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700 IRS Contract Workers Owe $5.4M in Back Taxes

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posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 02:13 PM
Nearly 700 employees of Internal Revenue Service contractors owe $5.4 million in back taxes, said a report Wednesday by the agency's inspector general.

More than half of those workers are supposed to be ineligible to do work for the IRS because they are not enrolled in installment plans to pay the taxes they owe.

Unlike other federal agencies, the IRS requires employees and those who work on agency contracts to comply with federal tax laws. That means they have to file returns on time and either pay all the taxes they owe or enroll in a payment plan.


These bastards...where do I start ? I remember sub contracting for them, working on the e-file application. When they "interviewed" me for the security clearance, the jackass made a point of sitting down, and then slammed his revolved down on the table in front of him next to his paperwork with his eyes locked firmly on mine as if I was some detainee to "crack"....Talk about rent-a-cop mentality.

And yet they let jerks with $5.4 million in back taxes "slip" through and work?

Oh, and I'm including the photos below. This is of the "status" outside their Shady Grove (or the other end, Silver Sprint, cannot remember) metro station HQ building in Maryland. To say that these statues are not masonic in origin, well, you be the judge. The third photo is OF an actual masonic set of statues out side of a Masonic Temple.

Decide for ourself.

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