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How Agenda 21 shuts people down

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 08:55 AM
Forgive me for not reposting this in ATS format, but it is long, and very detailed.
I would like to post my example of how Agenda 21 shuts people down, my own personal experience of it, and ask if anybody else has had similar experiences?

Here's the story

Be sure to click on the links, I spent a lot of time referencing things and ensuring that there's all of the documentation online of what I observed. It's divided into 5 parts (unfortunately I had to do that otherwise it would just be too damned long).

Dealing with "the collective" is a horrifying experience, and I hope the rest of you don't get to experience it the way I did.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 09:21 AM

Forgive me for not reposting this in ATS format, but it is long, and very detailed.

I took a look at the page, and yes its all very lonmg and detailed and a huge amount ofpaperwork has been scanned and uploaded and referenced and everything...
...whats it actually all about?

Some kind of lawsuit thing, I think.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 11:47 AM
I do not doubt your story and while it is complicated and lengthy I was discouraged just reading the initial link which provided no summary other than "how it is dealing with Agenda 21 advocates". Over what issue exactly?
While Agenda 21 is an important issue to myself and many others a summary posted here would help to entice those interested to read through the exhaustive amount of material. I'd hate to have your story lost in the shuffle but anything more than 3 -5 minutes is all most people are willing to go without finding the essential elements of a story.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by TheLastStand

Can you summarize the gist for us? I'm sorry but I don't have the time to delve so deeply right now and would appreciate an overview for context. I have read some previous articles on Agenda 21 and so am interested in knowing fact from fantasy. Thank you.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by cfnyaami

absolutely. Agenda 21 is about authoritarianism and control. When someone is an effective speaker on the subject, the political attack is inevitable. The forces pushing for agenda 21 will do everything they can to CRUSH their critics, from violent assaults, to frivolous lawsuits (I'll reference the kimberlain affair as another example). This agenda is about applying a sweeping generalization to the entire population, where there is no judging individuals upon their own merits and ability to make the changes needed themselves to be in balance with the environment.

I have made a few threatening moves towards the system. One of those moves has been to work on developing an open source platform to make industrial automation at home more affordable. What I want to do, FOR FREE (quite literally) if need be, is to empower people to feed themselves, and protect themselves against GMO, with a system. This in my opinion is the easiest way to address industrialized farming (large-scale) and to address food supply issues (so that there is less waste, and so that people can live longer than 3 days if the grocery stores were to shut down -- in fact the plan is to empower people to live indefinitely if that happens).

To that extent I have slowly built my electrical up to include a touch screen controller and a SOM running a custom compiled linux kernel, integration with firmata and a mega, and the android operating system for ease of use handling GUI. I've also come up with a modular design so that people can put together their own solution using a variety of parts (very flexible) that can be more easily adapted to suit individual needs.

What I want is for people, if they are so willing, to be given a chance to sustainably develop themselves without arbitrarily being stamped as incompetent by this system and treated accordingly, because it is entirely ethically wrong (and the fact that the system cannot deal with individuals and isn't willing to prove that their involvement in micromanaging people's lives is necessary on a per individual basis).

I have a history of demonstrating the hypocrisy of various agenda 21 proponents, and their minions. I have given their government approved movement so many black eyes, that they have to do whatever it takes to shut me up. Some of my colleagues have endured similar treatment as well.

We are all in this together, but as an environmentalist my personal belief is that technology today has never better empowered individuals who are dedicated to tailoring their own individual impact -- the reason why I am developing my electronics as an automations controller is because I have more than 1 application for it. For example, a few years ago I swapped out incandescent lighting in favor of CF (I know I don't like CF's either). I have then carefully examined my power usage, and recently have begun to phase out the CF's in favor of LED bulbs. With the CF's my power usage was thrashed to a quarter of what the previous occupant had used (per capita). This is with an inefficient fridge and a crappy stove, which I've arranged to have replaced (so more savings there), and I'll eventually take one of my finished prototypes and put it to use in handling the lighting in my living space to slash that even more.

Here's a post I made a while ago demonstrating a little of what I am up to with regards to this project.

As an activist, the smart grid is authoritarianism, but that is not to say I do not want computer management, I'd just rather have open source code, open hardware, the ability to have many eyes looking it over and making sure it is safe and free of backdoors, and the OWNER/USER needs to have their fingers on the buttons, not the government nor the power company.

I ascribe to libertarian perspectives. In this town, the environmentalist movement is ran by communists (anarcho-communists) who advocate authoritarianism and agenda 21. Anything that competes with that message is dangerous to their agenda. Anybody with a talent for referencing, documenting, naming the names, naming the organizations, and providing the associations, is precisely what these A21 proponents are terrified of.

Basically what I am pointing out, is A21 employs political character assassination, and in this country where not one community has stood up against it outright and sought another way, one of the worst places is Victoria BC -- it is bought and sold on A21. It attempts to paralyze people with fear so that the voices against it simply remain silent.

This is my own personal account, my own journey, and agreed it is complicated, I decided that the consequences of what these people have done to steal the food off of my table have been so deleterious to my health that if I don't say something, there'll be grave consequences for myself. I'm already suffering from visible malnutrition, I suppose I could have not spent what I did on my project towards gaining independence and self-sufficiency, but that is all I want to work towards, without progress in this cause I simply feel dead inside.

I hope this clarifies things somewhat. The issue with copyright is pretty cut and dry, it is only the opportunity to use the system as a weapon that this individual has engaged in the suit. It is very close to summary trial. This is about a political persecution, and believe me, I thought this country I lived in was more civilized than that (apparently not, I am disgusted, and so are the people around me who have had to watch this perpetuating injustice).

posted on Oct, 17 2013 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by TheLastStand

I hope the next revolution is about individual empowerment and having everyone gain access to education, tools and technology to express their inner being.
Towns are buying in to Agenda21 because they think it's trendy and environmentally-friendly. If you take people in to account as part of the environment it is anything but that.
Even the backwater Southern US town I live in has signed on. ::sigh::

One of the biggest tragedies of it is how A21 diverts environmentalists in to their movement, stealing their time and efforts away from other things. A true environmentalist doesn't live or act by a bunch of rules. What they do is pay close attention to nature, learn it's ways and sees how we are impacting it negatively. Only then you can make wise choices to mitigate the damage we're doing. Nature is always different wherever you go- each place has it's own unique set of plants and animals, topography, geology, water tables and a dozen other factors that give it it's unique qualities. One can't make general rules and attempt to apply them across all environments, it simply doesn't work.

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