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Prof. Konstantin Meyl's Unified Theory

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 07:34 AM
This thread is a continuation of "Tesla's Longitudinal/Scalar Wave."

The focus in this thread is Meyl's work, which verifies Tesla and expands on it.

From the other thread, here is a technology blog post about Meyl's work and unified theory by blogger Mark Zive, (who apparently has his own theory), "Unified Field Theory Developed by German Professor Meyl." It is based on the same YouTube video of an interview of Meyl posted extensively about in the other thread:

Konstantin Meyl is a German professor who developed a new unified field theory based on the work of Tesla. Meyl’s unified field and particle theory explains quantum and classical physics, mass, gravitation, the constant speed of light, neutrinos, waves and particles, all explained by vortices. The subatomic particle characteristics are accurately calculated by this model. Well known equations are also derived by the unified equation. He provides a kit replicating one of Tesla’s experiments which demonstrates the existence of scalar waves. Scalar waves are simply energy vortices in the form of particles. Here is an interview with Konstantin Meyl on his theory and technologies.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

At the antennae of a transmitter in the near field (a fraction of the wavelength), only scalar waves (potential vortex) exist. They decompose into EM in the far field and further. The near field is not described by Maxwell’s equations and the theory is only postulated. It is possible to pick up only scalar waves from radio transmissions. Receivers which pick up EM waves are actually converting those waves into potential vortices which are conceived as “standing waves.”

The unified field theory describes the electromagnetic, eddy current, potential vortex, and spacial distributions. This combines an extended wave equation with a poisson equation. Maxwell’s equations can be derived as a special case where Gauss’s law for magnetism is not equal to 0. That means that magnetic charges do exist in Meyl’s theory. That electric and magnetic fields are always generated by motion is the fundamental idea which this equation is derived from. The unipolar generator and transformer have conflicting theories under standard theories. Meyl splits them into the equations of transformation of the electric and magnetic fields seperately which describes unipolar induction and the equation of convection, relatively.

Meyl says that the field is always first, which generates particles by decay or conversion. Classical physics does not recognize energy particles aka potential vortices so they were not included in the theory. Quantum physics effectively tried to explain everything with vortices, which is why it is incomplete. The derivation of Schrodinger’s equation from the extended maxwell equations means they are vortices. For example, photons are light as particle vortices and EM light is in wave form which depends on the detection method which can change the form of light.

Gravitation is from the speed of light difference caused by proximity, which proportial to field strength decreases the distance of everything for the field strength. This causes the spin of the earth or other mass to move quicker farther away from the greatest other field influence and thus orbit the sun or larger mass. The closest parts of the bodies have smaller distances because of larger total fields and thus slower speeds of light. These fields are generated by closed field lines of vortices and largely matter. Matter does not move as energy because the speed of light is 0 in the field of the vortex due to infinite field strength within the closed field. The more mass in proximity something has the greater the field strength and the shorter the distances, which causes larger groups of subatomic particles to individually have smaller sizes.

The total field energy in the universe is exactly 0, but particle and energy forms of vortices divide the energy inside and outside the vortex boundary. When particles are destroyed no energy is released. No energy was produced when large amounts of matter was destroyed at MIT with accelerated natreum atoms. This is what Tesla predicted but contradicts Einstein’s E=MC^2. Einstein’s equation is correct as long as the number of subatomic particles is only divided, energy comes from mass defect, not from destruction.

There are kinds of waves. EM which are fields, scalar electric or eddy currents or magnetic vortex which Tesla started with, and magnetic scalar or the potential vortex which Meyl focuses on and is used in nature. EM is fixed at the speed of light at that specific closed field strength. Scalar vortices can be any speed. Neutrinos travel at 1.6c or higher and do not decay to EM. Tesla type scalar are between c and 1.6c and decay at distances proportial to their speed(used in traditional radio near-field). Under the speed c, the scalar vortex acts as an electron.

Black holes may produce and emit neutrinos by condensing and transforming matter into massive fast particles with apparently no mass or charge due to their very high frequency of fluctuation. Neutrinos oscillate in mass and charge. When neutrinos hit matter and have a precise charge or mass they produce one of 3 effects: a gain in mass, a production of EM, or emission of slower neutrinos.

Resonance requires the same frequency, same modulation, and opposite phase angle. Once (scalar) resonance is reached, a direct connection is created from the transmitter to the receiver. Signal and power will pass through a faraday cage.

My notes . . .

I think this blogger has done a great job summarizing Meyl's theory in clear language.

Here is my paraphrase of what I hear Mark Zive saying about Meyl's breakdown of what waves exist:

  • EM waves/fields
  • Scalar electric/eddy currents (Tesla)
  • Magnetic vortex (Tesla)
  • Magnetic scalar/potential vortex/used in nature (Meyl)

  • posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 03:14 PM
    Meyl's theory involves scalar waves, which, of course, is a controversial term.

    In fact, another Tesla expert, Eric Dollard, ridicules people who use the term "scalar" in reference to a wave.

    Nevertheless, Meyl uses the term "scalar waves."

    I have looked for a glossary associated with Meyl's work for his definition of "scalar wave" but have not yet located one. I've also searched his website: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl.

    A nine page .pdf by him is "Scalar waves - Theory and Experiments":


    It will be shown that scalar waves, normally remaining unnoticed, are very interesting in practical use for information and energy technology for reason of their special attributes. The mathematical and physical derivations are supported by practical experiments. The demonstration will show:

    1. the wireless transmission of electrical energy,
    2. the reaction of the receiver to the transmitter,
    3. free energy with an over-unity-effect of about 5,
    4. transmission of scalar waves with 1.5 times the speed of light,
    5. the inefficiency of a Faraday cage to shield scalar waves.

    Tesla radiation

    Here is shown extraordinary science, five experiments, which are incompatible
    with textbook physics. . . .

    edit on 12/06/13 by Mary Rose because: Clarify

    posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 04:15 AM

    Mary Rose
    "Unified Field Theory Developed by German Professor Meyl"

    Scalar waves are simply energy vortices in the form of particles.

    Perhaps the blogger Mark Zive's interpretation of Meyl's concept is correct.

    posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 04:23 AM

    Mary Rose
    "Unified Field Theory Developed by German Professor Meyl"

    Some history:

    Tesla had presented his experiment among others to Lord Kelvin and he already
    100 years ago has spoken of a vortex transmission.

    posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 06:10 AM

    Mary Rose
    Nevertheless, Meyl uses the term "scalar waves."

    Meyl has posted on Sterling Allan's website on that issue.

    A person by the name of Karl Palsness commented that there is a "scalar field" and there is a "longitudinal wave," but there should be no such thing as a "scalar wave." He also said that "scalar" just means size. He said a Tesla coil has a scalar field around it and emits a longitudinal wave.

    Meyl responded that as a scientist he defined the meaning of scalar wave in his books but that it seems that nobody in America reads his writings. Continuing:

    I explain that the scalar wave is nearly the opposite of a scalar field. The expression is more than 200 years old and in mathematics exactly explained by the field equation of Laplace.

    The Laplace Operator (describing the distribution of a wave in space) may be separated in 2 parts: grad div - curl curl. The second part is explaining the EM wave, a transverse wave, while the first part gives a scalar wave: The div applied on a vector is scalar! This is why scalar particles or vortices as part of the wave equation are propagating as a scalar wave. But they are propagating in the direction of a field vector and by this the wave is longitudinal and has a direction. In mathematics it is known, that the grad applied on a scalar is a vector again. This is why the scalar wave is propagating in one direction, not in a scalar way, as Karl Palsness wants the scalar wave to do.

    edit on 12/07/13 by Mary Rose because: Typo

    posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 07:11 AM

    Mary Rose

    Another person who commented was Dr. Eng. Roberto Handwerker. He makes reference to longitudinal waves with the abbreviation "L.M.D."

    I'm not familiar with that abbreviation.

    Googling it, I see a YouTube video re. Tesla that is a replication of the work of the other Tesla expert, Eric Dollard. The YouTuber says it is a replication of Eric Dollard's experiment involving the analog Tesla coil.

    The title of the video includes the term "longitudinal magneto dielectricity":

    posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 08:46 AM

    Mary Rose
    Another person who commented was Dr. Eng. Roberto Handwerker. He makes reference to longitudinal waves with the abbreviation "L.M.D."

    Continuing to research the term "L.M.D.," I've pulled up a page from JLN Labs last updated in 1999. The title is "Longitudinal Waves and Transverse Waves Tests."

    It makes reference to an analog computer. I don't know the significance of that. I've heard Eric Dollard talk about analog computers and it seems that he thinks them to be superior to digital. I don't even know what an analog computer is.

    Anyway, on the page I see this graphic:

    The graphic is indicating that:

    • LMD = Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric
    • TEM = Transverse Electro-Magnetic

    But it also says "LMD Scalar waves."

    At the bottom I see references to Eric Dollard's writings from 1985.


    posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 03:57 PM

    He provides a kit replicating one of Tesla’s experiments which demonstrates the existence of scalar waves.

    As was posted on the other thread, Meyl states that he makes his living as a professor in a university and does not earn any money, personally, from the kit that he offers for sale for educational purposes.

    There is a 34 page .pdf online:

    Preface for the documentation

    . . . All doubter can and should reproduce my experiments. They should not experience from the media of any results, but rather gain the experiences with the electrical scalar wave transmission by themselves. Tesla already accomplished the same experiments one hundred years before with very high voltages and with steered spark gaps. Since more energy at the receiver arrived than the transmitter had delivered already at that time, Tesla called the transmitter "Magnifying transmitter." Unfortunately his plant in Colorado Springs was too complex and too expensive, than that any university could afford it at that time. The results of the measurements remained unconfirmed as consequence. . . .


    posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 03:30 AM
    From a 50 page .pdf "The study of electromagnetic processes in the experiments of Tesla" by researchers from RAI, Center for Research and Technological Innovation (Turin, Italy) and National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (Tomsk, Russian Federation):

    In conclusion, we can say that the miniature experimental model of Meyl, cannot reproduce the whole experimental conditions of the original Tesla experiment. Obviously, those processes that take place at high voltage (high frequency), including those involving high slew-rates, cannot be reproduced. However, the simplified, down-scaled Meyl set-up revealed some interesting and unusual aspects.

    Most of the phenomena reported by K. Meyl have been observed and confirmed by us. . . .


    posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 05:41 AM
    The following 14 page .pdf has "Debunking Meyl" in its URL.

    The heading:

    I don't see an English translation website for the institute: Link


    In this article we represent measurements, carried out on an unscaled replica of Nikola Tesla's, wireless energy transmission, the replica was designed by Professor Konstantin Meyl. He claims that with the replica, substantial observations made by Nikola Tesla, can be reproduced, among other things, the existence of scalar waves and over unity - effect. For the time being, the effects described by Professor Meyl could be reproduced at the IGF. However close investigation of the arrangement, especially the analysis of the interference and error sources and the following realization of our own experiments revealed, that the transmission effects are within the scope of the classical electrodynamics, and can be explained through transmittance of transversal electromagnetic waves. An over unity effect was not observed. A precise description of the experimental studies conducted, as well as further examinations, are presented in this article and published in [7]

    "Published in [7]"? It is unclear what that is supposed to mean. There is no publication with the number seven associated with it in the .pdf that I see.

    Final conclusion

    We can not confirm even one of the hypothesis, which can according to Prof. Meyl experimentally be veryfied with the experimental kit. The effects, which Professor Meyl describes, can be explained within the context of the classical electrodynamics by standing waves on a Lecher line.

    The experiments carried out at the IGF, as well as other examinations revealed, that with the Meyl assembly the effects, which Tesla describes in his patents, are not reproduceable.There is a serious difference between Teslas assembly and Meyls reproduction, especially concerning the geometrical size as well as the power handling capacity. In general it can not be considered as a replication.

    Out of the results on Meyl’s assembly, no conclusion can be made, that Teslas assembly, documented in patent [ 1 ] and [ 2 ] to [ 5 ], would also reveal no results. So far the Tesla experiments were not exactly reconstructed yet, because of lack of funds. It is our opinion, that it is urgently necessary to reconstruct Teslas experiments and assemblies to finally really measure the content of his work. Tesla ranks among the most unusual and most capable inventors in the electricity field.

    Link to the .pdf

    posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 06:50 AM
    Apparently there are actually two kits: A Demo-Kit and an Experimental-Kit.

    Here is the Demo-Kit:

    The Demo-Kit contains a simple waveform generator from 4 MHz up to 8 MHz, a pair of pancake coils with different resistance usable in various configurations as well as the required accessories. It allows to arrange a complete scalar transmission line without further equipment e.g. for demonstration purposes. It's possible to purchase the different components separately. (For those who already own adequate equipment or want to expand the set).

    Here is the Experimental-Kit:

    The Experimental-Kit contains an extended waveform generator from 135 kHz up to 10 MHz and an additional frequency counter and two additional pairs of pancake coils with half and twice of the wirelength. A specification of the set with theoretical explanations and practical instructions about the setup is also included in both kits. We are very interested in your measurements and conclusions and would be pleased, if you could send us your results. It would be helpful, if these are structured like the experiment descriptions in the book "Scalar Wave Technology".


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