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Does anyone have multiple paranormal abilities or any at all?

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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 03:56 AM
My female friend and I had a discussion tonight because we both have some unique traits about ourselves.

My main point is this: she brought up the point that she wanted me to tell her the three paranormal abilities I thought she possessed. So here they are, she can:

*Astral travel
*See and interact with extra-dimensional entities, including greys, ghosts and demons.
*Her artwork and writing contains extremely dense esoteric information that I'm not sure how she got a hold of.

I've had detailed discussions with her, especially regarding the extra-dimensional entities, in order to get a feel for their psychological and cultural traits, because I'm really interested in anthropology and exoanthropology especially. A lot of times I'm asking her detailed questions in order to get a feel for things I already know about in order to check her accuracy.


Which brings me to my abilities, these were harder to pinpoint:

*Total awareness and instantaneous free will and decision making, in most cases, unless I'm over-stimulated.
*The ability to sit down with someone and be told facts for up to 10 hours straight, memorize them and categorize / refine them into something useful
*Photographic memory (selective, based on what I was focused on at the time, but with high situation awareness, that can mean I memorize data that I don't know is important until later).

I can give you an example of my awareness level, I've been playing GTA V lately and I was robbing a 24/7 when I noticed someone on the radar coming in. I'm not thinking, I'm just doing,

I flip around, knock him out, and then turn and point the pistol at the cashier, leave the store and take his motor bike. The reflexes aren't reflexes, they are something else. Even in that game, I am non-violent most of the time, I use stealth and swiftness.

Another example. I was driving my car on the interstate when there was a sudden ice storm and when I pressed the brakes on my car, I started spinning in circles, 720 degrees or so in total. I was not affected, no heart rate increase, I simply made some calculations and spun between traffic across the interstate before ending up driving backwards -

To slow myself down, I eventually decided that I would have to ram the barrier (while going backwards at 60 mph on ice) and did so, and it worked. Then I think I did rest for a second before pulling back out into traffic and driving home.


I think those main triads I mentioned might be fairly common, I have actually talked to multiple females on occasion who also see extra-dimensional entities and they are coherent with each other's accounts.

I know my grandfather had a photographic memory, as he told me so himself and would recount events from his child-hood in great detail. I think he was very similar to me in a lot of ways, in addition, as a doctor, he had been doing studies on enhancing mental performance using the thyroid gland - the spirit of his research is something I continue to this day.

In fact, it is highly possible that since he had been running these experiments on his family (basically my grandparents, dad, aunts and uncles) that I was exposed to an unrealistic set of expectations to meet and that motivated me to push myself.


I'm not sure how out there this stuff sounds, but I've been fact-checking and testing these specific instances for years now. And from what I have seen in this world, I can guarantee that things aren't as simple as most think they are - lol.

The way things work is like this - the more you know, the higher you go on the hierarchy of... um... "power" (although I like the word wisdom better).

So if you happen to be a wise person and are around people who don't know as much as you about things of an esoteric or conspiratorial nature, and in my case, I am extremely O.C.D. and keep detailed records and check my sources and have experienced a lot first-hand, all that kind of jazz, if you attempt to explain, their ego will actually react defensively and cause them to become hostile. The way our ego is set up in Western society is actually built to give the illusion that life is a lot more simple than it really is.

The reality is much different. And I speak the truth.


There are two other barriers to exploring things of an esoteric nature besides the ego - which is the main one. One of them is, well, if someone is legitimately experiencing supernatural abilities, they aren't going to necessarily seek out attention. In fact, I'm somewhat of an idiot when it comes to some of the things I post on A.T.S.

Luckily, most of it probably isn't taken seriously or the context isn't there, or the people who do know what I'm talking about will be able to connect with me, while others think we are all joking. And I write stuff that is tldr !!


The second barrier is... well, if you don't know what to ask, or what to look up, even if the person sitting next to you knows how to astral time travel and one of his favorite places to check out is Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack, the topic isn't going to come up. So it's one of those things, information attracts more information.

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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 05:29 AM
I admire your ability to concentrate or to function and keep your unconscious aware and ready to bridge into what you are doing.

I found as I got to around late teens I developed premonitions. This happened a couple of times resulting in major bother, once I knew on a return journey drive back from Italy we were going to have a crash. We did that journey twice a year to see relatives and never had any bother, but this time, sure, we have a really bad one. Then I had this premonition that a close relative was going to die. The following day, we had the call that a favourite Aunt had brain cancer. That did it, I felt guilty and almost stupidly as though I had had some part in these situations. I wasn't driving when we crashed and suffered the worst injuries but the guilt still lingered in me.

I also had odd feelings that would come up, one example was going along a road on the coast where during the war the USA trained men for landings. A German boat came in and slaughtered a load of young American men. We were looking at property to buy and I knew I couldn 't drive along that road without real intrusive discomfort.

I didn't, at that time want these things intruding into my life and prayed or projected the idea into the cosmos to please take away these gifts and fortunately they have diminished. I would own I certainly don't go meditating or searching for them in any way, although I still got the odd feeling when I took the kids to museums from WW2, not at all from WW1 which I found strange.

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 05:38 AM
reply to post by darkbake

I can give you an example of my awareness level, I've been playing GTA V lately and I was robbing a 24/7 when I noticed someone on the radar coming in. I'm not thinking, I'm just doing,

I won a blockbuster video game contest at 3 stores when I was a kid. I haven't played any in a few years I'm willing to Ber my paranormal awareness level in Halo is still high enough to kill noobs.

To slow myself down, I eventually decided that I would have to ram the barrier (while going backwards at 60 mph on ice) and did so, and it worked. Then I think I did rest for a second before pulling back out into traffic and driving home.

I've never been in an accident so I think my paranormal driving skills are better than yours. How is your car?

Also I can benchpress twice my weight! Paranormal strength!

I think I have a paranormal attractiveness because women are like bloodhounds once they catch my scent it doesn't seem to matter if they have a boyfriend or even married. I just think there could be that many scandalous women out there?

posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by SasquatchHunter

I love it, you know what Sasquatch hunter, why don't we just run with your idea on this thread.

The standards for paranormal abilities have just been lowered - not surprising if you live in the U.S. - so yeah! Let's celebrate the ones we have

Also real ones, too.
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posted on Nov, 6 2013 @ 12:45 PM
Dont know if they are special powers but i have been involved in at least three life threatening incidents..two car crashes and a out of control car heading my way...Time seemed to slow down or my brain proccesses speeded up..not sure which.

#1..I grabbed the wheel from the Driver..I was the passenger, got the car into a sideways slide and steered toward a Telegraph poll....the other options were a water filled ditch or a head on with a much bigger car.

#2.. Passenger again.. Car left the road doing around 50mph..took off through a fence, i slid myself under my seat belt and got as far down into the footwell as possible...fence post through the window where my head would have been..

#3...crossing road, car comes round the corner fishtailing out of control 20 yards away from me.
I couldn't go back, Metal fence would have given me no room for manouver if the car mounted the pavement on that side...
couldn't go forward as the traffic was flying in the opposite lane, so i ran towards the Vehicle and judged what way his next fishtail would go and side stepped the back of the car...the Car actually clipped my jacket on the way past..
As i said, Time slowed down on all three occasions or the adrenalin boosted my brain function.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 02:03 AM
Well, what paranormal abilities do I technically possess..?

1) Psychic visions. Usually while asleep, rarely while conscious. Extremely lucid. A moment will occur when every detail, from every person in the room to how they are dressed, postured, exactly what words are being said and how and where I am and how all objects are sitting is extremely familiar, causing a strong electrical sensation up my spine (déjà vu.) When this occurs, I often remember when the vision (usually when I was in a deep sleep state) occurred. It seems that these visions are shown to me and very rarely do these events, when they occur, seem to be of any importance or have any relation to anything whatsoever of any use that I can determine.

2) Astral travel. By sheer accident, I can let go at any time and 'wake up' from this dream and find myself in the Black Tunnel. Only my will power keeps it from happening when the 'strange feeling' comes over me. I wrote a thread on this here if you'd like more detail.

3) Psychic insight. Always by accident. I've had some negative experiences with the spiritual and also, I'd never invade a person's mind without express permission (and even then it seems creepy.) But if I shake someone's hand for the first time or if I'm just 'open' in the right way and turn to look at someone I can read things into them. I don't hear their thoughts or see images or anything, I just know certain things about them somehow. By shaking someone's hand I usually pick up on the worst thing about them: they molested a child, they beat their wife, they cheat or steal, etc. Occasionally I can feel a person's thoughts; I sense their concerns and I 'get' what's troubling them.

4) Spiritual linking. For the lack of a better term and to keep this simple, I'm just grouping this as "spiritual linking." When I was little, I could feel the emotions of other kids like they were my own. I also experienced telepathy with my grandfather. I've always had the ability to link with spirits, or more accurately, for them to link with me. I've had multiple experiences with spirits. They seem to be drawn to me, often appearing as lights and shadows, sometimes orbs. On rare occasion, I've seen a shadow man or an apparition. They sometimes speak to me while I am asleep and sometimes while awake (in the mind, like telepathy.) I usually try to avoid this because I don't trust them and it creeps me out.

Note: having these abilities only serves to isolate you socially, as it gives you much to hide, which would only freak out common people. It's not any fun if you can't even brag about having them lol no, they just make life more challenging.

As for photographic memory, no. My memory is not that sharp. Intelligent people (independent thinkers or educated professor types) often compliment me on my intelligence, though. I'm an independent thinker, but then I've spent most of my life thinking (trying to make sense of things (go figure.)

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 07:04 AM
Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is all the same thing that you are talking about. To be honest I'm only 90% sure this is real.

I seem to be able with some people to forge a connection, where I know what they are doing and how they are feeling and also when they are in danger. At the moment it works well with my wife, I go to work very early in the morning, but always know when she awakes. I send her a msg saying good morning, one day she got so freaked out by my consistency to know as soon as she awakes that she searched the house for a hidden camera. It also worked quite well with a friend of mine, but with him it was a two way thing, he could tell the same things about me as I could him, it was a remarkable time, but he got into the drug scene, and that's not something I wanted. I still feel in my mind his presence sometimes. But it is usually of great sadness when I seek him out in my mind.

Another thing that I seem to be able to do, its a little weird, is put my mind in another time, I don't know how to explain it, sort of like teleporting my mind to a place, in the past. I'm able to see faces and movement, but i cant really make out what's being said. I've only done it once or twice before, and I am certain its a real thing because the details and faces that I have seen have been confirmed as real in photographs and peoples testaments after I did it, I mean they were things that I wouldn't have known before I did it. I know I sound like a crackpot but bare with me. I tend not to do this sort of whatever it is because after both times that I've done it, well it felt like my body was intensely vibrating from the inside, and like I was being pulled away from myself, it kind of scared me, and so I don't do it

I hope this makes sense and yeah

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by jmsbkr

A lot of mothers feel a psychic bond to their children. They claim they can feel their child's personality when they hold them as an infant, that it didn't take years for their personality to develop (it was there from the start.) They also feel when they are in danger. I have a female relative who can feel danger in general, usually relating to her. I had a male friend who had a feeling to stop driving one day and then an accident occurred up the road ahead of him (where he would have been if he hadn't have stopped.) So yeah, what you're saying isn't as unusal as you may think.

The time thing is interesting. I've never heard of that before, but I do believe you. It's almost kind of a backwards déjà vu (sensing the past instead of the future.)

I find it interesting how these abilities often seem accidental, as if they were not intended from a higher power or made into being by a person's intention. They just seem to develop by freak happenstance. Personally, I believe we are all psychic deep inside and just tap into it in different ways (those of us who do, I mean.)

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:18 PM
I actually do have one. Its weird but I can sense when something really bad is about to happen when I start feeling extremely nauseous. It all started when i was about 5 yrs old and I experienced it before my family got in a car crash. Now, 26 yrs later, if I feel the same sensation that either means a close call is about to take place or a crash. It's been accurate every single time. Luckily, its not something that I feel often lol

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