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Is the YPO where the NWO'ers get their start?

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posted on Nov, 16 2004 @ 03:36 AM
The YPO as in Young Presidents Organization - is it the start for all of the newbie NWO'ers??

First post after lurking a while on ATS and lovin' it so go easy....

The YPO or the Young Presidents Organization for those not up on the lingo or in the know could be where all of our newbie NWO'ers get their start - yes??

For more info, you can check out for more info but they started in the 50's, had their first international member from Germany - bling, and have as their logo the dreaded pyramid - bling bling!! Are we on to something here or not?? I've known and worked for 2 YPO'ers and they seemed normal enough although one did go to Yale and I've no idea if he was an S&B (as in Skull & Bones) member, but who knows??

Then again, I came here as a debunker/lurker and must also point out why I think the whole NWO thing is major bunk. Here's why:

More that 7.1 million people in 2002 worldwide were classified as HNWI or High Net Worth Individuals, with assets not including real estate of equal to or over $1M US... and they had in 2002 like 26.1 Trillion USD - yes TRILLION in assets. Link is here and it’s not a bogus one

There is no way these people are going to go quietly into the night so to speak as we work for them and they work for the big boys that have the major cash and they will NOT let their lifestyles go quietly anywhere.

No way - they are small to medium business owners or mid level employees of the big firms and they like their vacations and yachts and strippers and consumption too much to ever let that get away from them and there is no way there are 7.1 million people in on the whole NWO thing or we would have heard about it yes - no?? Hell, who's going to serve their coffee or make their beds or shine their shoes if we are all locked up in some concentration camp here in the US or killed because we oppose the NWO?? No way, unless the Illuminati/Bilderbergers/MJ12 want to make their own lunch or tend their own gardens - then again maybe those Grey or Reptilian or Nordic aliens have some auto garden or server bots they never show us - hah hah..!!

So that’s my take – any comments?? I mean, how could all these people from various countries and backgrounds with major bucks ever let their lifestyle go quietly (or loudly) into the night. No way in my book – they will scream bloody murder and I bet they also have nice gun collections to boot, so they and their servants will come out shooting from their mansions if anything goes down.

Just my take – have a good read and enjoy the links and I welcome the feedback and yes, ATS rocks..!!


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 01:48 PM
Thought I had heard of it all (private groups) but this is new to me. Interesting. I can readily agree with your conclusions.

This goes in to my conspiracy folder with a dozen or so others. I'll look more in to YPO.


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 02:24 PM
I think, but im not sure, i have heard about this before.
Its a very low event and isn't really spoken about in the mainstream media, which isnt a suprise really. Anyways, excellent post for your first one

posted on Apr, 12 2006 @ 08:07 PM
My parents were in YPO and went on to WPO, I went on one of their family vacations and it is just like a mobile club med. The main benefit is it helps better network international money to those people who aren't into secret societies by taking successful people and putting them in social situations with all kinds of other industry leaders. all of it is a large variety of activities (ranging from kayaking, hiking to shopping,shooting and helicopters) many not available to the regular public and lavish dinners. But all in all is nothing really more than a rich persons vacation club. I did get to touch a shrunken head that one of the speakers had, and bill gates was scheduled to speak at one trip i know.

the logos for ypo and wpo are blatently illuminated. anyway thought i'd share that, anything about them i would like to hear. I mean its obvious the nwo would have recruiters and evaluators or whatever planted within, but anything about the founders, etc. would be interesting

posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 10:15 AM
It's ONE OF the starting places, I'm sure.

Get real here, there are more than 7 million people who are "in on it", but there are only a few thousand on the top. Do you think they would be talking? They are under OATH to their sick death-gods not to speak. And THEY believe in this stuff, even though most people don't. Those people who come in here to denie everything about NWO, ARE NWO.

"There is no such thing as NWO" HAH! "Who's controlling it?" THE STRONGEST OF THE BAD GUYS. "Wouldn't they need a huge organisation?" THEY HAVE IT! Freemason groups ALL ANSWER TO HIGHER LEVEL GROUPS.

I shouldn't have to explain it REALLY, because it's VERY SIMPLE. INTELLIGENCE SERVICES draw on the knowledge of satan, which NEVER changes, and has been around forever. Do you think WE INVENTED spying and black ops? The Carthagenian navy had a SECRET NAVAL BASE, with HUNDREDS OF SHIPS, right under the nose of the ROMANS!

NOTHING IS NEW, and I am starting to get a freaky enjoyment from telling people how wrong they are and educating them :-) and not because it makes me feel knowledgeable, because this is really all public domain if you "log on to the ether-net", "expand your mind", etc etc..


Heh, the last three sections in my post, I was thinking of the thread I read right before, about "THERE IS NO NWO". But it's just as valid information in here as anywhere alse ;-)

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posted on Apr, 17 2006 @ 05:05 PM
I would imagine anyone in NWO would have to have its start in the mysteries. Otherwise they would be just another group of idiots.

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