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Transfers excluded, JPMorgan Chase is Wired ! Or, no, the rumors are FALSE.

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posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 02:02 PM
The rumblings of capital and currency controls are causing a stir among perceptive financial observers. You do not have to be a business-banking customer to fear the consequences of restricting the transfer of money. Both domestic and international wires no longer being available to be sent from a business savings account, may seem unimportant to the average Chase customer. Many do not have enough money on deposit to pay the wire fee. However, the kicker is that you can still receive wire transfers.


I know there are two other threads on this already, but this morning I got sick of it and decided to do something about this.

I called a corporate banking assistant that my company does routine business with (whom I have a casual friendship with) at HSBC, and I asked them point blank if ANY of the allegations of a bank run, or if banks are cutting off the ability to initiate outbound international wire transfers by small banks and or individuals.

Guess what, he laughed. There is simply TOOO much money to be made in offering these services to turn it down.

People, stop believing EVERYTHING you read. Think it through for yourself. Think about what you would pay to send a relative overseas, or in Mexico or Canada that $500 USD that they desperately need, and you're only all too willing to help out.

Now, multiply this by the number of people EVERY SINGLE DAY that find themselves needing to do this to help out friends and loved ones. This is some SINCERE cash.

I stated this very same thought process to my friend at HSBC, and he laughed, saying "you nailed it right on the head, my friend."

Try thinking. It works. Fear is a crutch.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 02:53 PM
Heres the forbes explanation troof
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