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Death is a misnomer; Removed is in actuality

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posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 01:22 AM
‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed’, how many times more will I here this? Though it is possible that nothing at all exists after the final light goes out, it is my concern that all hope is not lost.

Given the chance, we all would like to peek into that most esoteric of all places and come back to safety if we could. Oh no, no that’s not allowed, nor ever will be. In other words, we are left to ponder, create whatever vices sooth us for a time, carrying on in ignorance. But as for me, I stare the Grimm reaper straight in the face, smiling, knowing I’ll be removed when someone or rather something deems it’s fit for me to be taken outside of this 3D reality.

The reason is simple: when my work here is done, and only at that point, will I be removed from this physicality and placed back into the ether from whence I came. Fear is now eliminated but this is not the motivation to this exercise but rather the consequence of an ongoing seemingly endless variety of plays within plays as expansive as the universe itself. Eventually, enlightenment prevails!

The only question for me is “Who is removing me from this reality?”, when the fateful time comes ‘round - God, myself through some preordained blueprint or some other force.

When all is done, I will be and watch and continue the game of life again…

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by pandersway

Read your post with interest. I could not help thinking about Persephone, Haides and Demeter though. As I expect you will recall Haides snatched Perephone and took her to be his queen in the Underworld. Demeter, mourned for her daughter and the earth suffered due to Demeter's neglect, so Haides agreed to allow Persephone to return each summer etc to spend time with her Mother on earth.

Whether this refers actually to reincarnation I am not sure, but my immediate thought was, do some people for whatever reason, see the underworld and return.

I know the Israelites believed in reincarnation initially because of the question "Are you Elijah returned?"

I also remember a Doctor giving a lecture about people being clinically dead and then being resuscitated
and making the point that for some, their focus seemed to be in the operating room, but for others they seemed to make a journey towards another reality but were pulled back.

As I am in the Grandparent vintage now, I must admit it does intrigue me somewhat as I expect it will be my next 'adventure' (heaven help me)!

Reincarnation is a thorny thing though for Christianity though because if one reincarnates, judgement doesn't exist so there is no promise of heaven or hell. I have no doubt reincarnation happens, so perhaps one could argue that that is the sole reason no one has reappeared having been to either heaven or hell - which would probably be rather too much for some to mentally handle.

posted on Dec, 6 2013 @ 02:48 PM
Care to test that theory?

I have pondered the same thing. And so if I sat on bridge and decided to jump if I survived I was not meant to go but if I didn't well get the picture? That is self-reassuring no doubt and only conclusive to you.


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