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Today at The Claret Club [NOV2013]

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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 04:08 PM
Sigh. Today was blah. Mom didn't respond to jumps, nudges, snorts...just sat there. Wally went into the doorway aimed at food, but we needed 'outside'....

Mom laughs. Or not.

Bear and Possum - those two!! The 'cats'. They get 'cheezbrgr' every morning. We get 'the maple kind', or 'feed the dogs.' But we do get the cheezbrgr cans to lick out...Totally better than "chewies." Or, at least one of us does.

One day, last year.....have I told you about this? Mom got the chewies out, and there were only two left. One was big (like a bone shape), and the other was a skinny straw-like thing....
I "sit" before he did, and winked at Mom, but she gave HIM THE BIGGER CHEWIE!!

I was so freaked out.

After that, I decided I should keep my 'chewies' and hide them, because it was so 'good' to have a chewie, and turd (sorry. "dude") just chews his up immediately!!

He can't fit under the bed though, so sometimes I leave them back there. Other times I put them right up next to Pops' and Mom's pillows, folded into the covers.

LOLOL!!! Aaahhh. I remember when I first got here....
I did what they called 'excitey-pee', right on Mom's lap!!, while I was meeting the other residents.

Yeah, back to 'the cats.' Sheesh. You know what they figured out? It's almost more ingenious than me jumping up five feet and banging on the back door!!! Yeah.

So, one of them (Bear is the chunky loud-mouth with no tail)...
lol....but, hey. He was born that way. Not his fault. As far as I know. But anyhoo, he lived here already when I arrived.
Possum is the one with a tail but she's cross-eyed and her voice is little more than a whisper!
But, I TELL YOU WHAT!! She catches those stinky little things.....whaterthey? Moles. Yeah. She gets snakes, too....and brings 'em in through the window...just to play!!! Mom loves it - she gets up and shouts for joy and goes in to see the snake Possum brought in!! (She does the same with little birds, especially if they're still moving. Doesn't like the still ones. She likes to pick them up ???????????????????????????? What It's sweet O.o).

Erm.....this is all true...

Wait, what was I talking about??

OH! Yeah, the cats and the window game. LOL!! Yeah, so, y'know the chairs where P & M sit at that table, and they just sit there and stare straight ahead? Every now and then one will make noise.....yeah, that's when I go over and nudge mom, or him.....ya know, to make sure everythings okay.
Or, yeah, to let them know that Wally needs out. AGain. Sigh.

Yeah, I got in big trouble for .... erm.....messing up the floor. Mom was stern and unsmiling for 2 days. I won't EVER do that again. She hates it!


Oh, so the window game. A Cat will jump up on the windowsill beside Pops. They can get in there IF he opens it (couple of winters ago he made a plastic 'cat door' with window-stuff and magnets. So, yeah,
he'd see Possum or Bear...and they'd meow....over and over, until Pops got up to lift the plastic flap, AND reach and push open the glass window.

But, if that doesn't work, then Cat will go over to the front window and yell at Mom....

the game is: Which one will get up and let the Cat in first? Mom (using the door)? Or Pops (using the window and flap). Whichever of 'em gets up first....loses the game!!!!

But, yeah. Anyway, about the chewies and Wally.

Oh,.....Pops is home, I heard the truck pull in!!!! The Dance of Joy next!!!!

Party starts at 3:30, Mom says.....


Claret (yeah I'll tell you how I got that name someday.)
AKA, they call me "Poops"

*POPwoohooooooS YOUR BACK IN THE DEN!!!*

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posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by wildtimes

I highly suspect that this internal dialogue has occurred with my furry friends a time or two! Great story WT!!!

posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by littled16

Thanks, littled! It was something I'd had rolling around in my head since the contest was announced, and I kept getting 'notifications' to submit or vote...
so I banged this one out in a few minutes.

Looking at it later, I wanted to edit it some more, but...oh well. There it stands.

At least it's a beginning for a more thorough treatment of the subject!

Thanks again!!


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