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How To achieve Light Body - through eye Meditation.

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posted on Oct, 30 2013 @ 02:55 PM
Dear ATS Members,

It is been long time that i posted anything on ATS, today i need to share about my spiritual experience. all the information has come through my meditation.

Read from Here.

Steps to achieve Light Body [All information shared is from my own thought and experience)

First Step. Understanding

.Mind,Body,Soul are connected.
.Medical science believes three cells that not being able to reborn are brain cell,spinal cell and the sensory cell of the eye, Which is not true by our current science.
.Our task is to make this 3 Cells reborn again with Fresh DNA code or structure.(Facts are there in Internet)

.Eating Non Veg,Drinking,Smoking damages DNA we require to stop those habit other wise Light body cannot be achieved(do Google if you want to Learn more) Keep open mind.
( _assay)

Second Step. Realize

.The majority of the approximately 100 billion nerve cells in our brain and spinal cord are born — through a process known as neurogenesis — before birth and will last a lifetime thus cannot be reborn.
.Most cells in our bodies’ organs and tissues, such as the liver, guts, or skin are continuously renewed and get DNA structure copy from 3 Major Cells,Brain,Spinal,eye.
.How do we make 3 Major cells to REBORN again?
.yoga and Meditation was proven effective on brain and spine alone.Changes was not effective because body was not ready for acceptances of awakening certain structure of our brain some times did more damage to brain because activating parts of our Brain which require more time adapt to body.We Require Guru or some assistance other wise this could be Dangerous Process called awakening kundalini without New DNA structure of 3 Cells or put it as you have not cleanse your Body.
Thus you will end up in samadhi stage and not achieved Light Body.

Third Step. Awaken

.One Mediation which was so cripty and has roots in freemason and other secret societies from christan,egypt to India was eye meditation.
.vallalar spoke about eye meditation this was clearly explained in
.How to Cleanse body or make 3 Major cells reborn again.what type of mediation you will use who will guide you?
.I had taken Deeksha from Guru Shiva Selvaraj in 2008, He has initiated me and thought EYE mediation.Though i Never believed in existences of GOD i Followed my Inner voice or heart what ever you call, I Just followed it.
.I never understood in the beginning later everything i realized from eye meditation experience.
.when i start meditate pure sensation in my eyes make tears it is pure spiritual Phenomena for which i don't have any explanation,It feels like my eyes are on fire.
.During Beginning stage i have questioned myself and Guru insisted to meditate so i empty-ed my mind started to mediate.
.I started to search about the meditation and found it was so secret even vallalar was so crypty about its explanation.
.Every one with eyes or blind from Birth has kind of passage to cleanse the body.

All Below Transformation Begins after removing 7 veils in eyes,which is cryptically told in Sathya Gana sabai.

.First Pure Body Body This is the first transformation to Light Body.Brain cells will have capability to regenerate to adapt to body changes which is safer for kundalini awakening.
.Second Om body higher then pure body were spinal cells will have capability to adapt and regenerate forming safe passage of energy flow of body.
.Third intention body cells on eyes will have capability to regenerate last stage we will have achieved transformation to light body were we will go inside of our eyes to source, our physical body transforms has pure energy.
Just like Black Hole in universe were all stars end up in final journey.Its true that we Humans are Divine spark of Light

Hope you guys understood. if siddhas had written above text long back we would have stamped this information has garbage,Due to that reason they have created stories,scripts etc. so one day we will understand their wisdom.Keep open mind what is said here is just one grain of sand.
You can ask me Question Thanks for Reading

Please visit below link were you can link up with my Indian friends and read topic on eye meditation

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 07:09 AM
Please read this spiritual books you will find many answers here. Trust your Gut Instincts if it says to read the book.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 10:04 PM
Hello Arcot, thanks for posting this.

I've stumbled upon this totally by accident. I first felt the funny feeling below my belly button, then the feeling of orgasm started with each inhale. Then I started bringing the orgasm feeling up to my chest, then to my head.

With each breath new insights, realizations, insights came. First it was about my individuality, and pitfalls. Then it expanded beyond individuality, and first became the globe, and then started becoming the space. I hope this make sense. This is the zone where the sound meets the sight.

It's like light bulbs are being turned on inside, as everything is actually happening inside, and the outside is a pure reflection.

I'm currently experiencing how much of a lonely spot this is. It's almost like I'm coming to full realization of myself and it's too much. It's beyond fear, it's purely an uncomfortable zone.

There's an engine running down in my belly now. It's almost like an circulating engine that's operating down below. The orgasm feeling is always present and my attention dictates the octaves in my body. My whole nervous system is awake!

At first this was balanced as I was having insights, and realizations, and also having physical symptoms. My imagination on who/what I might be stretched all the way, and now it seems like my body is trying to catch up with it.

I take a breath and I don't have to take another one for god knows how long. It's like riding a wave. My head starts feeling like crystals. Solid and shiny.

I just wanted to say thank you for posting this.

Sometimes it feels like I'm loosing my mind, but seeing this encourages me.

My heart is thankful...

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 12:43 AM

originally posted by: BlueZen

Sometimes it feels like I'm loosing my mind, but seeing this encourages me.

A mind left alone is a dangerous thing.

I know how you feel, and I was sort of advised by others it's lonely the further up the spiritual ladder one goes.

There are others who are just like you, just have to find them! Synchronicity will kick in if you seek them out.

Keeping a mind busy or on a task isn't a bad thing. Sometimes the activity has to be mindless for balance.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 02:25 PM
a reply to: kodasaufa

Thank you for the encouraging words.

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