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Rachel Maddow/MSNBC caught engineering the news again

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 09:06 PM
Take a look at this. Corporate news as expected, is propagandizing the shutdown to push a political motive.
Those evil veterans will kill us all RAWR!

Say all you want about Alex Jones and David Icke but at least they don't edit clips to together to mislead the public.
Straight far left pro-statist propadanga.

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 09:35 PM
It says video removed by user.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 10:13 PM
I have to admit they look similar, but I'm pretty sure that's Benny Hinn.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by John_Rodger_Cornman

I'd have to see the vid to make a judgment, but this tactic is nothing new. Both MSNBC and Fox are known for using the wrong footage or manipulating vids and such.

Its MS news man....what do you expect?

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posted on Oct, 16 2013 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by sheepslayer247

Ok I got the video of them edited together clips to portrey a false narrative.

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