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More hospitals to be investigated over Jimmy Savile allegations

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posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 06:00 AM

A further 19 hospitals are to be investigated over their links to allegations of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile, the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has said.

The move takes the number of hospitals under investigation to 32. Savile, who died in 2011 aged 84, is believed to have abused hundreds of children. He had a bedroom at Stoke Mandeville hospital, an office and living quarters at Broadmoor, and widespread access to Leeds General Infirmary. All three of those hospitals were among the 13 previously announced to be under investigation.

More hospitals to be investigated over Jimmy Savile allegations

What can I say? Hope he's burning somewhere in Hell because the evidence continues to mount against this vile creature!

It's no secret that Jimmy worshipped Satan.

Jimmy Savile Satanic Sex Ring Claim: Star 'Worshipped Devil'

Pervert Jimmy Savile sexually abused vulnerable girls during sinister black masses, it has been claimed.

The BBC star dressed in black robes during the rituals which allegedly took place in the basement of Stoke Mandeville hospital, in 1975.


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posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 06:06 AM
I doubt it would do any good. They have had plenty of time to shred the files and get their stories straight.

I don't think they should have announced it yet, they should have just turned up and got on with it.

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by Tsu322

They have had time, I agree, but they might also think that it's kinda safe now after a wee bit of time, and this is the kind of stuff what would be in any file. There will be plenty people who witnessed what he did, and sadly experienced it first hand, I'm sure, so as much noise needs to be made about this as possible. It can't be ignored just because he is gone. The investigation won't be complete until everything he did has been exposed, and ever victim has had some kind of closure.

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 06:46 AM
reply to post by Swills

...And who are the other people behinds those masks in 1975???

This horrid little man was a good friend of Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles and many more.

He was used as a public marriage counsellor between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

This makes it even more shocking. What is a guy like that doing getting access to all these people?

Does anybody have any further questions as to why people no longer trust the authorities?

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by caitlinfae

I hope they can get something out of the investigation, and I think a lot more needs to be done. I would like to see investigations into the care homes too. Not just the one's he visited but also the ones that his associates visited.

I don't have much faith though, people in positions of power will hide as much as they can.

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by Tsu322

I don't think there are any plans to investigate care homes in relation to people in alleged positions of power. I might be wrong, but I think its just operation yewtree. Maybe someone knows a bit more?

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 07:19 AM
reply to post by Tsu322

To be honest I really think that while this excuse for a man was alive they would not lay a finger on him because of all the dirty secrets he had on some people at the very top of the power ladder in the U.K.

Now he is dead they are using him as a public relations clean up op. He is "the guilty one" who cannot speak the names they so feared him speaking from the grave.

The only justice here is that his name be known for the crimes he committed.

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by Revolution9

I just don't get these people and the sadistic games???

Man, if I had the money some of you people got I would be spending my time trying to date Penelope Cruz and stuff like that (I am a guy, the avatar is a pic of Billie).

All the money, all the power, but no imagination how to have a good time!!!

For sale; good friend who'll keep you out of trouble and show you myriad imaginative fun ways to have a good time spending money without making life hell for others. Free to good home!

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 09:26 AM
Gary Gliter, Ian Watkins and Jimmy savile if there is something Britain good at then that produceing celeberity pedos.

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 10:42 AM
I saw Jimmy Saville on a cookery programme a few years ago. He was dining alone, although there were other 'couples' dining around the room at separate tables. I cant remember what the programme was called. Anyway I was astonished by his lack of table manners. Eating with his mouth open, grunting loudly. I had never seen anything like it. It was disgusting What puzzled me was why they chose to include him in the programme in the first place or why wasn't it edited? Was he subtly being exposed for his arrogance? To any normal human being it was quite clear Saville wasn't normal by any stretch of the imagination!!


posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 10:48 AM
The ENTIRE Industry is run by Satanic Pedophiles. End of. Jimmy Saville is not the first and he will not be the last.
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posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by Revolution9

Exactly, & thank you for bringing that up!

Who did Jimmy hang out with? The English royal family.

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by Revolution9

It's starting to seem like maybe David Icke isn't as crazy as people paint him to be.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 12:12 PM
reply to post by Xaphan

He never was....he's a very clever man who unfortunately on two occasions got scammed and lead astray by the powers that be in order to misdirect him.

I still do not understand what good all this does now with regards to Jimmy Saville. It seems to be just celebrity gossip mongering and drama. Further I don't understand why all these people he abused (or allegedly abused) want to rake it all up now after all these years and go through all the emotional trauma all over again. Surely most of these people have got on with their lives and put it behind them since they never did anything about it at the time. Also how on earth do the police etc go about proving such allegations after such a length of time? Its not as if there would be dna and its simply one persons word against...well..a dead man basically. I'm unclear as to how they can build any kind of case. There must be so many people trying to get in on it for their 5 mins of fame and who is to say they didnt get abused? Must be a nightmare

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by phyllida

I think it's all about closure for the victims. No matter how much time has passed, it doesn't help much if there is recognition of the fact that they were victims, and most of his victims were children, which makes it even harder for them to deal with. I bet most of them still keep it a secret. Closure is a big part of the healing process...vital, I would say. The police will be able to spot from so many statements who is a genuine victim and who is not. There will be huge correlation between experiences, and a pattern and habits, even words used, will become obvious.

With regards to David Icke, I'm curious about what you mean when you say he was misdirected, and by whom. I like to listen to him and find most of what he says to be something I can take on, but certain topics I just can't get my head round and accept as truth, no matter how convincing he is. This is the second time I've heard this theory of misinformation connected to him, and I'm curious to know more. At least it seems he was bang on about Saville though.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

Sorry bit off topic slightly but as you asked

I know that certain events involving a psychic (not the original woman who got David on the path) and another couple a man & woman, lead him down the garden path with fake stories and the like to the point where he was almost bankrupt marriage falling apart (his 1st marriage I believe it was) and he had a break down, despite his wife warning him about this man & woman they became an integral part of his life for a while and all his energy was spent on researching what they were telling him. I believe he discovered they were working for a government agency but can't remember which one and it was all a pack of lies which kinda broke him for a while. He spent a lot of money and time trying to "protect" this woman only to discover it was all part of some plan to make him look in a different direction and then publicise his "findings" to make him look like a lunatic.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by Swills

The Roayl Family weren't the only ones that Savile was socialising with. In fact, he was socialising with a lot of people whom you could consider to be 'celebrities' - local, national, international.

It's the local celebrities we should concentrate our efforts on. The exposure of these people are what will make this whole sordid network collapse.

The 'little' people at the bottom of the 'celebrity' ladder, are the ones that would be best placed to be in the know, and most vulnerable to being exposed. They aren't as well protected as the likes of Savile - who was at the 'top of his game' in a proverbial sense (I don't say that lightly, or in jest).

Celebrities just starting out, or the 'local' ones have everything to lose, but in the eyes of those at the top, are 'expendable'. As a result these are the ones who are most vulnerable.

I have worked for years to expose people like Savile and his friends. Savile, towards the end of his life, lived in a place called Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, on the North East Coast of England. But had spent many a year visiting the town, and staying there with 'local celebrities'. He seemingly enjoyed the company of a former Mayor of the town - one Peter Jaconelli, who was also a local business owner. Another man, Jimmy Corrigan, owned an amusement arcade on the sea front, where children and families were regular customers, and could be easy targets. These three men were close friends.

They seemed to enjoy the protection of the local police. One of the senior police constables for the town became the leader of the local Council, and is the leader of that council to this very day.

The question is, how can these men be so well protected... because the Police protect them.

You can read a lot about this subject here:

FYI - I have helped to contibute to the site linked above in the past. It's worth a read, if only to get more context about how far this network extends...

The most frightnening part of this sordid saga is that it isn't just restricted to the UK, but the 'paedophile network' Savile seems to have been associated with operated internationally. Seemingly with impunity. The question is, how can such a network exist, and get away with such terrible crimes for such a long time? How can these people be so well protected? The answer is obvious... but I'll leave it to you to decide.

All of this is merely my opinion, of course....

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

The police have been complicit in covering this affair up!

I personally know someone who was subjected to sexual abuse by Savile. The lady in question was merely 15 at the time this took place, and was a waitress in a cafe in one of the towns that Savile is linked to. Whilst going about her job, he harrassed this lady verbally, and touched her inappropriately on more than a few occasions - making suggestions that he could 'show her a good time'. This was twenty-five years ago - at a time when Savile would have been more than old enough to be her grandfather!

She never came forward, because it was common knowledge that the police were receiving reports of this sort of conduct (and worse), then disregarding it. She felt that even if she reported it, nothing would come of it, and it seems, she was right.

Why would you report something when you have the might of the state (via the Police) against you. The reputation of a famous television celebrity, known widely for his charitable work, would have seemed invincible and untouchable - especially when faced with the plethora of rumours of people who had reported similar cases of sexual abuse, and has those reports to the Police dismissed as 'crazy' or 'untrue'.

Savile and his friend Jaconelli were involved in a local martial arts club in the 70's that was shut down after allegations of sexual abuse against boys. But nothing has been investigate about this. Nothing has been mentioned in the media - it's common knowledge, and I am aware that people have spoken to the media about this. It seems that not all facts pertinent to the case are being reported - or at least they haven't managed to get around to it yet.

Once more the question becomes: 'why?'

posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 06:59 AM
Is this one of the glass eye ball rings Savile says he got made from the dead at Leeds hospital'The%20Other%20Side%20Of%20Jimmy%20Savile‘ ospitals-published.html

The same paper stated Savile molested one girl while wearing a sinister ‘eyeball’ ring. He pushed his hand (the one wearing the ring) down her knickers and said “the eye can see everything.”

Creepy in the extreme, and it’s as good a clue as any that this goes far, far beyond the BBC. Either way, it’s curious that they focussed on the ‘eye’ ring. l

posted on Jun, 26 2014 @ 07:45 AM
a reply to: agnes

They've just had a piece on BBC R4 about him that touched on his fascination with dead bodies, and allegations that he "interfered" with bodies in the morgue.

Words fail me to describe how disgusting and shocking this is. Like others, I find it hard to understand how this all got covered up for so long. Also what I find interesting is that the BBC and other news outlets aren't using the word "allegedly" around his crimes, like they carefully do with others. This was pretty much as soon as victims started coming forward, and seems to suggest that loads of people in the media already knew, and it's all just sort of being confirmed.

OT Really glad they got Max Clifford too. Always remember him on a Louis Theroux programme and he was creepy and sleazy.

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