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Post-Global Disaster Readiness

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 05:29 PM
Discuss what you would feel would be important in preparedness for any type of global disaster(i.e. nuclear war, plague, dawn of the dead(lol), meteor, etc...).

Certainly my top 3 would be:

1: Find remote, defensable location
2: Food
3: Self defense mechanisms(guns, etc...)

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 06:33 PM
1. get myself a ATV one that goes on water as well.
5.go into the highlands and build a bunker. (self sufficient one)

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 06:41 PM

  1. Get friends together
  2. Loot local retail and groccery stores for supplies
  3. Gather all availible weapons
  4. Look for military base that was deserted do to disaster
  5. Ransack base for supplies and equipment
  6. Find a nice elevated position with nearby supplies
  7. Build bunker
  8. Or instead of the last two steps I could find an abandoned bunker or missle silo
  9. Attempt to contact others in charge
  10. Hope for the best

Let's see, a good assult rifle, medical equipment, food, water, and a hazmat suit would be some of the supplies at the top of my list. Of course I would hope that I could just take a full survival kit.

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 06:42 PM
Let's also expand to what supplies would be needed in the bunker as well. Reason I'm discussing this is I plan to come into a small fortune of say, $100,000,000 at some point and building said bunker.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 02:23 AM
Well lets see here.
1. Food or a way to grow your owen. MRE, seeds, ect.
2. Water or a way to make what you find safe to drink. Iodine, Bleach, boiling, ect.

3. Shelter, a bunker or some other structure. The farther away from the civlized world the better.
3.1. An air filturation system
3.2. Hygine stuff, toilets, shower, ect.
3.3. A UHF/VHF/CB radio with an attena that can be removed and stored incase of EMP caused by a nuclear detantion.
3.4. Some form of power genration system, Solar, wind, Generator-with a gas supply of either natural gas or Gasoline.
3.5. a Very strong blast door.
3.6. a regular old radio that can be used with very little power, such as a diod or crystal set
3.7. General stuff, Rope, Toliet Papper, Batteries, flash lights, strike any where matches and a selad container to keep them in, Maps of the area you are in, ect.
3.8. Book's. On local plant life, Medical books(first aid, ect). to be on the safe side i'd also have a complet set of encyipidies(spelling?)
3.9. A first aid kit, like the ones the EMS have. and other general medical supplies suchs as, Aspirn, Hydrgen proxided, alchol, ect.

4. Wepons. for hunting and defence of your strong hold agenst other people sout on takeing your stuff for there use. I'm not gonna go into details on this, use your groups best judgment on this.

5. Clothes. Lots of socks, boots, undies, ect, Warm and cold weather gear(jackets, long johns, gloves, extra socks, ski makes, scarfs, ect) Again use your groups best judgments on this and take into consideration where you are at and it's climent. Also some chemsuits and radiation suits might be a good idea. If there is a Nuclear war the climent will become much cooler do to the fallout in the upper atmasfear(spelling???).

6. Something to keep you minds occupied(spelling?) Gotta do something when the $hit hits the fan, you don't want to go nuts(or have someone in yer group go nuts) and try to kill everyone. Trust me on this one!

7. A Computer. Sounds crazzy, but you never know. the internet might survie the attack (well parts of it any ways) might be one of the only ways to find out who's left. or if you can build this soon get an phone line installed to it.

8. Transportation. if you are near watter thats safe and has fish a small boat and fishing stuff. An ATV or 2 maybe a snowmobile too.

9. Some camping stuff. Tents, fire pots, Messkits, ect.

10. Tools. a Shovel, rake, Axe( hey wood would be free= heat, cooking, ect), Pickaxe, Hammer, Saw, Screw drivers, ect.

11. a Roll of window screen. gotta keep them darn bugs out in the warm times of the year.

Granted there is a lot of stuff and by no means is this list complete at all. this is just to give you an idea. On thing you need to ask your self or your group, "what do we need to survie for at least a year or more and go from there".

The 3 basic steps are.
1. whats is need to survie the attacks.
2. Long term Surviel means
3. what would be need to start a new town.

And i would also have a copy of inportant Docutments
1. The US constution
2. The Bill of rights
3. A copy of various Surivel guides, Nuke, chem, ect
4. some army training manules.

Thats it's for now if i can think of any more, i'll add to this.

Also if you live near MI U2U me, i'm looking to start a group my self.


P.S. Please excuse my crud spelling, it's funny i have an IQ of 160 and can't spell worth a $hit

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 12:48 PM
Yeah, I'm all the way down in VA or I would.

There's plenty of rural territory down here so getting away from everyone SHOULDN'T be a problem. We're not in a big city like alot of folks. It may be hectic here but we can make do. Plus that gets us out of primary blast radius' as well.

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