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Michael Aquino Pyramidimusings

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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 01:46 AM

There are red markings on stones within the relieving chambers made by the builders to identify their placement in the structure and the gang responsible for placing them.

For the record, the burden of proof lies with the person proposing the theory.

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But when one assumes the conforming 20 year 100K men explanation, no substantiation or evidence is needed at all. You just have to declare it.

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 05:08 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Actually the laws of physics do prevent giants, depending on how big a 'giant' is.

A cross-section of a limb scales as a square of its length, while it's weight is cubed. So if you keep making it bigger, the weaker it actually becomes, because it can't move it's own body weight. King Kong would have broken his leg had he taken a step with it. The Colossal long necked dinosaurs are theorized to have spent most of their time in and around bodies of water to support their massive weight. An carpenter ant can carry up to 50 times it's body weight while and elephant can only carry roughly 1.4 times it's body weight.

Of course, this assumes you're dealing with normal flesh and blood as we know it. Giant cyborgs could be a possibility

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 05:42 AM
reply to post by maquino

Hi Maquino,

Good post. Lots to discuss.

SC: The GP and Giza date to 16,940 BCE (almost 19,000 years old). The evidence that proves this is right there at Giza.

MQ: Scott, let's see if we can zero in on this a bit ...

John Romer, The History of Ancient Egypt
In distant prehistoric times, both the Nile's flow and intrusions into the [Mediterranean] sea into its delta had been so violent as to delete all record of earlier human activity [in the greater Delta/coastal regions]. In the seventh millenium BC [c. 6,000BC], for example, the Nile had flowed so fiercely through its delta that it had channeled into a single outflow into the Mediterranean, the so-called "Great River", which had run from due north from the ending of the valley's limestone cliffs ...

The ancient Nile was different from the modern river too, its flow much stronger than it would become in later phases of its history. In consequence, the beginning of the delta, where the fast, wide river broke into half a dozen different streams and spread out like a fan, was further south than it is at present, at a point where the valley cliffs nip close together near the pyramids of modern day Saqqara.

So as I understand you, you are taking the 3 Giza Ps back roughly 10K years before Romer's 6KBCE superflood, which would mean that it wiped out everything except them [and the Sphinx].

SC: Not just the Gizamids but those at Abu Roash, Saqqara, Dahshur and Meidum. In short, the first 16 pyramids the AEs constructed as per Plutarch’s Myth of Isis and Osiris which tells us the body of Osiris was divided into 16 parts (some versions say 14 parts). The AE Pyramid Texts inform us that “...this pyramid... is Osiris... this construction... is Osiris...” On the basis of these fragments or ‘clues’, it seems to me that the first 16 pyramids were (or rather, became) the ‘body of Osiris’. Indeed, if we ‘join the dots’ of these first pyramids we find—somewhat curiously—that they present to us a rudimentary match-stick Osiris:

MQ: Simplifying, this is the "knowledge preservation" theory: Smart people in -16940 knew that the whole enchilada was going to go down the tubes 10K years hence, so they built 3 time capsules strong enough to survive it, along with a big cat to keep them company.

SC: The AEs were most certainly anticipating a great Deluge—the Deluge of Thoth—and this is why (so they tell us) they built these first pyramids, to preserve within them “...all that was of esteem in the kingdom...” (Saurid). This would typically have included all manner of tools, sacred texts, many types of seed, many types of storage/distribution vessels etc. And this is, of course, what has actually been found, or at least some remnants. No body of any AE king was ever found, as I am sure you know.

“one day the Nile will rise and cover all Egypt with water, and drown the whole country”
( - Illustration by Gary Osborn)

The problem I have with this is not that there aren't all sorts of mathematical & geometric formulæ reflected in the GP's construction, but that there's simply no way it could "teach" these things to the next batch of dry humans. They would have to discover such things for themselves, then recognize them to also be in the GP [just as our archæologists have done].

SC: I know many theorists suggest all manner of mathematical knowledge having been encoded into the pyramids, pi ratio, phi etc. My own personal view is that these ratios can work their way inadvertently into the proportions of the structure i.e. without the designer ever being aware of them. All the designer need do is to design the pyramid’s proportions using the circle thus:

The Gizamid Proportions from a Circle

It is hard to know what knowledge, if any, the designer’s of the ‘Recovery System’ would have placed within the various internal vaults.

QM: It also stands to reason that if you're going to build three waterproof time capsules, they'd be much more practically laid out inside: rather like the Ford Knox Bullion Depository, with lots of sealed interior rooms [you didn't see the real thing in Goldfinger].

SC: They completed 16 ‘pyramid recovery vaults’. If you look at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and compare its chambers and passageways it is not so different to what we find in the pyramids.

QM: If you needed more than one, they'd all be the same size and configuration,

SC: Not necessarily so. Take the 3 main Gizamids for example. Their proportions can be determined from the Orion Belt stars using a simple, systematic technique, thus:

Giza-Orion Blueprint

I agree—the designer’s COULD have designed all their structures more or less the same if they simply wished to construct recovery vaults but there were others aspects to their plan—they wanted to use these self same recovery vaults in such a way (configuration) as to also commemorate or ‘register’ the time in which they were built. A bit like the star map in the forecourt of the Hoover Dam complex that uses the stars to commemorate when the dam was constructed. The pyramid recovery vaults do the same and they do it in a quite ingenious way which requires the size of the Gizamids to be the different sizes that we observe. This is partly explained in my previous book The Giza Prophecy and is explained further with additional evidence in my new, forthcoming book The Secret Chamber of Osiris. I am presently in the process of creating a Flash presentation to more easily demonstrate how this is done. I will post when I have it finished.

QM: ...and for maximum survivability you wouldn't put all three in the same place. Suppose the whole Giza plateau had disintegrated?

SC: They didn’t—they placed them from Abu Roash in the north to Meidum in the south.

QM: If you were worried about a superflood, moreover, where would you build your capsules? Right next to the river that was going to kick ass? Well no, you'd find the highest, most solid mountain range around and stick them up there, right?

SC: Certainly there were practical and logistical constraints. The fact is the AEs built all these early pyramids on the high plateaus where there was immediate access to limestone quarries.


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edit on 23/10/2013 by Scott Creighton because: (no reason given)

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 05:50 AM
Cont'd from previous....

QM: So we've got to find a way to explain the 3Ps being built right next to the Nile, with only a few impractical rooms and "stored knowledge" that must be prelearned elsewhere.

SC: Actually, the combined storage space within these first 16 pyramids far exceeds the storage capacity within our own Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Again, not sure what “stored knowledge” you think might be ‘stored’.

QM: And we've also got a bit of a neter problem. The gentlemen who wrote The Orion Mystery proposed that if you took the arrangement of the 3Ps [upside down!?] ...

SC: This is essentially the ‘Krupp-side Down’ argument you are referring to, first posited by archaeoastronomer, Dr Ed Krupp, of the Griffiths Observatory. Dr Krupp’s error is that he assumed the AEs would have used the same cosmography as modern scientists do. Dr Krupp failed to understand that there is another cosmography that is just as valid and which essentially debunks his two cardinality issues. Dr Krupp also failed to recognise that the AEs regarded south (not north) as ‘UP’.

QM:...and compared it to the three middle stars of Orion, it was identical. [Some astronomers have suggested it wasn't at all, but let's give TOM the benefit of the doubt for the moment. The next question is: So what?

As best as I can make out, the big deal about this is that Orion = Osiris, who was the Egyptian god of death and resurrection, so positioning the 3Ps to hint at him was supposed to be a warning that humanity was going to do the same thing.

SC: The Orion constellation was (or became) the stellar personification of Osiris. The Belt Stars (and only the Belt Stars) were used (like the star map on the forecourt of the Hoover Dam) to allow the designer’s to register the date the structures were built. Nothing more, nothing less.

QM: Once again I have a bit of a problem with the obscurity of this message. In our own "post-superflood era" it's taken only 5K years for someone to notice this. And then again: So what? The pre-flooders already knew what was coming down, which is why they built the time capsules, right? They didn't need any Orion-reminder. And if it's supposed to mean something to us post-flooders, what that is is not very clear.

SC: Why did the designers/builders of the Hoover Dam place their star map in the forecourt? They didn’t need to do that.

QM: Also there's the little problem that Osiris had nothing to do with the constellation Orion, nor did he even show up in Egypt until the V Dynasty [cf. Chapter #2 here.] When he did check in, he was associated with the Moon; cf. Lockyer's Dawn of Astronomy, et seq.. All of which means that if pre-6000 BCE 3P-builders were aligning them to the Orion constellation, they wouldn't have had the Osirian myth-cycle in mind.

SC: From Legon’s site that you referenced:

”... Although it appears that in later times, the meaning of the word S3h (or the plural S3hu) was extended to refer to the constellation of Orion as a whole, yet the Egyptians never lost sight of the fact that only one star in this constellation embodied the spirit of Osiris… - John Legon

SC: This concurs with my own view that only one star (Al Nitak) in Orion’s Belt came to embody the spirit of Osiris (Sah). And certainly the Pyramid Texts of the 5th Dynasty is the first time Osiris appears. However, these texts are the first and oldest religious writings from anywhere in the world. This does not preclude other writings before them that have never been found or are forever lost to us. And what we find in these texts is that Osiris is being referred to as a god. It took Imhotep over 1,000 years of AE history to finally become deified. Makes one wonder how long Osiris had been around before being deified in the 5th dynasty? Certainly a number of Egyptologists are inclined (even with physical evidence) that Osiris more than likely pre-dated the 5th Dynasty Pyramid Texts by some considerable way:

"While there is every likelihood that the Osirian material in the Pyramid Texts derives in part from a much earlier date, so far it has not proved possible to track down the god or his symbols tangibly to the First or Second dynasty." (Emphasis mine). - John G. Griffiths, The Origins of Osiris and His Cult, p.44

"Although there is a strong likelihood that the cult of Osiris began in or before the First Dynasty in connection with the Royal funerals at Abydos, archaeological evidence hitherto does not tangibly date the cult to an era before the Fifth Dynasty." (Emphasis mine). - Ibid.

"The myth of Osiris seems to be an echo of long forgotten events which actually took place." - Walter B. Emery, Archaic Egypt, p.122-23

"Much points to the conclusion that Osiris’s story was cloaked in a veil of distant antiquity even at this [Fifth Dynasty] early date. The discovery at Helwan of a very early Djed symbol and the ‘girdle of Isis’ (Isis being his female counterpart) shows that during the Archaic Period (Dynasty 1 and 2) Osiris’s cult already existed." (Emphasis mine). - Jane B. Sellers, The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt, p.6

“It is, however, well known that the position of Osiris as the god-man was well established in the minds of the Egyptians at the beginning of the Dynastic Period, and that he was even at this remote time regarded as the head of a small company of five gods, each of whom was endued by his worshipers with human attributes. (Emphasis mine). - E. A. Wallis Budge , Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection, p.28

QM: Identifying these problems doesn't get us any closer to clicking the Rubik's Cube of the GP into place; at most it just steers us away from some blind alleys. I do tend to think that Romer's 6000 BCE superflood [and presumably its predecessors] is part of the key. Giza being located at the center of the Earth's landmass [if this is indeed true] is also interesting. We may be starting to get into not just some localized flooding, but a far greater issue, having to do with the Earth's departure from its presumably-original "perfect" axis. The book which does a nice job introducing, if not resolving this question, is Joscelyn Godwin's Arktos. [Forget the cheesy "Nazi survival" subtitle.]

SC: I agree that ‘catastrophic flood’ (the Deluge of Thoth) is central and key to the puzzle. Certainly the Earth’s obliquity I think is also another key to the mystery (this is what the ancient texts tell us) and I write about this in The Giza Prophecy and with further new evidence in my forthcoming book.

Hope the above explains some of my thinking.



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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 05:50 AM
reply to post by maquino

i have a question for mr Maquino, who built the pyramid that has just gone up in area 51? Answer that one please it can be seen on google earth, sorry I don't have a copy of the person's video that first posted it but it's around!!!

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Hey Scott you doing any lectures on your most recent findings in Glasgow soon ?
I remember reading a few of your posts a while back on various pyramid threads !

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Hey Scott, I wasnt sure so Ill post anyway.

Did you know Osiris = Orion ?

I link the etymology information for Orion in my Neptune thread, click my name its in recent thread list.

Also apparantly Uranus, Algebra and many more names have been used.

If anyone has questions about that aspect I can help.

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Hmmm ... I have issues with the GP Timevault theory.

If A Data dump existed ... where is it ??

If you're going to build a structure to store all the worlds knowledge .... wouldn't you consider putting the information in a durable form also ??

Where are the stone tablets ? or Metal leaf books ? or other objects that would stand the test of time ?

I do not believe the GP is a Storage Bunker ... there are easier ways ... underground into granite formations for instance.

Also ... the GP itself has too many mechanical/engineered features ... grooves and slots in the GG ... the triple door grooves at the KC ... this structure has a function ... it is not a static monolith.

The roofing in the KC is not for relief of structural stress's ... if it was it would be corbelled like the GG.

The roofing above the KC can only be to disperse heat ... it's a classic radiator ... to my eyes the KC has traces of a furnace/oven.

I am not saying it IS an oven/furnace .... just that it has features it shares with such.

Building a Pyramid to store or bunker something seems a tremendous effort to make when one can much more easily and safely go underground into hard rock formations.


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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by maquino

I just had a PSI tempest.
All I gotta do is strike the Holy Spear-It and observe.

Pyramid (E) = MC^2

Either Ive gone totally nuts or I just struck the Note with the one and only Goat!

So look into these wild comments and see what you come up with.
At least we can all take it as psychological stimulation.

Ok There is a lot to this, I am going to try to explain. If you havent already read my recent threads Unicorn, Neptune MC^2 etc.

All I need to invoke MC^2 in symbolism is
SQUARE + CIRCLE = 3 Dimensions
And Light

The rotating X, the Chi-Qi on the Roam in the Dark.

Pyramid geometry and physics.
Add all we know + now this.

The capstone according to what Ive seen apparently encoded the CUBIT n METER conversion formula.

I am talking squaring my circle in meters in homage to my LIGHT in the DARK.

Cube = 3D Square
Meter = Meet Her is exactly how I pronounce it.
Pyramid = based on Circle and square and Light

This is sweet.
432 ^ 2 is super close approximation of C Light.

Get solfege.

1 and 5 are alpha and omega [void = ignore them]

432 are the Middle Lit numbers we look at
The Light Speed

Pyramid = Fire + Mid
The middle fire of Prometheus
Ray of Ra, Axis of Atlas, Apollo etc.

The Atom, Mass in 3D
Adam #1 the origin.
Light pierces Dark and Becomes.

Will explain more next post...

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Who's "QM:"?

Or "MQ:" for that matter?...

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 10:15 AM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Do you have any knowledge of a time when the Earth had heavy and permanent cloud cover and man didn't even know space / stars existed?


posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 10:45 AM
In order to get this very simple idea of mc^2 and translate to the Pyramid a few things need to be grasped.

First understand divine origin or rather division of language over time. Think Babal, it means Gate of God.

Osiris = Orion
Etymologically, thematically, and mathematically.

This must be understood.
Orion = All = GOD = Pan = Everything Ever

Nothing becoming something
"Lead" or primordial void = imbalance
= nothingness aka Sine...

Turns into "Gold" or manifestation principle.

Please read anything by this Triumvirate they are instrumental :
Michio Kaku
Carl Sagan

Think superstrings, harmonic principle of Gods voice, Tone of NepTune Fork

Tone ? Ton, old word for Tuna
Chicken of the Cosmic Sea Kukulcan
Scales and feathers.
Harpy Snake scream like a Tuba
Its so low no one hears it

Bass the sound the fish the Base of All

E is Every Thing, Energy
Its the ultimate Loop Hole of Holos, of the whole well of the Hellenic whale.

You see E=mc^2 is talking about everything, so I have a lot of room and liberty to apply it and work it into my understanding of all of these things all of you folks share and discuss and in the books or even documentaries. All info available.

Im going for the Big Picture of the Little Pitcher
Thats the Middle Picture I Paint,
Got that? Its really Quiet and Quaint
Call it Faith in the Faint Saint

Will continue...

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 10:52 AM

reply to post by Scott Creighton

Hmmm ... I have issues with the GP Timevault theory.

If A Data dump existed ... where is it ??

If you're going to build a structure to store all the worlds knowledge ....

SC: ???? Where have I said this? Over and above which - this is not "...the GP Timevault theory". It is not JUST about the GP but a theory that explains ALL the early, giant pyramids. The other pyramids do have to be explained you know.

C4L: Where are the stone tablets ? or Metal leaf books ? or other objects that would stand the test of time ?

SC: They would have been removed by the survivors of the Deluge (as was the intention). Some of the contents did, however, get left behind. See the massive amounts of various seed types recovered from the Step Pyramid Complex as well as considerable secondary evidence of massive grain storage in the Great Pyramid.


C4L: Building a Pyramid to store or bunker something seems a tremendous effort to make ...

SC: Not so tremendous an effort when you consider what was at stake for the ancient builders.

C4L: ... one can much more easily and safely go underground into hard rock formations.

SC: The cave entrance in the image below is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1949.

Why do you think it took around 2,000 years to recover the Dead Sea Scrolls from this cave? How quickly do you think they would have been recovered were they to have been placed in the Great Pyramid? Why do you think it took almost 3,000 years to find the underground tomb of King Tut? How quick would his tomb have been discovered were he to have been placed in any of the giant pyramids?


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posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by Philippines

The source of water needs to be above the 'pump', however the 'output' of the pump can be way above the waters surface. The waters potential energy is used to 'pump' water uphill.


posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 11:04 AM
Information = Energy = Everything
On and Off, the Two Faced Janus of Binary Code

The On is something, but without his Twin Off, the empty void, we wouldnt have any information at all!

They are One in the Same, 1 Coin 2 Faces
E pluribus Unum

The plus and minus of the All God.
Gemini the Lovers its a Hermaphrodite Mercury and Venus are the same Being.

About MC^2
Think geometry.
But Y is defined as C a constant ( approx 432^2)
Y^2 = (432^2)^2

X is Atomic , check Periodic Table to plug in Element

Pyramid is also said to have 8 sides
2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024

The Lamb Light Thinking
RAM on the Mother Board
Myth and Science intertwine all the time

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by Philippines

Oh, the flow of water only needs to be directed under the pyramid, or elsewhere, you don't need water above it, you just need to get a 'drop' for the water to fall down in to. It's pretty simple, just dig down.

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

Hi Scott

I think there is some merit in the seed vault theory as it applies to some sites in Egypt. I guess you build on the places where storage jars have been found and extrapolate to Cheops. I agree there is plenty of storage and you are wise to make a mockery of the afterlife nonsense ported by the mainstream. However storing seeds in a building that a) had water in it and b) bats could negotiate their way into is foolhardy to say the least.

SV has neither water flowing through it or bats


posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 11:58 AM

If building a pyramid is so do-able, according to a dwindling
group of researchers then why haven't we built one?

Don't give me the ol' it costs, too much too much work yada..
It's THE most enigmatic structure known.
It's an Architects creme de la creme.

It would be an accomplishment unlike any in the modern world.
You would think that would be enough to have a few takers.

Even building one at half scale? It's so easy right? Jump right on in
engineers and builders, what are you waiting for?
We'll even let you build with lasers cranes and diamond tipped saws...
Still no takers?? Crickets ...

Don't tell me oh sure it can be done and not build one.
We have ZERO proof modern man can build the GP.
We have a 400 ft example lying in the desert that WAS built by
Man in antiquities.

Actually, we have PLENTY of proof that the pyramids were built by the Egyptians themselves. You simply choose to ignore it because you think you know more than the people who actually do the digging. Where is YOUR proof of aliens or lost knowledge or whatever else you want to try and say *could have* made the pyramids? Where is there ANY evidence in ANY other culture that ANYONE other than the Egyptians made the pyramids? Where is there ANY evidence in Egypt itself that they did not build the pyramids? Trick questions, obviously, because there is no such evidence. No one needs to waste a ton of money to prove to you something that has already been proven. How do I know the Egyptians built the pyramids? because of the direct evidence. The linear progress of their attempts, the historical record, the evidence of those who built them. You have to ignore ALL of these things to pretend we don't know who built them.

posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 12:09 PM

reply to post by Scott Creighton

Hi Scott
I think there is some merit in the seed vault theory as it applies to some sites in Egypt. I guess you build on the places where storage jars have been found and extrapolate to Cheops. I agree there is plenty of storage and you are wise to make a mockery of the afterlife nonsense ported by the mainstream. However storing seeds in a building that a) had water in it and b) bats could negotiate their way into is foolhardy to say the least.

SV has neither water flowing through it or bats


That 'afterlife nonsense' (whether there is or is not 'more' is not even the point) has our current world in an armageddon doom script countdown because people believe in it so much they are self-fulfilling prophecying it....that same script has been playing out since nearly day 1 of the human species.. I'd not be so quick to be dismissive with such an ultra-potent a meme.


posted on Oct, 23 2013 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by jaffo

Could the older Pyramid attempts actually be newer ?

Could they have been trying to recreate the original high grade ruins left over from prior cataclysm?

There are multiple ways to interpret evidence.

Do you know of any specific points off hand that could make it seem more likely that its the traditional view rather than a reverse?

You bring up an interesting point of view so I am curious what you think thanks.

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