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Fuel Tanker Exploded In Parana Harbour In Brazil

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 06:06 PM
The name of the ship was "Vicuna". The port was shut down but has now been opened again. The ship exploded while they were unloading 11 Million liters of ethanol. At the moment of the explosion, the ship contained five million liters ethanol.

Photo: TV Globo/EBU

From: Reuters: Explosions shut down Brazil Paranagua port

Brazil's main grains port of Paranagua in the southern state of Parana closed on Monday after a vessel exploded, a Parana state civil defense service official said.

Out of a crew of 31, four were still unaccounted for and 20 were injured

A Paranagua port spokesman said that the vessel exploded as it was loading methanol next to state oil company Petrobras' terminal where there are many many fuel tanks.

Photo: Antonio Cruz/Gazeta Do Povo/Agencia Estado/Scanpix

From: Xinhuanet: Chilean tanker to sink off Brazilian port

Authorities said that the vessel accidentally crashed into the dock while loading a cargo of ethanol, and sparks triggered by crashing ignited the highly flammable fuel.

The fire caused explosion of one tank, and subsequently the ship was ruptured into two parts, one of which sank later.

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[Edited on 2004/11/16 by Hellmutt]

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