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The will of the world

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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 05:01 PM
The world holds amazing life, joy and beauty but is balanced equally as cruel in its delivery of death. The nature of life Is that everything is transitory, everything living creature we love will die before eyes. I see this as the will of the world, to make things transitory by using death as it governing regulator. The folly of the human being is to consider everything is static without end, and turn a blind eye to the simplest things going on around them. A bird on the grass eating a bug, a lizard sunbaking on a rock, the noises of nature.

Thought id try and something deeper, than talking about some lame concept like the Devil, or the conspiracy hidden under Ickes armpit.

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

Indeed, without the idea of death, we could never recognize life..
Death itself is what makes life possible in a very literal way..

Every time we eat: we consume the flesh of plant and/or animal and/or mineral.

Every time we build: we build from the bones of trees, animals, and/or the earth (stone).

our physical being is essentially the product of everything we have consumed, but even though it makes us sound barbaric when phrased this way, I really mean to imply the opposite.
So too our mental/psychic being is also the product of what we have consumed as information (food-for-thought) and our resulting consciousness is also the manifestation of this content..

All things in nature consume each other so they may continue experiencing the world. The native-americans understood this and hence gave thanks to the animal/plant itself, before consuming it, because they did not see those lifeforms as being reluctant to die, just as they weren't (ideally).

just as long as we remember to take nothing for granted and never regret, I believe death can only be seen as a wonderful thing ^-^

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 01:47 AM
Wonderful discussion so far

The concept of death has become dangerously taboo. We hush away from death in discussion. We pretend it will never happen. We use doublespeak and sugar-coated language when speaking of death. However, death is more intrinsically tied to life, beyond any superficial meaning that we may attribute to our lives.

The ancient wisemen of the Indian subcontinent beautifully conceptualized the trinity of Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer. These can be likened to Birth, Life, Death.

When we truly understand and embrace our mortality, we savor a greater experience of life, in knowing that each and every single moment is a temporary treasure. We appreciate other people more. We are more kind to Earth and existence. When we really have a realization of death, our lives are more vibrant and vivid. The forgetfulness and ignorance of death dulls our experiences.

Additionally, when we sanitize the concept of death out of our minds, we create the foundation for an increased amount of suffering felt when someone dies. Don't get me wrong, the is nothing wrong with mourning or hurting. The pain cuts deeper because we pretended that people are immortal. So we held grudges, we didn't say what we wanted to say, we didn't do what we wanted to do, we didn't care enough,.... we pretend that death won't touch us and we miss out on so much as a consequence. We don't utilize or take full advantage of our precious time.

Thinking about death is not about wanting death. It is not about being "emo" or melancholy. Remembering death is to remember reality, and allows us better appreciate and experience life.

Life and Death are merely states of change. We are here together, forever changing

May Peace be upon us all.

posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

I see what you mean, but I believe it is the job of a human to be able to distinguish right from wrong, even though it may not be easy and humans have gone through so many days of barbarianism through evolution. I think about the fact that proteins aren't easy to aquire on earth, some animals have evolved into changing grass into proteins, meat eaters are fighting an imbalance of weakness and strength every couple days based on the number of animals they hunt and kill. Higher intelligence doesn't appear to treating it with fragile hands. So that is a question in itself. But, earth is not that typical physical world that the ego wants to be hypnotized in, separate from the spirit and creation of reality. Earth is more of a magical mysterious place. We use a small percentage of our mind, but people would be more shocked than anything if we used all of our mind power, because it wouldn't be just calculating math or reading books - it would be something that we thought impossible - like things that Jesus did. My point is that earth is so amazing in creation that in order to have physical reality you need to have a body that provides energy. Earth is a creation of a habitat and we are here mysteriously. It took billions of years to get to us, and we are not sure exactly how the chicken and egg story took place even though sometimes we like to think so...
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