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Right & Wrong [NOV2013]

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 05:43 AM
"Evil. Immorality. Unethical. Wrong. An abstract and yet very real concept. These words make every beings hesitate before making an action, or a choice, for they always means harm to someone or something. These words pushes us to do the right thing. These words challenges us, and make us work for a better future. Make us work for peace and for utopia.
» Hundreds of years ago, on Earth, these words were but a concept. A concept represented by who humans called Satan, Lucifer, Devil, or Demon. A concept perfectly opposite to the one represented by their God: good, morality.
» Humans philosophers, of the period in Earth's history they call Middle-Age, broke this concept of Satan, or Devil for the other religions, into specific and scientifically grounded behaviours, without requiring belief into a deity or a demon. It became ethics and morality. A perfect plan for everyone in the world. Nobody, each with its own beliefs, had to fight together for what was wrong or right, for ethics and morality rallied the most important and common points in all religions and philosophies. The Golden Rule was invented. A rule that in its one simple pacific order, everyone and all beliefs understood and could relate to.

» But something happened on Earth after their 20th century. Evil became Good, and Good became Evil. And it was worsening. Morality and ethics were replaced by self-interest and selfishness.
» The universal Golden Rule was also changed to accomodate the new way; its pacific way of love for love, peace for peace, was changed to the violent way of eye for eye, tooth for tooth.
» At this rate, murder and stealing were not to be anymore considered as unethical or wrong. It was to be considered good, if it served the murderer or the stealer's own purpose. It was to be considered good if it was done as a revenge.
» This process of demoralization was already well underway in the 21st century. In an era where humans science-fiction writers believed would be the most peaceful and utopian, wars were still raging for obscure reasons. Hate, discrimination and fear were still present in the everyday life, and even gaining ground. Evil was still winning over Good. Violence was still winning over Peace. Nothing changed from the humans's Dark Ages, only that they were now supposedly free to speak their thoughts publicly. And even then... were they really?
» But who was behind this process of transforming immorality into morality? Not the citizens, for they were the ones that suffered or gained from these concepts. They were the ones that suffered from discrimination-based genocide. They were also the ones that gained from equity and peace. So who decided suddenly that peace and acceptance wasn't what the world needed? Who decided that total control over population's thoughts and behaviours was the norm?
» Who was this "Shadow" group? Who were They?"

The Sirian B professor of alien history closed the book he was reading from, and looked at his 19th grade class.
"And this concludes today's class of 'Alien's History'. Now, I want a resume on my desk next week on why did the Earth's Shadow group wanted to enslave the human population. You can go play, now. But be careful with the Sirian sand snake; don't swallow it!"
The Sirian childrens jumped happily from their hover chairs and teleported themselves to the primary school's backyard. All but one little female Sirian, who approached shyly the professor.
"Excuse me, Professor, but can I ask a question?"
"Of course. Anything."
"Who were the Shadow?"
The Sirian professor smiled kindly.
"Ah, but that, no one knows, even not our own historians. There is no surviving documents from Earth that answered that question. It is even believed that the humans themselves didn't knew who their own tyrants were."
The schoolgirl slightly pouted in disappointment; but the professor wasn't finished.
"However, it is said that most humans always knew in their heart that an evil group tried to take them over; and in everyone's heart, it was always clear exactly who it was to blame."
"But how?" reasoned the Sirian schoolgirl. "If Right and Wrong were now confused, how could people know what was wrong or right, and how could they know that their guess about right and wrong were right or wrong?"
"Oh, but that was the constant challenge for humans; as it is still a challenge for us. Every beings will always be tested; and the only thing to do, is to follow your heart and your soul. It will always guide you to the truth."
The professor patted the Sirian schoolgirl, and then playfully tickled her.
"Now, go play before next class!"
The schoolgirl's giggles thus end this story. It is said that she alone discovered who the mysterious Shadow group were; but the knowledge was hidden by her, and only those with pure hearts could learn it.

The End.

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