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Everything You Know *Seems* Half-Right: The True Nature of Subliminalism

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posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 02:23 PM
I've lurked on this site for long enough to have a pretty good idea that there is a never ending stream of worriers (and possibly some propagandists) that fuel the fire of theories that say that a secret-society called The Illuminati, composed of Alchemist-Mystics, has supposedly taken over the world and is running things from behind the scenes, slowly, methodically, creeping closer to their ultimate goal of killing everyone down to a population of 144,000..

but is this REALLY the world that we're living in..?

Disinformation is all around us, people are too overwhelmed to discriminate between useful and not-useful information, and all of humanity's worst sides have become too inflated to ignore.. seems like the perfect scenario to discourage all curiosity and encourage maximum obedience.. but this is just "the atmosphere" of the HUMAN aspect of our world.. what about the rest of it?
In the world that I directly observe (the reality which doesn't take place in a screen, presented by a "news corporation", being presented in a way totally removed from direct-observation..) I don't see a lot of that mayhem and dishonesty that we're apparently supposed to be "watching out for.." according to the television..
almost like it just there for those who want it..

but does this seem like the handy-work of "Alchemist-Mystics" that were influenced by Mystery-Schools and Enlightened ways of thought..? It really doesn't add-up for me.
It almost seems like the people at the VERRRY top are actually just running damage-control for the rest of humanity; allowing for all of the stupidest, most selfish decisions to be made so humanity can learn for itself, but not ENTIRELY destroying the planet, and perhaps exaggerating the impact so people can HURRY UP AND WAKE UP!


I mean, it would seem like there would be SOME enlightened folk that would come along and demonstrate technology that makes fossil-fuel obsolete..
SOMEONE would have to come to one or many conclusions by now, that would help the masses in so many different ways.. but perhaps it is actually the selfish people in the middle-levels of the corporate world that make decisions to procrastinate this technology or bury it completely..

.. but if this is so.. then perhaps the TRULY elite, ultimate controllers of information, are also encouraging us to pursuing truly innovative decisions and at this point, it's just a matter of most people keeping themselves too afraid to justify partaking in anything *too* new and innovative..

If you REALLY look into the information that is supposed to be at the center of "the Illuminati's" history (and the following persecution by the masses and reasonable secrecy..), it is not really much different than any Shamanistic tradition, and the CORE of just about every religion..

Not much Machiavellian or malevolent thought to be found..
Oh, but there IS always a great respect for Free-Will..!

hmm.. hmm..

In just about very facet of society, I can indeed find many benevolent messages and intentions..
Song lyrics, overheard conversations, and even in traffic when things somehow DON'T suck..
they're not always OBVIOUS messages because they're buried and the mind has to be LOOKING for them before they can be seen..

And the same is true if the mind is looking for malevolent, subliminal, confusing, threatening messages..
there is an abundance of those too, but mostly in the medium of television, radio, commercials, and news-broadcasts. A look at the majority of what people post on the internet gives one an idea as to what the MAJORITY of minds are looking for..

It seems like Now, more than ever, we have to trust ourselves to make the right decisions and ultimately not rely on ANYONE else's information that hasn't be verified by our own experience.

I'm always tempted to read threads in the "secret societies" forum, but it seems like most people are threatened by the very fact that any of them attempt Secrecy in the first place.. Perhaps the point behind the secrecy is the preserve the effect of the tradition and avoid diluting it and taking it for granted..?

Just as you won't see any TRUE "magicians" or "sorcerers" on a stage performing "tricks", so too we cannot expect the truly enlightened to get on our television screens and tell us "what's what" because that would cheapen the implications behind what they would be communicating and any future attempts would require inventing an entirely new system of presenting the premise..

Simply put: it seems the message of most enlightened (and "secret") thought is that Free-Will seems to be the key, and the understanding of the "harmonic-universe" seems to be the door..

no "authority figure" will be pushing You through it..

We each ultimately decide what is "worth fighting for", and what we decide is difficult to sway until we DECIDE it to sway once more..
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posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 02:52 PM
Well written OP.

I've read threads here on ATS that provide alternative views on the "Illuminati", such that they are a necassary evil that orchestrates the world from behind the scenes for the ultimate goal of gently pushing (allowing free will) humanity towards true enlightenment. The wars and conflicts that have been prepared were mere "lessons" on the curriculum.
Of course, it is only one theory.

I wouldn't be able to provide any links at the moment, sorry.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 05:04 PM
Very interesting- so hitler and the like were actually great teachers?

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 05:11 PM

Very interesting- so hitler and the like were actually great teachers?

Agreed. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot.....The American Military....Teachers.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by apydomis

well.. uhhhhh... yeah..?

that's exactly what i'm saying. and if i'm following your reasoning, learning something more from tragedies of the past (besides that "they're bad") is somehow the wrong way to look at History?

Like I said before, nothing seems to have stopped some of the WORST of mistakes and stupidities that humans are capable of. From my point of view (being born in 1988), the people of the 1930s should have known better than to have ever played-along with fascism.. but they did..

..what can we learn..?

We can NOW say "they should have known better" but that is EXACTLY what the goal of a benevolent group of "elites" WOULD be..
Respect free-will until EVERYONE figures it out..
I mean think about the fact that World War II cost TRILLIONS in dollars, resources, lives, cultures, artwork, etc etc etc..
you'd think it would be something we would NEVER want to happen again.. yes?

Well.. look at how many movies have been made about WWII.. how many dollars, resources, etc, have gone into just RE-ENACTING that ONE war.. now think of ALL the war movies.. now think of ALL the war videogames..

starting to see where i'm coming from?

These things would cease to be made if people just STOPPED buying them.. and possibly even SPEAK-OUT against them..?

and NOT just to say "they're bad. they're damaging. they're 'ruining our culture'" because that is using the "us VS them" mentality, and that WILL NEVER WORK. Again, people can only learn from experience, so its anyone's guess when that lesson will be learned..

BUT! if people concentrate of WHHHY we shouldn't pour more and more money into re-enacting events that were horrible in the first place (just ponder how many serial killer re-enactments there are in movies, TV, and videogames... I mean the SAW movies.. come'on..)

Basically I'm saying that you don't have to see an individual (such as Hitler..) as benevolent and pure TO LEARN SOMETHING FROM THEM..
In fact, when one waits for some sort of "pure" teachers, they then often find themselves constantly fighting off the other influences that must then be labeled as "un-pure"..

good luck learning anything that way..

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by EA006

I'm not offended by this, but i'm pretty sure you only read maybe.. the first couple paragraphs of the OP..?

Go back and read the entire thing, (and perhaps my response to the other poster) and I would be sincerely interested in your opinion.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 06:44 PM
Subliminals are everywhere. They are in kids cartoons if you watch them closely , to manipulate them into normal citizens when they grow up. Symbols and metaphors and and all sorts of mind control. Good versus bad, and happy endings and how things play out. Try not to go overboard with them and hurt your head searching for things that aren't there.

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by letmeon

I agree that subliminal messages are in many places, but for any of them to have an effect at all, one has to already be looking for any given message in the first place..
There are many intentionally hidden messages out there, and it is true that many are malevolent, but unless your mind is already seeking them, they will remain hidden.

I also think that there is a "social norm" which is presented to everyone (in different ways, attempting to ensare people by using stereotypes and conditioning to accept their "role") but I maintain that it is for the individual to decide whether or not they want to play into that game of "social acceptability."

posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by apydomis

Maybe Hitler and the like weren't directly teachers, per say.
However maybe the "Illuminati" believed that the world needed the pain that Hitler brought, in order for humanity to triumphantly overcome it.

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain."
-- Carl Jung

(I do not necessarily subscribe to this theory, just exploring it)

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by Kalmah

Well, I'm not exactly even saying that "The Illuminati" had to be endorsing Hilter at all..

In keeping with my hypothesis, they would have accepted that Hitler had the drive to gain power, and were happy to oblige him, because (as Jung said above) pain is sometimes the best teacher..
IF these "illuminati" were behind it, I think they would see it as a necessary evil BECAUSE OF HOW THE MASSES WERE RESPONDING..

I really don't think Hitler would have gotten into power, had people spoken out against him, his own people revolted, or had people in other nations not ignored the eugenics-agenda.. etc etc..

BUT the fact of the matter IS that people (for the majority) endorsed Hitler's rise to power (at least at first) and HAD to learn what Fascism is, so we would avoid it in the future..
The Illuminati I have in mind, would be entirely neutral: encouraging enlightened decisions and views when people are sincere about it (look at how much information has "slipped out" into especially the ATS community alone..)
but also impartial to humanity's blunders.. Any "mobster" or "hood" being welcomed into getting deep into the "underworld", hoping they will learn something from it.
This view would also make sense if re-incarnation were a factor.. but at this point, i'm just guessing haha.

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