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My name is Michael Aquino, and I think it's kind of fun to do the impossible; Ask Me Anything.

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posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 10:59 PM

HJ: So what were you guys doing at the mountain? Never mind, I don’t want to get you in any trouble. But let’s take a look at some of the factors which would make a movie like this possible.

One: Egypt’s civilization seemed to come out of nowhere, all of a sudden. One moment you’ve got a bunch of hunting and farming tribes wandering around the Nile Valley; the next you’ve got a highly-organized nation-state society doing brain surgery, writing and thinking in any number of abstractions, and erecting buildings so geographically precise, and so precisely designed, that five thousand years later we still can’t duplicate them.

Two: The Pyramids, and particularly the Great Pyramid. There’s been any number of books written about them, as you know. Edwards. Tompkins. Lots of conventional archæology, even more far-out stuff. Just this year another one - The Orion Mystery by Bauval and Gilbert, who are going on about how if you sight up the south ventilation shaft from the King’s Chamber, adjusting to 2600 BCE or so, you get Orion, and if you look at the three Giza pyramids from above, you are supposed to see something like Orion’s belt. Since that book came out in 1994, I’m guessing that it’s where your film got the Orion theme.

But these are all just theories. Not even theories, really - just speculation. Nobody has the slightest idea, really, who built the Great Pyramid, or why, or when. Stand back and look at the damned thing. It’s an architectural nightmare. It’s impossible to build. All of its interior design features make absolutely no sense. The location, size, and design of the passages and chambers make no sense. The coffer - um, well, anyway you get the point. The Pyramid irritates people because it is so utterly alien to what people have usually built throughout recorded history. It’s also so big that it can’t be ignored. So you’re going to get a procession of idiots - scholars, occultists, whatever - insisting that they can explain it. They’re just pulling ideas out of the air. And, like now, you’re going to get storytellers making cute movies about it. Land of the Pharaohs in the fifties, Stargate today, something else tomorrow.

Incidentally the Egyptians were reading and writing just fine in the Fourth Dynasty. They were doing it in the First Dynasty! The Great Pyramid doesn’t have any writing in it -

LR: - The X-archæologist in the film said that at the beginning, but he was ridiculed by an audience of Egyptologists, one of whom insisted that Khufu’s name was inscribed on some of the internal building-blocks.

HJ: Just scrawled graffiti. If you saw someone’s handwritten name crayoned on a piece of concrete in an elevator shaft of the Empire State Building, would you assume that he built the building or that it was built to commemorate him? Hardly. That’s just another instance of Egyptologists scrambling around desperately, trying to shoehorn the Pyramid into a nice, ordinary place in their books.

X: A few minutes ago you mentioned Orion, and that book -

LR: - The Orion Mystery -

X: The Orion Mystery. Apparently the authors were quite excited about Orion and the Pyramid. Any thoughts?

HJ: Archæology is a three-step process. First you find something. Then you try to figure out what it means. Finally you have to get other archæologists to listen to you and agree with you.

Late 19th Century there the director of the solar physics observatory of the Royal College of Science in London was a professor of astronomical physics by the name of Norman Lockyer. Got knighted for his Sun-studies, I think. Anyway he got interested in Egypt - decided that the Egyptian gods were in fact glyphs of solar, lunar, and stellar bodies, relationships, phenomena. He went on to apply this idea to Egyptian monuments and architecture. Wrote the whole thing up in a book called The Dawn of Astronomy. Pissed conventional Egyptologists off something fierce. You see, it was accepted, by which I mean entrenched in doctrine, that Egypt was a civilization too primitive and superstitious to be capable of anything like complex astronomy, to say nothing of architecture based on it. Also Lockyer was an astronomer, not a school-trained archæologist, which meant that he was an outsider and upstart. So his book was disdainfully ignored. For years it was almost impossible to find. Shortly after the war I came across a copy, and after reading it I harassed some friends at MIT into reprinting it.

Lockyer was not mind-numbed by all of the Osirian mortuary stuff that Plutarch imprinted on conventional Egyptology. He understood the original, pre-dynastic Set/Horus dichotomy - Set the celestial pole and/or the circumpolar stars, Horus the Sun which “defeated” the night sky every dawn and was “defeated” by it every evening. He knew that Egypt, as an agrarian culture with a seasonal river, was highly attuned to astronomical signals of the cycling of time.

Do you see the point here? Lockyer’s god-system worked. That is, his Egyptian gods did exactly what their priests said they would, right on time, over and over again. This wasn’t one of those situations where you pray or sacrifice to a god and nothing happens. It worked.

Lockyer also took the ponderous Osiris/Isis mythology and resolved it as neatly as could be, without all the human death-fetishism that conventional Egyptology insists upon:

“I have previously noted the symbolism of Sirius-Hathor as a cow in a boat associated with the constellation of Orion. There is a point connected with this which I did not then refer to, but which is of extreme importance for a complete discussion of the question now occupying us. We get associated with the cow in the boat, Orion (Sah) as Horus, but in other inscriptions we get Orion as a mummy that is to say, in the course of Egyptian history the same constellation is symbolized as a rising sun at one time and a setting sun at another. Now, that must have been so if the Egyptian mythology were consistent and rested on an astronomical basis, because Sah rose in the dawn in one case and faded at dawn in the other. From the table giving a generalized statement with regard to Osiris, similar to that we have already considered for Isis, it looks as if the mythology connected with Osiris is simply the mythology connected with any celestial body becoming invisible. We have the sun setting, the moon waning, a planet setting, stars setting, constellations fading at dawn. We see, therefore, that the Egyptian mythology was absolutely and completely consistent with the astronomical conditions by which they were surrounded; that, although it is wonderfully poetical, in no case is the poetry allowed to interfere with the strictest and most accurate reference to the astronomical phenomena which had to be dealt with.”

The argument, then, for the use of “Isis” as a generic name is greatly strengthened by the similar way in which the term “Osiris”, which is acknowledged to be a generic name, is employed.

LR: And the point of the Orion azimuth-channel in the Pyramid?

[Part 3 continues below.]

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 10:59 PM
Thank you for your reply, which brings two other questions
when you have time, and if you are inclined.


It's not going to be a problem in MW, charmingly, because in a MW campaign the PSYCONs envelop everybody involved. And everybody is "on the same side".

While I certainly can imagine several scenarios in which this mass
alliance could take place, I am most interested in how you see this
"everybody on the same side" taking place, whether physically, or mentally;
Would you expound on how you see this playing out in the field or otherwise?

I liked the idea of a kind of warfighting that didn't shoot or blow up people.
Conventional PSYOP doesn't take it far beyond that, but MW does, eliminating all of PW besides.

If you would expound, why do you prefer to leave the body intact, yet
assimilate or manipulate the mind for the purpose of war?

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posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:01 PM

HJ: The Orion Mystery assumes that the Pyramid was in fact Khufu’s tomb, and that his spirit expected to go to the stars to merge with Osiris after his body’s death, and that the Orion-constellation represented Osiris. Presumably the southern air-vent in the King’s Chamber was to give Khufu a running start in the right direction. The authors conveniently ignore the northern, polar-stars-oriented vent, to be sure.

MA: You don’t think there’s anything to their theory?

HJ: It’s absurd to consider the Pyramid a tomb. One look at its internal design is enough to dispel that notion. The Egyptians designed and decorated their tombs methodically and elaborately. The coffer in the King’s Chamber is an inch or so wider than the passages to that part of the Pyramid. Nor does it have a lid. And of course when Al Mamun’s men got into the King’s Chamber for the first time, i.e. by boring through solid rock around the sealed granite-plugged passages in 813 CE, there was nothing there except the empty coffer. Makes no difference: Since then conventional Egyptologists have been insisting that the Pyramid was Khufu’s tomb, because that’s the only way they can fit it into their equally-conventional image of Egypt.
LR: About those shafts in the King’s Chamber, let me read you something from The Orion Mystery:

Badawy’s architectural studies had shown that the ancient Egyptians did not ventilate tombs ... Badawy pointed out: “To ventilate the burial chamber of Cheops channels running horizontally at the level of the ceiling would have been more adequate than the inclined shafts ... One should add to this inadequacy in the design all the constructional problems involved in the building of the two inclined shafts through all the courses, a process which could have been avoided by building them through one horizontal course.”

HJ: If the Egyptians didn’t ventilate tombs, it stands to reason that the Pyramid wasn’t designed as a tomb, doesn’t it? Why provide any air-access to a sealed tomb? Also, as the descending, ascending, and Grand Gallery passages clearly show, the Pyramid-builders weren’t in the least deterred by constructing inclined passages. All of those could have been made level, or stepped, if inclines presented a problem.

Incidentally you cannot look through either vent-shaft and see the sky, Orion or otherwise, for the simple reason that the shafts do not run in a straight line from the walls of the King’s Chamber. They both run horizontally through the chamber walls, only then bend upwards. In daytime, and with all interior lights in the Pyramid turned off, they do admit two faint beams of light, however, but that’s all I’m going to say about that for now.

X: In Stargate the implication is the Great Pyramid was Fourth Dynasty, i.e. Khufu. When do you think it was built?

HJ: According to the Arab historian Abu-Zeyd-el-Balkhy, inscriptions on the now-destroyed exteriors of the Giza pyramids give their time of construction as when Lyra was in the sign of Cancer. That would have been about 73,000 years ago, in the late-middle Palæolithic.

X: Well, what about that book they were using at Cheyenne - the one that also got cameoed in Stargate?

MA: Hoffman’s Egypt Before the Pharaohs -

HJ: I know it well; I know Mike Hoffman. He and I used to go drinking at Virginia when I was a Visiting Professor there a few years back. Yeah, the book’s sound as far as it goes, but remember that it’s based on what you’d call the “normal range” of archæological supporting data: geological digs, climate calculations, pottery, tools, hut ruins, that sort of thing. It found just what you would normally expect to find in a mideast precivilization of that time period. Point is Hoffman assumes, not unreasonably, that there was nothing else sitting around the Nile while the Gerzean Egyptians were building huts and carving flints something like the Pyramid, for instance. Hoffman has no way of knowing that it was not there all the while, looming over the Gerzeans.

Hoffman brings out in his book that the hook we hang Egyptian dynastic dating on, particularly the early dynasties, is a list from Manetho, an Egyptian priest at Sebennytos in the Nile Delta around 280 BCE. We have it today only in fragments, but it’s still the hook, so to speak. That’s how we get the usual 30 dynasties, and conventional Egyptologists are more or less happy with that.

What they’re not so happy about is that Manetho’s list goes on quite a ways before Menes, before the accepted date of 3100 BCE going backwards: 350 years Thinites; 1,790 years other Memphite kings; 1,817 years other kings; 1,255 years “Heroes”; and before that 13,900 years in which the neteru - the “gods” - reigned physically on Earth. That’s where Manetho stops.

LR: But Egypt is full of other pyramids which have been reliably dated to the Old Kingdom.

HJ: But not by any stretch of the same construction quality. Most of them are just crumbling piles of rock. They could just as easily be imitations of a pre-existing, mysterious, and impressive Great Pyramid.

X: At Cheyenne we began by using a computer-modeling program to take the sky back to the coded references we were given to work with. But the initial conclusion was that something was wrong with the data, with the inscriptions, because the reconstructed sky went back around 25,000 years.

HJ: According to Hoffman, you had just basic tool-making culture at that time.

X: That thing at Cheyenne wasn’t any piece of chipped flint!

LR: Was it like the Stargate? In the film, I mean.

MA: Actually we couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. It came from Egypt, but we weren’t told exactly from where. It’s a mechanical device moving parts of some sort non-organic, so it couldn’t be carbon-dated and X did in fact discover that several of the symbols on it corresponded to the 25,000-year-old sky; but that’s where the project came to a halt. In fact the 25,000-figure was considered invalid somehow, because the archæological advisors of the project were quite certain that Egyptian civilization only went back to 3100 BCE. So that sent them off in other directions, and X went home and I was assigned back to regular J2 duties. I thought the whole thing had been dropped as a dead end. Looks like someone got the bright idea to use it as the basis for a movie, including X’s involvement - though it’s nice to see that you aren’t marooned somewhere around Orion, X!

X: Looked like fun in the film. Almost wish I were.

LR: The project was halted, you said, but the film implied that the device was in fact a - a jumping device between Earth and the Orion planet, and that evidence of an alien masquerading as an Egyptian god showed up there.

X: My fault, probably. At Cheyenne I was going on about some of the themes in my music, and we got into some interesting bull sessions on all of that, and I guess someone was making notes. Did you ever hear “The Wheel”, “Point Zero”, some of the older stuff, as from Bark:

Egyptian kings they sing of Gods and pyramids of stone,
And they left the deserts clean, and they left the deserts golden
And shining as a beacon for those who need a road
Into the day and through the night we go and find our way home ...

- that sort of thing? Quite a lot of it, really.

Part 4 continues below ...

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:03 PM

MA: One thing in the film surprised me - why the alien chose to impersonate Ra. Why not Set, who in the kind of lightweight Egyptian mythology used in Orion Mystery, and the film, is cast as the “evil god”? Not that I’m complaining. But why not Osiris, who Orion Mystery insists was associated with Orion? Ra was the Sun-god, more specifically Earth’s Sun-god, and as I recall he was not particularly nasty.
LR: Could be because Ra was famous for being a “traveling” god - in his barque across the heavens every day - which would have supported this alien’s use of his spaceship.

HJ: Also you said that the film dated this character to the Fourth Dynasty. I don’t know whether they got that technical about it, but it wasn’t until much later in dynastic history that Osiris became anything more than a god of the dead, and to begin with a minor one, for in the underworld he was subordinate to Ra, or Auf, the “dead Sun”, during the hours of darkness.

LR: We’re about out of time here. Any closing comments?

X: I’d like to go back to Cheyenne and try that gadget out, if that’s how it works.

MA: I’m rather fascinated to see that there’s so much data hiding behind the facade of the movie, even if some of it’s off in left field. Looks like at least some hard thinking went into it, and possibly got derailed later in the editorial process - for example, the need to turn it into a monster-movie with a bad alien instead of portraying Ra as a more benevolent type of superalien - Michael Rennie in a nemyss, whatever.

HJ: Amazing the lengths some people will go to write a crazy story about the Great Pyramid.

LR: Thank you all.

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:05 PM


1. When you were in the military was it openly known that you were part of the church of Satan?

Yes, it was on my dog tags when I went to SE Asia in 1969, and of course in my official file. It wasn't something that I made conspicuous, but word about it "just got around". Occasionally I'd be asked about it, and would respond courteously.

2. Aside from certain people trying to scrub you out of the service, how were you treated on a day to day basis? From listening to some of the podcasts about you it seemed as though some of the people who worked with you ascribed a almost demonic quality to you.

The Army and I had a great time with one another:

Including with all the chaplains I met over the years. The Adams-Thompson ambush in 1987 was a complete surprise [we didn't even know him], as for that matter was the whole "SRA" hysteria of that period. And if course for the Army too, since it had to tell people like Jesse Helms, "Sure, we've known since 1969 that he was a Satanist; so what?"

3. Being that you are a high ranking member of the church of Satan, what is your view on paranormal events and the possibility of a being such as Lucifer/Satan being real?

I was the #2-ranking official of the Church of Satan until May 1975, when I resigned; see my The Church of Satan for those details. Set exists, of course, as I have previously detailed in this thread.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions. A couple more questions if I may.

1. Looking at the link you supplied in response to my question. It is over 1200 pages long. What exactly am I looking at? Is the satanic bible or something else?

2. I have on one occasion talked with a fellow who purported to be a disciple of your church. When asked about its doctrine his reply was that it was not about so much Satan/Lucifer as in the Christian Dogma, but rather the believe that one is indeed their own God. Is this accurate?

3. You said Set exists, can you explain that in a little more detail? I wouldn't even begin to know where to look in the link you have supplied. When I think of Satan/Lucifer/Set(?) Do to my own upbringing I tend to think of the Christian version. Also on a funny side note I seem to remember Set being a God in the Conan universe. If you could give some information on that I would appreciate it. Thanks

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:05 PM
Is there a magi and 9 others who actually sit at a round table and craft spells or magic using ancient Sumerian or Egyptian alchemic secrets?

What if any is the significance of the Rosetta Stone?

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:08 PM
On topic of star gates.

I'm very curious about the winged statues and star chart found at Hoover Dam.
anything you can divulge about this?

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:18 PM

Question: How much cross-over is there between different government branches, like say DoD intelligence and the CIA, e.g. ? Or are all these intelligence agencies and departments essentially their own beasts with varying agendas?

Case-by-case basis, really. At various times I worked with DIA, CIA, NRO, DOS, USIA [before it was DOS-abrobed], and of course the other DOD services. Generally everyone tried to cooperate if there was a mutual problem. The "turf wars" business was more media-hype than reality. I didn't have much to do with NSA, because it's SIGINT (signals intelligence) while I was HUMINT (human intelligence) [and later SPACEINT].

I've advised people several times: If you've got a bug up your ass about some government agency, start by writing it a [courteous] letter asking about it. They're staffed by conscientious career people who really do try to do the best job they can, which includes being helpful to the taxpaying public. Of course if you just jerk their chain, you probably won't get an answer. Also visit their websites: You'd be surprised at the amount of information there.

If you bump up against something classified, they'll normally tell you in a polite sort of way. You can also try FOIA, but I'd start with a simple direct letter. FOIA may just get you a sort of auto-canned response. John Alexander mentioned to me that about half the public inquiries are about UFOs, and the agencies got so tired of this that they took the easy way out and just stopped keeping written records on this subject. (!)
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posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:20 PM
Dr Aquino, thank you very much in advance for answering my sincere question.

Not long ago in another thread, I challenged your mind control abilities, you in turn made me wake up the next morning and make my wife breakfast while wearing a dress. This was really strange since making breakfast is something I never do. Do you consider this ethical use of mind control?

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by maquino

Thank You for your time here Dr Aquino.
I have a couple of questions or 3.
1)Why is it that only certain people see U.F.O.'s,Orbs,Other beings etc,is that due to the fact that mass mind control has been alleviated to some degree on these people?
2)Why is it that all Governments constantly lie to their own people,they say one thing before being elected and do a quick U- Turn once in office?Is it that all these elected officials are mind controlled or is it simply the fact that the NSA and GCHQ has done that much illegal spying on them that they are blackmailed so badly that they turn into pathological liars?Or is it a combination of both?
3)The Navy yard Shooter...your thoughts on his E.L.F. weapon,why he reported to Police about hearing voices through the walls and the effects of Zoloft,Prozac when combined with E.L.F.

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by ZetaRediculian

You complained about being controlled to cook breakfast,
but not to wear a dress? What don't we know about you?



posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:32 PM

So since all this remote viewing stuff is bunk how come research was officially funded for 20 years? Oh yeah it is because it was repeatedly proven to work.

Well no, it doesn't because it's a physical impossibility. As I said, stage magic hokum. Further from MindWar:

... unconnected with SRI or the government, the Transformation Project in San Francisco was collecting vast amounts of records and published results of various government and university experiments in the field of ESP from both the Western & Eastern Blocs as well as nonaligned countries. The range and scope of these files far exceeded anything in the CIA/DIA libraries on this topic.

One of the most rigorous and conclusive analyses was conducted in 1977 by E. Balanovski and J.G. Taylor of the Department of Mathematics, King’s College, London. The TP files contained detailed reports of their findings, including an extensive article in Nature magazine #276, November 2, 1978.

After having reviewed previous experiments attempting to test ESP for EM emission, B&T declared their dissatisfaction because of imprecise test conditions, exclusion of parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), and inadequate write-ups of the results. They determined to cover the entire EMS, and to do so under the most rigorous test conditions possible.

The battery of sensors they assembled included skin electrodes, electrometers, magnetometers, loop antennae, crystal detectors, horn antennae, thermocouples, electric thermometers, infrared detectors, and ultraviolet detectors. Many of these sensors overlapped one another’s frequency range, and altogether they covered the entire EMS from 0 to 3x105 GHz. Before the first experiment could be conducted, extensive test-running of all these sensors had occurred in order to record and filter out the irrelevant EM “noise” in the test areas, including passing cars and TV/radio station broadcasts. Readings were recorded on strip chart recorders, video tape recorders, and direct photographs of oscilloscope and frequency analyzer screens. The efficiency of this battery of devices was quickly evident, and the study concluded:

We have tried to detect EM signals emitted by people, and in particular the Fourier spectrum of such signals, to test the reality of ESP phenomena. All experiments failed to yield any unusual EM radiation. It is possible to conceive transmission of EM energy from one person to another, or of emission by one person in a manner undetectable by the apparatus we have used. This would have been so if very brief pulses of EM energy were used in such signaling with times less than the response time of the corresponding apparatus at the frequency used. There are no known mechanisms in the body able to produce such signals at the power levels required to produce the effects. We have also found that humans are insensitive to low levels of EM. A possible mechanism for such signaling is therefore clearly ruled out for telepathy and distant-viewing. The EM levels emitted to achieve metal-bending [in the microwave range to achieve the desired focusing] are joules, and there is no known mechanism in the body to achieve a peak power output of GW; it is difficult to suppose that this would be possible without severe tissue damage.

Summarily the human brain can by itself neither send nor receive the stuff of which specific thoughts are made - save through the media of the physical senses. Therefore ESP does not occur, nor do purely mental efforts to produce physical effects (psychokinesis/PK). Apparent successes in these fields are either coincidental, the results of non-mental physical phenomena (magnetic fields, gravity, etc.), or deliberate deception by clever stage-magic trickery ...

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:49 PM
reply to post by maquino


thanks so much for that material on the Great Pyramid. While
Hollywood movies and TV shows are now choking on obvious
occult symbolism these days, the movie/show "Stargate" is
a real treasure for those with eyes to see.

Which leads me to a related question for you;

let's discuss the eye of Ra. From my perspective, this is in
the top 10 most important arcane symbols in the world.

Let's strip away the beginnings lore first.

Yes, the solar disk is a symbol referring to the Sun / Ra / Atun.
The snakes refer to the earth, to wisdom, to the divine female,
to eternal life (sloughing of skin) and to toxicity and divine

That's all true, from a certain perspective (Obiwan Kenobi voice..)

And of course the Egyptians were a primitive folk and there was
no long pre-history in the old chronicle.. and it was just all about
the precession of the equinoxes.... and the priests didn't have any
knowledge that commoners didn't.. and to quote the priest which
spoke to Plato "There has never been a god who took human form"
(after he thoroughly lied to him about "Atlantis")...

yup.. no mystery here.. move along.

Did the Egyptians follow 'as above, so below' ? That is a question..
but it's rhetorical in my opinion anyway.

So did a solar circle just mean the sun? Did it not in fact refer to
the Microcosm as well? Did not the Egyptians also view the human
body as the Microcosm? That's also a question --- seems they knew
this as well in my opinion.

So what is that sun in the human body?

How about the snakes? How would snakes fit into the microcosm
of the human body.

Snakes shed their skin... how would that fit into the microcosm
of the human body.

Snakes are (the ones in question) are toxic. Toxic and part of the
microcosm of the body.. what could that refer to?

It's also known that the eye of RA was worn by Pharohs as a symbol
of divinity. What did this mean?

In the show "stargate" why were the gu'ald parasites in the script?
An accident? Just some goofy idea from a song or a Sci FI writer?

Ra was the main bad-guy in the original movie.. and he wore the
pharoh's symbol... one of the other Egyptian gods wouldn't have
worn the solar circle... does this explain why Ra was chosen
and not another 'god' ?

Could Stargate be symbology about the upper vehicle in the
heavens, the lower vehicle on the earth, and the toxic
nature of the god-making process?


Let's hear your explanation sir, if you feel like more creative
and scholarly output!



posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:54 PM

I have worked some of the Psyop missions with the leaflet program (Chu Hoi) and the loud speakers (which I hated; boring!)... I was always told the Chu Hoi leaflets worked in a small way but seldom as wanted.. like most things I suppose.

O.K, so here's my funny story about that: One day I was up in a chopper broadcasting "love you" messages from President Thieu down on an NVA unit below. They resented this and started shooting at us, which pissed me and the aircrew off. I radioed to DivArty for a few rounds of suppressing fire to convince them to knock off the machineguns. No response for about 10 minutes, then there was this shriek like the end of the world and the whole helicopter shook like hell, then two humongous explosions on the ground. WTF? When I got back to base, I learned the answer. DivArty was busy, so my request got bucked up to III Corps, which was also busy, so it got bucked up to, of all things, the U.S.S. New Jersey, which happened to be off-coast at that time, and wasn't busy. So it helpfully tossed two 16" rounds our way. (!) So for "one brief shining moment" 1LT M.A.A. was in command of an Iowa-class battleship. [Presumably the NVA unit left PSYOP choppers alone after that.]

How would your program win over the minds and hearts of certain segments of Islam and their desire to establish their one true religion?

First you start by not giving a damn about anyone's religion; you're just interested in stopping carnage. People can argue about what name they want to call God by later on over coffee. In the West we tend to think that Judæo-Christianity is somehow "automatically normal" and everything else is weirdo and maybe even dangerous. This is a relatively new Bush-era boogyman: After "Communism!" was shut down, we had to look around for something else to be the "Devil", and Islam got the short straw, that's all. If Islam weren't around, we'd probably be talking about Buddhisterrorists. [Actually we were for awhile back in the 'Nam, in the Madame Nhu days anyway].

The big lesson is that People Are People everywhere. If you leave them alone and are respectful to them, they'll probably reciprocate. If you screw with them, stands to reason they'll screw you back. Q.E.D.

posted on Oct, 14 2013 @ 11:55 PM
Just a comment. For MW to happen in the US much must change and I don't see it in the near or even mid future. Unless the US can find a way to make it part of the economy, it won't fly. Military industrial complex to important to the economy and everything is about the money here.

By the way, thank you for the very informed and in depth answers.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 12:02 AM

Hello Mr. Aquino,

I have a special interest in North Korea (DPRK). My job takes me there all year round.

I'm curious to know your thoughts on the DPRK in general and your take on what is really going on there and how you would solve the major problems. What do you think about educating the people and isolation?

I don't see anything to be gained by slamming the door in anyone's face. If I were in the White House, I'd talk to any other nation, no preconditions. Build bridges, don't break them. The North Koreans aren't fiends; they're human beings just like us. Further from MindWar:

John F. Kennedy
So, let us not be blind to our differences - but let us also direct attention to our common interests and the means by which those differences can be resolved. And if we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 12:06 AM
Thanks for taking such an extensive amount of time presenting your vast knowledge to this excellent forum.

I've found this thread to be a very impressive read and enjoy it immensely. I will comment on this however:

Summarily the human brain can by itself neither send nor receive the stuff of which specific thoughts are made - save through the media of the physical senses. Therefore ESP does not occur, nor do purely mental efforts to produce physical effects (psychokinesis/PK). Apparent successes in these fields are either coincidental, the results of non-mental physical phenomena (magnetic fields, gravity, etc.), or deliberate deception by clever stage-magic trickery ...

Having had first-person experience with psychokinesis, and not in the usual fashion that most would expect, I can only argue that it's tremendously difficult but not impossible. The area that dragged me into this was through lucid dreaming and specifically, in the area where precognitive dream content emerges.

Even recently, precognitive dreaming has now saved my daughters and my life by presenting enough detailed information about a collision with a white pick-up truck on an snow-covered icy road that I was able to advert this disaster so it's been very valuable as an experience in my life.

Where the psychokinesis came into play was only when I was able to achieve lucid awareness in a precognitive dream; and only then when I was able to alter the dream content directly.

Through this vehicle, however it works the outcome showed several times that one could affect causality and change in a precognitive dream to observe the effect of that action occur when the dream came true and actualized. I've written an abstract on it and presented some of the experiences and techniques. I think it's worth it for people to investigate this covert relationship between dreams and reality; it is this bridge that I think we can move deeper into more phenomenology. Not an easy path, but one I've traversed with great personal success.

Here's the paper if interested:

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john macaine the uss liberty and all the thousands they left and never took home any thoughts and what is your favourite whisky

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In short, we will be moving from this:

to this:

UGH! are you sure you didn't mean "To This:"

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Uhhh! I missed the start of this thread because I was at work all day! Bummer, hold on while I read through it all... Be back later with a potential question.
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