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Did I finally open my third eye?

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posted on Nov, 4 2013 @ 08:07 AM
It's wonderful that we can all come together here and share these spiritual experiences, in a group-like and supportive manner, so I am offering a link below to a group of kindred spirits who share their experiences (via audio tape), so that it may help assist those that are leaping ahead before they are ready. Their programs are NOT based on a right-wong or pass-fail model - but, rather, individualistic and personal.

Lately, I don't practise deep meditation alone because I enter into realms instantaneously and it's just too freaky and I am not sure if I am correctly assessing the experience. But, at this time I am trying to learn as much from others as I can. Strangely, though, my spiritual journeys persist via the dream state and/or the resting/daydreaming state.
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posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 08:58 AM
I'm a little confused if I have as well. I've started attempting to activate my Third Eye but so far haven't really had any luck from doing what videos suggest but today was different. I was laying in my bed, relaxing, eyes closed with a blind fold so it was dark. I kept breathing slowly for I'd say around 5-10 minutes. I used to do this to soft music before but it didn't really work. This time I just had some Stephen Hawking voice on Youtube talking about an Arcturian message as I'm really interested in Arcturians.

Anyway, I was breathing and trying to relax for 5-10 minutes, then I started seeing blurred purple bulges in front of darkness, they were noticeable but also weren't at the same time, like I couldn't focus on one, and they were moving around, crossing each other like lights at a concert but not as fast and dramatic. Then they kind of formed into one big bulge in the center and it turned into what I can only describe as really dim light. It might not have been light but it was of the light grey colour. Then I started to hear and maybe feel a vibration near my left Sphenoid/Temporal bone. As the vibrations continued, the dim light started to expand and fill with grain and noise, this is the point where my bodies adrenaline started to kick in and my heart started to race. At this point I remembered people saying they got scared and decided to back out, I almost did but kept trying to concentrate but found it difficult.

I soon lost it all and slowly opened my eyes. My body was cold and shaking, it kept shaking for a good 10 minutes after I opened my eyes and sat up. I think I felt a bit of pressure on my forehead aswell but that might have just be me imagining it from reading that it's meant to happen.

I wanted to hear peoples input on what I just experienced. I want to believe that I have succeeded in beginning to open my Third Eye and gain more awareness and consciousness, but I'm not entirely sure and would really love to hear from others on what they think. Please reply and hopefully I'm heading in the right direction!

posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 09:09 AM
reply to post by jonwhite866

I can only compare my experience with yours, and at first when I would be in the darkness I would be frightened and end it abruptly, such as you have done. But, I perservered and remained in the darkness, waiting, then messages were revealed to me, in clear visions. It seems to me that a vision was forming for you, but you became fearful.

I believe fear of the unknown and lack of knowledge and/or understanding of interpreting these experiences, prevents us from exploring further. The last time I ventured into deep meditation was under the direction of a female medicine woman/shaman because I felt as if she was right there with me, as my guardian, so to speak. In addition, she was able to answer all my questions regarding the message/vision that was given to me. For me, I believe my meditative journeys serve to assist me on my spiritual path. In the end, it is you that must discern and interpret the message, but a little help from those more experienced is always welcomed by me.

posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by InTheLight

I wouldn't say fear is the thing that interrupted the experience. Although I felt a brief glimpse of fear for what will happen, I managed to tell myself that it cannot harm me. It was more excitement that distracted me from carrying on making it difficult to keep it up. I'll try again tomorrow around the same time as I did today. The strange thing was how I managed to do it with something playing that would be referred to as distracting and not relaxing.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 07:07 PM

reply to post by InTheLight

I wouldn't say fear is the thing that interrupted the experience. Although I felt a brief glimpse of fear for what will happen, I managed to tell myself that it cannot harm me. It was more excitement that distracted me from carrying on making it difficult to keep it up. I'll try again tomorrow around the same time as I did today. The strange thing was how I managed to do it with something playing that would be referred to as distracting and not relaxing.

I can understand your emotional response upon entering another plane, but conquering your emotions will reap many rewards.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by ItzShadyT


Have ItzShadyT, have you tried to attempt to connect again? Let me know of anything new you have found out about this.. I am just trying to find more and learn about this more before I attempt it myself. Thanks!!

posted on Mar, 24 2014 @ 01:19 PM
It appears as though you experienced a common sleep paralysis scenario.

posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 11:42 AM
Hey just been googling to try to make sense of my sleep paralysis and came across your thread. I first experienced sleep paralysis a few years ago. I was not spiritual then and after that event i thought that maybe the house was haunted as a white figure came into the room and pinned me down. I couldn't move and tried calling out for help which scared the crap out of my partner as i pretty much sounded like a zombie! I think this happened one more time and then nothing until about nearly 2 years ago and i had fallen asleep on a friends lounge and a black figure kept hassling me and again paralysed and making the weird zombie noise and dreamt that my friend actually come to my rescue but i ended up waking up alone. After nearly 2 years passing i had sort of forgot about it and as of late i have been getting into meditation for sleep which has been fine. Then i came across the third eye and how to wake it and googled to research more and found that people have had bad experiences with it, mainly being coming across bad spirits. I however thought there was more good in the idea of opening the third eye and continued with a few videos on youtube. I think i was getting there with the opening of the third eye, although i am not 100% when exactly you know you have but anyway fell asleep during an awesome feeling that then spiralled into the same sort of experience you are talking about. There was a black figure walking into my room, there was something hanging from my door, i could feel some sort of presence over my right shoulder and yeah pretty # experience all round. This lasted about an hour. I woke up and thought holy crap! Since then i have done a couple of the same videos to see if it was them that triggered it but nothing since and the last time i fell asleep to the awesome feeling i remember with the first night of trying to open the third eye. So that is my story haha not sure if it helps at all but thought i'd add my lil experience as i can't really talk to my friends about it!

posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 10:05 AM
great first thread!

In my opinion it sounds like you've had a sleep paralysis.
I do have them too sometimes. When I had my first I was all scared and so on but when I realized that there was nothing to be scared off I just woke up. Now when i have sleep paralysisIs I just wanna explore them and then I wake up. I believe that they go on as long as you are scared but when you're not, they dissapear.

I have a friend who had it once and he was scared as h*ll and he saw a long man in a black coat and felt so scared. like the entity wanted him something really bad to happen.
I've read his called "Slender man" if you want to read about "him".

I think you should continue to meditate but also on your other chakras

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 12:16 AM
Wow, I'm surprised this thread is still getting replies. I just want to say thank you to all the users who took my post seriously, and actually posted something helpful.

reply to post by ItzShadyT


Have ItzShadyT, have you tried to attempt to connect again? Let me know of anything new you have found out about this.. I am just trying to find more and learn about this more before I attempt it myself. Thanks!!

Define "connect" If you mean meditate, than yes, every day I try to meditate for a good 30 to 45 mins. If you're talking about an OBE, I haven't had as much luck. I do have some very lucid dreams that i can remember pretty well, but as for actually astral projecting, not so much. Also, it's good that you're trying to look into something before trying it. Kudos to you.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by ItzShadyT

Perhaps Im not using the correct terminology /:

I totally believe in this and I definately feel that along with meditation we gotta try to detoxify our bodies and have a healthy diet and more importantly avoid Flouride. I meditate every day as well, with Guided meditation by Kelly Howell; her voice is incredible and helps with the whole process. I feel so relaxed afterwards, as if I have taken a hot bath or the feeling one gets after a hot shower, its strange but I feel very light after each session.. thanks

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 01:12 AM
When ever I slept I always had nightmares. I was researching on how to get rid of nightmares and learned that I could control my dreams. It said when you go to bed repeat this line....... If I start to have a nightmare I am just sleeping get control of the dream and change it. It took many monthsof saying this line over and over till one night I started the nightmare and I heard myself say you are only dreaming get control of your dream and change it. I changed my dream at that moment I took control, for the rest of the dream. I was so excited that it finally worked.

I started researching Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet. I was fascinated by the way he was able to help people through his dreams and accessing the Akashic Records. I finally found where he explained what to do. I started doing that every night for a few months. Then one night I was in the heavenly realm. I found myself in what felt like my house. I was greeted by another person/spiritual being. They were there to give me a tour.

We walked out side and I was amazed at the colors. It was so much more brilliant than here on earth. I was show the fruit tree growing in my front yard. It had fruits on it like I have never seen before. The person told me to taste it. I took a bite and it gave me a refreshed feeling. The person said lets go to town. I asked where it was and she pointed far away I could hardly see it. She said follow me and I said how because it looked too far to walk. She replied just think and she was gone, she was there far away. I'm in shock. How do I do that? I remembered what she said THINK. So I thought to myself I want to be where she is now and in a second I was next to her. I was laughing at how easy that was. She said that's how we get everywhere when we have to go far.

Next she showed me the gray area. You couldn't see your hand if you held it out far in front of yourself. I asked her what this place was. Knowing I was brought up as a Catholic and understood purgatory. She said this is purgatory. I asked why people are here? She said these are people that will not forgive themselves. I asked how long do they have to stay here? Her reply was until they themselves forgive themselves. I asked how do they get out once they forgive themselves? Her reply was (because I believe in God) all they have to do is Ask for God to release them and they are released. She said these are people that feel they don't deserve to go to heaven so they punish themselves. I watched as one finally decided to forgive herself. She prayed to God to release her from this place and a bright light warm and loving came and got her.

She said come on I have more to show you so we went to this huge outdoor looking building. It was all pearl white had old time roman beams. There were pearl white granite beds and people/spirits being treated by angels. I asked what this place was? She replied this is where peoples spirits come when they have had a very long painful death, or died really tragically. Spirits get worn down just like humans on earth and this is where they go to recuperate. The angels watch over them till they are better. It was a beautiful site seeing the angels taking care of the people/spirits.

She said lets go back into town and I'll show you more. We walked into a building I don't remember what it looked like because all I saw were the statues. It was like they were alive there was an essences to them like they had some kind of spirit living in them. It made them look alive. Then we walked in and there where pictures everywhere and they were like they were alive also. I saw a picture of trees and stream and it looked like the stream was flowing and the trees looked like the leaves were in a slight breeze. Everything looked alive. I asked where we are and she replied the living museum. I asked where all this comes from? She replied it's everything ever painted or sculpted on earth. She let me look around and touch a few things before we left.

We next went to the Akashic Records/Library I was shocked at how many books were there. She said it's every book ever written. I didn't know that many books were written. This place was huge! She told me to pick up a book. I told her I'm not a very good reader, and she said go ahead just pick up the book and flip through the pages. So I did, and the information in the book just flowed into my mind. I turned to her and said I could read all these books with no problem except the one's in different languages. She told me to try one of them. So I did, It flowed into my mind in my language. I was totally shocked. She said anyone has access to all that's here. I wanted to keep flipping books and she said we don't have a lot of time left you can visit here when you return.

So we went for a walk in the park that had a stream. I saw children playing in the stream. I said that looked like fun. She said go in the water. I told her I didn't have a change of clothes. She said it would be ok just step in. I walked into the water and I could feel the energy flowing into me. I felt physically refreshed. I was splashing around and went under water and I didn't have to hold my breath. I could stay under for as long as I liked. I jumped up and told her about it. She was laughing and said she already knew that, and said come on we have more places to go. I walked out of the stream and as I was getting out of the water my clothes were totally dry. She knew that look on my face and said the water in not like the water on earth it's a different material but yet you can drink it and get refreshed the same way.

As we were walking I heard this amazing music and singing. I asked her what that was. She said it's the angels singing in the colosseum. I asked if we could go there? We went to the colosseum and it was an old time roman colosseum filled with all kinds of spirits and angles singing. Music I have never heard on this earth. I never wanted to leave. I just wanted to stay and listen and join in. The sound is something I will never forget. It is in my heart and soul forever.

She told me we had one more place to go. She led me to a stairway and told me to go up. I asked if she was coming and she said she was not allowed, but I was to go. I didn't understand but did go up the stairs. When I arrived at the next level I met an Egyptian man he put his hand up for me to stop. He said this was where I was to come when I was done with my life. I was not allowed to see anything but him. He told me more things that I can't remember. And then I woke up.

This is what I was allowed to see after living in pain for 8 years. I was struggling as to why I had to suffer so much and that's when I was told in my brain it was the lesson I had chosen and this was my reward for accomplishing my lesson. It was as loud in my head as if someone was standing next to me and talking to me. But I was alone.

After this I started getting more dreams.

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 09:05 PM
Hi everyone , I am new to the forum .I wanted to thank all of you for sharing your experiences , it's always good to be able to relate .I dont have nothing to add about sleep paralysis other people already did a good job

One or two things I have noticed about the third eye . It can come and go .
I have been meditatimg since im a kid and im now 28 , and throughout life changes , sometimes the 3rd eye comes and go .As it is highly connected to your emotionnal state , your third eye can sometimes feel like its gone(even if its still here) and its obviously related to the number of minutes of meditation (hopefully hours!) you can dedicate yourself to .

I have noticed as well that the more you practice meditation , the more you are inclined to see inter-dimensional entities .
Some believes that channeling is a form of meditation too. I hope i could help

posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 11:26 PM
I have posted this story to many other websites in the past hoping to get a response to what I had experienced but I feel that this is the only place I might get some Genuine answers for what I experienced, from what I have read though out this post there isn't anyone that judges harshly. I am hoping to get a reply but I don't know what I'm going to get back. Here we go I guess.

I believe in the existence of other dimensions, right now I am 20 years old, with me saying that I believe this then covers most to all the things to do with paranormal occurrences and metaphysical abilities.

What I am trying to say is that when I was younger I think I unknowingly past into a sort of astral projection of sorts. It happened from the years of 6 - 9, I would have night terrors, when I was younger I didn't know what they were all I knew is I would have the same dream of trying to solve an impossible puzzle or move an impossible object to save my mothers life it was always my mothers life, during the stages where I would awaken from the dream still in a lucid state there would be things in my room eyeballs watching me and my parents would be there I could hear them speak but couldn't see them like I was looking though them the only person I would be able to see was my brother, well sort of his body was there but for some reason although I can't remember what it looked like but his face was never his face if that makes any sort of sense. These night terrors stopped all of a sudden when I was at the age of 9, where I also experienced something similar to what people have been calling shadow people, I awoke one night sweating I was not paralyzed like most people I could freely move, I placed my foot out of the bed to cool off, then something caught my eye in the corner of my room near the foot of the bed, light shone though the window from the lamp post outside and it cut though the figure in a way, meaning it didn't show a face but i could see the light hitting the wall behind the figure, I wasn't scared at first I though it was my mother I had the feeling that it was her so I asked, "Mam?" ans it didn't answer this is when it struck me as strange why would my mother be at the foot of my bed at this time of night of course it wasn't her as soon as this realization set in the figure grew in size reaching to ceiling that's when I pulled my foot back into bed and sat there staring it seemed to feed on my fear at that point, then I pulled the covers over my head and yelled for my mother a few moments late my mother ran into my room light switched on, I asked was she just in the room of course she said no and after that I never did have a night terror again nor did I see the figure, but I do feel like something remains in my house did it manifest itself into my night terrors or was it one of these shadow people or an entity from another dimension. Anyway after growing up I started to look back at the night terrors and research what might of caused them there was a lot of information regarding theta/beta/alpha brainwaves during sleep and how breaking the REM sleep cycle to fast can cause a night terror.

Then I found a article a few months back I have to apoligise I can't remember the source, anyway it said that night terrors in children can be caused by them accidentally crossing over into the ethereal or astral plane of existence, and this is why memories are distorted from children who have suffered from night terrors.

The questions I want to ask is:
- What are the chances that I did in fact cross over.
- Is it even possible to do it by accident.
- If I attempt to open my 3rd eye would I be in danger.
- And would the entities be dangerous?
- Finally would meditation be the best course of action?

posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 08:34 PM
Okay bro what you had was called a demonic attack an attempt to take control of you. a reply to: ItzShadyT

posted on Jun, 28 2014 @ 11:44 PM
a reply to: QCBEAST33

Is that so? Demonic you say? Because I've had at least 6 more experiences similar to this since I posted this thread. Is this bad?

posted on Jun, 30 2014 @ 03:26 PM

originally posted by: ItzShadyT
a reply to: QCBEAST33
Is this bad?

Yea bro better ask Jesus to save you because as of now your eternally damned!

Haha no, sounds like you had a legit experience. Don't listen to fear mongering. I was told I need to accept god after becoming spiritually active, like they were scared for my safety..

Do you meditate on your chakras etc or just in general? Have you had any kundalini experiences?

posted on Jun, 30 2014 @ 03:44 PM

originally posted by: ItzShadyT
Howdy fellow ATS members. Most of you probably haven't the slightest idea who I am, but I've been around here longer than you might think. I've known about ATS for a solid year now, and only just recently made an account. This is my first thread, so please go easy on me.

Anywho, 4-5 months ago, I was no stranger to chakras and meditation, but I never really got into either. Than my friend introduced me to the concept of the Third Eye. This intrigued me, so , with the help of google of course, I began to study what the philosophy and history behind the Third Eye stood for. Long story short, I was pretty astounded. After a good week or two of reading other peoples experiences and thought's about the subject, I figured I'd give meditation a go. About a good month and a half later, I was pretty comfortable with the concept of meditation. That being said, I tried to move on to the next step and try and open my Third Eye. Now, I'm a pretty lucid dreamer, and have since I can recall, been able to remember my dreams pretty vividly. And have always enjoyed dreaming, whether it be a nightmare or a dream, it was all an enjoyable experience to me. Back to the subject at hand though. I tried to take the next step and open my third eye. After a couple days of practice, something weird happened. It was after at least 1:00 Am, and I was laying in my bed, getting comfortable and beginning to start meditating. I started to focus on my Pineal Gland, (I won't go into details unless someone asks me too.), but eventually I started to hear/feel this small vibration all around my body. This, as I understood, was part of the process of opening your Third Eye. And no lie, I got kind of excited because this was my first succesful attempt at AStral Projection. After that is blurry, as I don't really recall much from my transition from awake, to asleep? Unconcious? I don't know how to really put it.

This is where things got sketchy for me.

I wake up, and my room is almost entirely black, which is normal because I don't have windows in my room. But I felt weird, and really groggy so i thought I'd just woke up. Quite the opposite, as I would realize later. I'm sitting up in my bed, and everything gets really heavy. The air, my body, just a really bad tension floating around in the air. Than I start shaking and I'm starting to think I'm having a seizure or something (Which I've never had fyi). Instinctively I look up into the corner of my room, and standing there is this BLACK figure with what I can only guess is hair, floating around and above it's head. And it's just sitting there, looking at me. I get scared of things, I'm human. But this was different, I'd never felt anything like it before, and a sense of intense dread just filled my body. And the weird thing is, I couldn't move. I'm just sitting here, looking back at this thing. A fuzzy buzzing noise is filling my head, not sure if it was trying to communicate with me or? Anyways, right after that this thing starts to move really slowly towards me, and once it was a good 2-3 feet from me, I FORCED my self up out of my bed and started running upstairs (My room is in the basement) as fast as I could. And than I woke up just like that. BAM. My heart was beating too fast. Turned the light on, looked in the corner of my room where the thing was, and thankfully, the corner was empty.

The story above is infact 110% REAL. It DID happen. As I can picture in my mind everything that happened perfectly, and have been since it happened. So if you're going to comment on this saying "proof" or "fake" or any of the sort, you can see you self out, no disrespect.

My question to you ATS Members with some knowledge on meditation and the Third Eye, Is was I astral projecting? Was this thing I seen from the Astral Realm? A few people that know about the subject that I talked to, said it was very likely. As Negative entities can appear often? As they put it. Like I said above, I enjoy dreaming, all types. But this was something that I had never in my life experienced before, I could PHYSICALLY feel everything. My bed, sweat on my body, the ground when I was running, and most importantly, that feeling of pure dread. Ever since that, I haven't necessarily been scared to try and open my Third Eye again, It's just I've been reluctant. This happened a 2-3 months ago, and before I take my journey any further, I want to know if this is just a one time experience? Is this supposed to happen? Is it BAD that this happened? Is it something other than a being from the Astral Realm? If so what?

Thanks in advanced for the advice and replies. Any kind of helpful insight will be extremely appreciated.

Next thing you know, you screaming "I am not crazy"..

It was a poor joke.

cheers, lad.

posted on Jun, 30 2014 @ 03:57 PM
a reply to: booyakasha

I am very interested in this whole third eye thing. I have a few questions as it sounds like you are very familiar with this topic. If any of these questions come off mean sounding I did not intend it.

First off, are these astral projections basically just dreaming while awake? You had mentioned that if you come from a place of fear you will manifest fear, if you come from a place of sex you will manifest someone to have sex with. This is exactly what happens to me when I fall asleep. I would say I am a very advanced lucid dreamer without really trying to be one. I can control a specific dream, wake up for a few minutes, and go back to sleep and continue the dream in the exact same spot and remember all of the details.

So I guess what I am trying to ask is, how is dreaming different than an astral projection? Does lucid dreaming lead into astral projections? If you are a lucid dreamer is it easier for you to have astral projections?

posted on Jun, 30 2014 @ 05:05 PM

originally posted by: CosmicDude
reply to post by ItzShadyT

Sorry OP, I can`t help you. I only open my 3th eye when I go to the toilet and the only sensation I feel is a kind of relief, nothig else, but I wish I could have the same experience as you
....Anyway S&F from me to your 1st thread

How crude

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