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Senate Democrats Killed Obamacare Grandfather Fix in 2010

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posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 09:40 PM
Senate Democrats Killed Obamacare Grandfather Fix in 2010

Well it looks like even Republicans tried to 'help' Obama and Democrats save face from the imploding "Keep Your insurance policies" fiasco now coming into reality.

People are getting cancelled all over the place as a result of HHS regulations that have wrecked many supposedly out dated insurance policies and are being forced into choosing new policies many of which are more expensive and have higher deductibles etc. etc.

Back in 2010, Republicans in the Senate actually warned about policy cancellations and tried to fix the problem within a legislative resolution.

Democrats killed the idea and thus allowed the illusions to continue.

This lends some credence to the saying "believe the opposite of what they tell you"

Senate Democrats supported rule that led to insurance cancellations:

Senate Democrats voted unanimously three years ago to support the Obamacare rule that is largely responsible for some of the health insurance cancellation letters that are going out.

In September 2010, Senate Republicans brought a resolution to the floor to block implementation of the grandfather rule, warning that it would result in canceled policies and violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their insurance if they liked it.

Senate Democrats Killed Obamacare Grandfather Fix in 2010

2nd article...

In its report, CNN points out that the whole point of the GOP efforts was to protect millions from losing their insurance. So what we have here is yet more proof that the GOP has been warning for years about this avoidable catastrophe, while the media and Democrats covered their ears and screamed happy talk.

Democrats Voted Unanimously for Rule that Led to Insurance Cancellations

U.S. Senate search with supporting documents...
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