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Amricans Dumping Bodies?

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 11:00 PM
What's up with this? Note the mention of Mercenaries, I have not seen any casualty lists from the large 'privatized' army of coporate mercenaries in Iraq but they have surely suffered some losses, if you guy can find any figures on their losses throw em in here.. The article mentions offers of US citizenship, which is a common recruitment factor in alot of foriegn mercenaries that aren't being listed by the US as casualties. Why would they be dumping bodies though? If there is anything to this article, it would be disturbing...
In August, reports began surfacing about incidents of dead American bodies being dumped into the Diali River by US helicopters in the early morning hours. Fishermen on the Diali river area , a small river originates in Iran and ends at Deglah, 60 kilometer east of Baghdad, were the first to notice the American practice of dumping bodies wrapped in black plastic bags from helicopters at dawn time into the river. Some of the bodies, still wrapped in plastic bags, were caught in their fishing nets.
Over the next few weeks more bodies were found in other locations including Al-Tharthar in Sammara and Wadi Hairan in Al-Ratibah. The bodies have been collected and buried in the general areas of those locations.
A new report has now surfaced on the Arabic website, accompanied by some footage, which provides an in-depth analysis of the discovery of the bodies. The writer of the five page report (in Arabic) goes into great detail details about locations and how the bodies were dumped in rivers and remote desert locations. The author claims to have talked to two American female soldiers and an American communications officer who reluctantly confirmed the finding but said that most of these bodies were mercenaries who were promised high paying job and in some case US citizenship.

There is a link to some more informationa nd apparently footage that has surfaced at the bottom of the original piece, but it has an advisory...


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