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The World Outside My Window - Time Lapse of Earth from the ISS, by David Peterson.

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posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 09:47 AM
This montage of time-lapse photography from the International Space Station is collected from many taken in Expeditions 29, 30 and 31.

The goal with this sequence was to bring a bit more attention to the station itself, including the humans aboard it, particularly Don Pettit (appearing in the final shot) who took many of the sequences in this montage and intended to give you a feeling of flying through space.

Lights off, volume up!

I'm sure most would of seen his other video from 2 years ago, if not here it is too.

I don't think words can describe how jealous I am of astronauts. These select group of people really do see another world compared to us on the ground.
Only dreams are made with views like these, such sweet and beautiful views.
Lost for more words so please enjoy.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 10:15 AM
It was nice looking, but I have a few questions. I hope I'm not too much of a party pooper...

So here goes;

a) why do we see stars? What particular camera was used that NASA can't seem to be able to use since we see no stars, usually?...

b) when we see the astronaut at the end... How can he be standing in direct sunlight without being blinded or burned? Wasn't the gold visor made to protect astronauts from that?

c) the Earth seemed round, but I thought it was squished a bit...

That leads me to think it is so heavily edited, that no, it must not look and feel like that being in Space.

Please enlighten me despite your possible anger.

And yeah, I'm also jealous of the astronauts who got/get the chance to go into space. Let's hope civil industries manage to make space travels affordable to the masses. sigh...

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by NowanKenubi

Not sure of the answers to your questions, but this is a montage of photos.
For the 1st video:

0:03 - Bosnia & Herzegovina to Ukraine
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 55446-55591

0:08 - South Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Liberia
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 154281-154472

0:16 - Greece and Turkey
Mission ISS031, Frames: 26008-26202

0:24 - South Pacific Ocean, near Peru
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48993-49186

0:32 - Turkey to Syria
Mission: ISS031, Frame: 76590-76782

0:39 - Libya to the Mediterranean
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 25782-25972

0:47 - Indian Ocean, between Kenya and Madagascar
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 50818-51010

0:54 - Pacific Ocean, south of Japan
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 117700-117772

0:58 - Pacific Ocean, facing North passing Hawaii
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 101027-101674

1:02 - China, Japan, Pacific Ocean
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 112458-112553

1:06 - South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Colombia/Venezuela
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 75421-75513

1:10 - South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 42147-42242

1:14 - South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Colombia/Venezuela
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48140-48199

1:17 - Pacific Ocean, from New Zealand to USA
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 66043-66136

1:22 - Southern Chile to Angola, facing south
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 49203-49277

1:25 - Iran to Australia
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 180064-180120

1:29 - North America to South America
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 180172-180222

1:33 - Pacific Ocean to Chile/Argentina/Brazil, facing south
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48094-48139

1:37 - South Pacific/Japan & North Pacific
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 154164-154204,154205-154256

1:40 - South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 44598-44645

1:44 - South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 159064-159113

1:48 - India/Thailand/Indonesia/Australia/New Zealand
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 177704-177764

1:52 - South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 37675-37735

1:56 - DR Congo/Zambia/Mozambique/Madagascar/India­n Ocean
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 21632-21819

2:03 - Lovejoy Comet over Australia
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 14225-14455

2:11 - Moon rising over China
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27699-27763

2:13 - Moon rising over Pacific Ocean, south of Japan
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27468-27526

2:14 - Moon rising over Taiwan & Philippines (with Don Pettit)
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27802-28017

You can find more pictures here, and possibly infomation on what cameras are used.

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posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by skyblueworld

Thanks and I do mean that from the bottom of my heart and the top of my brain. That video actually brought a tear to my eye..I # you not.

I think when I see footage like that, why can't we all get along? All along, knowing the answer...we're tribal in nature.

And that is what brings a tear to my eye. For just a instant...I was above it all.

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