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On false hope.

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posted on Oct, 22 2013 @ 08:46 PM
It is the most sadistic weapon ever created. Every brutal genocide minded freakshow since the beginning of time has used this tactic to prolong thier inevitable demise. Such a waste of time and resources. Why do we falsely hope the jerks in this world will pull thier head out? Is it because the dirtwads only have enough manna to project one false hope..and we know we pick the most positive thing to hope falsely upon..that way win or loose we have been as humane as possible? well thats a load of crap Sir.
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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 07:48 AM
Of course this is War I speak of...a not so well known war ...of silence and suggestion..and bullets that penetrate the mind without causing physical pain...worse...confusion, uncertainty, who am i? They say self defense is ok? Try to retaliate in this loose. The enemy attacks relentlessly, and our only weapon is tolerance and humanity...sometimes id really much rather use a machete.,
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There is a town in ........, most of you have probably never heard is a center for an obscure but very influential cult of SRA, adults and children. My x wife is trapped in its snare, which means so are my children, i refuse membership at every turn and try to convince the x that she like so many others in history, fooled by money and influence, i also believe they are using research chemicals and high end black market technology to keep people in 'line'. company X companies...the power side owns the tech side. Drug fueled sex parties...which in and of themselves arent a bad thing, but they are used to blackmale, and consolidate power. Thier reach is fairly substantial. I have been 'fighting' them since my daughter was born.
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There are rouge elements of the military involved, the churches, schools, eveything. I have reported child molestion , and...nothing, they actually locked me up for reporting it. And it was my child-children. She has drugged me on more than one occasion, and of course the false counter accusations fly around like crazy.
Dont necesarily think its the companies in and of themselves...but the influence is so great...the dont bother krazier than they are. But my x and a small group of her kronies have yet to wrap thier twisted washed brains around this fact...time...but my kids are growing...i suppose its nothing new, been going on for years and years....dont get me wrong I think there are some decent people there...maybe...but i KNOW there are some very negative ones.....
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Hell, they have a huge fiber hub right here in town, so crying out for help on the internet...even in code is impossible...what do i do? I know ill weed eat a crazy offensive mural into the grass in the backyard..maybe someone will see it from space and at least i did.
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I am the swinging D that found this web-site, supposed to be all about finding the truth...and these people i speak of took it over. And nobody hears my or my childrens cries.
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