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Flint Mi, city councilman arrested for all this. Elected on November 11 2013.

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posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 11:42 AM

I like him

The more our politicians smoke pot, the faster and faster it will become legalized nationwide

I only vote for stoners or admitted pro pot politicians anyhow

We need more!!!

I take your point and agree to a certain extent, but not while driving eh?

Any drug used ought to mean NO driving, period.

Alcohol, pot, pharmacuiticals it doesn't matter...if the drug affects your perceptions, (and let's face it, that's WHY we use them) then you're driving while not entirely in control and ought to have the book thrown at you IMO. Innocent lives are being put at risk.

Drink, smoke, pop pills if you're an adult and decide that's what you want to do, but do it in the privacy and safety of your own home, so you and everyone else is safe.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 12:06 PM
Front of todays Flint paper they have finally cracked down on people walking in the road when there's a sidewalk available. About time they keep getting whacked by cars they blame the driver for not swerving around the. But they say the who sidewalk thing is racial profiling. Well if your in a black neighborhood and walking in the street it really doesn't sound like profiling to me just trying to save lives. I do know getting hit by a car is big business the insuranc will generally give $25k just to avoid a lawsuit. Of course you have to be a good judge of how fast the cars going and such failure to do so makes you another sastistic. Oops they say

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 07:19 PM
Flint -
UPDATE: (12/1/13) Newly elected Flint city council member Eric Mays was arrested early Saturday morning for drunk driving and marijuana possession.

Flint police tell us Mays told Flint PD, he was celebrating at establishment near Industrial and Leith streets in Flint.

Police say Mays admitted to getting into his car and taking off.

Police say he hit something along the way, kept going, but left a trail behind.

Lt. James Peterson says, "officers wound up tracing debris and vehicle fluid back at Leith and Industrial until they found what he ran into".

Police tell us Mays ended up going north on southbound I-475. Near carpenter road his four tires went flat, leaving him stranded on the highway.

When Flint PD arrived, Mays was in the back of a Genesee township police cruiser.

Police say he was taken to the Flint city lockup after he blew over the legal limit.

They kept him there until around 3pm on Saturday.

Lt. James Peterson says, "he realized that this was not a good thing for him and he was pretty embarrassed by it, as he thought about it."

Late Saturday night we talked to Frank Manley, who is representing Mays.

He released this statement saying, "Controversial does not mean guilty. We will review the facts and vigorously defend. It is our expectation that unless and until the voters speak Mr mays will remain a city council member."

We are waiting to hear back from the president of the Flint city council to find out if this has any impact on his seat.

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