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Navy Commander Accused of Selling Secrets for Lady Gaga Tickets

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posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 06:17 PM
Who knew Lady Gaga was so popular with seamen?

But prosecutors in court papers say Leonard Francis worked his connections to obtain military secrets by lining up hookers, Lady Gaga tickets and other bribes for a U.S. commander, in a scandal reverberating across the Navy.

The accusations unfolding in a federal court case in San Diego signal serious national security breaches and corruption, setting off high-level meetings at the Pentagon with the threat that more people, including those of higher ranks, could be swept up as the investigation continues. A hearing Nov. 8 could set a trial date.

Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz passed confidential information on ship routes to Francis' Singapore-based company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd., or GDMA, according to the court documents.

Sounds bad enough so far right?

So far, authorities have arrested Misiewicz; Francis; his company's general manager of global government contracts, Alex Wisidagama; and a senior Navy investigator, John Beliveau II. Beliveau is accused of keeping Francis abreast of the probe and advising him on how to respond in exchange for luxury trips, prostitution services, etc. All have pleaded not guilty. Defense attorneys declined to comment.


This goes far beyond bribery, this guy was divulging the ship movements and changing them at the behest of foreign national yet he and his co-conspirators are only facing up to 5 years. Doesn't seem like nearly enough to me.
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