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The Teacher (HWC2013)

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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 04:06 PM
Her piercing green eyes peered out behind piceous folds of cottony cloth, desperately trying to decipher how it was she came to be in this place that was no place at all. In all 6 directions all she could see was pitch black nothingness, an emptiness so complete she knew not how she stood. But standing she seemed to be.

Suddenly a light pierced the darkness, just a pin prick at first then enlarging as it slowly came toward her. Finally, she saw that it was a man but he brought with him no light to carry, it was as if he was both man and light at once, the light emanating from his every pore. Sensing power emanating from him simultaneously it made her feel small and weak.

Yet, in his presence you felt cared for like a trusted friend, and he made the gesture for her to sit. She felt completely comfortable suddenly, but she knew not why. That was no matter, head bowed respectfully she still dared not look him in the eye as she waited for him to speak.

Suddenly, letters started falling like rain all around her, touching her hands, melting like snow as they rested upon her clothing. She looked up in question, and he spoke for the first time.

"Take it in, this is what you asked for, it is knowledge."

She began to inhale as deeply as she could, feeling power stronger than anything she had felt before beating inside of her chest as she did. She breathed deeply until she felt as if her chest would explode, then just as suddenly as it began, she was in her bed once more, shaking uncontrollably.

Sitting up she wondered what had just happened, an experience she would never forget. Shaking so hard she could not hold a pen to write it all down though desperately she wanted to record on paper this experience, lest she someday forget. After a few hours as the shaking subsided she began to write.

As the sun's rays poured through the window the next morning she awoke, wondering what had transpired the night before. She did not feel any smarter. It must have been a strange dream she thought. One she would not forget nonetheless. She got up from her bed to make tea then cleaned up and said her prayers just like any other day.

Then she sat to read the holy book for a few minutes as she normally did, but this time, this time... she saw more in those words than ever she had before. Level upon level of meaning, one on top of the other within those same words she realized, what she held in her hand was not what anyone had ever imagined it to be, because before her... written in those ancient words, were the Keys to the secrets of all the universe...
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 04:13 PM
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sorry its probably not very scarey.. was the best I could come up with though.. lol


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