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In The Box

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posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 06:59 AM
In the Box

She felt like she was running out of oxygen and was sure that in a matter of seconds she would no longer be able to breathe. The fear of suffocating ran through her mind in a wild electric panic, engaging her whole body in uncontrollable spasms. She fought herself from the inside out trying to force her self to remain as still as she possible could and conserve what little air she had left to keep her alive. But at the same time her inner voice was telling her it was hopeless, there was no escape from this. The fear surrounded her like a dark heavy cloak making her feel even more trapped, there was no way out of this.

A memory flashed into her mind of leaving the bar that night and waving to her two friends as they parted company with her to go off to the opposite end of the town as they left her standing at the taxi rank. She could still see their smiling faces and remembered blowing them kisses as they disappeared around the corner on their short walk home. She now knew that they would never see her again. Would they ever know what had happened to her? Would anyone?

He would know.


She started to panic again, as the images flashed into her mind of what he had done to her She had never known such pain or panic before, had no idea that another person could inflict such agony on her. She struggled again, weaker this time, but it was hard to move at all so little was the space that she had inside the box. She got still again, and tried to listen.

There was nothing. No sound except for the beat of her heart inside her head and her laboured breath. She knew that she would die here, alone and in the dark, she would just simply cease to be.

She hoped that when she took her last short breath there would be something, some place that she could go to next. An afterlife.

She was right that her friends would never see her again.

The next day it was all over town that the body of their friend had been found in a wooded area just past the edge of the town. The cab had been captured on camera passing the petrol station near the slip road out of town. No trace of the car had been found.

The injuries she has endured and the pain she must have went through was horrific. She had multiple stab wounds all over her body, although none of them would have caused death. Her breasts and genitals had been mutilated and parts of her reproductive organs were missing from the scene. Her eyes were also missing, having been removed with what appears to have been a very sharp thin blade. The pathology reports however said that the final cause of death was when her throat was cut,severing her windpipe and she would have suffocated to death, slowly, running out of breath.

The whole town was in shock, and scared that they had a psychopathic monster still at large in their town. She was laid to rest two weeks after her body was found, and a huge number of people turned out to mourn the loss of the young woman.

They put her in a box, and they laid her in the ground and they never heard her screaming.

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