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What to make of Time when future events are predicted and come to pass?

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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 12:56 PM
Over a year ago, October 3rd 2012, I had a prophecy dream involving specific events, which I interpreted as future events that would happen. Well, they did.

In the dream, I was watching TV, SportsCenter I believe, or a sport network. I saw multiple College Football games in boxscore format. The first game shown to me was a final update that involved Iowa State upsetting a highly ranked opponent. 3 days later, the Cyclones upset No. 13 TCU.

The second game shown to me involved Missouri pulling off a major upset. The season passed and no upset. I was confused, until this season, when the Tigers upset the Georgia Bulldogs on October 12, 2013.

It did not stop there. The third game in my dream was a late game upset alert, where Alabama was on the road and in danger of losing. The dream did not tell me the outcome of the game, but what followed was VERY CLEAR.

Immediately after seeing the Alabama update, the TV flashed to rankings, and I kid you not, FSU was ranked No. 1. Now, to those that witnessed last weeks games, Alabama lost a stunner that catapulted Florida State to No. 1.

I understand that some of those that read this will be skeptical. I assure you I am just as curious as to how and why I was chosen to receive such information. I did not bet on the games. I simply sat back and waited for the prophecy to unfold, and it did. Why College Football? I have no clue, and quite frankly, I am not concerned about the outcomes as much as I am about the timeline and prophecies. How is it possible to see events before they occur? Where does our understanding of time stand after future events are shown in the present? I have a feeling everything is happening all at once, and I managed wade out into the sea of information in my sleep.

If such a sea exists, as I certainly believe it does now, how is one to make sense of time?

I have always wondered why we cling to time so dearly. I have questioned our time against that of other planets, our own solar system, and galaxy. I viewed time as specific to our physical being on Earth. However, our mental being is capable of understanding the "Wheels within the Wheel", which represents the Moon revolving around the Earth which revolves around the Sun, which revolves around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which revolves around??? So, we use time to track the Moon, Earth, and Sun, but what about the past, present, and future? Surely the future is in the future?! I am not so sure anymore. As for the past?! LOL!!! We certainly know what has happened do we not?! Seriously?!!! The present? Jeez...

I am at a loss to explain what this dream and its revelation has done to my conceptual understanding of time here on Earth. I do not doubt that time is necessary for perceivable order, i.e., days, nights, seasons, years. Unfortunately, I now believe it is all an illusion that is visible only to us in our current mental capabilities. Come on guys, does time even exist if everything is happening all at once? I cannot prove my dream to anyone, but I am telling you exactly how I perceived it, and what happened.

If the past, present, and future are all running along side each other, even flowing across, in ,and out of each other, then we surely need to re-evaluate the inter-relatedness of all events. I forget who said that the future is racing back to the past and the past is racing forward to the future, but that sounds about right. The present is moving in relation to the beginning meeting the end, and every present moment, which cannot be captured is the passing of all that was and all that will be? I am searching for the simple understanding.

Finally, would someone please help me to understand another observation? When astronomers view our Galaxy in relation to others, they have concluded all galaxies are moving away from each other, more or less, because some are colliding, or will collide, but as a whole, they seem to think galaxies are moving further apart. How? When we look at light from other stars, we see the stars as they were in the past, due to the time it takes light to travel to be seen. If we are viewing other galaxies moving away, does that not mean that in the past they were moving away? As time passes from our recorded observations, they conclude the galaxies are moving away, but as time passes, or we are able to view the light longer, are we not actually seeing further into the past, which would mean the galaxies are actually moving closer to each other with less light passage observed? Help me out with this one, I may have confused myself thoroughly, LOL!!!

posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 01:04 PM
yeah, interesting--I, too think time is an illusion, I mean our traditional thinking concept of time lines.
I think its more correct to say past, present and future interact to each other.
But only special moments in live will show that..just read Edgar Cayce, Chris Griscom or Jane Roberts..

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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 01:13 PM
Many schools of thought will pull you in many different directions on this.

but for you i would say the most helpful thing to actual concentrate on are the perspectives the experience has actually given you.

To nail down how a mental concept of time works (for everybody) is impossible its only really possible to define or rather "play" with the concept as you've learned it. in my case it started with a prophetic dream, then dreams of alternatives possibilities and seeing a mix.

Some would say that's dreaming half the dream incorrectly, but in the quantum possibilities of all possible outcomes being true... Thats a stupid point of view.

As for your observation of time in the rotations of planets systems stars and galaxies. cycles. theres cycles in freaking anything they all repeat, sure # looks different but the cycles always repeat.

As for astronomers. Well. They also made up the concept of dark matter to "make sense" of the universe. i dont know if Id trust simple observation either.

posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by Boscov

Not sure about your dream but as for our observation of galaxies we know they are moving away not by observing their changes in position but by the light itself. When something that emits light moves away from the observer the light is in redshift. When it moves toward the observer the light is in blueshift.

An analogy that can be observed on earth is by listening to an ambulance or train pass by. The sound has a higher pitch as it approaches and deeper as it leaves.
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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by usertwelve

Thank you for the clarity of observation. I knew it would be best to ask before assuming. Redshift, Blueshift, check.

I still wonder if that premise is accurate, based on our limited understanding of space and how light can be "interpreted" over such distances, but without a solid, fact based theory of my own, I am left to digest the standard accepted theory. For instance, what if the Stars are not moving, but the space between is being stretched and contracted? How would you theorize light behaving if the space it occupies is fluctuating? I wonder if the galaxies are moving at all, but rather, we are observing instability of space between.

Thank you for your insight and response to my query.

posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by Boscov

I still wonder if that premise is accurate

We would have to provide evidence that light shifting is incorrect in order to move on to a new theory.

posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by Boscov

Here's my own personal theory on predictions via dreams.:

Basically there are Universes were events happen there before they happen
in our Universe. Somehow in your dream state you tuned into the Universe where
the Football games were being played ahead of our timeline .

So then , the same thing is happening in our Universe. Events happen here
before they occur in another Universe. The catch is that as events "filter down"
through the series of Universes, the outcome may change. Perhaps if a certain person
were to have bet on the game , the outcome would have been "different",
relatively speaking. This is why dreams may not always com true. You may
tune into a Universe that has a timeline Decades ahead of our Universe.
So the outcome may change drastically by the time it filters down
into our Universe.

The trick to predicting more accurately then would be to tuning into a Universe
which had a timeline miliseconds ahead of our timeline. Or more practical,
perhaps to tune into a timeline which is seconds, minutes or hours ahead of ours,
but at the cost of risking accuracy .

Surely, there is more than one way to perceive time.
Just like there is more than one way to perceive light.
For when you are asleep, eyes closed and dreaming,
where does the light in your dreams come from?

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