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Return of the Gods: A 90 Page Transcript of Messages From an Orion E.T., Sigilda

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posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 08:24 AM
So this is about one side gaining dominance and trying to reshape the universe and lower its inhabitants. They're not operating for their own agendas, but operating for the negative unseen forces, dracos and those behind the corporal testing ground. Lower level beings and entities can live on planet like mars by the way, they don't require the gardens, so planetary destruction is the end goal of the entities pulling the strings.
Thats why I call it the empire, darth vaders side. Really there are many empires, but they serve the same entities. The bottom levels are a pyramid, the few feeding off the energies of the many, so there would be fewer dominant characters in their story. The higher levels are infinite empowerment and growth of all people, abundance rather than scarsity, there are far more individuals represented by Love. The two forces meet in the middle and create this testing ground, akin to an experiment in a video where they fired two opposing forces at each other and mini galaxies formed.

The only thing is, all energies have a built in purpose to learn and grow, so there is a safeguard built in as well, and what is outside, or Beyond the universal levels would be Home, so all of this can be seen as a dream school, or the past, and whatever infinite consciousness is, doesn't really leave home, so its perfection and growth had to have been done via imagination, ie dream schools, dream universes, thoughtscapes.

So for us in corporal levels including ET, don't see this format as real, don't see the sides as permanent, but see instead Love always winning. If the worst thing happened and a universe went dark it would quarantined in a windows type anti viral vault and they'd have to come in and try to get souls out in past scenes.

Because that is the level of Love that truly exists and Family and they don't give up on anyone.
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posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by sled735

Hello and greetings from Germany to all readers and members of this thread!

I like to thank you all for all of your thoughts, comments, questions/answers and discussions around this topic!

When i've prepared this transcript and forwarded this to Sled (many thanks, dear friend for your great support) i expected a very controversy feedback. And yes, it might be hard stuff for some members here, i can imagine.

After a seminar over the weekend i now will do my very best to answer all questions you have and i will give as much details as possible. Please allow me to walk through the thread from the beginning and follow-up on every question.

I received some first direct e-mails. I thank you all very much for your input, questions, and comments.

I also received the one or other request for checking with the ET contacts some information. I'm willing to do this at my very best. Please allow to follow-up on these requests. I will come back to you as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward meeting with you here on ATS!


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by waverlyhills

Dear waverlyhills,

this actually is a key question, since in the beginning of contacts i asked the ETs similar questions incl.: "Why not just landing in the public and we all would be happy?".

I will describe a little bit their answers and also the reasons for using telepathy as the base for communication. I like to emphasize at this point that is a simplified summary focusing on the original question.

There are several aspects behind this:

#1: The first point is to answer the question "Why are they here?"
For many people it is clear, but for most of people it is not: The understanding, that our universe is full of life! We do have a huge discrepancy between our effort to find life outside the earth (for example searching simple organisms on Mars or finding exo-planets with telescops) and what actually exists in universe.

The discrepancy mainly is based on limitations we have build on our own. The root of this limitations is our materialism based science in comparison to an idealistic based science. Or in other words: It is not "matter that defines mind", it is "mind-over-matter".

During the last years and months we have been teached step-by-step on this different view to nature, matter and consciousness.

And we have learned that all of our ET contacts do have the same understanding of this "principles". This fundemental understanding of "mind-over-matter" is the same across all ET races we are in contact.

What we're currently learning (as mankind) is a paradigm change from "matter-over-mind" to "mind-over-matter".

The "cosmic society" with thousands of different races is now helping mankind to understand this principles and yes, the goal is to incorporate earth and mankind into this cosmic society.

That is - in a few, simple words - the reason why there are here.

Remark: Aspects of this principles are for example harmony, peace and compassion. Even there are a few ET races not following those principles (as Sigilda mentioned in some of her messages) those are not we are in contact with.

#2: The second point is: "Why not simply mass landing of ETs?"
The answer is simple and is discussed many times between us and the ETs: Because mankind is not ready!

Even the ATS members for example following this thread are very open for an ET first contact when discussing with friends and family, that might be a little bit different when an ET appears in front of the one or other member.

Ask yourself, your friends, your family members:

Who would happily visit a graveyard at midnight in the foggy dark? Alone?

Yes, we would found some doing this without any problem. But we probably would found many people hesitating doing so, right?

Why would they hesitate? Because they have fear! And why do they have fear? Because they don't understand what happens when people passing away. Because they do not know that the spirit still exists without physical body. Because they have seen horror movies which they incorporate in their view of reality. And we can find many more reasons for those fears.

And we have a similar situation if it comes to ETs.

This is not true for alle people but for most people. Mass landing of the ETs would have significant impact to our society and what we can expect is mass panic.

We can feel: A better way is a cautious approach by the ETs, right?

and there are some additional challenges:

It is not one ET race, there are many ET races!!! The cosmic society consists of thousands different races from human looking types to insect types and types we would not imagine. We have ETs which do have physical bodies and we have ETs existing without bodies.

For a moment:

Try to sense your feeling at the moment.

If you sense a relaxed feeling, ok. But it also might be, that you're now thinking: "What the hell he is talking about!!! I'm open for craziest things but now - it goes too far...!!"

If you feel something similar to second example then you understand what the reason is to be cautious. It is necessary to increase the understanding for this new thinking slowly...

#3: But now to the original question:"WhY THE USE OF SPECIAL MESSENGERS"
Normally, it is not necessary to have special messengers. Because EVERYBODY has the capability for telepathic communication! WITH NO EXCEPTION!

Based on our belief system, our "matter-over-mind" based world and our "busy mind" this ability is "buried".

There are some people who digged out this ability, already. You might know some psychics or animal communicators for example. Or have some experiences during the day yourself where you think it "happened by chance", not linking to your own telepathic ability.


A few years ago the ET races started to search for people who discovered already their telepathic capabilities.

Then they started to communicate messages through those "channels" so they can start to publish these messages. This was to begin to inform the people that there is something more outside our world.

Remark: So i was "detected" by a member of another ET race. His name is "BanZaMa" and he told me, that he belongs to a group "looking for people" with active telepathic ability. The detection process was "simple". In a relaxed waking-state - they are able to identify this state - he sent a message and waited for a response. In my case i was very surprised but i answered.

Remember how difficult it still is for many people to accept this messages and the existence of ETs.

We are now in a phase where everybody is able to get in contact with the ETs personally.

The ETs are looking forward to communicate with individuals!

"These special messengers" you mentioned were the first seed corns preparing the ground for the next phase, for the phase we have NOW!


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by waverlyhills

It is simple:

Everybody who is interested in contacting ETs telepathically, is curious and glad to try the first step in contacting them is welcome by them!

It is easier that you might think!

One possibility is for example to have a lesson with "animal communicators". Because communication with animals is nothing else than telepathy.

To give you an impression:

After a 1 hour lesson appx. 60%-80% of my clients are able to have their first individual contact with an ET (Your Question & Answer by ET).

Remark #1: There is a challenge for many people to accept that telepathy is based on communication on consciousness level (mind/spirit) instead on brain level (physical/body). Since telepathic communication is based on "intention" (incl. "images"), "emotions" and "senses" and not on brain based memory (words), syntax and semantic rules, the communication is universal between consciousness. This is the reason we can communicate with beings without knowing their "language".

Remark #2: If you pray then you basically communicate telepatically. Most people do not expect an answer. But if you discover your telepathic abilities, you then will be able to communicate like in a "dialog"!

Remark #3: This point possibly is also very hard stuff for some people. There are a very strong spiritual and religious aspects related to the topic!

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions!


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by KrzYma

Dear KrzYma,

i understand your point.

The reason i used the title "Return of the gods" is the following:

As we have learned from our ET contacts earth has been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. There is some information available in the slide set where Sigilda explains how many different ET races have vsited earth in history where relicts or references where found afterwards.

Erich von Däniken for example has done a lot of research in that area.

He used "Return of the gods" in one of his publications. That is the reason ii choose the title.


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by Krazysh0t

Dear Krazysh0t,
yes, there are many people earn a lot of money with this.

For me:
Most of the telepathic sessions i give are free of charge.

There are introductionary classes which allow new clients to make their first own contact. This is between two and for hours and my fees are 15 Euro max. (appx. 10$).

I didn't publish a book neither do i sell DVD or internet movies...


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

On this i just posted a reply:

No money, no fees from my side.

Is somebody wants to have an introductiory lesson which enables him to have the first own telepathic contact i ask for some fee (which is 15 Euro max, ~ appx. 10$ for a 2-4 hours session).

I do not earn any money with books, videos...


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by tanka418

Thank you, this is exactly the point.

EVERYBODY is able to communicate telepathically with them.

I just posted a reply to one of the first questions from "waverlyhills" explaining a little bit more in detail...


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

Thank you for this feedback!

I just posted a reply to a question from "waverlyhills" (WhY THE USE OF SPECIAL MESSENGERS) where i touched this point...


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by Thorneblood

Exactly. This is currently happening.

The "energy system" is the same system which is named "chakra system" (related: "nadis", "meridians", "energy gates" used in acupuncture...)


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:32 PM
Unity, your tone here sounds morose, brother. I'd like to comment on some of the things you said. Your universe view is similar to mine so it cheers me that there is actually an information transfer that is coherent between two physical people, that there is a telepathy going on and not just some crazy, schizophrenic dream that is all happening inside one's own head. I am encouraged by this.

The ones who hijacked this world, we call the annanuki, but that is a mixed group, for that word meant more than one side, just like the elohim. There are 2 sides, and lots of independents.

The annunaki and the elohim, yes, are two of the major factions, and many sub-factions. Might I suggest a deeper ideological and philisophical idea which with to order your thoughts. (I'm on the side of the elohim btw, the judges)

But an idea that we have had success with is the idea of ordering the factions by their divine gender, the divine masculine (which you can call Enki) and the divine feminine (which you can call Enlil). Enki has a harsher tone than Enlil, and I know this is an Annunaki idea, but all cultures have positive points about them brother.

The masculine is known for it war-like nature, but also for its patriarchal love, its desire for stability, but its resistance to new things, new techs. The divine feminie is known for its genius, but also for its instability, its dynamic nature and new ways of seeing things and technologies.

I am friends with several of the Annunaki, and with the Grey. I see that man is destroyer, that sometimes all he seeks is a side upon which to fight. If there were no sides, then what would become of war?

Those giving technology here are mixed. What is given to me about the sharing of technology, is that the school was being upgraded, ie. thinking of earth as a school for spirit children, and a living library that served intergalactic groups, who all contributed DNA, and advanced groups who clone need fresh doses of DNA.

This is true.

However it was hijacked by the old empire, and that would be a mixture of races, human appearances too including some reptilian hybrids who are also human in appearance. Not all, there are felines, reptiles greys, preying mantis, insectoid, and variations of this. I'm sureu there is alot of others who hide behind these appearances because we wouldn't be able to deal with them otherwise.

This is true as well. But I think we need to place blaim where it truly lies, and it goes past faction. But in the hearts of those that are seeking the glorification-of-self and trying to make a Name for themselves on the dead bodies of their foes. And these exist on both sides. We need I think to be finding a solution that will lead to stability and balance amoung all the groups. I liked what you said about compassion swallowing up hatered and seperation.

So some who are receiving DNA here, are doing so past the earth defenses, and the contracts with the bottom levels of ETs, because they have the right to access this. This library was formed for many systems to access. Garden planets like this.

I wouldn't say we have the right, other than the natural right of the conquorer. My issue with them is philisophical in that when beings come to Earth, they need to swear fealty to it and love their planet and put behind them all thoughts of supplying a beachhead to an invader. A citizenship issue if you will. .To be polite and loyal, free thinking but within certain appropriate bounds.

But the school concept is that the self appointed board of directors has hijacked the school, (we're spirit children from many systems and many are the original contributers to the library), and stolen the resources and technical upgrades, new computers, for example, lab equipment, that all the students were to receive. In other words, I see a cosmic sting operation taking place to ensure that cosmic laws that these higher systems live by, are seen as violated. In other words, the board of directors has lost the school but its still being used, and there is still a process of waiting going on. It still serves for master tests, ie. can we wake up more and help each other in a tough world?

This is the point that I wanted to make, Unity. That I might suggest something to you regarding the relationship between the divine masculine and the feminine. The old guard would have you beleive that it is theirs by right (masculine), that it has always this way, so it MUST always be this way. They claim right because of upstarts and revolutionaries. But their position lacks a certain motivating core. Because there detractors are right, they have not been good stewards of that which has been entrusted to them. Look at our world, on the brink of real economic collapse, and they still insist that it it theirs because of masculine reasons

The feminine insists on revolution, not rebellion, but a changing of the guard, to allow the younger, excited people to find fresh soil and new opportunities. How you worded this indicated that the former "school principals" are angry that the "student leaders" are conducting a revolutionary campaign against them. I am confident that the students will win this. Speaking symbolically.

Our bodies and the material plane are not seen as important as the next step and that is where the cosmic laws apply. Will harvesters have the right to take humans off, or enslave us, due to failings when the school vioated cosmic laws, or will soul intervention take place and counseling.

Be confident that the powerful factions at the end, "need something to rule". All the major factions, save one, have a plan that will server human- and spirit-kind well. A great decision of which system to strive under, one of stability (stagnation) or one of dynamacism (risk). Its Eden all over again Unity. Do we want to be their children, or as they? This is the question at hand IMO. I personally have choosen to be as they.

I know there are many counselors in place and advanced higher teams that are not willing to hand those here over to the jailers or to the negatives but have put the karma and blame for this system squarely on the world's mismanagement team. Not the owner of the vineyard, but the ones leasing it now.

We have encounted technological difficulties similar to the failure of the development of a nuclear defensive system in the presidency of George W. Bush. The bioengineers involved have dumbed own their systems trying to trade less risk for a more basic technology system because of the risks to Life involved. I think that because we are working with Life that we need to be conservative, and focus on real gains in this situation. If it was silicon for chips, or metal for implants then by all means let's just proceed via trial and error, they are not alive. But this has to do with real people and real being. I think we need to be conservative in our risks.

posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Yes, it is.

I will give you one example of the "daily experiences" with those ETs:

A few weeks ago I'd run a free of charge telepathic lesson (1 1/2 hour) with 50 participants. The were not informed that at the end of the lesson they will have direct contact with an ET (i agreed with our ET contacts that they support us during the lesson).

After one hour i told them that - if they are curious - they now can do their own first ET contact telepathically. All participants agreed and they were very excited.

This part was their own decision i.e. they were allowed to ask their very own and individual question to their ET contact.

About 80% were able to communicate, 20% were not.

As we had learned in the feed back round 6 of them asked the same question: "Do you have a message for me?". This question was unsupported and at this time only the individual participant knew his own question.

It was overwhelming for all participants because the six participants received the SAME message, a comparable complex image which we then discussed in the group.

What i'd like to say:
Everybody is able to communicate telepathically and everybody can make his own experience. It is not "believe it", it is "make your own experience"


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:45 PM

reply to post by sled735

Iy'm looking forward meeting with you here on ATS!


I can't express the joy Sir that I feel in you have come here to share of your time and talents in our behalf. I consider this a honor to speak with you like this, in the same tradition as other speakers here at ATS. I truly like this place because of the interesting people and teachers that arise here.

I am Seth. Its good to meet you. Hoping to make you contact in you sir because of the simiularity of my spiritual race and that of the Bentu and Sigilda. I am the type of guy that rushes up as soon as I see something I want to support. So I am here.

If you have a sense of humor sir, I would suggest checking out my thread where I attempted to channel Sigilda. Its adjacent to this one "Crazy things Masters can do with Telepathy". If you are not easily offended, I think you might find the attempt interesting and humourous. However a lot of the principles involved are real and true I think, especially concerning safety (so one doesn't get kunalini sickness or other mental problems).

I sent an email. I have been studying and contacting Orionians for years now, and sent a blurb to you that explains some of their cultural aspect from philosophical, scientific and political points of view. I think it might (said lightly) shed some light on some of the things you and Sigilda have talked about.

I am in range of Sighilda, and I couldn't find anywhere else to put this so I'll just say this here. I am good friends with Joan the Blind. She has expressed a desire to communicate with the people of ATS again, but she has been banned but hopes that she can make contact again somehow. I have no idea of what venue to do this at this time, so I just throw it out there that if anyone needs to talk to Joan, I can relay the message to her. She's currently in Phoneix, Arizona right now btw.

Am looking forward to reading your posts sir and replying. It is an honor sir. And good luck in your endevors.

posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Alfred2012

Welcome to ATS.

I have read through the transcript, and have a very open mind, so without trying to come across as cynical please understand this position.........

......many times here on ATS, and also other sites and channeler's via the internet have given dates, times, and promised that everything was going to be wonderful, we were all going to meet our Star Families only to be let down, over and over.

Also when the event doesn't take places excuses are made, and/or word play is used to cover their tracks.

What makes your information different from the others and how can you know it's actually going to happen and when exactly? 6 months is almost up.

And when do the rest of the people in the world feel all of this years, days, minutes and how long before we can stop feeling (negative emotions)?

Since we are all one, and if we come from an all knowing source where everything already exists, Why choose to experience this reality since we would have known everything in the first place?

Also why choose separation by 312 races seems very against or opposite of being all in one, or from the same place? The word races here on earth means separation and class division, Very Negative term.

Our current world is fear base, fear driven, and void of what you speak of, only perhaps glimpses of what love and light exist here on earth, so making claims and bringing forth information like you are means that people are going to be skeptical, yet we want to know what this is all about. I hope you understand mine/our position.



posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by Alfred2012

NOTHING in your description of those sessions and events . . .

which COULD distinguish

"ET's," . . . vs . . . "fallen angels" . . . . vs . . . "demons" . . . vs . . . exotic tech using globalist black ops agents

as the sources of the "telepathic communications."

CHOOSING to interpret the phenomena as from 'benevolent' ET's could be one of the
most destructive things you've ever done to anyone.


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 01:04 PM

reply to post by Krazysh0t

Most of the telepathic sessions i give are free of charge.
There are introductionary classes which allow new clients to make their first own contact. This is between two and for hours and my fees are 15 Euro max. (appx. 10$).

You try to depict yourself as a Good Samaritan, but you are simply a calculating business person, that runs an e-business to earn money. Nothing wrong with that, but you do this under false pretenses. For starters, you "accidentally" (of course!) did not get the facts right. Firstly, 15 Euro is approx. 20 dollars, not 10. Then, according to your own web pages, the introduction seminars take 2 hours, not 4. And of course, the 15 euro/hr is per person (not per group), so even if only a handful of people attend, you get a fairly decent hourly rate or 50 dollars - ten times the amount a fry cook earns. Then, according to your own website again, you charge 65 euro / hour for consults - approximately 90 dollars.

Again: there is nothing wrong with earning money. I do it all the time. But please say so, say it out loud: "I earn my money this way" - and don't picture yourself as a good soul that simply wants to help people "free opf charge". You're a professional, registered with a tax number - you run a business. That's it.

Now, an entirely different story is the crap you sell. If you sold it as 'amusement', 'theatre', 'fiction', 'storytelling' or something like that, I would not mind. There are many professionals that earn an honest living that way. But you do NOT - you sell it as if it were all true. But it is nonsense.

Your "friend" Sighilde does not exist. Nothing will happen. Our DNA will not change overnight. Your Sighilde is either a figment of your imagination or a trick played on you by a sick brain or the cosmic joker - and in both cases you need to be very careful and seek help. But given the way you present yourself, my money is on "made up by you". Your "friends" will not do anything at all to "help us" - they are at best a way for you to earn money. One of the many ways you have, as you also specialise in communcations with angels, allow people to talk to the dead and to animals and ah, yes, you do reiki too.

I didn't publish a book neither do i sell DVD or internet movies...

Not yet. But one of my spiritual friends - ka-ching-ka-ching is her name - just channeled a message for you: you will. And she never lied to me before.
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posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 02:00 PM
Yesterday i received a very interesting feedback via e-mail which i want to share with you.

I don't know which ATS member is behind the feedback (i know his e-mail address), but possibly he raise his hand with reference to this comment.

I want to leave the original text as it is but want to add an information.

This comment of "Seth" might lead to the impression that "Sigilda" is the only ET we're in contact with. The full picture is much more complex as described in the 90 pages.

There are many different ET races which are currently "working together" helping earth and mankind on their path to the cosmic society.

And there are a kind of "engagement rules" for contacts. For the contact with "Sigilda" the process was as follows (summarized):

* November 2012: It was time to intensify the communication with the German star seeds group, so an Antarian being called "Zizita" asked our interface in US (this interface has a certain "distribution/contact" role in the network for contacts with me)
* The US contact informed me that a being called "Zizita" likes to get in contact with me
* I initiated the contact to "Zizita" telepathically with reference to the request i received from the US interface.
* "Zizita" then informed and helped us for the next step. She finished the contact End of December 2012.
* Beginning January 2013 we entered the new phase. "Sigilda" asked the US interace for contact with me.
* Again, the US contact informed me on the request from a being called "Sigilda".
* I initiated the contact to "Sigilda" telepathically and "Sigilda" begun to lead our group.

What i like to describe is the very structured process we follow across the network. It is not that "Sigilda" just appeared by accident, saying "hello".

With greatest respect to the author of the following comment:

Thank you

Hello, my name is Seth...just Seth is fine for now.
I have verified that the being (possibly an entity) you have spoken with is who she says she is. I am
responsible for detecting extraterrestrials as the They come inbound on earth (think an air-traffic
controller) and am in possession of abilities with which to clarify transmissions from other time-lines
within the spiritual environs of Earth. A claim.
I am part Orionian, so I feel adept at clarifying any transmissions that come from their cultural empire
(it spans tens of millennial at least in the current form).
To clarify some of the things that Sigilda has said, I think that a view of classic Orionian science,
philosophy,law ,politics and belief is necessary to see to the points that Sigilda is trying to make.
Firstly, Orionian thought is based on a few basic principles that are closer to our Freemasonry than let's
say Christian (belief system vs. religiosity). They pride themselves on their systems of law and
enlightened political systems. They claim, as do our elites, that they too are elite, even being
descendants of Illuminati.
This should be kept in mind while interacting with them. There credo is one of "enlightened self-
interest" (ie. service-to-self) but they are known for their industrial and military strength. They are
considered dangerous in much the same way that the Americans are considered such. America being a
good analog of how their political systems work in actuality.
They have a strong moral compass and consider themselves the last line of defense in their inter-stellar
neighborhood across the Great Bear. Much like how America is the "policeman of the World" in our
Their "anti-pole" is the Grey. They culturally identify more with the angelic than the alien.
Orionian Belief
The first principles of Orionian belief (and I am putting this in my own words) and really the only way
to truly understand what Sigilda (if I am understanding correctly) is the relationship between Unity,
Divine Gender and Polarity. Similar to our Hermetics (I would direct you to The Kyballion as a good
primer on this).
Showing you a equilateral triangle, this is how I would explain it. The bottom two points are symbolic
of polarity, as they are the farthest apart. Polarity has to do with opposites. For example, positive and
negative poles on a magnet or battery. They are opposites. However even poles can have a continuum
between them.
A good example of this is heat. Hot and cold are obviously polarities, in that one is the opposite of the
other. However as you move from cold to hot, there is an infinite gradation between them (ie. analog)
and even a midpoint where you can't differentiate between cold and hot. I guess you would call that
Moving up the triangle (and you might want to look at the pyramid symbol on a $1 bill USD). Place a
line across the triangle and draw two points where the line intersects the triangle. These two points we
will call symbolic of "divine gender". There is a difference between polarity and divine gender. So that I'm typing less, I'll call it just gender, but you must differentiate between when I am talking about literal
gender (ie. male and female beings) and divine gender (the esoteric and abstract concept).
The point at the top of the triangle could be called Unity. Interestingly enough, all polarities and
genders can be understood as a unity. For example, positive and negative polarities in a battery, can be
understood as a gender difference between the properties of the carbon rod and the electrolyte (carbon
not being the exact opposite of electrolyte, and therefore maybe a gender difference) and the unifying
symbol: its just a battery. Same thing with temperature, hot and cold are opposites, but temperature is
the unifying symbol: they are just difference is temperature.

...continue in original document:

posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by justseth

Thank you so much for your valuable thoughts in your e-mail which i have attached to my post a few minutes ago.

With great respect, again, thank you very much.

I'm looking forward meeting with you here

Greetings from Germany


posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 02:21 PM

reply to post by Alfred2012

NOTHING in your description of those sessions and events . . .

which COULD distinguish

"ET's," . . . vs . . . "fallen angels" . . . . vs . . . "demons" . . . vs . . . exotic tech using globalist black ops agents

as the sources of the "telepathic communications."

Indeed, Alfred - or maybe it's the Cosmic Joker!

A higher power who is responsible for various anomalous phenomena on Earth, said manifestations being of a perverse and black-humoured nature. A persona of Karma, bringing down the undeserving and raising up the unfortunate and deserving. Source: wiktionary
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posted on Oct, 21 2013 @ 02:23 PM
Haven't bothered to read the whole 14 pages, but has anyone pointed out that the stars of Orion only APPEAR to be co-located from our perspective but are not really together in space and that an alien would neither have that perspective nor a name for what they would see as an unassociated bunch of stars?

It seems that all of these "aliens" being "channeled" have a very human perspective of the universe and don't really understand what is going on in their own neighborhood. Our constellations do not exist at all when viewed from another position in the galaxy.

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