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The Universal Dodecahedron and The False Realm

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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 11:31 AM
Dear ATS
First off I wanna say I searched the forums to death and found many mentions to the above, but threads died off way to soon, and no clear answer has arose.
Amitakh Stanford (a.k.a xee-at-twelve) has been debunked by some, but not by all.

Okay so to the topic


Who is writing all this at Who "came up" with it? I noticed many of the theories, especially about the "dark universe" and the dedocahedron theory comes solely from Amitakh Stanford (

Now. Who is coming up with this, WHY are they coming up with this, WHAT is the purpose, and most important question.


When reading website many things strike me as nonsense, while I still don't feel very easy reading it. It is like I've tapped into a knowledge not known by common man, and that it just might be crazy enough to be true.

What I am asking of you, dear dear ATS
Can you please debunk the whole of and xee-at-twelve?
Especially this part, which is fundamentally alarming.

The Universe

Darkness, also known as "Satan" or "The Devil," created the universe (and, this includes the higher, non-physical dimensions, too). He is holding all of us captive inside of it. The true creator of existence lives in a different realm--the True Realm. The universe is indeed a crude pseudo-creation, and everything in it is based upon programming (e.g., DNA). There is no programming in the True Realm, because it is not a virtual reality, it is simply reality. In the True Realm, crude concepts such as time, biological life, karma, and physics do not exist. Only Darkness, who is a pseudo-creator, would create a realm that is based on such things. Anything that is "technical" or governed by rules or restrictions (which, by the way, is everything in this universe, with the concept of "karma" being just one example) is crude. The True Creator does not need to rely on any rules. That is why this universe is the Matrix--it has rules. It is a virtual reality, as opposed to reality.

When one dies, then goes on to the astral world (the fourth dimension), in between physical incarnations, they are still inside of Darkness's universe. And, even if one "ascends" beyond the fourth dimension, into a higher dimension, they are still inside of Darkness's universe. The only way to get out of the universe and into the True Realm is for the universe to be destroyed. One cannot "ascend" into the True Realm.
The False Realm
The False Realm that Darkness created is made up of 12 universes. What we call "the universe"--the universe in which we live--is merely 1 of the 12 universes. Each of the 12 universes is shaped like a flat, 5-sided pentagon (the universes are flat relative to each other). The 12 pentagons (universes) are connected together, forming the 12 faces of a dodecahedron (a dodecahedron is a polyhedron with 12 faces, where each face is a pentagon). More info here.

"The largest of the pieces used by Darkness in creating Its Virtual Reality are universes. Universes are relatively flat pentagons. Every universe has its own multitude of dimensions contained within its borders. There are only twelve universes. Darkness connected these twelve universes together and formed the Universal Dodecahedron. The 'parallel' universes are those that are on opposite positions of the Universal Dodecahedron. The Universal Dodecahedron was set into motion and also spins 'perpetually.' It also appears to be a sphere because of its rapid motion" (Amitakh Stanford, "The Twelve Universes Are Pentagons").


If you havent already, I encourage you to read the complete works of xee-at-twelve website (
and of course the Truthism website (
If not for real knowledge, then just for kicks.

I read almost EVERY SINGLE article on xee-at-twelve in 2007 and it basically changed my life. To the better or for the worse I don't know. But it did indeed have a very strong emotional kick.
The last article she wrote on xee-at-twelve was about the Rescue Mission being "complete".
However there are more questions raised, than questions answered after reading it.

Im sorry for a messy post, I hope you can see clearly what I'm trying to write.

posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by alienDNA

Thanks for the thread and also the links. You simply have no idea how grateful I am. It seems for me to be the piece that was missing when I wrote one particular thread here on ATS where I got absolutely slated and ridiculed.
Heres you sitting with the links to sites that could of been helpful at the time lol.
Yet again thanks.
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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by alienDNA

I have not looked at the website completely yet, but I did give it a quick once-over and it seems to be rather in line with other New Age philosophies (by the way, there is definitely a change happening from dualism to situation based thinking).

This piece about the universe being based on rules, well, that much is true, what we really have here is an allegory that is promoting modern feminist philosophy.

I was just reading an old textbook of mine, "Ideological Voices" and back when I was in college using it in 2006 or so, the feminist chapter was at the end of the book and we didn't even go over it. But now, in 2013, most of the book is irrelevant except for the Feminist chapter in a lot of the world, especially liberal zones.

So I guess what I am saying is that what is called Marxist Feminism and the New Age belief system that was laid out on this website is definitely a prevalent force in today's society. Most of what I have looked at so far is consistent with itself and other websites and sources I've read about in the past. It definitely seems to be linked to Marxist Feminism.


There are two exceptions to this rule regarding the New Age movement becoming a prevalent force in politics, in the U.S., for example, we seem to have polarized into these Marxist Feminist zones and some kind of Neo-Fascist zones, so those Neo-Fascist zones are not going to have a functional Marxist Feminist belief system like this except on rare occasions.

The second question is, how long can the system last? Are male's brains able to function in a society that is not based on duality, but on fact? A lot of males I know today are starting to lose functionality.

As a psychology major, I know that neurologically, it is entirely suspect that males are going to be able to adapt to Marxist Feminist society except on rare occasions and possibly if their neurology is changed due to technology access or society shifts the male role.

The third question is, if large portions of society polarize into Neo Fascist and Marxist Feminist zones, especially in the U.S., how stable are state relations going to be? Fourth question - regarding the eventual fate of the male who is unable to function without duality, and the eventual fate of the family unit -

Fifth question, which is pertinent, this system seems to be decidedly anti-Christical. There is a lot of prophecy regarding something like this coming up right about exactly now and lasting for around 30 years, towards the end of which society will be in massive decay and Christ will return -

A lot of that prophecy is shaping up as mentioned, sources from Nostradamus to other Catholic prophecies mention the last Pope (of which we are now in, I believe) to be the anti-Pope - and look how the previous Pope had to step down, he is even still alive right now, I bet you anything he had to step down because he was not able to lead the Church during this time period in a traditional fashion.

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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by alienDNA

What a sad website. It always makes me sad, when "truth-seekers" have "found the truth".

My story is different. I'm not sharing it. *smiley*

posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by alienDNA

Sorry if my post doesn't seem relevant, basically I am saying that the website you found is as real as the Bible, which is pretty damn real in the way it affects society.

I was thinking about the male role in a Marxist Feminist society and came upon the conclusion that it would be possible to bypass the disability men have (which is primarily a shortage of pathways between their left and right hemispheres) using electronics.

Because when a man plays a game, the game does the processing for him - or on any electronics - you have these electronic worlds that I believe are quite suitable.

An interesting thing to note about this is that there is a theory that Grey aliens gave the technology to Apple to create the pictoral operating system, one that is modifiable by the user, that we see today in pretty much everything electronic. This operating system also probably included networking - as Grey aliens are known to be telepathic.

It is also true that the Grey aliens that are on intergalactic or inter-dimensional escapades are all male - the females live on the Homeworld. I think it is interesting that our advances in technology have, in fact, mirrored Grey alien psychology when it comes to adaptable, pictorial operating systems and telepathy.

posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 02:53 PM
I have got to say that the 'Truthist' site starts off ok...ish a bit condescending but sort of acceptable but then goes into the realms of the absurd to utter stupidity. Ha.. the Sun is what shape now?

A crescendo of psychosis is reached though, at this point:

Women are ultra-impressionable beings and therefore are easily controlled by aliens and the elite. The main purpose of women on Earth (that is, what aliens have programmed them to do) is to enslave men via relationships. Women are obsessed with relationships and love (due to alien programming), and don't care about anything else in life. They would have men believe that being in a relationship is one of the most important things in existence, not realizing that men couldn't care less about being in a relationship--and rightly so. Furthermore, women force men to waste their precious time and resources on them. This demonic charade (i.e., relationships) has gone on for far too long and obviously has no end in sight. Thus, you can blame women for the downfall and utter hopelessness of humanity.

Make no mistake: It is indeed tragic that a man cannot satisfy his sexual needs without also getting trapped in a relationship at the same time (otherwise, he will be accused of rape, since non-relationship consensual sex does not exist on Earth, due to the aforementioned programming of women). Demonic enslavement traps such as this are the standard modus operandi of the Reptilians and Darkness. Now, just imagine if you had to buy an entire pizza restaurant just to order a pizza--an evil absurdity indeed.

Another thing that makes women insufferable is the fact that they are, essentially, babies. That is, they possess the emotional maturity of a 4-year-old boy. Women cry, throw fits, and need men to take care of them. Um, adults shouldn't need other people to take care of them.

All in all, women promote the enslavement, rather than the liberation, of humanity. It's bad enough that aliens and the elite already control us. Now, throw women into the equation and you have absolute misery. They are like sheep dogs helping out a shepherd (hence the term "bitch," in case you didn't know).

And to think, women are actually proud of their controlling ways. What a disgrace.

This is the ranting of a person with serious issues!!!

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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by Threegirls


Real mommy issues there!

I always thought it was men who had the most to
answer for in the world.. all the raping and pillaging
and forcing their hierarchical structure on everyone.


posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by KellyPrettyBear


To be quite honest I'm a bit offended that the OP is asking "Is it real"? ...Er no love, it isn't!

Now... is it written by reptilians who wish to discredit the truth with such utter excrement? Well that I can not answer
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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 03:11 PM

reply to post by KellyPrettyBear


To be quite honest I'm a bit offended that the OP is asking "Is it true"? ...Er no love, it isn't!

Now... is it written by reptilians who wish to discredit the truth with such utter excrement? Well that I can not answer

WE are the monsters in this world, haven't you noticed?

All the beautiful plants and animals we once shared this
world with.. the sapphire skies and amazing oceans..
so much beauty.. and we are sucking it all dry and
leaving the ravaged carcass behind..

IF there WERE reptilians here... the only reason would
be to take lessons in evil school from US.


posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by Threegirls

Well "love" , what says about women is 100% true. I never once questioned that.

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 12:14 PM
Some of what that website says is true, I've done a lot of research and some of the information presented on there correlates with what I have found.

However I know that that website is at least HALF B.S. based entirely on the Women's category. I don't have to point to anything else just that utter S!*#. I mean - effing really!? It would be one thing if the man said some women or even most women are like this, but ALL women?

I AM a Women and I sure as HECK don't care about relationships, I care about love, platonic love. but sexual love, the love that you get from being in a relationship means nothing to me.

That ENTIRE little category sounded like a rant from a BOY who had been spurned by a women in a previous relationship, most likely because SHE would not DO what HE WANTED.

The website is interesting though, there were a lot of good thought provoking points brought up throughout. However how he speaks to the "average ignorant person" is quite disrespectful and offensive. Was no one else offended while reading though that, really?? I mean offended for the people who ARE actually ignorant like he describes, there was absolutely no need to address people in such a disgraceful way.

It just seemed very detrimental in trying to get his point across and enlighten people. "Let me educate you on some seriously left field information AND insult you all at the same time!" Yea, that'll bring people around REAL quick - or make them hit the freaking back button.

So, yea. I'd say that SOME of what the website says is true, but all you have to do is look at the Women's category to know that a lot is false.

posted on Oct, 27 2013 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by alienDNA

This seems true, except it is light that is creating illusion, giving people visions, making people feel happiness and love to manipulate them. Light gives appearance, form - structure ORDER

Darkness breaks it down.

There are no "holy" numbers, shapes, or colors that is all a part of the universal structure/order/light matrix

posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 12:10 PM
Gonna try bumping this thread a little bit as i still havent got any answers and the website is still at large.

Someone here must know how the writer is and WHY he is doing this, and where this information comes from..
Ill buy pretty much any explanation at this point.

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