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Question for alien contactees

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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 06:56 AM
I was wondering if there are any contactees out there who have received the end of the world scenarios and which of those is doing the final scenario's concerning surviving a planetary destruction, those with aliens invasions and natural disasters.

I already passed necessary tests and am communicating with those of our next possible homeworlds in case our planet would come to an end. We would become stardust again, get hit by a meteor again and crash somewhere.

There are different possibilities, either crash on a deserted lifeless planet in which case it might take millenia again until life emerges and eventually humans might win domination and reestablish contact through the afterlife and dreams to our current civilization so we can remember everything.

Or crash on a planet which either belongs to a spacefaring civilization which we might connect to at least in their afterlife until the planet which our remnants crashed upon would desintegrate.

Wherever we may appear and for whatever reason, at some point there must be a last soul or spirit which will survive or remain awake during the destruction. This is so that when we awake again, that soul will be awake very soon and we can continue from where we left and as a civilization we might recuperate sooner and rebuild to get to a comfortable level of living.

At some point our planet will desintegrate and this means our afterlife would be temporarily nonexistant. Some humans know how to use the material for references and coordinates but in case of disaster all memories would be unavailable and to retrieve humanity and all spirits one person must awaken the first soul and from there remember everything again. The more people would volunteer for this the better our chances are for survival.

posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 07:06 AM
I'm confused.

You're communicating with people on other planets just in case, in some future the Earth gets blown up?

Could you expand on this part and maybe add in some details like what planets, where in the galaxy, or universe, and who these other people are, what they have to say, and how exactly are you communicating across interstellar or intergalactic distances?

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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 07:36 AM
Is this Op tongue in cheek?

Otherwise I'm a little ( ok, a lot) confused.
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by Dragonfly79

When you state that you have “passed necessary testing,” I am assuming you were run through various character tests (i.e. corruptibility, altruism, etc). If so, I have been ran through dozens of these tests as well and have been shown numerous disasters involving invasions, false gods, natural disasters, etc.

My experiences were mainly the consciousness being placed in a matrix movie type training/testing environment that felt as lucid as any physical experience. “They” could turn on/off your emotions, release previously stored information through a six symbol sequence, basically set-up all mission parameters in the information release/download.


posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 08:19 AM
The aliens who tested and passed me the message said your aliens are delusional. Do not listen to them, they are the Michelle Bachmans of space.

posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 08:29 AM
I'd read some of Dolores Cannon's books, just because she puts things in down to earth ways, yet with a continual joy of learning, of questioning or expanded thought, out of the box. Now, I'd be interpreting the other planets readied, as simply the concept if somethign bad happens here, you may not be reincarnating on earth for a while, which then could mean advancing in spirit, or other planets.

Would ETs take some away. Yes they do. Is that a good thing, well not if pirates have you for DNA for their own races. But that is a past life memory of mine, and it seems children are taken in disasters often. Possibly some adults as well.

But the higher concept is not to have to reincarnate and to get out of this lower cycle altogether. To reach the next stage, and be in better places, whether or not they entail corporal experiences, they would not lose memories.

I've had prepartion for disaster, but as this is not something I believe in, but send SOS up and always seek for ways to help and raise frequency for this planet. So, was not happy with the message and they knew it. So they showed me an image of someone content to be all that, feeling self satisfied of his life, lucky to have a good job, a big screen tv, and very judgmental of the vast majority of human beings squeezed out of comfort and blaming them. And he watches the news, his entertainment, expensive vehicle in the yard. I said, well, he is programmed and not freely thinking, and was told, yes. But...does he not notice starving children on the news, ever???? Does he truly justify his own comfort over their existence????

Then I was told that it was up to us, this was actually in our hands. Like a teeter totter, does earth go up or down in cycles....Disasters depend on the consciousness/gravity of the planet.

And, if something were allowed to happen, negative events, the only reason the dark side is ever allowed to get in hits, is if people need to pull together more ,and wake up more.

Sometimes we have more to learn.

I don't even know if they were neutrals, negatives coding the matrix or positives giving thought. I stood up for what I believe in and that is Good Schools to learn in not hellzones. That this is repulsive and the means don't justify the end. You can't win heaven by harming and traumatizing people.

Was also told on another occasion something that would apply to those who are concerned with amassing more during trials and hard times, while others suffer, or take advantage of those times to become pirates and survive at others expense, AND also applies to all the wealthy PTB mismanaging this planet.

"That those who go to the front of the lineup ,will be sent to the back". And was shown sharing meager supplies as with Christ breaking the loaves and distributing the fishes. This is more spiritual, for in our material world, the wealthy and ruthless usually get ahead. This is showing that they will losing ground in their next lives, going to lower grades.

I don't envision world wide disaster or NWO wins either. But people waking up, clean technology comign out to redeem the ocean, ie. Reverse Sine, and others. And that people gain love and equality and work in their communities for land for all, no homeless, and aquaponics, and then invite healthy to small joyful abundance and creative businesses, even sharing, ie. match a disabled person, or someone with young children, up with able bodied, one will do more work, but they share equally. Be generous. And people only buy from each other. And connect world wide, envisioning, co-creating, meditating and even praying, for the world, for unity, for the grass roots people to gain empowerment and work as first level of government, strongest, that throws out all control systems, simply does not follow bad orders and the power sources crumblng world wide. I see positive results, nothing negative is going to happen.

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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 08:42 AM
However if it does come to something rather large occurring and an exodus, then only the frequency of what are ready for is going to happen. Ie. its like in a game where a new level opens up, if you gain more ground here. This planet is war and starvation and so you have to overcome those elements in you and gain higher mind, love and compassion.

Now every day, people are leaving this planet, in the natural ebb and flow of life, (not withstanding that much of it isn't natural and is done deliberately by dark hands running the planet, so the starving child is a murder victim, the cancer patient is a murder victim, and the families killed in wars, same thing). Nonetheless, most people leaving will not be coming back to planets like this and already understand that these things are very bad, and want far better systems. So, people upgrade every day.

We don't need a planetary disaster for this to be true.

In fact that would be more of dark side succeeding in lowering frequency of planet, and harming world a great deal. And people too timid to grab some bull horns and yell, no!

posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Why are you telling this only here? Why not spread the word.. are you better for keeping this for yourself and small group of peeps here? not sharing with everyone?

Wast majority of peeps are not interested in this in their daily lives, most of them are sleeping while feeding they ego...

We need to speak up loud, in every channel in every possible way. Only the loud message can reach the praying ears!


This topic is for too long taken as fiction and false speculation.. Yet, more and more are reporting the same in their words and expressions.

Countless books and videos, countless forum topics.. where this leads to? As long as we are boxed here - that means nowhere.
Those clever disinfo agents like phage and others ® © would clear everyone with their "proven" science (fiction) facts, that obvious is not obvious and does not exists...

We are one, we should act together, united with shared efforts to get this to the wide public. There should be no fear to talk about this in public as we all more or less have those experiences.

Sex is no longer tabu, wars is no longer tabu, spiritaulity should also be freed!

How is this not real, while nearly everyone on this earth are experiencing this?

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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by amfis

Because the world is not really open to messages like this, and I do post online on 2 forums, both of which have quite a world imprint as it is. And have a big family so this is toeing in on speaking up. Consciousness and awareness is where we win, because even a group of several thousand or less, meditating, can mitigate anything coming in, and when you focus positive goals and images, and this is to me real prayer, you also put the possibilities and capabalities into the grid consciousness, so its open to all. People have windows in their boxes. Its Team work. But awareness is the biggest work and writing posts on forums, blogs, videos, are not only waking the world up, but media is following trends in forums too. So, this is what is needed. Those who go public with information are often compromised, so, not going that route.

By the way, the threads I follow on meditation or envisioning, and have written, don't get strong support. So you just keep testing awareness and readiness

edit to add: The other part of this is quite simple, and its a message that continually flows through me and am even given more inside, so comes directly from cosmic family and soul family. That is due to alot of surveillance including choppers for our sightings, strange cars, strange people with fbi eyes at the door and lots of phone taps, I do actually prefer posting to let TPTB know that they extremely distorted, they're not winning promotions from this, except for the very few who know who they are, are renegde entities/ets and have plans to escape before they're rounded up. But renegades DO get rounded up regularly. I make many posts count directly to them, as to how very wrong they are, that there is a much Higher Power over their dog eat dog universal one, that they have forgotten home, and that cheaters don't prosper all their fine print and legal contracts are null and void, the people will be freed and upgraded, and was even told directly by my contacts that they're chance for making changes and turning their own directions around were closing, that they've been told over and over. I do get messages for them. Not meant to be over intellectualized, highly intelligent and coded, but instead, clear, so they can start the making the changes they've been asked from the true Higher Ups to do.

So whatever will go down, in terms of earth and future plans, if negative things happen, this small group of mismanagers are going to be holding the biggest part of the bag.

That is something that at least is a positive fallout from being monitored. You can speak up and get through to them.

There are consequences for harming a world and its people, and the living library never did belong to them, for it has real creators.
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 09:55 AM
There is a concept that is pushed in religions and the PTB secretly set up for people, that you have to be brave to reach the next levels, they want people martyred left right and center.

The cosmos is sick to death of martyrs. No more martyrs. Do things in the right way, waking people, awareness, gaining unity, but no one is to martyr themselves. Thats just another ritual sacrifice the corrupt leaders want.

In reality we're in a school to gain skills ie: communication skills, overcome anxiety or fear of speaking up, competence in areas. How to teach, counsel, heal, creative skills. This on top Peace and Love. But not everyone can, there are many barely treading water in the world, and swamped by responsibilities. We're to tend ot our gardens first, and family. But push past limits and do what we can. And pass the baton on to others, for some of us already did this in past lives and learnt these lessons of equality and have understanding, and the nudge is to others to gain ground, and to stand with them if enough awaken, but not to martyr oneself.

One of the other messages I got from one who is a hero to me, and was shown station monitoring the sun, asteroid bases, and seemed to work with earth alot, waking people up, and programming information and missions that they were not to get yet, its wiped. As if you're waiting. But he said, "Put your children first, no matter what." He was a father himself and he said he would show me his system, planet, home, but only after I went home myself. If he meant reincarnating, not sure thats what I wish to do however. I always have the sense of Family waiting for me, of something I'm already waiting to pick up on, and know that there is more to do, more helping, growing and assignments, so what is going to happen is what my Soul agrees with only.

We're supposed to make the dough rise up together!
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 10:34 AM
Not sure I am a contactee at all. However, all these things are beliefs and not absolute truths because as I see it, there are levels of truth which is still the truth but there is a greater detail within it but not yet revealed.

Natural disasters provide a way for mass evacuations and an opportunity for more people to do heroic deeds and progress quickly in a spiritual way.

As I have said on another thread, I dont think there is enough discernment of who is being the 'advisor' of these contactees, and their agendas, if there is one, needs to be discovered. There will be those who have agendas which are anti-human and not to our benefit and we need to find out just who we are chatting to so that we can chat to who we think will be a good friend.

In the scheme of things it probably does not matter whether we are destroyed of not as there are always other worlds and other playgrounds but it would be better if the human race could wake up and see what is happening in our back yard. We will all end up back at the starting point but the key thing is whether we end up as pieces of space dust to be sent out as part of some other being or as an evolved spiritual being complete with our memories and experiences.

Not sure about passing tests, I think it might be a level of spiritual understanding, love and compassion which is the requirement for these things and that is an ongoing process. Maybe a teacher is not one who puts themselves out there, but one who gets chosen by the students because they admire the wisdom and characteristics he/she displays ?

posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 10:44 AM
And reminded of this. There is currently a disaster going on, with Fukushima. It is an ELE. That was done deliberately by Rockerfeller and many of the dark hats, planned in advance for many years. Done to fit prophecy even, and also, metaphoric Christ versus Anti Christ. Because Japan is the land of the rising son. And nuclear is Mr Satan, manmade dark sun. This isn't being said in a religious way. It the way dark hats think, like 2 year olds. Lets destroy all of the oceans, and kill sea life, and especially those higher forms of dolphins and whales, like a big sacrifice. They want to be freed, well lets murder them horrifically and set them free. These are very low primitive minds dominating and destroying, sacrificing and harming to serve their own, which feed off of life forces and farm anyone with feelings and emotions they can manipulate. Its both a cosmic and spiritual battle.

The oceans are in bad shape. Methane, Radiation, Crustal Changes, Coexit. Alot of what they're calling cycles is manmade with their radiation, their underwater nukes, their misuse of telsa's frequency technologies.

And the message I got was that humanity needed to pull together to overcome this, not just accept help at the cost of NWO, for example, but a real awareness of hidden technologies. This school was upgraded and technologies given, but the leaders are also tested, everyone is on different levels of soul tests in the universe, from higher up, to lower down. The Source of all souls, Creator, delegates and so every level is responsible for growing and learning to do the right thing.

So when the board of directors of the school got their upgrade for the students, new powerful computers and technology, they stole it. And so...they failed their tests and lost reigns over the planet. This doesnt equal rescue, though it could. But it means they don't have the authority to think there is any legal contract giving them ownership. But what is done afterwards is not necessarily what we want in our bodies. It may be a giant test of spirit. Do we step up together and push for that upgrade that belonged to every human on earth, given to all, to be used to clean the oceans and pollutions and equalize the planet, land and food and farms for all, with clean energy, and no forced slave labor.

Ets don't force slave labor, that is right up there with murder and torture and basic 123''s and ABC's of common laws, thou shalt not harm, includes, thou shalt not steal the people's lands and resources and dominate them or enlsave them.

Everything benefits everyone. There is private ownership or leasing, private lives and wonderful advanced living and culture, but its abundantly produced for all no matter who contributes in this work station, or who takes a time out to be with family.

We need to grow up more.

Every grade is honored. You can't get to grade 5, unless you've made it through 1, 2, 3, 4. So if we're think everything is virtue when its not, and endorse the terrible behaviors of the leaders, and are alseep at the wheel, not seeing through this and seeking answers within, and if enough people can't get together on simple tasks of calling the leaders out and insisiting that the true technology is not only revealed but distributed and the people free, and the oceans, which are the life of our planet, cleaned up, then we are not collectively going up a grade yet. Unless its weighted that humans were unable to wake up because of cheating, or too intimidated, it made to dangerous to speak up united, for it to be fair. In which case, there are back up plans for everyone and everything....
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 10:53 AM
Also, this planet is one of the librarires, and beautiful one. There are many planets overall like this, its a big universe, infinity within and without all things. But, ETs make use of planets, as they can be utlized, inner is common, because in this dimenions or channel, not every planet is like earth. Ets often operate out of bases, or cities in space, create their own worlds in space, that are masked from us. We aren't privy to that, even in our solar system. But worlds/planets, that are populated and nature rich, are not often in this dimension/channel. So it would not be easy to take people off and place them somewhere else.

posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Unity, I cannot agree with the ET's being all love and light. I have been tortured, taken to the edge of insanity before they would stop. Some of them are simply evil, no if-and-or-buts.

IMO, that type thought is what would have a peaceful nation destroyed by an outside enemy.


posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by Oouthere

They're not all love and light. Some are. The true Higher Ups are. Duality is limited so the ocean of the cosmos has a limit to the size of the top predator, though thats pretty much way over our heads.

But its consciousness that matters, that means growth, more love, more understanding of others that if you walked in their shoes, 9 times out of 10, you'd be exactly in their circumstances, and so compassion, and helping to create win/win's, not overburden others, lighten everyone's load. That means growing intellect if possible, better communication, more control over impulses and body suit and lower primtive responses, more art, writing, helping, cousneling, more solutions, energy wise, and scientific, more. Growht of soul orb/consciousness. Fasicsm and the negative side, have a regression of consciousness, less love, less understanding, less awareness, though they still seem to dominate left hemisphere and science if it serves their purpose. Can be very crafty, but not whole and healthy.

The design of the school is opposition and difficulties, and the way out is to see past this and have integrity developed so that we don't follow bad orders, and strive to do the right thing no matter what.

Beehive, this is an interesting concept. In the universe there are both negative and more positive beehives. But even the positive ones are limits to soul/consciousness growth. A negative fascist system where you are an automative clog in the machine of the empire is very regressive. But even a good equal system where everyone follows suit and follows benevolent counsels is not the same thing as individual empowerment and growth of all souls, to freely choose and think for themselves, and grow up more.

Hence the purpose of schools like earth, though not all are in such a state. But I think many are.

The way out is respecting others, unity, but not unity with extreme wrongdoers, but taking the plank out of our eyes and growing understanding of our neighbors so we have compassion and don't blame them for not being the small minority of successes in this world, and start to work together in communities for solutions for all, both freedom and equality and make it easy for chldren in scarsity families, to contribute. Not competition but abundance. There is no reason to keep people suffering in this false system as if its meant to be good for them. No, this system has bad guys with an enormous ego at the top, who have no authority over anyone else and never will have.

And also the message that I gave earlier came out of missing time and what kept pressing on my consciousness afterwards was greys. So they are very concerned about the oceans, and this pod of greys is not zetan, or negative, they're like a pod of dolphins, themselves, possibly related, and they don't need permission to deal with our world, but are more like universal maintenance workers. We wouldn't even agree to come into a system without those who are doing their work.

Another message that came through was related to the one in this post about understanding others and working with them, win/wins, to grow empowerment of everyone.

But also, its a growth of consciousness that is needed. Meditation. Brain uniity, things that unite the hemispheres, Remote Veiwing and abilities, everyone should be joining up and practicing psi skills in their communities and healing skills. And envisioing holding a world of advancement and peace. Its a growth of Mind, Body and Soul. We're always supposed to be trying to find solutions that don't fit into our politics but make others happy, and empower them, get people going, not to the factories, but to their projects and creativity, and also, and right now, we have an out of control group of domimators that are literally bent on murdering people and harming earth to bring in the wrong side. At least that's something that I've thought, give access to beings that need more radiation? Whatever it is, we need to start to unite against this, but do we use pain and suffering and violent means, or do we use our minds, hearts and soul abiliites?

Would wide awake rioters who could harm be more effective than wide awake peaceful meditating guru granny protests for example?

And yes greys have a big sense of humor.

You're not really supposed to or need to even, trust any ET. Thats not even IMO the test, its love and peace and growth of consciousness, solutions, and overcoming intolerance and violence and wounds within ourselves to make a difference, in someone's life.

But they are waking us up now.

Primarily because we were already meant to progress, there has been a long period of inbalance and domination and inequality over this planet,and there are no rights to run it given the ones doing so.

It doesnt matter who we think ET is, its our growth here that matters. And individual growing up, not beehive. Free will growth.
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by Dragonfly79

Many different sources say that the world will go through a rough phase, soon, but will not be destroyed. It is clear from what aliens have said, many times, that they know this 'change' is coming. Personally I am in agreement with the thesis in David Jacobs' book 'The Threat'
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 12:28 PM
The reason it doesnt matter about the change coming, is because earth is capable of being restored at any point, even if in hiberantion, and this only one layer of earth. This isn't about material things its about growth beyond material.

But those doing the bad to the school and deliberately working to fail the students here, are going to be taken to account. Because this vineyard is a living library and has real custodians, and real Creator(s), that are from Source, the ultimate Creator, and the students here are children of these systems and from Source, home. So naturally, harming the school and deliberately making it a nightmare for the students and unbalanced has consequences.

And they've been warned. Which is one of the messages I've been given to give alot.
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posted on Oct, 31 2013 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by Unity_99


That's a very good reply, it seemed your original postings show them to be all good when in fact they are not. I certainly believe in free will, do as you will so long as it does not impose on others.


posted on Nov, 1 2013 @ 09:31 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thanks Unity, you just gave me the right words at the right time.
Now I know what to do.. although I do get a feeling to do some certain things which I'm not sure of.. now, after reading your posts I understand why.

And agree with them.

Thanks again!

And I feel/know it is very real.. I myself had a few encounter with not of-material type beings. But I am unable to explain them.. although.. I feel that it was meant to be for...

Anyhow, I'm on it.

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