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Over One Hundred Thousand Syrian Refugees Have Returned Home Since 2011

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posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 11:08 PM
Just this month Jordan reports that 2,500 Syrian refugees have gone home for various reasons like missing their families and loved ones to joining the FSA. The state run Syrian news agency SANA also reports that over 100,000 have returned but they only mention that while the refugees sought protection in neighboring countries they were being persecuted and taken advantage of as leverage against Assad.

‘Over 100,000 Syrians repatriated since 2011’

AMMAN — Some 150 Syrians voluntarily returned to their homeland on Saturday, while 600 crossed into Jordan, the Jordan Armed Forces said.

The latest repatriations raised the total number of returnees to Syria this month to 2,500, and 100,000 since the outbreak of the crisis some 30 months ago, according to officials.

Under current security procedures, Syrian refugees in Jordan can request to be returned to their homeland by authorities, which provide daily transportation to the Syrian border.

Although repatriations have dropped from an average of 400 per day to some 150 in the face of increased border violence over the past month, Syrian activists say hundreds of refugees continue to request to return to their homeland each day to reunite with loved ones and even fight alongside rebel forces.

Not uncommon, the Syrian news, SANA, website is down but their Facebook is up and running.

#Amman, (#SANA)_ The number of Syrian refugees who have voluntarily returned to their country since their country was gripped by a crisis more than two years ago, stood at 100,000, according to a Jordanian official source.

The Jordanian News Agency (PETRA) quoted a source from the Syrian refugees camps administration as saying that "the 1951 Geneva Convention stipulates that each refugee has the right to return to his country despite the security situation,'' noting that Jordan is keen that Syrian refugees must be able to exercise their right under this convention.

It pointed out that the voluntary return of the refugees was taking place as a result of coordination between the Syrian refugee camps’ administration and the UNHCR.

Reports on the situation of the displaced Syrians at refugee camps in neighboring countries have consistently indicated cases of political, economic and ethical blackmail against the Syrian refugees, amid attempts to use their humanitarian issue to bring pressure to bear on the Syrian government.

I know one thing, returning to Syria means you have to fight. Whether it's Assad, Al Qaeda, foreign fighters, FSA, criminals, looters, police.... Syria is in major distress and only taking out Assad is not the answer. I think the first fight needs to be brought against Al Qaeda and friends, but unfortunately the legit FSA also fights along side them ( and against) so it's one complicated melting pot of bloodshed.

Stop working with terrorists I think would be the best route for all nations, no?

Makes sense to me, so what gives? Looking at you Governments, religious leaders, and Big banksters.
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posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by Swills it's one complicated melting pot of bloodshed.

And has been throughout so much of history....

Is there any answer when religious hatred and archaic beliefs run so so deep?

Wish I knew what it was because they surely need help. Way too many innocents suffering because of it.

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posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by Maluhia

I don't think the original idea of religion included death & tragedy. Power & corruption know no bounds.

An old institution like Religion is slow to change.

I don't foresee this present situation in Syria having a positive outcome. Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq are prime examples.

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by Swills

I know the numbers of real refugees are staggering, just wondering about the truth behind those that are "repatriating".

I expect some Syrians are returning once the government has cleared their town of "rebels". I also think some Syrians are frustrated with the protracted struggle, grow tired of waiting and return to fight for whichever side.

I wonder how many of these "repatriates" are insurgents?

I wonder how many of those go back and forth on a regular basis?

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