven

If you read this far, you are surely on the Path of Ascension. There are a few ways a person can ascend. I will now discuss them.

1. Ascension with Physical Body – This is when a person doesn't die but goes directly to the Spiritual Realm while living on Earth! This is probably the most difficult way. But also God's ideal goal for us all. At the moment of full merger with your Higher Self, you will see a great light source in front you. All the person has to do is merge their mind with it. Then within 30 minutes, the Ascension process will take place. Your Physical Body will begin to change. Your hair will become longer and will change into a Silver-Gold color. Your eyes will change into a deep purplish-blue color. Your body will begin to glow with a tremendous amount of light. You will see that your 12 Chakras are merging into one, beautiful stream of light. Your clothes will be burnt away by the light.
All your lower bodies will transform into a single, Light Body. From that moment on, you will be on 5th Dimensional Earth. To the people in the 3rd Dimension, they will no longer see nor hear you. At that moment, you can choose to keep your Physical Body or create a new one (a different look). But it doesn't matter, you can manifest a different look at any time you please. You can still create a “physical-looking” body to walk the Earth, but only if you need to. Master Jesus did this after his Ascension.

2. Ascension after Death – This is not an ideal way. But it is fine to die a physical death and then ascend right after Death. Some people may join the 4th Dimension for a short time, and then ascend within days or months later. Either way, you will have the same transformation as in the Ascension with the Physical Body. You will lose your Physical Body and will have to create a new look. If you don't choose an age, the age of 33 will be chosen for you. But a Master of the 5th Dimension can change to any age at will.

3. Ascension to the 4th Dimension – Not everybody can ascend to the 5th right away. Why? Because some of us are New Souls created during the creation of the 7th Sphere. Until the 7th Sphere itself ascends, you can only go to the 4th Dimension (without reincarnation) and stay there until the Sphere Ascends. As discussed on the ATS forums, I said that the 7th Sphere Ascension may be billions of years from now. This is not some kind of hierarchy system. It is because of your love for the beings of the Sphere. You will be a Master in the 4th and go with the Sphere when ALL have ascended.

Regardless of how you ascend, you will be using the Light Body of the Spiritual Realm. It is capable of flying incredible speeds throughout the Star Systems and Omniverse (multiple Universes). You can merge your consciousness with any form of matter, including other people as well. You can even split your mind into thousands and even millions of pieces throughout the universe to help others (Holy Spirits). But these abilities will come as you continue your journey of Spiritual Growth. Some of the Masters in Heaven have taken thousands of years to do what I just described. So it's not easy and not immediate. Other abilities are creation of other humans, planets, galaxies, and even Universes later on. You will learn to embed your consciousness into an entire planet like Earth to help it ascend. These are called Planetary Logos (one of the heavenly jobs). This is currently the job of the Buddha Gautama (formerly Sanat Kumara). This kind of job is not easy. You are in charge of the Ascension of not only the Human Kingdom, but also the Mineral, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms.

There are other jobs in Heaven: Chohan Master (in charge of the Rays), Path of Earth Service (staying on Earth as a Master to help others), Path of Magnetic Service (helping keep the Solar System in alignment), Service of the Avatar (reincarnate back on a planet like Earth to change its paradigm), Path of Sirius (continue training on Sirius to teach in Heavenly classes), Path of Solar Logos (embed your mind into the sun), and many other jobs you must choose right after you ascend to Heaven.

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, I wish you God Speed on your wonderful journey. With the blessings of God, may you sing the Song of Heaven with the beauty of Divine Wisdom, Strength, Freedom, and everlasting, unconditional Love. I will see you all in the Spirit Realm. Namaste—as I say God meets God.

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reply to post by ctophil

But I read through, and understood your post in less than seven minutes (in fact, I believe that I have heard the same philosophies before)?

As a directive from which one may ascend, the post was particularly devoid on specific mechanics of implementation. It was also full of generalities and mixed many divergent beliefs which I cannot cohere as easily as you have.

You also need to acknowledge the sources from which you gathered your 'teachings' so that we may authenticate and separate your particular view/s from the hundreds of similarly "wishy-washy, new-agey" proponents which seem to lead nowhere.

I await the further elucidation of your ideas.

Sorry to be a pain.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have created a PDF version of this thread. You can download it here for easier viewing and printing it out. May the Yellow Ray of God open up the doorway to your Higher Self.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by ctophil

Very interesting thread.

About 13 yrs ago I had a shaft of white light come through my living room window and hit me on my chest for about 2 mins. During that time, I felt an indescribable feeling of love and elation and felt that I could envision about 7 oldish looking men with long beards. Afterwards, my face was wet, I was shaking and fell to my knees. Would you care to give me your opinion on this type of experience?

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 02:13 AM
This all seems like words in between words, to be enlightened all you meed do is except other life as part of yourself and try every day to be the very best example and inspiration you can.

At the end of it all the only thing you have to face is to not be disappointed, ashamed or regretful in the way you lived your life.

I take great joy in encouraging others to engage their potential, you only have to make them aware of what they are capable of, like pushing a wheel down a hill!

Chasing enlightenment is a maze by default before you even set off, there is no road to it, no rules, it is an inner peace, an acceptance of life. We are all already there, we just need to open our hearts a little wider and accept each other as equals, lose the cultural complexity and fear to connect with each other, our planet and our individuality.

One love!

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 02:17 AM
The screen keeps messing up when I try to read this. I will try again tomorrow.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 02:24 AM
Also, I find the word GOD does not help people connect with what it really means, god is indeed in all of us, but it is not a person, or a creator, it is not someone that is going to evaluate you like a driving test.

GOD is the right decisions you make and being a true person to others.. God is the nature around you, the animals, the plants and how you treat them all and understand your synchronicity . Satan or evil is a disrespect of the beauty around you, people, their situations, education and opportunities, it is an ignorance and unwillingness to learn how to help and share your prosperity.

Do continue to figure out enlightenment, it is much simpler than you are lead to believe and to change your perception can only take a minute, much faster than 7 years!
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Do continue to figure out enlightenment, it is much simpler than you are lead to believe and to change your perception can only take a minute, much faster than 7 years!
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Enlightenment takes no time.
Enlightenment is the realization that the light is already here and no one has to look for it for it to be obvious.

Seeking something, seeking any thing - any object, even enlightenment is the reason why the light cannot be known.
What else is there but what there actually is?

Enlightenment is the realization of 'timeless being'. It is realizing that there is no time - it is realizing that all arises within the present - and there is nothing but the present.

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reply to post by Itisnowagain

I think people are steered away from realising what enlightenment is by the 'establishment'. It does take no time, but it is so very important and without those realisations fear and misunderstanding digs its heals in, and from that comes isolation and closed minds. It is not peoples fault, they have been manipulated and not taught.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 02:54 AM

reply to post by Itisnowagain

I think people are steered away from realising what enlightenment is by the 'establishment'. It does take no time, but it is so very important and without those realisations fear and misunderstanding digs its heals in, and from that comes isolation and closed minds. It is not peoples fault, they have been manipulated and not taught.

The human condition is to suffer - it thinks it is an individual that can control the play of light - the movie. The trick is to see that what is being seen/experienced is just a movie - even 'the establishment' is just a character within the movie to make it entertaining. But what happens is that you have forgotten that it is just a movie, just amusement.

Enlightenment (I prefer the term liberation) is when one finds oneself as empty perception - that is - just seeing/watching the movie.
The light is appearing on the screen of awareness that you are - always presently.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by Itisnowagain

It is more than seeing/watching the movie, it is understanding you can make it better.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 03:39 AM

reply to post by Itisnowagain

It is more than seeing/watching the movie, it is understanding you can make it better.

'Better' is an idea that appears to divide - it is comparing this with that when really there is only ever this.

No matter how the light plays, it is seen to be good when it is found to be arising, unconditionally.

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