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Latest: Woman hostage shot does anyone care anymore?

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 12:12 PM
Margaret Hassan has been reported as being the latest hostage to have been killed.

Tue 16 November, 18:09
By Seif Fouad

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Margaret Hassan, a British aid worker kidnapped in Baghdad a month ago, has probably been killed, her Iraqi husband and British diplomats say, after viewing a video apparently showing her being shot.


She has been married to an Iraqi and has lived in Iraq and helped for many many years.

So technically she is more of an Iraqi than she is British, yet these so called human terrorists killed the "infedel"

This is different in the way that she is a woman and theres two things which upset people more, any harm to women and children as they are seen more as innocent as any other human.

The point in this post is that because there has been so many beheadings and killings in the Iraqi war that we have become more and more used to this type of thing and it does not shock or surprise us anymore?

I mean lets say there was news that "Woman hostage has been beheaded" BUT this was reported LAST year it would have caused shock and anger more than it does now.

Im not saying i dont care but i would have been more shocked this time last year if this had happened but for some reason because of everything that is happening in Iraq it hasnt so much surprised me as i kind of expected it eventually.

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 01:32 PM

Come on people i want your views on this, took me ages to get this thread back
My fingers are killing!

The video is apparently not on the net yet but heres a little info....

Al-Zarqawi and his men have been blamed for numerous deadly car bombings and the slayings of foreign hostages. More than 170 foreigners have been kidnapped in Iraq this year; more than 30 of them have been slain.

Hassan lived in Iraq for 30 years and married an Iraqi. She was a citizen of Britain, Ireland and Iraq.

In its statement, her family said: "Nobody can justify this. Margaret was against sanctions and the war. To commit such a crime against anyone is unforgivable. But we cannot believe how anybody could do this to our kind, compassionate sister.

"The gap she leaves will never be filled."

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