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Bellevue Police Department's Embarrassment

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 10:04 PM
So this is a local story for me, and one that I found rather troubling. It starts a year ago at a SeaHawks game. I guess it's sort of two stories rolled into one. I like cops, wanted to be a cop, and am usually defending them (especially Bellevue PD who I think are awesome). I will also call out the bad ones over this kind of bull.

Two officers on the Bellevue bomb squad (one being a supervisor) took their ladies to the football game. Officers Robertson and Hanke. They were by all accounts hammered.

The group met at Robertson's house and began drinking before Hanke drove to the game, the memo said. The group tailgated, kept drinking and became "very intoxicated," according to the document.

On the way into the stadium, Hanke's wife littered in front of a Seattle police officer, who told her to pick up the trash. Hanke apparently got angry, and asked if the other officer was really going to make a Bellevue Police Officer's wife pick up litter. The SPD guy apparently called for backup. Story goes dark here, but I think we know what happened as the foursome was allowed to enter the stadium, by their own admission very drunk.

While at the game, they were clearly intoxicated and seated next to a man and his son. After a number of f-bombs and other crude behavior the man informed them that he was going to contact security if they didn't knock it off. I remember listening to a local talk show when he called in, and he was a very articulate, reasonable sounding guy. He just didn't want the game ruined for his 12 year old by a raucous group of drunks. The man was cursed out, so he hailed security and the group was escorted out. The classy lady said something to the effect of 'You better be careful driving in Bellevue!'. The officer proceeds to drive the party home.

Eventually the group went home in a car driven by an intoxicated Hanke, according to the document.

Robertson later admitted to the chief he was "blacked out" for most of the events and said, "if somebody said I did it, then I’m sure I probably did."

Pillo said both men apologized and pledged to correct their behavior, the memo said, but she told both of them, "I am appalled and very disappointed by your actions that day. Your obnoxious drunken behavior brought disrepute not only to you, but the entire Bellevue Police Department.”

Robertson was demoted from corporal to officer, and removed from a leadership position on the bomb squad.

Hanke was kicked off the bomb squad and suspended without pay for 160 hours, which is about four weeks.

So that's pretty bad, right? Having cops driving drunk, littering, disrespecting other officers, insulting civilians and then being kicked out of a sporting event for their drunken nonsense. Not to mention that wife giving a threat to someone just wishing to enjoy a game with his son. Then driving home drunk. All admitted to.

That punishment doesn't seem severe enough. I would have liked to see the guy go in for substance abuse counseling, anger management, and slotted on a desk for a few months after his 4 week suspension at the very least. Still, considering some stories I've seen at least they were punished.

Guess who just got arrested for a DUI after being let go by a fellow officer? Hanke. up to his old tricks again, which anyone could have seen coming from a mile away.

On November 20th, an officer pulled Hanke over for drunk driving. Problem is, ol' Hanke didn't get arrested that night.

Brennan recognized the tan Jeep Cherokee as Hanke's personal vehicle and recognized Hanke as he approached the SUV.

"Hanke, what are you doing?" Brennan asked, according to the report.

Brennan wrote that he smelled the odor of alcohol inside the vehicle and that Hanke had a "glazed look on his face and his eyes were bloodshot, watery and droopy."

"I asked Andy where he was coming from and he said that he was coming from the Sideline Sports Bar," Brennan wrote in the report. "I asked him how much he had drank and he stared at me then looked forward in the car."

"I told him that he was drunk. I pointedly asked him 'what the (expletive) are you doing driving?' I told him that he was hammered."

Instead of investigating Hanke for DUI, Brennan called his wife to pick him up.

Brennan later reported the incident to supervisors, who launched internal and criminal investigations.

I suppose to his credit Brennan at least reported the incident. At the same time, it seems like a cop out. douseewhatididthereevenifiusedtheexpressionwrong. Arrest his ass. This isn't a teenager getting drunk with a few friends when the parents are out of town. This is a grown ass man who DEFINITELY knows better. I get wanting to protect your buddy, but come on man. Take him to the station, book him and then call the wife.

So what I see here is a general failing to do the right thing. The SPD officer should have arrested the guy. He should have been arrested at the game after being publicly intoxicated and a belligerent ass. He should have been scrutinized after admitting to driving drunk 2x in one night (I mean breathalyzer, alcohol screening etc.). He should have been arrested that night he got popped driving drunk. I don't even know if it's possible to charge him with a DUI now. I don't think it is.

I wish the best for the guy, and sincerely mean that. I think he has a problem that won't be swept under the rug. I really like Bellevue PD. I still trust them 100%. I hope this guy realizes that most people aren't going to feel the same, and as the Chief said has done a disservice to himself, and his department.

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by Domo1

This officer has some MAJOR problems that need to be taken care of before he goes out and kills someone the next time he is drinking and driving. This is the type of guy that gives cops a bad name. Not only that, but all the other cops who let him slide need to be punished too.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by Watcher777

Agreed on all counts. He was allowed to slide far too many times. That's what I'm mad about. Of course I'm mad at the individual for his loutish behavior, but I am equally upset with those that would turn a blind eye.

One of the tests they (apparently) will give cops is the catch your Mom speeding test. Do you give her a ticket? Some people will lie and say of course, some people will tell the truth and say never, then there are those who say it depends on how fast she's going. Discretion is the right answer.

I don't mind a cop not ticketing a fellow cop for a taillight. I do mind a cop letting a DUI off the hook. I don't mind the drunk being allowed to go home. That's what happened to me. The cop that arrested me drove me home after I said I was calling a cab. What I do mind is that the guy probably can't be charged with a DUI now, and that's unfair to the public, future employers, the state, and potential victims.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 11:09 PM
Prime example of "The Code of Silence" at work.....unfortunately.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by Domo1

I have lived in Seattle almost 44 yrs now. I have worked in the Eastside on and off for almost 15. Before I started working there I was a broke person driving a beat up car, and would sometimes visit/or do manual labor in the Bellevue/Redmond area. I was pulled over on the Eastside more than anywhere else JUST for driving an older, beat up looking car. (fully street legal) Once I had the Microsoft parking badge (+ newer car) all that changed. These A-holes profile like crazy. My father is an ex teacher at a unnamed private school who taught Obertos, Nordstroms and the like. These corrupt favors are a known thing, and favors are simply bought.

I remember hearing about a party (from numerous sources including my father) where a local rockstar (80's superstar) pulls up in his gold rolls and pays off Eastside police with crisp 100's to go away, and they did, despite the tons of underage drunk teens at this party.

My point is that the wealthy communities everywhere are corrupt as the system allows them to be, which is usually VERY corrupt.

I thank you for sharing this Domo, one more reason for me to never drive across the 520 or 90 unless MS starts hiring for real pay or Fryes has a mega sale.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 12:37 AM
You just can't do this over and over.
Small things get bigger and so the lies.
Next thing you know somebody dies then all hell breaks loose.
Only to find it could have been averted. Easily.
Had they simply enforced the same law on themselves as they do everyone else.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 07:06 AM
reply to post by Aliquandro

I remember hearing about a party (from numerous sources including my father) where a local rockstar (80's superstar) pulls up in his gold rolls and pays off Eastside police with crisp 100's to go away, and they did, despite the tons of underage drunk teens at this party.

Sir Mix A Lot (I don't know how to spell it...)? I know he likes his cars and shows up at Redmond Town Center pretty often in some fancy stuff. He did a video that was basically shot here. References RTC too. I found it.

Someone thought I was lying after I said I see Teslas EVERYWHERE. It's not weird to see a Ferrari or two going to the store. Proud of the guys (and one incredibly hot woman) that drive the Lambos and Ferraris in the rain. Bellevue is weird. I'm a stones throw away from Bill Gates and there are some neighborhoods that look like something out of the 50's. Up in the hills it's really a trip to go from ranch houses to mansions.

I actually feel better living here. The cops are probably as scared of the normal driver as the average person is of cops. Decent education, lawyers, disposable income and self entitlement are a nice shield. I'm not sure if anyone will believe me, but being a clean cut white guy in an affluent area has it's perks. We also seem to have nice cops though my thread is knocking one or two or three of them. I want to stress that they do a great job of being awesome for the most part. I pucker when I see SPD, not Bellevue.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by Domo1

the punishment should have been no different for them than it was for any citizen and somehow i don't think joe citizen would have been anywhere but jail before even getting into the stadium. the guards handed them a cop to cop favor, more often this happens then people admit. thus these fools were able to ruin a nite out for others, because the guards gave a cop-cop favor. they all value each other over everyone else, they're trained to do this and they feel it keeps them alive, when in fact it does nothing but cause animosity among all.

you said you like your pd department but you don't even know them for real and now perhaps you got a taste of truth. law enforcement is a mentally ill persons dream job, it draws them like magnets. add that to many departments lowering scores so they can get more to join the force, since so few intelligent, able minded would even consider becoming one of them, and you have a scenario for more disaster. this is factual data but i would like to add i have nothing against cops, they are just other humans to me and subject to the same vice.

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