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Odd Luminous Object, Miami Florida 11/28/13

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posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 03:00 PM
November 18th, 2011 I had a similar experience but on a much larger scale. I walked out my backdoor which faces east toward Riverside, CA about 1.5 miles high, 3 to 6 miles away was an absolutely huge jellyfish-looking 'thing' hovering in the air. It was early evening, still light outside. No clouds. A clear unobstructed view for almost 10 minutes. Without anything in the air next to it to use as a reference, I estimated it to be overall about the size of the LA Coliseum. It was translucent with an orange and pink glow. It had 5 or 6 Octopus type tentacles under it that were wildly and erratically kicking the entire time. It seemed to be necessary for both lift and stability. I do refer to it as a UFO, but it was absolutely a living being. I pulled my neighbor from her apartment to witness it since I had no camera handy and I'm so glad that I did. Because it's one thing to tell people you saw a flying metal disk. It's quite another to say you seen a giant flying Jellyfish. I did report this sighting to Mufon (report #36360). It was absolutely incredible and phenomenal... and it was very real. Thou the entity in your video only shows as a canopy, it looks and undulates exactly as the one I seen. I believe the one I saw was exposing and kicking it's tentacles because it seemed to be getting lower to the ground and was desparately trying to regain altitude. It's real folks...
I have found a few videos and pics online. And have found related info under the subjects 'atmospheric beasts' and 'air kraken'. Also by searching using these terms and combinations of these terms... jellyfish ufo, jellyfish ovni, flying or sky jellyfish, biological ufo.

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 03:46 PM

reply to post by SasquatchHunter

If only these HOAXERS would spend as much time helping others as they do in creating these elaborate fakes, the world would be a better place.

AMEN Brother.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 04:57 AM

reply to post by SasquatchHunter

Let me say here, as the person that uploaded all this footage in YT, that the equipment is not perfect, but even the sun have spots, some people will only look at the spots and will forget to see the light, but well...

First let me say that you need to take in count that this sighting was recorded by two cameras simultaneously, with footage time stamped in real time very accurately, you can always correlate both footage. This fact add an extra layer of information/authenticity to what is reported here, you have to look at its entirety, seen just one aspect and not the whole will miss a lot and you will be making a disservice to yourself and others.

All is authentic and real, access to raw data is available upon request, but there will always be people that will dismiss anything done by others by the simple fact that was made by others.

Present valid arguments, not innuendo and poor logic, that actually say more about the people saying it that anything else, I am as transparent as can be and honest as anybody else, I can not accept people claiming things that are blatantly false without challenge that.

Again, the sighting was recorded by two cameras simultaneously, just looking at the footage from what I call the spotter camera, you can see that this object have a very peculiar form and follows a non ballistic trajectory, and it is not been directed by the wind, for example in the following segment at mark 2:49 this object stays in the same spot for a while at maximum zoom like it is anchored in the sky:

These two cameras are on top of a custom made PTZ base, that have a not very good speed control, no standard telescope head will work in these conditions because this is a system using a motorized zoom lens that are usually very heavy, you need a base/head to handle the telescope and the second camera with the motorized zoom lens.

I have a section in my YT channel "DIY-projects" were I have several videos showing from the very basic how to duplicate a similar system. I did that because I believe that we need more people doing this kind of observations and getting details about these objects. Again my equipment is not perfect, but I challenge the people making innuendo claims to present what they have done so far that is better and maybe we can really learn from them.

The combination of a camera with medium zoom lens IR enabled aligned with a medium size telescope have proved to be highly effective and anybody can duplicate a similar setup. I strongly recommend that kind of setup. A lot of people will talk and talk but will do nothing beyond the ordinary. You can see these things too, but you have to move from your beloved keyboard and look up from time to time. These forums are informative some times, but reality is something else.

This will be my only post in this forum, not a very "friendly" place here to be, I have to spend time doing real observations and thinking how to improve what I already got. Good luck.

Thank you for coming forward.
Not everyone on this forum is ready to accept that this could be true, so their minds have to come up with a way to debunk it so they can remain in their comfort zone.

I'm no expert on film analysis, but I've seen REAL UFOs... very close, no way to deny/debunk them.
I don't know if this is fake, or real, but you seem sincere, so I will just say, I appreciate you sharing the video with the world on y/t.

And S&F to the OP for sharing it with us.

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