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This is just wrong JcPenny's!

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posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 08:07 PM

It's amazing to me how many people are willing to criticize advertisements like this NOT because they themselves are affected and would succumb to the message, but because OTHER people might. In fact, I don't believe I have ever met ANYONE who admits to being affected by an advertisement enough to be compelled to rush out to a store and buy what is offered. Everyone I talk to is strangely unaffected by such advertisements and laughs them off.

You are lucky. I know people who are completely pulled in by such advertisements. It's their choice and it's also my choice to discuss my dislike of them.

Thus these complainers want to protect the stupid masses from themselves because they might be affected and want to go shopping. This begs the question, though, because perhaps the stupid masses actually WANT to go shopping. Evidence of the long lines would tend to prove this. Indeed, when such people are interviewed in line, they proclaim they are doing it because, "it is great fun."

Sure they want to go shopping. They are told for months up until that date that they "must" shop on that day to get a deal. Again I know people who fall for these advertisements, buy into what they are selling then have buyers remorse when the bill comes in or they have no rent or money for things they actually need. I'm not saying all do this but they are out there. Sure it's fun, it's a high for them. Shopping is addicting. Don't even get me started on that part.

The do-gooders here of course have the right to express their opinion, but the fact is it's none of their g.d. business.

Do gooders? Who said anything about do gooders. I am entitled to my opinion, that doesn't make me a "do gooder." Sorry I don't fall for such stupid gimmicks. Maybe more people should pay attention and they won't fall for such ridiculous crap now a days. People will do anything they are told is "cool" or the "it" thing of the moment. I know people have done this for decades but it seems like it is getting worse. I am all for peoples right to shop but this isn't about regular shopping, it's about ONE day that has become completely ridiculous. It is embarrassing to see videos of people acting like animals just to get a tv on sale and fighting or trampling another for a toy.

If you want to go shopping, go shopping and don't worry about these totalitarian nut jobs who want to prevent you from going shopping because, you know, you really shouldn't, according to them, because they are so blessed with excess intelligence that they somehow "know better." Tell them to stick their heads where it is familiar, where the sun don't shine, and we'll all be happier for it.

I would never shop on this day.

Totalitarian nut jobs? What is your damage?

Nobody wants to prevent people from shopping, it's wanting to prevent people acting like animals over material possessions.

Yes I do know better!! Why the heck would I go out and put myself in danger because people want to act like animals?

Seriously this is BTS not ATS. Relax.

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 08:33 PM


Millions of things I am more appalled at than a JC Penny commercial.

Oh for sure but this isn't about those things.

There seems to be an aweful lot of "anti-consumerists" around. Given the boom is sales nationwide, I can't help but feel that some are just full of it.

Anti consumerist?

Who is "full of it"

Good lord, so many people are full of it i have no idea where to start! LOL

There has been a growing wave of anti-capitalist sentiment. Especially on ATS. While it is nice to see the kids thinking outside the box, it is worrisome to me. Not because capitalism provides me a paradise, but more that the only other currently marketable option is communism/socialism. And I lived through seeing how that worked out.

Mblah, you have been around here a long while. I do know you like your shopping trips.
And thats awesome. Reward yourself for your hard work. So obviously you wouldn't be one of the "full of it" crowd. At least, not in this rant.

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 12:55 AM


No they aren't deals really and no they don't know they are being ripped off. There are very few good deals on this day, the rest of them are no different than any other BIG SALE these stores advertise for. I was looking at Macy's website at mixers and the Cuisinart one I want is advertised ON SALE for $349 from $499 but on Cuisinart's website and Amazon it's $349 or cheaper year round, and Cuisinart has it priced all the time at Macy's "sale" price. Most people wouldn't even look at another site to price compare, they'd take the "sale" price and think they saved all that money when they really didn't. I always price compare!

The items are marked up from the beginning. This happens all over retail with certain "big ticket" items. Don't even get me started on the jewelry industry and the mark up there. Department stores are the second worst for marking things up beyond belief. I worked for Macy's but their stuff was so over priced. I always found the same stuff elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

Personally I love to shop at Ross, which is a store that carries stuff left over from major department stores or similar so you can find some awesome stuff there YEAR ROUND! There was a comforter set I wanted but on Macy's site it was $399 bucks and I found it at Ross for $58 bucks about 6mths later! I found a $45 Le Creuset clay lasagna dish for less than $6 on their clearance rack. I use that thing weekly, one of the best finds for a "new" discount item.

I save a lot by shopping these types of stores. I don't need one special day to get a deal.

I shop sales, bargain and second hand only. It is very very rare I buy clothing that is brand new. I even buy my sons clothes second hand because they are practically new and a fraction of what the stores charge.

Ha! You deserve a gazillion stars just for this!!! ^^^
I also do clearance sales & yard sales. I love Ross! I wish we had one in our town.
I'm amazed at how many people go out of town shopping at high end stores,
& get tired of things or never use them, & then sell them for pennies on the dollar!
Their loss, my gain!!! And they probably put it on a charge card too!

There was actually a segment on the news today comparing Black Friday prices!
I was shocked that they even 'went there'!
Of course the people who needed to see it,
were still shopping or back home & sleeping!

They showed a few things that were on the Black Friday specials at 2 stores,
that had actually been on sale at the same price or less for the Labor Day sale,
& one other one, maybe it was 4th of July, I forget!

Sure they do have a few 'loss leaders', but only a handful of them.
Unless you're aggressive, mean, sneaky or camp out in line, you won't get one!
A few days ago they showed people lining up already,
going to camp out in the freezing weather!

Last year, a neighbor who works at Walmart, said people were fighting over towels.
They were in the ad, were something like 30 cents cheaper than regular,
& they put them in a cart in the aisle instead of on the shelf.
One lady was draped over the cart, not letting anyone have any,
until her friend came over to go through them first!
And people took things out of other people's carts when their backs were turned!

If people would only realize, if you didn't buy into the madness, it would change!
They have to give the customers what they want, sales are the bottom line!
They are calling Thanksgiving Gray Thursday now. Will it take away from B F?
I wonder what the sales figures will show???

Some people that went on B F, said it wasn't worth it,
things were already so picked over.
And there was no way they were going to go Thursday & Friday,
to a bunch of different stores, to get the stuff that was 'on sale' at all different times!
Talk about making the holidays more stressful!

I remember back in the early 80's when so many in our family were laid off
& the kids were little. We said no buying gifts,
only homemade recycled things & mostly for the kids.
Everyone still agrees that it was the best Christmas we all ever had!

My sister used outgrown knit sweaters to crochet me an afghan that I still use!
Hubby made our nephew a circular race track for his Matchbox cars from scrap wood.
He carved a bridge & buildings & found a deer & trees in our decorations to put on it.
Our nephew is now 39 & still has it! My youngest brother told us he was so jealous!
He got one of the expensive, plastic ones from Santa, that broke too soon!
Said he wished he would have gotten a homemade one!

And you had to put some thought into what you made & make it personal!
Not just go out & buy something because you needed a gift to give!
People overspend, on things that aren't really needed, maybe not even appreciated!
The landfills just get fuller & fuller!!! How many dolls or trucks do kids really need?
We had a handful of toys that we appreciated & took care of!
Now they don't care about what they have, they just want the next newest in 'thing'!

I don't know if there is any going back to the way it used to be,
but people aren't happy, & are stressed out for a reason!
A name brand pair of sneakers or purse, can't take away the 'emptiness' for very long!
And I can't imagine having a credit card bill to stress out over either!
The last cc we had, had a 2.5% interest rate, so you know how long ago that was!!!

That's another lie they like to tell! That you can't live in today's world without a cc!
We've never run into a problem not having one!
We keep a separate bank account with debit card, just for ordering or buying things.
Only put enough money in it to cover the items, so no worries.
We have even traveled without a cc. If we absolutely had to have one,
we got a preloaded one. Have never had a problem anywhere!
If we don't have the money for something we don't buy it until we do!
People would be a lot happier if only they didn't buy into the 'big lie'!!!
Parents used to ask kids, 'Do you NEED it, or just WANT it???'
Those were the days!!!

posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 01:52 PM
"thank god I don't have cable and only saw this because my mom does. "

What did your god have to do with you not having cable? did he/she/it stand at the foot of your bed and order that you do not subscribe to cable under penalty of eternal damnation? but he/she/it allows you to watch cable as long as someone else pays for it?

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