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ATS Calvinball tourney

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posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by Aleister

*sitting up atop of the siren tower funBox breaths in the cool air. a mistake, the icecream chunders deep as the air expands its yodelling mass, funBox yawns wide a realises down to the pitch below*

*a shortwhile later, as players change into there swimming gear, the pitch swims in a icecreamy, frothy, carroty yodelling mess*

erm sorry about that peeps, this fresh air ...bitey...
on a conciliatory note, I can get some great footage of the action from up here


posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 04:33 PM
Schrodinger sits inside his box and outside, while hitting cats to all points of the compass and beyond, and not. Meanwhile savoury pies are declared scrumptious and everyone pauses while the insects descend upon the milk. Nowhere does it mean more than to little Barry playing along in the sandbox on the edge of light.
These are difficult times they all declare as we run like mutant sandwiches and drop crumbs for Hansel's sister.
The stove scores again and the crowd erupts like a boil on the backside of a cryptozoological mammothoid.

posted on Jul, 23 2014 @ 12:35 PM
a reply to: aorAki

*a small and ugly looking portal appears upon the field, its odious smell causes some of the crowd to melt into carefully arranged sandals

a mfb step upon the field ,snipping small insults about the heat ,he snatches a pie from a passing insect , and dribbles his way over to the yodelling cheerleaders .. 'ladies , if you don't mind'

a blinding foul smelling flash, momentary nakedness and frenzied snipping cackling , a second flash and mfb the cheerleaders and the smell disappear*

the crowd roars in yodelling braille , the stove hands out pies from a convenient compartment


posted on Jul, 28 2015 @ 09:22 PM
a reply to: funbox

The small and ugly portal turns out to have been a faux time-traveling super-duper time-freezer, and all combatants, geese, and ladies of the knight find themselves over a year in the future. It is now 2015 (5102 spelled backwards) and ghosts of many men, women, and critters find their way into the light, a light which has turned into the gladwaddle, a new form of scoring tech. The gladwaddle brings perspective to the audience, who now occupy the field while the contestants sit in the stands and point, cackle, and swizzle to the tune of the yodeling gal (one year older and quite a few yodels-under-the-bridge wiser).

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 01:35 PM
Team Violet loses a quark point when the coxswain official catches their left sweeper wearing a Donald Trump mask. Game resumes with Team Demento playing quartal chords on their kazoos while Team Horse Chestnut plays pin-the-tail-on-Hillary.

posted on Nov, 10 2015 @ 11:16 PM
....[static buzz].... AND WE'RE BACK!

We're back folks, and I don't know about You, Bob, but that Time-Warp even gave my headset a headache.

I hear that Rob and I bet that a few of our fans' heads are still spinning as we speak.

You can bet that Bob, but that's the price we're all willing to pay for classic Calvinball!!

You can say that again Rob, and this is some classic Calvinball indeed, we've seen victory, tragedy, betrayal, and some fine tuna sandwiches.

Damn Fine Tuna Sandwiches indeed Bob and it looks like Play is about to resume... Yes! The referees have finally untied all that spaghetti and play is set to resume here as this Epic Conflict unfolds.

Rob you said Epic and that word gets thrown around, but I haven't seen Calvinball like this since Einstein took on Mao Tse Tung back in 1954. And that's the match, as you might recall, where ...

AND THE'RE TAKING THE FIELD!, sorry Bob... Cut you off there... That '54 match, that's the famous Hindenburg Ruling?

Exactly Rob, but what most folk miss is that the dirigible is totally beside the point. See, Einstein tried to...

AND SHE'S ON THE PITCH! It's Red-Headed-Edna the head-dented captain of the Denver Dementos! And she's loaded for bear!

I'll say she is Rob, what is that she's packing? A salami sub?

No my friend that is a cappacuolo grinder!!, which i might add is fully legal after the the Peckinpah Rulings... Now Edna takes her place in the batter's box and carefully places the hockey puck on top of the frozen turkey with her left hand, in the banned Canadian Style. The crowd approves, polite murmurs swell, and certain ne'er-do-wells scatter popcorn to the breeze, in the banned Canadian Fashion, things could get hot here today...

You can say that again Rob, ever since Football got confused with Soccer, and Australian Rules Football, And Canadian Bacon came into play...

AND SHE'S OFF!! It's Red-Headed-Edna with a triple-full-half-gainer! She launches the puck into enemy territory! Opening the round!.. And freeing the terrier to advance to square two! She's smiling, She KNOWS what shes done!

With a loud "Road-House!" she kicks the mule over the Mason-Dixon Line and Thirdbaseman Humphreys goes for it!
Edna doesn't move
He's Going!
He's Going!
Edna doesn't care
He's Going to get it!
Edna counters!

Did you know she would do it?

She stared at the crowd with her steely eyed stare, that far-far-away one that she learned from Spiff...


Who Else? I mean C'mon here, I knew that she was going to do it

I HEAR THAT, and I mean that THEY KNEW, i mean that THEY knew that SHE was going to do it TOO.

Damn right they did, and then she did it. A full double reverse half Wittgenstein.

That's super-mega-ultra-points isnt that right Bob?

waitaminute I'm Bob?

AND WE'LL BE BACK WITH....[static buzz]....
edit on 11-11-2015 by uwascallywabbit because: edited for fnords

posted on Nov, 11 2015 @ 07:50 AM
Pause in the game for Red-Headed Edna to apologize to the mule. PETA allows play to resume. Team Violet advances beyond the blue line but turns the quidditch over when Team Mandolin effects a double-reverse straight flush.
play is interrupted again by a Martin O'Malley fan streaking across the field. (turned out to be O'Malley himself pimping for votes.) Play resumes with Team Goober's Baggage Handlers punting off.

posted on May, 12 2017 @ 05:24 PM
Game restarts after officials return to the field having been supervising vote counting in the Pennsylvania election.

Spaceman Spiff glides off the blimp with a parasail and successfully forces Captain Novacaine to fumble the Wilson. Red Headed Edna retrieves the loose ball and dodges the Dementos to race to the Send Zone for a full Quagga. Team Red Skelton responds with a loose interpretation of Hello Dolly in Esperanto. The Medicine Man awards them three points.

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