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When Despair from all the grim details of the world you know it sets in- there is Hope

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posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 10:55 AM
Hey guys, I've been away from my computer for a while. Miss you guys and all the great conversations we all have. This topic won't be too long, I won't document my sources simply because this if more based out of personal opinion. For all of you who have been seeking the truth, and who make a conscious choice to lead with your heart and love as opposed to the ego/flesh and hate, for all of you who will say what needs to be heard even when it's not popular or you know you will be criticized , sometimes even persecuted for it. You guys all need to know you're blessed. There is a struggle of light v.s dark in the spiritual realms that without doubt utilizes planet earth as it's playground. None of us are at fault for this condition, and none of us asked for our planet to be this way. Yes, we all have made mistakes and are imperfect beings, But all of you who are truly seeking to do the right thing . and truly seeking to find the truth and live in love with all your heart when it all comes to that fork in the road moment, all of you will be blessed beyond belief.
Many times I'm sure we find ourselves in a situation similar to Neo ( played by Keanu Reaves) in the movie the matrix. when Morpheus says this to Neo - " This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."
It is painful to see a world in such distress, it's even worse when you look around and it seems like the majority of people have chosen the blue pill and elected to take the easy way out. Ignorance is bliss as the old saying goes applies to our state of affairs on so many levels. But Most of us here probably realized a long time ago, that we decided to take the red pill, we have decided to find the meaning of life and take a stand for what is honorable and sacred even if it kills us! And the biggest 3 reasons why your life may seem immensely more difficult when you make this stand I believe are as follows

1. You now have a spiritual bulls eye on your back and are a target- The demonic realms at play in this world always seek first to convince the masses they don't exist primarily. If you don't believe something exists, you are that much easier to control, manipulate and deceive. If a soul moves past this and comes in tune with truth however, these dark realms unleash a different energy and will use the tactic where they use cleverly disguised half truths that they foreknow will infatuate you, but ultimately when it comes to the crucial topics they will lie to you- the individual at this point will find themselves extremely confused, possibly depressed, lonely, and experience information overload where they don't know who to believe or what to believe anymore. The demonic attempt here is to break down a good man/woman and have them compromise on what they know.
the final stage of the spiritual attacks emerge when the individual has prayerfully, diligently and passionately worked through the lies and began seeing the model of God's complete truth, and love on a level that seems unfathomably large and beautiful. They will be terrified of individuals who are wise enough to completely see their plan, and anticipate their moves, lies, and deception. And of individuals who have integrated that wisdom and aligned it with their hearts and souls and made a vow to live for the truth , and spread the truth and love at all costs. This is when end game tactics are unleashed, simply because evil ultimately knows it will be defeated, and when it begins sensing their time is near, they will do everything in their power to destroy you, destroy knowledge, destroy every virtuous thing that comes from love and God the source of that love.- Never be afraid though because the larger the bullseye on your back grows, the more resources will be sent to protect you from God's kingdom of light.

2. Spiritual Realms aside- their will be escalating problems you will now be facing in the physical realm- This is because The Elite are initiating protocols upon this planet and have been for quite some time- to rape the planet of it's natural resources, to control and even poison the food supply, to control the medicine that may be needed to heal after you get sick from their very poisoning of this food supply, they've managed to create a society where everything is monitored, and money is completely controlled by the Rothschild's banking family. So not only are individuals finding themselves, sick, malnourished , in need of medication and broke. They are than being told when they're the most vulnerable that all they need to do is trust in government, work hard and be an upright citizen. But the game is rigged, because the majority of people are not sick and resorting to crime because they're evil people, they're doing it because their environment is sick! and they are feeling the repercussions of a fascist type authority.
This is just a scenario I've played out with examples, but the truth is hidden in plain sight and nobody can deny that. The illuminati are terrified of free minded, wise, spirit filled, hard working, courageous people who will not be bought, or compromised. They thrive off having us dumbed down eating GMO's, listening to Hollywood trash in music, chasing fantasies and living in a life of bondage. The reason they do this is because they are controlled by the demonic domains who use these people as a vessel to initiate their plans for humanity.
NO matter how hard it gets, and it's only going to get worse... don't ever stop believing how cherished, loved and wonderfully created you all are. We live in a free will universe, and if Evil can design the most horrific technology to initiate genocide, than imagine what Good can accomplish when we get creative? Jesus said if you have "faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains." This wasn't some law of attraction sales pitch to his disciples, this was a promise not just to them but to all men and women.. that when you believe in something so firmly, and lead so strongly with the heart of a lion the physical laws of the universe can temporarily cease to be, because you are now entering into the spiritual domain and filtering that world into this existence!
Learn to grow your own food, take a course in CPR, network with trusted communities and lean on each other in a loving, caring way while you pool resources together, and blueprint what you would do in certain emergency scanerios, turn off the TV and go out into nature more, that friend you've been meaning to call now but have put it off for ages because you've been buried in your work- call them, and be a rock of support for them. Drink Alkaline water, exercise, and I promise you this, not as a preacher, or an authority type figure. If you truly seek the truth with your heart, not your mind, nor with the world's definition of truth seeking, but if you truly lead from the heart and ask what your purpose is in life, ask If God is real, ask God to reveal himself to you. Than the Lord will change your life forever. I promise you God does not care about your social status, he only cares about your heart. The bible is truly a mysterious book, that is deeply imbedded in cryptic texts for a reason- because only the seeker can find it!

posted on Oct, 26 2013 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by freedom7

Great points.

Paragraphing about every 5-10 lines is essential if you want folks to read it. . . particularly those with old eyes. Walls of text are almost painful.

Thx for your courage.

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