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McDonald's own help hotline has admitted its workers are paid so poorly they'll have 'no problem

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posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 01:10 PM

McDonald's own help hotline has admitted its workers are paid so poorly they'll have 'no problem' qualifying for government assistance such as food stamps.
Chicago mother-of-two and 10-year McDonald's veteran Nancy Salgado made a call to 'McResource' recently, asking for help paying her heating bill, feeding her children and getting her sister medical assistance.
Instead of discussing a raise - Salgado has been on $8.25 an hour for a decade - or offering health cover, the representative said Salgado, a full-time employee, 'definitely should be able to qualify for both food stamps and heating assistance.'

McDonald's told CNN that 'the McResource Line is intended to be a free, confidential service to help employees and their families get answers to a variety of questions or provide resources on a variety of topics including housing, child care, transportation, grief, elder care, education and more.'
But according to the network, the hotline is not open to all McDonald's workers as franchise owners need to pay for the service in order for their employees to access it.
The clearly dedicated operator said: 'We can be a good program. We can do a lot of the leg work that takes a lot of the stresses off of you making a million phone calls trying to find services.'
News of Salgado's experience comes a week after a report found that more than half of fast food workers have to rely on public assistance programs because their wages aren't enough to support them.

Read more: -complains-afford-feed-family.html#ixzz2ifEc6Wy6

There is a real problem in America...

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 02:10 PM
This is always a tricky subject. On one hand, a person working full time should have secured a at least lower middle class standard of living.
On the other hand, its freaking Mcdonalds. you stuff burgers in a bag all day, hardly rocket science and can (and will) be replaced with a simple robotic hand and a vending machine interface.

I think the best thing then is not a demand minimum wage be raised, but a new social program erected where if someone is working for minimum wage, they qualify for free educational vouchers to be used in any trade school. that way they can spend some extra hours taking courses locally that will improve their chances of digging themselves out of the hole of minimum wage. This makes more sense than any lengthy welfare assistance. far more productive, and a better payout for everyone involved (including government).

Burger flipping jobs are normally the domain of tweens and the like whom spend most of their cash on cell phones and shoes...its not meant for a proper life..yet as society drifts more into automation and destruction of the middle class, more people are finding themselves in such a role. retraining for adults is in order.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Dav1d

THE REAL PROBLEM is that the signing of the World Trade Organization allowed corporations to outsource high paid jobs with no penalty (Tariffs) and the sale of US technology to China (both thanks to Clinton) On top of that you have H1B visa holders taking many of the top us jobs because they are cheaper than Americans and illegals scrambling to take the rest.

Now the USA is a country of government employees, temporary workers (Kelly) burger flippers (McDonalds) and sales clerks (Walmart & Home Depot). (Top five US occupations by company)

A quicky on the history of the demise of the USA:

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