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Another Political Party..

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 12:12 AM
Stop your fighting be a Republicrat.

I am neither Republican nor Democrat I do not work for asses and elephants.
I protect the weak when they can not protect themselves be this physically weak, weak of mind or weak of heart. I must remember that when I speak, I speak for all of my fellow Americans whether I am right or wrong. If my words should affect the existence of others then in fact the words of the American people have affected the lives of others. If my actions should affect lives around the world then in fact the actions of the American people have affected lives around the world.

I must always bear in mind the consequences that the sword I wield may bring.
No matter the move large or small there will be consequences for someone somewhere.
Even in a world made smaller and smaller every day by the advancement of communication technology the world is still a land largely unknown to me or to any other man or woman who may ever live. We have in the past seen the actions of dictators and tyrants bring the world to the edge of destruction, and we as a people, as a race have always brought the world back from that edge. Though most issues of the day are looked upon by most as “not my problem” in fact all problems of all peoples of all countries are your problem as well. I am as guilty of the ‘not my problem syndrome’ as any other American I have ever, or will ever meet, and will take action to correct this frame of mind.

I will always strive to correct my actions to conform first to humanity and then to country, so that actions in the world that may affect my wallet will not affect my thoughts. I will no longer buy into the partisan thinking that seems to have led my country astray, which is not to say that any party in particular is at fault. I will place no blame as this will not lead us in the direction of problem solving but only deeper into lies surrounding the truth. I will from now on vote for the man and his issues and not just because he is in any particular party. I will lead by example and if I fail in leading by example then I will follow another who does in fact lead by example.

I am not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat, I am however a Republicrat.

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