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The "Arena University"... a thought experiment *OR* Earth 1.0

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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 07:46 PM
I enjoy this forum, because free-thought is a bit more accepted... and I present this as an exercise in thought based upon Einstein's use of "thought experiments"... for instance, while working on relativity he imagined himself as a photon traveling at the speed of light- not something I can really wrap my head around... which is why the man is called a "genius". I based my "thought experiment" on ideas presented here on ATS, the show "Ancient Aliens", science fiction, and my own spirituality. I tried to put myself in the place of an alien race and visualize how things may have happened... this is what I conceptualized.

This is in no way an attempt to present a "working theory", nor is it in any way, shape, or form a presentation of some "cosmic theology" that I subscribe to. It is merely a presentation of an idea...

Arena University

There is a race of beings in the cosmos. This race looks like “us”, but are very advanced. They occupy our known Universe. They are a spiritual, intellectual and wise race. They are each born as a twin, one male- one female.. a yin and yang. They are nearly perfect, as they understand perfection; knowing it can never be totally achieved, yet always advancing ever closer. They have mastered all aspects of time and space… however, early parts of their development have been lost to time, in a manner of speaking. The written records exist, but the experiences long forgotten. At some point, the “teachers” of this race devised an amazing instructional tool. A game of sorts…

Throughout their travels, they discovered a planet inhabited only by primitive life. It had deep oceans, large landmasses, and abundant natural resources. It was perfect fit for their plan. A decision was made, and the planet was named “Arena”. 13 of their best and brightest minds are gathered in a conference to determine exactly how this “life simulation” will operate.

The first task the designers had was to allow relatively long periods of total immersion in the simulation, while allowing each of these “classes” to end in a very short period of “real time”… the benefits are obvious. Students in the simulation can absorb a great deal of knowledge in a very short period of time… like finishing K thru 12 in an hour. College in an hour. Grad school in an hour… etc.

The next task was to make the simulation realistic. A back story, so to speak. The designers knew that their students were bright enough to see through any flimsy plot lines… they also realized that their students, natural explorers, would find a way out of the simulation sooner or later... a unique isolation protocol was devised. Arena and its outlying solar system would be encased in a time-dilation bubble.

Using their advanced technology, the bubble was put in place. One year in the “real universe” now translated to many thousands of years passing inside of the bubble. The bubble had other qualities as well… due to gravitational lensing anyone inside of the bubble would now see the universe as if looking through a telescope in reverse. Neighboring star systems and galaxies, normally millions of miles apart, now seem to be millions of light-years apart… an isolation by illusion on a grand scale.

This bubble also had the effect of allowing the primitive life on Arena to die off on its own, without too much intervention (this race has a prime directive of minimal interference)... in a matter of a few months in “real time”. The game board, so to speak, was now set.

The rules for the Arena simulation were crafted next...

It was realized very early on, that sending a student into the simulation had to occur as a biological process. They had to be “born” into the simulation as a blank slate with no knowledge as to “why” they were there. This allowed students to experience the simulation with absolute immersion: from the time of entering Arena, until “graduation”. The students would have to learn a lifetime of experience on their own, with older students acting as guides through parenting, teaching, mentoring…

The “reality” of the game was accomplished by allowing the universe’s own laws to exist within the bubble. As above, so below.

The architects further realized that the game would seem really contrived to the students if millions of them suddenly showed up at once. They needed “beta testers”.

Thousands initially volunteered with two basic goals: Live a native and somewhat animalistic life and procreate. This allowed the "beta testers" to live in a manner well outside of their comfort zone and experience what their earliest ancestors experienced… pain, suffering, anguish.. as well as wonderment, amazement and the thrill of new discovery… something that had been lost to them in their advancement. It also allowed students to begin immersing themselves in the simulation as offspring of the beta testers… and so things began to proceed.

The 13 game architects now began to mold the plot of the simulation… they based the plot on the evolution of their own race through a time-span of hundreds of thousand years. Students could now experience the roots of their early spirituality as well as the roots of their biological past. The architects could travel in and out of the bubble, from time to time to move the plot along a manner relative to their own species development… yet, it was also kept fluid so the students could learn from their own decisions.

Certain key points of the game’s development had been “scripted”- events that had to happen within the simulation so the student could relate the experience to their own cultural and spiritual developments. Occasionally, the architects would enter the simulation as a deity… other times they would enter as a prophet, guide, or master…

Civilization, religion, astronomy, written language, art, scientific concepts etc. were all introduced to the game at predetermined intervals. Occasionally, certain gifted students were born into Arena with a preordained mission… to spin the simulation… introducing new ideas into the simulation based upon what they had learned as a civilization themselves.

The architects also enter Arena from time to time, as observers... watching the progress of the simulation from high above. Some students are sent as observers as well… living a life within the simulation solely as a recorder, who’s memories of life inside are not only retained by them, but may be shared with others upon their return.

The students enter the game through an advanced soul transceiver of sorts. They are briefed and instructed before they enter the simulation and understand the rules. How long each learning session may last, they understand, is often a combination of their own decisions within the game effecting the probabilistic nature of the simulation, and what they are supposed to learn while there. They further understand that, in “real time” their lesson will only take a short time to complete… but, within the bubble it would equate to an entire lifetime. The students enter Arena with their twin, yet each may have very different paths in the simulation... Other students will enter, many having shared connections with others... they may meet in Arena by design or by happenstance. It is part of the program...


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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 07:49 PM

The very young of their species, as well as the older adults are all given the opportunity to enter the simulation as part of their initial and continued learning. Students are matched to the body they enter based upon what they are intended to learn, or for the older students, the match is made based on the experience desired to advance their individual wisdom. For instance, an older student may have never experienced poverty, yet desires the experience as a means of understanding… he may be born into the simulation in that situation ie. born to a family in sub-Saharan Africa. Another individual may need to learn the responsibility of power… he may be born into a wealthy family involved in politics. Some may just want the opportunity to feel what “illness” is like… as a doctor in their race, this could be invaluable… so they may enter life as a terminally ill child.

Many of their race do not understand the concepts of “violence” or “hatred”, these students may be born into situations that will steer them toward committing violent crimes, being imprisoned and possibly executed.

Some may feel a need for spiritual development, they may return as a monk, a shaman, a new-ager, a Gnostic, a Jew, a Muslim, a 7th Day Adventist, a Mormon, etc. Each of these “religions” as we understand them, are inter-connected in our development. The wars and conquests, the inquisitions, the conversions and all else that come with “religion” are all part of their collective past; hence they are also allowed to play out within the system as well.

Through understanding comes wisdom… and spiritual growth… through both good and bad. This race understands that balance must exist… even this advanced, benevolent race has enemies that may appear as evil, but they gain insight by “walking in their shoes” in a manner of speaking… becoming evil in the simulation to understand evil in the name of peace.

Throughout their lives within the simulation they may be presented clues from time to time. Waypoints presented as déjà-vu, or with visual cues they may not grasp, but notice nonetheless… little nudges in the correct direction from their teachers. Sleep is a biologic need, and is used to teach as well through dreams the students have… even if the student does not realize it while awake.

The students exit the game when their physical body within in the bubble expires. They are shocked quite badly when they exit, yet are at immediate peace when they awake. They open their eyes and realize they are in a school, there of their own choosing… they meet with a teacher to discuss what they had experienced and how it has affected them. They study the nuances of what they had learned, and if needed, discuss when they will re-enter the simulation and what lessons still need to be learned.

This race has now managed to not just learn, but to really understand who and what they are as a species. Every one of them has the ability to live many, many lifetimes in just a few short years.

The architects know that at some point, the simulation will have to end. Universal laws of entropy exist within the system, and although the entire simulation may only take place in a matter of a few hundred years by their view of space-time, many hundreds of thousands of years have passed within.

They also realize that the students, through the evolution of the system, will soon crack the programming code. This was also by design. Cracking the code of the universe, through physics, mathematics, spiritualism and wisdom was how they advanced as travelers and explorers themselves. Cracking the code from within gives an opportunity to all students to re-experience what that tremendous advancement felt like for an entire race.

When the code is cracked by the students, the simulation ends. How it ends has been predetermined, as to when… that is still up to the students. It is a school that has advanced through its curriculum over time toward a logical conclusion.

The architects and students will then decide whether to “reboot” and start the simulation over, or, they may just decide to move on.

Who knows… maybe someday we will all find out…

Just a thought...

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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 09:26 PM
Now that my verbal vomiting is over, I think you can add a few corollaries to the idea...

1. Could not this simulation also be used as a means of discipline... imagine being sentenced to consecutive life sentences, and having to completely live through each and every one of them... yet be able to complete that sentence in a week in their "real time". Rapid re-education and rehabilitation. A perfect prison planet...

2. This time dilation technology could also be used to "quarantine" a planetary system if their more advanced life forms had progressed scientifically, but are "too immature" (AKA- humans) to be allowed to infect the rest of the galaxy... another prison planet...

3. Other races that possess the same technology, yet are far more malevolent could infiltrate the bubble and effect the "curriculum" to their own ends... ala "reptilians" and "greys".

4. Once the simulation were to hit a certain "breaking point"... say the detonation of a nuclear weapon... the architects may further remove themselves just to see how things play out...

5. As the simulation reaches a climax and termination, many students may desire to insert themselves solely to be witnesses... the popularity of such learning could push the population of students to amazing highs... billions of students eager to see and experience the end collectively...

In any case, the parallel I am trying to draw is obvious... we are here... maybe of our own volition, some (or all...) possibly as prisoners, maybe as witnesses... we truly cannot be sure. Life, I believe, is a learning experience... live and let live, learn from each other, but... appreciate it while you are here, for both the good and the bad...


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