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First Netherlands - now Germany???

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 04:16 PM
A report on indicates the rising amount of anger between the German and Muslim peoples. A Mullah was recently recorded stating "These Germans, these atheists, these Europeans don't shave under their arms and their sweat collects under their hair with a revolting smell and they stink ... Hell lives for the infidels! Down with all democracies and all democrats!"
Asked about van Gogh's killing, Ulfkotte said: "The spark could jump over here at any time. We just need a provocation like in Holland. Islamists in Germany approved of (van Gogh's) murder and many of them actually cheered it."

But other experts - while not downplaying threats - warn against being alarmist.

Steffen Angenendt, a migration expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations and member of the German government's "Council of Experts on Immigration and Integration," argues Germany is far better off than the Netherlands.

Holland, says Angenendt, now faces "the rubble" of its failed policy of tolerant multi-culturalism for which it was the European flagship during the past decades.

Please visit the Link provided here or at the top.

posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 04:22 PM
Hey hey.

A couple of nutters going nuts and a rent-a-quote mouthing off and suddenly it's "Holland's failed policy" is it?

By the the 'inflamitory' "mullah"!

Oh I'm so enraged I could start slaughtering 'them' by the hundred about you?

(I suppose I have to make it clear for the lame-brains that that was sarcasm)

[edit on 16-11-2004 by sminkeypinkey]

posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 04:25 PM
does anyone else see that this kind of hatred has got to be supported somewhere somehow? i mean, if ignorance breeds one thing, it's hate... and people who are muslim do not tend to be ignorant. Their leaders on the other hand seem to try to foment this kind of behavior, especially the more famous leaders who get to have articles in media about them.


posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 04:29 PM
What to the Germans expect? The EU countries have liberal immigration policies and this is what they get. Does Germany want to remain a German nation or will it become a salad bowl.

German patriots need to be carefull because they may be labeled Nazi racists if they criticise Muslim immigration into their country.

Muslims And Crime: Muslims in most Western countries have high crime rates. (Perhaps all. I have not seen statistics for all Western countries, but the rates are high for every country I know about.) Their crime rates are high in Australia, Britain, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United States. The rates are high among Muslims from Algeria, Bosnia, Lebanon, Pakistan, and "Palestine". They are high among converts to Islam in the United States. There is a comparative estimate, unfortunately unsourced, in Theodore Dalrymple's Life at the Bottom of the size of the problem in Britain, and perhaps elsewhere.
. . . the Muslim population has a crime rate six times that of the Hindu and three times that of the Sikh . . . (p. 122)
For rape, the Muslim crime rate is sometimes spectacularly high. In this post, I noted that Norway's Muslims, who make up less than 1 percent of the population there, may be responsible for 65 percent of the rapes of Norwegian women.

I have not seen any estimates of the crime rate for American Muslims, who make up about 1 per cent of our population. I did see an estimate that 40 percent of our prisoners were Muslim, but that seems much too high. However, even if it were too high by a a factor of 10, there would still be a disproportionately high number of Muslim convicts.

Now we come to the difficult part. Why are the Muslim crime rates so high in the West? Let me illustrate the two simplest possibilities. First, being Muslim might make it more likely that a person will become a criminal.

Muslim criminal

Second, being a criminal might make it more likely that a person will become a Muslim.

criminal Muslim

Life is seldom that simple, and there are many other possible patterns of causation. The little bits of data I have are not sufficient to test more complex patterns, so I will limit this discussion to these two. (I do think these two are by far the most likely, but will listen respectfully to anyone who has data that shows otherwise.)

Dalrymple thinks that, for Britain, the first pattern is the principal one. Muslims are more likely to become criminals.
Muslim parents are more reluctant than Sikh and Hindu parents to recognize that their children, having been brought up in a very different cultural environment, inevitably depart from their own traditional ways and aspire to a different way of life.
In the United States, the opposite pattern seems more common. Criminals tend to become Muslims. Specifically, convicts, most of them African-American, convert to Islam, most often the Black Muslim variant, while in prison, or shortly afterward. Malcolm X is the most famous example, but there are many others.

These two patterns appear to be in stark opposition. In Britain, too rigid Muslim families, Dalrymple tells us, cause some of the children to revolt and become criminals. In the United States, as everyone familiar with crime statistics knows, it is broken families that produce criminals and, eventually in some cases, Muslims. Is there a unifying principle behind the patterns?

I think there is. Viewed in the most general way, a criminal is someone who refuses to abide by the rules of society. Religious views common among Muslims make it difficult for them to accept Western governments as legitimate. Conversely, for those who have already broken society's rules, Islam provides a system that allows them to stay in opposition to Western society.

There has been a centuries long debate among Muslims about whether a devout Muslim could live under the rule of a non-Muslim. Even now, as I understand it, many Muslim religious teachers believe that they can not. A Muslim in the West will often see the government as lacking legitimacy. A survey in Britain last year, which I discussed here, found that 1 in 5 Muslims in Britain admitted that they felt no loyalty to Britain. Even more may have felt that way, judging by the answers to other questions in the poll. A man who does not accept a government as legitimate will find it easy to slip into crime or even terrorism.

There is another aspect of Islam that also makes criminality attractive, the different status given to believers and non-believers. In many ways, as I mentioned here, Muslims are like a "super tribe", with different moral rules applying to those inside and outside the tribe. A Saudi supported school in Virginia was caught recently teaching its students that it was acceptable to plunder non-Muslims.

You see that even more clearly in the high levels of rapes by Muslims. The young men making these attacks often target non-Muslim women. This column describes the problem in Sydney, Australiaand condemns the resistance of some feminists to admitting that there is a problem.

Australian feminists are not the only ones who resist seeing the problem of Muslim crime in the West. So have French authorities, in spite of some spectacular crimes there. And so have most American journalists. NPR will describe the convicted DC sniper, John Muhammad, as a veteran, but will not mention that he is a Muslim. (One would think the name he chose might be a hint.) We need to confront this problem of Muslim criminality in the West honestly and openly, but we will find it hard to do so as long as political correctness rules our news organizations.

Finally, I should add that, to the best of my knowledge, most Muslims in the West are still law abiding. Some, though not nearly enough, even condemn the crimes committed by their fellow Muslims.
- 5:56 PM, 9 December 2003

posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 04:34 PM

Originally posted by verfed
What to the Germans expect? The EU countries have liberal immigration policies and this is what they get. Does Germany want to remain a German nation or will it become a salad bowl.

German patriots need to be carefull because they may be labeled Nazi racists if they criticise Muslim immigration into their country.

Liberal immigrations policies are there for a reason. Human rights could be one. Germany is one of the more stricter nations in the EU in terms of its emigration polices. The Netherlands has a more open concept, by comparison, by encouraging immigrants to learn the local language and culture. Germanyhas usually expected people to adapt to their nation's culture without any kind of encouragement.

Funny how you posed that statement. Much of the same kind of "nazi racism" can be said of the most recent zionist policies of Israel, and the kind of hatred that government's propaganda mechanism encourages. Take that little apartheid-like wall, for example.

posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 04:42 PM
Since most people are too lazy to read the whole article, let me quote a very relevant part of it, if not the most relevant part:

"Germany has three big advantages compared to the Netherlands, he argues.

First is geography: Germany is not nearly as densely settled as the Netherlands and people have more room. "The Dutch feel as if they have no space," said Angenendt.

A second plus for Germany is that unlike Holland the cities with big foreign populations, such as Berlin and Frankfurt, mostly do not have districts totally dominated by one group. Even Berlin-Kreuzberg with its big Turkish community is still a multi-ethnic society, he says.

Thirdly, integration has generally worked better in Germany than in countries like the Netherlands, Angenendt says. This will improve further from January 1 when Germany's new immigration law comes into force.

Under this legislation all new immigrants will have to take 600 hours German language instruction plus a 30 hour course on German society. In addition, 50,000 immigrants already here will be eligible to take the courses each year.

A further point, not directly mentioned by Angenendt, is the fact that 75 percent of Germany's Muslims are from Turkey.

A survey by the Islam Archive in Soest - which houses a major collection of Islamic books and documents - found that the majority of Turks in Germany do not even practice their religion. "

So, whatever is that nutter mullah saying, it's not reaching people, except maybe a very small number compared to overall muslim population of germany.

As long as the dumbed down media doesn't turn this into some kind of gigantic civilisation and religion clash, everything will be ok.

They should keep an eye on neo-nazis too, I bet they will have something to say soon, about "cleansing" Germany from "dirt" that polutes their wonderful white german nation


posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 04:51 PM

Originally posted by Chuck Stevenson
These Germans, these atheists, these Europeans don't shave under their arms and their sweat collects under their hair with a revolting smell and they stink ...

Hmm last time i checked we Europeans use deoderant and out women folk shave their armpits, unless the Germans are different

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