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ISIS [Dec2013]

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 02:22 PM

This picture was me. My name is ISIS, and I was born in Sanat's Prime Laboratory, in 2854 A.D., on Earth. I was an android. But, rather like humans in the last centuries, I was the only survivor of the thirteen androids made this year; only the strongest and best android was kept, and the twelve who lost were destroyed. This happened every year before my birth. This is my story, a story that happened eons ago.

During my childhood, I was enhanced, programmed to think like the totalitarian government of Sanat, once the only country of Earth. And I became a monster through my creators's manipulation. Basic feelings were given to me, but nothing which you influence me toward the "wrong" thoughts; everything else was hidden deep within my programming. I had to be the most fearsome soldier. My eyes were burning like fire; my metal clothing joined my hair, permitting hundreds of symbols to be added around my visage. Beside my left cheek, skulls figures were soldiered in my hair/clothing, representing death, one of Sanat's many worshipped idols. I was Sanat's puppet; the only true representation of its rule.

These two pictures, I wanted to show to you. This was how the high elite stayed immortals. Not only were their body made from nanocarbon, but they even found a way to rejuvenate their spirit. With the help of the best Sanat monk, they would isolate someone's brain during a begnin medical exam, capturing the adrenaline part. The monk would, using a special lens which focused his meditation process, infiltrate powerful fearful thoughts in a civilian during the medical checkup, and the doctors would then extract the adrenaline, taking a part of the soul in order to keep the adrenaline active. It would then be stored in some sort of test-tubes, regularly tormented to keep it active, and when needed, the elite individual would connect himself to a test-tube, and absorb the adrenaline. That concentrated adrenaline would then act as a rejuvenating cure. But the effect lasted only six months; so the treatment had to be constantly kept on schedule twice a year. Which meant that more people every year would lose part of their souls. They were then called "scientifical zombies" since they became half-human, and their rights would then be reduced to none, considering their half-humanity.
How do I know about this treatment? I was one of the doctors, before being recruited by the army.

Since the 23th century, science equipements have been replaced by the power of the mind. Once scientist discovered that the mind was more powerful than any technology, they harnessed it. The only remaining equipements were special lenses or helmets that enhanced the brain's waves, so to create a greater power. Specially trained Sanat monks, trained to resist all distractions, would be used to power shields, create food, control cars and ships.
The only technologies not powered by human brains were the entire life-support of the HQ, and androids. That, they couldn't leave it under the control of unstable minds.

I witnessed many turning points in Earth's history during my "childhood". And the first of them was the arrival of Dranog, or, according to the Aramaic religion of old, the Antichrist. Most people believes that the darkest year of Earth's history was when a shadowy totalitarian government overthrew the UN in the 22th century and replaced it with Sanat, a one-world country. They would not be wrong; it was the darkest year of all time. But nothing could compare that day to the one where Dranog arrived from Alpha Draconnis and took control of Sanat.
The Antichrist was a she, in fact, a very dominant woman, blond-haired and blue-eyed; her dress was bright-red, and of incredible length. So beautiful and convincing was she, that no one stood up against her, and they all agreed to be ruled by her.
And I clapped with them when Dranog was crowned Queen of the Earth. Like the good programmed android I was.

Each Saturn-Day the elite would take a day off and pray in Sanat's main temple: it was the place where we would pray to Sanat, the God of Light and Wisdom. It was a dome, 1.618 kilometre in diameter; just big enough to contain two small hill overlooking the profound altar. The said altar was dominated by two great busts, one male and one female, mouth open in profound ecstasy; an illuminated glass sculpture stood beneath the two statues, representing a wavy tree with nine leaves leading to a coiled serpent, with a triangle in the middle of the coiled snake. The tree represented the
apple tree from which Sanat gave wisdom to humans; the nine leaves were the nine first humans to follow Sanat's teachings after the First Coming; the coiled serpent represented Sanat's legitimate rule around Earth, like the Norse Jotunground; finally, the triangle represented the ruling hierarchy.
Finally, on the majority of the West wall, hanged the representation of Sanat himself, crucified by God for giving knowledge, and left banished.
Each Saturn-Day, the elite would crowd up on the hills, and sacrifice a newborn for Sanat. After the ceremony, they would drink the baby's blood, the highest source of adrenaline and fear.

Don't be fooled, that isn't anymore what I follow. It is no more glorious than a pig, nor is it salvation for humanity. It is not. It is a trap. A gory, horrific trap, disguised under names such as "light" and "wisdom"; one that I never thought I could escape. Yet, I did.

His name was Mani. He had short white hair, emerald eyes, and always clad of emerald and gold. He was the High Librarian; the one charged to burn all heretic books, destroy all compromising websites and forums, and the one charged to provide the best books for school and childrens. Only... he wasn't one of them. And they never suspected him, not till the very last second.
He never went around without his horned golden snake coiled around him. And on his forehead, there was the clearest green gem anyone ever set eyes upon; at the same time, it seemed to moved within, as if inhabited by some sort of energy. He told us it was his customize memory-enhancing chip, the main reason why he was so good at memorizing the entire library and even more.Since he was THE Librarian, he was most of all in charge of researching which galaxies were fit to be conquered by Sanat; which was a very new feature in the army. Sanat's scientists found a way to create a portal which could take us anywhere in the universe in just under 30 seconds, but since it was too small, it could only be used for reconnaissance missions. Since I was the most perfected, but also terrifying, being, they decided that I would be their crusader. Searching the newfound galaxies, ridding them of nuisances, and reporting back the results, giving the elite a go or not. In turn, they would send space ships to start colonizing. That was, if they could find a galaxy near us. Which Mani finally did. But at that time, I didn't knew it was his first move at turning me away from them.

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 02:22 PM
Mani and I reached the small area that contained 70% humidity, and the temperature was reaching -35°F. One single chain of mountains stood there, covered in ice and snow, elevating itself to 12 kilometres, and about 30 kilometres long. But even with the mass, we could see a blue glow between the peaks.
"Let's climb the highest peak", decided Mani, a smile on his lips.
I followed dutifully, not knowing that it was Mani's first step into knowing if he could change me. Not knowing that it was specifically because of that unknown blue glow that he first chose that galaxy.
We climbed the mountain, which was relatively easy, and after one last step, the mountain was finally beneath our feet, there was no more rock hiding the sky from our eyes. And there, I saw it. Because I'm still new to emotions, I cannot describe completely what I saw, so here's the picture my sensor took of the sky:

Even a brainwashed android could not stay impassible toward the sight of a shining galaxy in formation. For some unknown reason, in this galaxy, you could actually see another near galaxy with your own eyes, and that big.
And on that day, something in my wiring changed. For the first time, I admired something else than a statue of Sanat or Dranog. For the first time... I felt guilt. I realised that the government was going to control that galaxy, and slowly, extinguish its silver light to replace it with darkness and shadow. I turned toward Mani, who was looking too at the sky, and saw his green gem shine with great force, and the snake was looking directly at me. But my default system was now back to take over my newly-found emotions, and I snapped back to my analytic self.
"The electrical field comes from the proximity of the galaxy to the planet. We won't be able to survive here."
"That's too bad", lied Mani, patting his snake, his gem fading back to translucid. "It's a beautiful sight, isn't ISIS?"
My default self shrugged in dismission, and I climbed back down the mountain.
But to Mani, as he told me later, that day, half of the battle had been won. And I came back to the Sanat HQ a different android. I could feel it. My default setting was fighting the new virus that infected me. But the elite never noticed. How could they? The fight wasn't physical, there was no clue physically that I was getting de-programmed. It was all on the mind side. And this was how I knew, I was more different than those false and immortals monsters that Dranog and Sanat replaced humans with. But I wouldn't realise this for another year.

Each month or so, Mani would discover a new galaxy. In fact, as he explained to me, he had access to all of them; he only chose those that would affect my wiring.
In one galaxy, I saw an entire planet composed of no elites. Each and every single one of its inhabitants would occupy an important place in their society. And debates ran all day long, evolving more and more complex. Each idea was debated upon, improved, evolving. Not one dogma, not one belief. And it staggered me; because they weren't sad. It seemed as if nothing could be lacking. And under a soft smile from Mani, I began to doubt Sanat's rule over Earth and my galaxy.
But it wasn't finished. Mani was the only one to know my struggle; he created it. So, he would always show me more and more beautiful worlds, worlds that I reported as not suited for conquest. Sure, there was some worlds, inhabited, that we reported back to the HQ, but by the time the elite made its choice, it was too late for them.
But enough side-notes: I must finish my story.

So, after each voyages, my default programming was getting erased more and more, and the new programming was taking over. A programming that finally knew compassion, kindness, and morality. Every new world strengthened my will to change my programming, and always did I had Mani to thank for. For he cared for me. For some unknown reasons, even to him, he looked beyond the horror that I physically was, and saw the good inside me.
And at each voyages, I will see a new wonder. Like this time, when Mani and I literally floated through space, and saw from far a winged being, half-naked, with a tentacle-like back, who was overlooking a newborn star. Despite her half weirdness, Mani assured me she was as kind as a flower. She was the guardian of stars, overlooking their birth.
Another, during a supposed recognition for Sanat, in a village, its leader took us for a tour. It was on a water moon, and when we looked at the horizon, we laid eyes on the sight of the moon's planet, which filled half of the horizon. Amongst the lights, the water, and the stars, it was a marvellous sight.

There were many more like so, but the one that I will always remember, was the moon upon which I admitted to Mani my love for him. And had my first kiss.
Yes, you did read correctly. The virus not only had completely de-programmed my default setting, it gave me emotions... a soul. And souls always had soul mates. Mani was mine, and I was his.
It was on a hill overlooking the sea, which was covered with low clouds. We were lying under an old tree with falling pink flowers, and on the horizon, we could see the great shining ball that was the moon's planet. This, was where my life began:

It was there, that an idea passed through my head, and, propping on one elbow, I took Mani's hand.
"Yeah?" he replied, his emerald eyes closed, a soft smile playing on his lips.
And then, it sounded stupid. I mean, really? A High Librarian, however kind, would never be in love with an android.
"Me too", Mani suddenly said. He too was now propped on an elbow and looking at me, his snake languorously lying under the sun.
Under my mechanical look of surprise, he smiled, and caressed my hand.
"You were going to say that you love me. I love you too. More than anything".
"But..." I stammered, shamely turning myself away from him, and looking down at my metallic and horrifying body. "I'm..."
"...beautiful on the inside", Mani completed, turning my face back to him. "Your past is long gone; the monster Sanat created have been destroyed since a long time. Do you want the proof?"
I nodded eagerly.
"You were about to tell me that you loved me. How many elite members has done so? How many androids?"
And of course, he was right. And I smiled, finally happy. That's when he kissed me, in case you were wondering where that part was coming.
But don't go, the story is not yet finished. For I finally learned how Mani became the only elite to stop worshipping Sanat.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 02:24 PM
We had one last galactic voyage that year. But this one was different. This galaxy, was where the green gem came from.
I saw that Mani was worried, his hands desperately clutching mine, while we were climbing a mountain.
"Is everything all right?" I asked him.
"Yes. Soon, everything will be all right" he answered with his usual soft smile.
I tried to believe him, but his concerned look didn't exactly helped.
And we arrived to our final destination: a valley cocooned inside a circle of mountains. Every styles of architecture was displayed; stone castles to tree houses, to metal cathedrals to crystal cities. And Mani lead me to the biggest crystal city.
"Where are we going?" I asked him, though I asked him that about ten times and he never answered.
"To meet someone", he finally let out.
Which was better a better answer than "Somewhere".
"Why?" I pushed on, hoping for more informations.
"So that you can change the world with me", he revealed, smiling broadly.
We entered a palace, Mani saluted a couple of beings, all winged, who waved brightly in return, as if Mani always came here. We then entered in a chamber, and were greeted by a winged and hooded figure. And I saw, to my surprise, that he also wore a gem on his forehead, but more white and bright than anything I saw. He was dressed in a silvery dark grey hooded robe, and his skin was of the same color. As for his eyes, they matched the brightness of his gem, but were filled with more kindness and compassion.
"Good day, my friends",
"Good day, Miríel," answered back Mani. "Am I troubling you?"
"No, of course not. Especially with your friend here", Miríel reassured, looking me over. "Who are you, my dear?"
"ISIS", I simply replied, knowing I didn't looked exactly friendly.
"She was created by Sanat", explained Mani. "But she wants to help me to bring it down; so, I think it will better work if she would look... non-diabolical."
Miríel laughed softly, but kindly, so I didn't minded. But I was perplexed; I took Mani by the elbow, and took him aside.
"Mani, what are you doing?"
"Miríel can make you biological, ISIS."
"But one can do that! Sanat's body are indestructible!" I explained.
"Nothing is indestructible, ISIS," intervened Miríel. "Exceptionally when it comes from Sanat. Even your programming, the strongest work of Sanat, have been destroyed."
I realize that it would mean that I wouldn't stay the monster I was made to look like. Mani interpreted my silent thought as an hesitation.
"You don't have to, you know", he whispered, taking me in his arms. "I will still love you, no matter what."
I smiled broadly and shook my head.
"No. Let's do this."
"Very good!" Miríel clapped his hands, and led us in a chamber.
There, he unfolded a comfy bed, and asked me to lie on it. He then took off his bright gem, and placed it on my forehead.
"The last step is all yours," Miríel explained. "You have to imagine very clearly who you want to look like, and the gem will do the rest."
I did what he told me, and since I'm an android, this is a much easier process than with the humans, and after what seemed like ages, Miríel shook me by the shoulders.
"Wake up!"
I opened my eyes, but this time, I was attacked by whole new different feelings. I was detecting something with my nose, and my skin seemed to have malfunctioned, for I felt the electromagnetic wave of the lights in the room. But then my eyes met Mani's, and I saw wonder, which told me something was different. And my heart jumped with joy, which was how I found out I had a different heart than the metallic one I had when I arrived on this planet.
"Come, come out of the bed," encouraged Miríel, helping me up. "Let me show you your old you".
For some strange reason, my legs didn't felt the same; their mechanism must have been malfunctioning, but a part of me knew that it wasn't true anymore. That feeling got proven right when my eyes fell upon a bed near mine, and I looked right into fiery yet devoid eyes of an android. I studied the face, my mind still racing at the impossible thing that happened; and finally, I accepted it. That soulless android was my old body, the monster Sanat build to keep the elite alive. I was now... what?
Mani lead me to a mirror, and held me in front of it. I was glad he did so, for my knees would have failed. My eyes filled with tears of gratitude and joy, and I looked at them fall with wonder upon my cheeks. Real cheeks, not stamped metallic ones.
"How?" I could only whisper.
"The gem of Life," explained Miríel, pointing at the bright gem still on my android's forehead. "It created from your soul the body you wanted, and then transferred your soul to this new body. Even I don't know the whole process; the gem of Life has been given to us by The One, so that we could give second chances to those who deserved it."
He picked up the white gem, and replaced it on his forehead.
"But it's not the only gem He created. Mani's gem was the second, created much later."
"Yeah, I left that part out," Mani whispered to me. "I wanted to keep the surprise."
"The One knew that there was only one way to defeat evil; destroy it by the inside, so that even evil will turn good," continued Miríel. "So, he created Mani's gem, one that could change nature, and kept it protected by a snake. The snake would attract one of Sanat's followers (who worship snakes more than anything), and if worthy, that person would inherit the Mani gem, change his nature, and finally find a way to destroy from the inside the system. The plan worked; it was now Mani's burden to find the way."
Miríel took my hand and look in my eyes with compassion.
"And I have the firm belief that he did found the way. On behalf of all those who suffered from Sanat's rule, we wish you good luck on your next adventure."
And we had good luck.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 02:25 PM

This picture... is me. My life changed when the gem of Life freed me from my metallic body and gave me this beautiful organic one. I felt, for once, truly alive; and I still do.
My name is still ISIS; I never changed it. It is a constant reminder of who I was, and whom I've become. The truth is, me, once a soulless monster, and Mani, another once firm believer in Sanat, we saved our galaxy, and all the other galaxies, from the rule of Sanat and Dranog. We freed the humans and all other life-forms. Earth is now the paradise it once was. Crystal cities replaced diabolical temples,and utopia was finally... reality. Not an hopeless dream.

But it happened slowly. Slowly, but inevitably.
At our return from Miríel's meeting, we pretended that I died. It wasn't hard to pretend, my old and abandoned metallic body made a very good proof. Mani played the part very well; without any suspicion, he convinced the Prime Laboratory to create each year a new android. I became his assistant, no one recognizing me, though I wonder how, since I was wondering non-stop and out loud on the new smells and tastes I encountered.
When each android were chosen out of the thirteen, Mani and I would expose him or her to Mani's gem. Most of them chose to remain androids, since they were indestructible.
After hundreds of androids have been converted to our cause (which took about 300 centuries), the army was finally strong enough to destroy the elite by the inside. One of the androids, Thulê, developed a machine that broadened the range of Mani's gem. With it, we tried to change the elite's members; it was a huge success, especially in the lower chains of the hierarchy. But half of the upper levels, we had no choice but to kill. Dranog, for example. She was stubborn till the end, even when it was her against a hundred androids.

But it worked. No citizens ever knew of the internal war, right until they saw the HQ and the temples crumbles under our army's firepower. And when we still provided food and health, but without a weekly killing ceremony in exchange, Earth's population finally realized they were free. We gave humans some basic guidelines of good manners, but we left them the freedom to do what they wanted as ruling. Our mission was accomplished.

As for us, and the converted androids and elite members, we also did what we wanted. Mostly everyone decided to travel constantly around the other galaxies; Mani and I did so too, but after our honeymoon.

This was my story. Sanat and Dranog may have been gone since long ago; but I feel that people from Earth needed to read what happened. History always repeat itself; this time, I hope that with the knowledge of my story, it won't have to.

Forever protecting,
ISIS, Mani

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 02:38 PM
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posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by VoidWalker


Wow, thanks!! I'm glad you loved it!

In fact, it is indeed an alternate-universe timeline of my yet un-finish novel. And yes, it will be a trilogy.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 09:37 AM
Fabulous concept and I was surprised that you do not have writer status.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 04:30 PM
Great graphics and story I was thinking exactly the same using my graphical images I made within my story..

Did you made them yourself?
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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by InTheLight

No, Phoenix358 beat me to it in the last contest. And I'm sorry too that you didn't won; your story was really great! It was a great example of how even two completely different people can overcome the difference and love each other.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 07:38 AM

reply to post by InTheLight

No, Phoenix358 beat me to it in the last contest. And I'm sorry too that you didn't won; your story was really great! It was a great example of how even two completely different people can overcome the difference and love each other.

I hope the next set of story line suggestions lean towards relationships and grande amour because inspiration and creativity seem to flower moreso within me, than with science fiction.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 08:05 AM

Great graphics and story I was thinking exactly the same using my graphical images I made within my story..

Did you made them yourself?
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No, unluckily. They're from a loyalty-free website:

You can find anything there very inspiring. I got about a thousands of them, and I haven't yet finished all categories!!

Images are great in a story, but my favorites stories are when you don't need any to describe your thoughts.
As for me, I am not yet that good, so I needed a little help from the images to convey what I needed to convey.
I would be interested to see yours; I thought I was the only one who thought of using images within a story.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 04:31 PM
I loved this! You have great story telling skills.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by InTheLight

I hope the next set of story line suggestions lean towards relationships and grande amour because inspiration and creativity seem to flower moreso within me, than with science fiction.

Well, it will depend on what AfterInfinity will choose. You could offer him your suggestion; it's indeed something that haven't been done alot. I'm sure he could work this out with his own ideas.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by Tsu322

I loved this! You have great story telling skills.

Thank you!
But I wonder if the story would have been as good without the pictures than with... I mean, the indication of a good writer is to tell a story entirely with words, to be able to convey emotions and feelings without external interventions. Isaac Asimov, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen King; they never used pictures, and their stories were awesome.

So it's just, I gave it a shot, saw that alot of people loved this, but I'm not sure if I should do that again.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by starheart

Very nice indeed! Your voice was engaging and drew me in.

I'm sure writer status will be be coming soon.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 07:37 PM
reply to post by starheart

An epic tale! Well done!

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by starheart

I think every writer has a style of their own. I think the pictures are a great idea fior a short story. There is a limit on how long a short story can be before it turns into a novel lol.

I think this style allows the brain to take in a lot about the characters and frees your words up for the plot. I might try it myself, it looks like a lot of fun!

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 11:06 AM
reply to post by grayeagle

reply to post by beezzer

Thanks, guys. I'm very honoured you liked it!

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 11:10 AM

reply to post by starheart

I think every writer has a style of their own. I think the pictures are a great idea fior a short story. There is a limit on how long a short story can be before it turns into a novel lol.

I think this style allows the brain to take in a lot about the characters and frees your words up for the plot. I might try it myself, it looks like a lot of fun!

Yeah, that was what I thought too. You know, you're spending half-time reading and trying to figure out how the characters looks like, and how the decor looks like, and then you concentrate on the plot.

But with pictures, you instantly get the looks, and the rest is devoted to the storyline; like a comic-book or a movie.

But then, i thought that it was a bit cheating, since you're not using words to describe characters and places, but pics.

That's why I wanted to use that style with caution, so it doesn't cheat. But if you think that it was a great idea, well, thanks; and I will be glad to see what you come up with if you decide to use pictures too.

P.S.: here's a good place for loyalty-free pictures, if you wanna find inspiration and/or use them:
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posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 11:13 AM
I like how you realized that even an android who is fueled by an energy body. Would acknowledge that even it expires and then is no more immortal then a human. Which leads into acknowledging a higher intelligence.

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