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antique experts why are they not as enterprising as other famous people?

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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 07:25 PM
Why is it that antique experts on TV: like bargain hunt: seem to be less enterprising than other people who are on TV? They are on british TV a lot and most other people with the slightest sniff of fame set up a chain of restaurants, clothing lines etc... I mean antique experts are already business people: they either own an antique shop or an auction room: ut seem to show less enterprise than other famous people. Granted in the anituqes business the bar is set incredibly low: most only own one auction room, one guy near Barnard Castle has 4 antiques shops. In most other things 4 shops would not make you one of the best at selling anything. I mean a guy with 4 chip shops is a guy who owns 4 chip shops and would not normally get on the Television for it.

Even Jade goody had a fragrance. Maybe it is that the mindset of people who work within a busines where 4 shops can bring you fame is different. Although when David Dickenson was the presenter there was more people who were from ordinary backgrounds: people who were educated in state schools.

He also doesn't have the embarrasement that Tim Wonnacott does: when an art techer art forger was selling his fakes through sotherbys in London TimWonnacott was head of fine art and would have seen and passed everyone of them for sale. This is even more embarrassing given that the forger painted them with emulsion.

Also the antique experts don't even write books expect Tim Wonnacott who sort of has to as the BBC has a book publishers.

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 07:49 PM
Just looked and Tim Wonnacots book on amazon "Money making antiques": his one and only book has no reviews. That at least is a success for common sense. After all how can anyone who dresses that badly really have any taste. My God please shoot the tailor. I wonder do they have special tailors for wank%%s?

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 07:58 PM
People who are attracted to antiques generally like history, not being part of it, we see the consequences of being an active part of history in even small ways,lol.

I personally am attracted because I can often read and channel items to their past, by nature it's always been. And I am fascinated by my own and others nature, it's always been, any other notion has never existed if that makes it any more clear.

The attraction to old items is just that.... We are attracted by nature of being lol.

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 08:28 PM
The antique business has two major problems that limit the growth potential of the business model.

First, your customers are limited, that is, not everybody can afford to buy your wares, they are just very expensive!

Second, your ability to get stock for your business is limited. There are no 'new' products. You have to scrounge around to get stock and what is out there, is all there is.

So, the number of viable shops is limited by both factors. You also require a great deal of expertise, otherwise you would just get sued time and time again.

I have a Katana that has been looked at now, by five experts. It is a cavalry version. Three experts in the field say it is original while the other two say it is not. Lol.


posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 04:12 AM
I love 'antique hunting'!
You know how men especially are sooooo difficult to buy for. Well, last christmas I went 'antique' hunting for the men in the family and friends.
I got a WWII whistle, a bosuns whistle, a Guiness water jug, a pair of fishing bookends all for £34! Every one of the male recipients said they were their fav crimbo prezzies. Now where on earth could I have got half decent presents for less than a £10 each? Also statistically men are bigger collectors than women.
I didn't leave out the ladies either, I got extraordinary glass vases each for my daughters, a cigarette case for another.....
Now we have the ever increasing popular trend for retro stuff.....
For me....I'm taking on 'brown' furniture and shabby chic'ing it or retro'ing it and replacing my flat pack crap with's so cheap to do, and I end up with something unique and of far more substantial quality and most importantly....its FUN.

As to the actual OP.......Why so serious?.....I'm having fun.....


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